Re: Information Wanted regarding the Legion Etrangere Civile #france

Paul Gottlieb

Did you search this database :

Thank you for your kind response. My father's name is not on the database you sent, even with different spellings.
I'm quite sure at this point that the "Legion Etrangere Civile" membership card that he had (which looks quite official with his name, address, profession and nationality) is bogus. But I am still curious if other refuges in Paris sought (or forged) such documentation in order to avoid internment or deportation.
Paul Gottlieb

Re: 1910 Manhattan census - Seward Park Strollers #usa

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

A “stroller “ is also another name for a small baby carriage --
Deanna Mandel Levinsky

Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

Re: village location #hungary #slovakia

Sherri Bobish


Perhaps this site, which lists the towns & villages in Saros County, will be helpful in finding "Felrener."  The list is alphabetical.  Assume that "Felrener" is some form of misspelling, and check the list for something close to that.
Many towns had different names in various languages, including Yiddish variants.  Those variants can be found at:


Sherri Bobish

Re: Dobromil research guidance #ukraine

Sherri Bobish


Have you tried a soundex search on the surname?  If you are doing an exact search than even one letter difference in the spelling can prevent finding the family.

It is also possible that there just aren't extant records for the person and/or time frame you seek.  Dobromil is very close to my ancestral town of Ustrzyki Dolne, from which records are almost totally non-existent.

Another option is to search for all records from the town, and look through them for your family name.


Sherri Bobish

Re: 1910 Manhattan census - Seward Park Strollers #usa

Sherri Bobish


If you give us one of the men's name, age, and birthplace (preferably a not too common name) than we can look at the 1910 census page.

At I found a mention in a 1903 NYC newspaper for an amateur baseball team called The Park Strollers.

Are there occupations listed for any of these men?  What is their age range?  Seeing the census sheet will be helpful.


Sherri Bobish

Re: Nathan Lester, Bat-Yam, 1974 #israel #canada #ukraine

David Lewin

At 15:13 18/11/2020, via wrote:
His Grave:

You can contact the Tel Aviv Chevra Kadisha for more Info.

Jacob Shayzaf


Nathan Lester is mentioned on

Re: Resources for Jewish Refugees who went to Uruguay #lodz



The first step should be to search for documents with more information in Uruguay.
The second step should be to search for passenger manifests (familysearch, CEMLA).
If she has got more details from this sources she can start the research in Europe.

There are the records of the civil registry office and the censuslists (1926-1936) for Paris online.
for the time in question birth records are not online, but marriage and death records are online.


Corinne Iten

Genocide and Resistance Research Center of Lithuania Launches New website #announcements #lithuania #records

Jan Meisels Allen

The Genocide and Resistance Research Center of Lithuania launched a new website with list of anti-Soviet resistance participants. The website is:  It is all in Lithuanian so a translation service will be required such as  or


The following was translated by Google translate:


“Armed resistance to Soviet occupation was the strongest action of Lithuanian civil society in the history of the state. Participants in guerrilla warfare included not only armed fighters (guerrillas) but also individuals outside direct armed structures: guerrilla liaison officers and supporters (although in the face of repression against guerrilla supporters, liaison officers and supporters were often forced to retire and take up arms in the long run). The guide provides individuals belonging to all the above-mentioned groups of guerrilla warfare participants. The main purpose of the guide is to provide the public with information about Lithuanian citizens who have joined the fight against the Soviet occupiers and who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Lithuania in the battlefield, camps and Lithuanian prisons.”


“The information will be loaded into the help in several steps. About 13,000 names are currently listed: those killed on the battlefield, those sentenced to death by shooting and those who died in prisons. In the later stages, it is planned to announce the names of the survivors of the partisan war: the names of the repressed, but who returned from the camps and the partisans who escaped, the liaison officers. The manual will be constantly updated and updated.”

To read more:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: Nidyki, Ukmerge uzed: Current location? #lithuania

Sherri Bobish


Perhaps Nidyki is a typo for Vidiškiai.  It is 18 miles from Sirvintos.


Sherri Bobish

Margolioth/Margulies rabbinic family from Galicia #rabbinic #galicia

Dan Rottenberg

I’ve been trying for years to connect my Margulies relatives from Zbaraz, Galicia (now Ukraine) to the rabbinic Margolioth dynasty, also of Galicia..
Two of my Margulies relatives told me years ago that the family was descended from rabbis. Also, R. Meir Wunder of Jerusalem, the authority on Galician rabbinical genealogies, once told me himself that everyone from eastern Galicia named Margolioth/Margulies is related. Thanks to Gesher Galicia's database, now I think I see a possible connection.
The house in Zbarazh (#131) where my Margulies relatives lived for several generations housed among others a Joseph Margulies, who died in Zbarazh in 1828 at the age of 70. On that basis, as well as naming patterns in subsequent generations, I have concluded that this Joseph Margulies was my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.
Now I have reason to speculate that this Joseph Margulies may be identical to someone on the Margolioth rabbinic tree: Yosef b’Alexander Sender Margaliot.
Yosef's father Alexander Sender Margolioth (1730-1802) is known to have served at some point as rabbi in Zbaraz, having succeeded his father in law Zvi Hirsch (surname unknown); and Alexander’s son Mordecai Margolioth (1752-1818) was also at some point rabbi of Zbaraz. So the Margaliot dynasty did have a presence in Zbaraz in the 18th Century, about the time that my Joseph Margulies (1758-1928) was born.
Here’s my question: Can anyone tell me more about Yosef b’Alexander Sender Margolioth? 
(Yosef's name does not appear in Neil Rosenstein’s The Unbroken Chain. But it does appear on a chart provided to me in 2005 by Dr. Yehuda Klausner of Jerusalem. It also appears on a tree chart by Randy Schoenberg on
Thanks to anyone who can provide help or insight you can provide. This could be a big breakthrough for me.
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA

Viewmate Translation requewst - Polish #poland #records #translation


I am looking for a translation of Viewmate 88547.  I would like parents names, date of marriage, age of the two people marrying, and anything else you could tell me such as occpations, etc.  The record is located at the following address:

Thank you in advance!

Lois Jolson
JOLSON, JOELSON, DOREMBUS, JEDWAB: Wyszogrod and Kaluszyn Poland
LEWERTOWICZ, EJDEM, ROCLAW: Ostrow Mazowiecka, Sniadowo and Andrzejewo Poland
BULLER, HOFFER: Wiznitz, Bukovina
SCHNITZER: Kuty, Galicia
ZLOTOPIORO: Biala Podlaska, Poland
LITTAUER: Myszyniec, Poland
ZONSZAJN, WAJSBERG: Sieldce, Poland.

Re: Malvine Weiss transferred to MAUTHAUSEN 14 April 1945, then where? #hungary #holocaust

Valentin Lupu

Hi Emma,
You may ask for information at
As you may see, they have more on Malvin Weiss born Jan. 25, 1913 in Onod. Malvin's prisoner number is indeed 62225 transferred from Ravensbruck to Venusberg.
I think that the best way is to ask for  information at From my knowledge, they always reply.

Valentin Lupu

Re: Minsk Jewish names, #names #belarus

Gerald and Margaret

Your next step may be to find someone in Minsk to look through some archives for you.   I suggest you contact The Together Plan, a charity based in London and Minsk.  It helps Jewish Belarussians to help themselves, eg training for and getting work.  One of their projects is genealogical research in Belarus on behalf of  people who live elsewhere.  They have the huge advantage of speaking the language , and often Russian, as well as understanding their Government's bureaucracy.  
Have a look at, and go to Archive research.

Margaret Levin 
London UK

Family of Jenny Rosenstein, Neustadt am Rübenberge #germany


I am looking for relatives of Jenny Pins, nee Rosenstein. Jenny was born in Neustadt am Rübenberge in 1878. There she married her husband Louis Pins and moved to Dülmen. In 1940 she emigrated to Montevideo. She died in 1946.
I am specifically looking for the Rosenstein family from Neustadt.

Christiane Daldrup

Re: Nathan Lester, Bat-Yam, 1974 #israel #canada #ukraine

His Grave:

You can contact the Tel Aviv Chevra Kadisha for more Info.

Jacob Shayzaf


Re: Survivor testimony #holocaust #records


Don't you have to be a relative in order to receive a copy?
Jonathan Sher
Plano, Texas

Re: Information Wanted regarding the Legion Etrangere Civile #france


Did you search this database :

There are many entries. You may find your father. I hope you will. 

GOTTLIEB Albert 24-12-1894AllemagneGOTTLIEBAlbert 24-12-1894AllemagneGOTTLIEBAndré 17-04-1918 HongrieGOTTLIEBAndré27-04-1918 HongrieGOTTLIEBIsidore09-06-1918Autriche GOTTLIEBJoseph07-05-1915Hongrie GOTTLIEBJoseph07-05-1915Hongrie GOTTLIEBJoseph17-04-1919Hongrie GOTTLIEB Joseph17-08-1919Hongrie GOTTLIEB Marc26-02-1905GOTTLIEB Marc26-02-1905GOTTLIEB Sammuel10-08-1896Palestine

You might search with other spellings, such as GOTLIEB, GOTTLIB, GOTLIB. 

Good luck!
Daniel Ewenczyk
Paris, France 

GOTLIEB Meyer 20-03-1904 Pologne


Re: Need help interpreting marriage record from Gesher Galicia #galicia #records

Carole Bass

Sally, thank you for the explanation. Now a follow-up question: how do you record these names in your family tree? Do you use the "correct" name (which, as I understand it, is "correct" only because the civil authorities didn't recognize Jewish religious marriages)? Or the father's surname, which is presumably what the person used in life?

Thanks again.

Carole Bass
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Minsk gubernia town - Chuty, Huta or Choota #belarus

Risa Heywood

Is anyone familiar with a village or town in Minsk gubernia that was known as Chuty or Chuta? I am trying to figure out the town or area my great-grandmother's family was from so I can start searching for Russian records. I haven't found any Russian records for the family on JewishGen and the town names I have are not pointing to one area or district.

The surname in the US was Zipkin or Chipkin, family story says it was Tzipkin in Russia. The passenger list records that I have are for Zipkin, Zipin, Cipin (2) and Tzipin. These are for 6 siblings.

Any US document without a specific town name says that the family was from Minsk. Documents that give town names for where the siblings were from or born give the following towns:
Szmilowitz and Schmilowitz
Chuty, Huta and Choota
Yurewitz and Jurewitz
The spouse of one brother who married in Russia was from Nistonowitz

I've used the JewishGen Town Finder and also the Gazeteer but the most likely town matches seem to be:
Szmilovich could be Smilovichi, Igumen district or Smolevichi, Borisov district
Yurewitz - could it be Yaremichy, Rechitsa district
Nistonowitz could be Nestanovichi, Borisov district, Minsk
Nothing likely comes up for Chuty, Huta or Choota. It could be many tiny villages.

Any help is appreciated!
Risa Daitzman Heywood
Arizona and Portugal

Re: Jewishgen Latvia Research Division Quarterly Meeting #announcements #latvia

Paul Cheifitz

Hi Joyaa, 
We are hoping that the meeting will be recorded. 
Send us your queries by email and we will try to address them. 
Perhaps you can gather some others interested in Latvian research in the same time zone and we can have another session at a time that's more convenient for you? 
Write to us at LatviaRD@...
All the best, 
Paul Cheifitz
Co-Director, Jewishgen Latvia Research Division

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