Re: Researcher need for Fridson's in Grodno archive

Evelyn Doberstein

I highly recommend Yuri Dorn, of the research Group "Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus". Yuri was able to trace my Grandfather's family back 5 generations back in Grodno..

Re: #JewishGenNews

Feige Stern

Dear Sandra,
I am so very sorry for your loss.
You should be comforted among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Feige Kauvar Stern
Cleveland, OH

Re: Computer program


I use "RootsMagic"   I really like it.

(Germany) Court Rules In Favor of Nazi-Looted Art Database

Jan Meisels Allen


A German Court ruled that the current possessor of a piece of art cannot stop a claimant from registering it on a government database of Nazi-looted are.  This is the latest in several legal challenges to listings on  ( website is in both German and English.  The website is to help victims and their heirs recover cultural property lost due to the Nazis.   At the request of three art dealers, removed 63 works by artist Schiele as they were claimed by the heirs of Fritz Grünbaum, who perished at Dachau.  The heirs are trying to get the works re-listed on the register.  Last year a New York Court ordered one of the dealers who requested the art pieces be removed from, to return art pieces belonging to Grünbaum’s heirs.




In 1999 an art collector from Baden-Baden, Wolfgang Peiffer, bought a painting at auction unaware that it was sold in 1937, by Max Stern, a Jewish art dealer. Mr. Stern was forced by the Nazis to liquidate his gallery and flee Germany.  The Max Stern Art Restitution Project listed the painting with in 2016. But Peiffer has rejected requests to return Sicilian Landscape (1861), saying he believes Stern sold it in a “perfectly normal gallery transaction”.


In 2018, Pfeiffer’s lawyer filed suit in Magdeburg regional court asking the Stern estate from claiming ownership of the painting or registering it on The plaintiff said the listing makes the painting “unsellable in practical terms”.  The court dismissed the complaint, saying a listing on did not constitute an ownership claim. Peiffer has appealed the ruling. is administered by the government-run German Lost Art Foundation.  It registers cultural objects which as a result of persecution under the Nazi dictatorship and the Second World War were relocated, moved or seized, especially from Jewish owners. To qualify for the database, an entry must pass a “plausibility assessment”. The foundation does not itself conduct provenance research into the items listed and relies on evidence presented by claimants.


In a previous lawsuit against, according to, “The pre-war Jewish owner of the work had sold it under duress to a Jewish banker, who was expropriated by the Nazis. refused to remove the listing without the approval of both sets of heirs, meaning the planned sale could not take place. The federal court upheld’s right to continue listing the painting “because it contains factually correct information about an ongoing suspicion that it is looted art”.


In Germany, “current art holders are protected by statutes of limitation and a rule called Ersitzung, under which a good-faith buyer who has held a work of art for ten or more years gains the right of possession. Settlements can be negotiated on the basis of the 1998 Washington Principles on Nazi-looted art, but these were formulated with art in public collections in mind, not private collectors, and they are non-binding.” (


To read more about see:

To read the article see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Maurice POLLACK (of Quebec, 1885-1968) and his ancestors?

Stephen Cohen

A few days ago a cousin told me that she heard Maurice POLLACK (born 1885 in Kanele, Ukraine; emigrated to Canada 1902; died 1968 in Quebec City, Canada) was a relative.

Maurice was the founder of Pollack's Department Store in Quebec, and ran a philanthropic organization. I have gleaned from various newspaper articles a bit about his descendants, but NOT his ancestors.

Does anyone have ideas or knowledge of his ancestry (parents, aunts, uncles, etc.) so that I might (or might not) link his POLLACK family to my POLYAK family of Kodnya (near Zhytomyr), Ukraine?

-Steve Cohen, Central New Jersey

Tomergut, Russia - ROSENBLUM

Judy Kaufman

My great grandfather's sister (Annie/Esther/Rose Rosenblum b. ca. 1877) married Isaac Friedman.  I do not know where my great grandfather and his sister came from - all the census, ship log, etc. docs I have found, indicate Russian, Austrian, or Russia Poland.  But Isaac's 1930 typewritten Petition for Citizenship says that Isaac's wife is from Tomergut, Russia.  I can't find any place that could possibly be Tomergut - any suggestions?  (I did find a Tonnerhütte in the Austrian alps but it doesn't appear to have ever had a Jewish community.

Judy Kaufman

LEIDERMAN (Khashchuvatye)
WEINSTEIN (Sokolow-Malopolski)
RINENHEIM (Sokolow-Malopolski)
RASKIN (Chernigor)

I forgot to add my signature with family names

Judy Kaufman

I just submitted a question with topic Tomergut, Russia? First time submitting anything and I realized afterwards I’m supposed to sign with my family names. So I am going to resubmit it with my family names - sorry for the confusions.

Tomergut Russia?

Judy Kaufman

My great grandfather's sister, b. ca. 1877, married Isaac Friedman.  I haven't been able to determine where my great grandfather and his sister came from - all the census docs and ship logs I have found say "Russia," "Austrian," or "Russia Poland."  Isaac's typewritten Petition for Citizenship from 1930 states that his wife is from "Tomergut Russia."   I can't find any town that could possibly be Tomergut and would welcome suggestions.  (I have found a town Tonnerhütte in the Austrian alps that doesn't appear to have ever had a Jewish community,)  

Re: 19th century medical condition

Deanna Levinsky

I believe you have a misspelling of the word PSORIASIS (the letter p is silent). 
This is a skin condition and has been documented for a very very long time. To my knowledge it would not have been a cause of death 
Deanna Levinsky 
Long Island New York 

Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

Conventions for writing down uncertain relationships

Alberto Guido Chester

Hi all
I use My Heritage software.
Is there any broadly accepted convention in this or other software to write down a relative I am not sure of ?
Many years ago, I used to keep those not sure relations in my papers. 
But now, when online trees will be available for distant relatives even when I am not living any more, I feel these cases should be included in the tree.
I think of noting something like "relation not proven yet" besides the name, but feels untidy to me.
A dotted line (like before printed trees existed) would be appropriate, but I do not think they are available in genealogy software.
All ideas are welcome.
Thanks in advance

Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Re: Klass descendants near Johannesburg, South Africa #southafrica

Louis Zetler

Ruby & Sydney HOFFMANN. Adrian was an attorney whom I knew personally, He passed away in 2001. Shirley was married to Stanley (surname unknown)
Children of Muriel & Wilfred are Phillip & Suzanne Seider
Hannah & Gerald Miller - when Gerald died he was survived by Ira & Debbie, Moira & David & grandchildren Rael, Shaun, Ilana & Aaron

Louis Zetler

Re: Pretoria Jewish Cemeteries #southafrica

Louis Zetler

Hi Roy,

I think there is an older cemetery in Pta.


Re: Muizenberg Cemetery #southafrica

Louis Zetler

Hi Stan & Saul,

I am bury creating one from the website.


Computer program



Can anyone recommend a genealogy program that is vertical and simple to use? I stopped researching years ago after entering 600 names when my upgraded program became too complicated, but I would like to start researching again.

Thank you.

Estelle Guttman #7805
Reston Va

Re: Include Family Name in Subject


Precisely!  Exactly what I was trying to explain.  This does not result in a long subject line because we are usually asking about one or two people at a time.

"My understanding of Marjorie's original post was that when posting a message about searching for some elusive relative, the subject should include the relative's name, rather than just e.g. "searching for lost relative".
I don't believe anyone in this thread meant you should put your names of interest in the subject line."
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Couple getting married multiple times


Is it possible that they divorced and then got back together?  I have relatives who did that.  
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: (US-Bronx, Queens NYC) Naturalization Records from Bronx and Queens to Become Available Online #Records Access

A. E. Jordan

,,,,, please let us know when the records become available.
Susan Gordon

The Bronx naturalizations are available ,,,, just not online at this moment.  The Italian Gen group has a good online index and you can mail order the documents from the Bronx County Clerk.  There's a form to download online.

Also any naturalization after 1906 is duplicated in Washington DC but if you can it is much better, cheaper and faster, to gt them from the local court.

It will be nice to have these records online by 2022, but you do not have to wait to get to them until then.

Allan Jordan

Re: 19th century medical condition


John, it looks like it dates from the late 1960s-early 1970s.  First published reference I found was 1974.

Siriasis = sunstroke.  Possible!

Re: (US-Bronx, Queens NYC) Naturalization Records from Bronx and Queens to Become Available Online #Records Access


Thanks so much for this news, Jan. If possible, please let us know when the records become available.
Susan Gordon

Researcher need for Fridson's in Grodno archive

Bob Silverstein

I am researching Fridson/Friedson/Fridzon from Motol and would like to find a researching who can look for records in Grodno archive.  Can anyone recommend someone?