Pre-1862 Vienna addresses

Andreas Schwab

Before 1862, Vienna addresses were numbered in each borough. In 1862, street addresses were introduced.
To find a new address from an old address, consult the following table:

Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Re: Miriam Kaminski, Neeman/Konstantin Kaminski from Poland, Grodno or Dvinsk #poland #belarus


I am researching Kaminsky also. My GGF was Samuel Kaminsky, his wife was Jennie; they came to America sometime around 1890. I have never found immigration information for them. They resided in Philadelphia. Am still searching for their place of origin.

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page

Bruce Drake

“The history of Jewish names is a study on its own and leaves a wide valley to wander in” begins “The Study of Names” from the Yizkor book of Bobrka (Boiberke) in the Ukraine. It’s an often amusing account of how Jews acquired decent names, indecent names and nicknames, not to mention names glued to people by the authorities “and at times with malice.” One protection was the Jewish tradition of naming children: “Each Jew, apart from his name he carried his father's and his mother's names and the name that was added to him from his connection to his respected mother in-law… Could you bring it to your mind that a father will name his son using an indecent name?”

For some, it did not work out for the best: one young woman had “reached the age of marriage, but a savior was not found for her, because her father's name was “Hershel Berer” meaning Blen [bath attendant], an occupation that was not considered to be proper for match-making.” Or they had to go through life with nicknames like Leyzale the Floy [Flea] (due to her miniature size), or Yankel Zindel, meaning, Yankel the Stammer (because “cut of his speech was not very smooth.”)

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

Transferring money to the Belarus archive #belarus

Bob Silverstein

I have to pay the Belarus archive has a record I want to get.  They sent me the account information for a German bank which will send the money to a Belarus bank which will pay the archive.  This sounds complicated.  Does anyone know a better way to pay the archive?  Should I get a private researcher for a single record?


Birthplace vs. emigration place vs. port of origin for destination in US? #general

Robin Rosenblum

I know the Eastern European birthplace of the ancestors I am
researching (they were a married couple), and I have already found
their names on the ship manifest from England to New York; however, in
reading the husband's naturalization papers (the wife had died
earlier), it indicates that he emigrated from Bremen, Germany. I
don't understand why Bremen is mentioned, rather than the port in
England. My only guess is that a ship from Bremen was considered the
first "leg" of the journey from Liverpool to NY. I have tried to find
documentation of the couple's trip from Bremen to England, but with no

I'd like some guidance as to why Bremen would be listed as the place
from which they emigrated, and on where to look for documentation of
their travel from Bremen to England. FYI, their journey from
Liverpool to NY took place in 1904.

Thank you for any insights. This is part of a surprise gift for my
mother's birthday, and we are hoping to find answers to gaps in the
research she conducted over the years.

Re: Argentina naturalization records? STAHL

Alberto Guido Chester

In Argentina, naturalization is a judicial (as opposed to administrative) process.

For this reason, naturalization cases are scattered in many federal courts around the country.

In my experience, I have been unable to find my own father's naturalization file, even I do know the federal court and date when it took place (65 years ago).

It is not impossible, but I do not recomend this venue of research.

Immigration records for Buenos Aires can be found ar Cemla buscador. Note they are incomplete and to not have Soundex capability so try different spellings.

Tha Buenos Aires Kehila at has a cemetery database for Jewish individuals. Again, no Soundex capability.

The Argentine Jewish Genealogy Association is not working any more. But some members (including myself) are on this list and usually answer questions.


Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Memory of Larry Tesler

John Warshawsky

I am posting to note the passing of Larry Tesler.  Although he didn’t have the same public name recognition as some of his contemporaries, Larry was an amazing computer scientist.  He was centrally involved in the development of “Graphical User Interface” – first made popular by Apple and then made standard through the development of Windows – and he developed the famous “cut/copy and paste” functions so critical to the work of virtually all computer users today.


And while I first fell in love with computers in the early 1970s, I didn’t know about Larry Tesler until I met him about twenty-five years ago . . . at a conference of Jewish genealogists in Washington, D.C.!  I’m not sure whether I was more impressed that he had been Apple’s Chief Scientist or that he was, like me, interested in preserving the history of his ancestors.


You can read about Larry Tesler’s passing at


That being said, the Washington Post’s story omits that the world has also lost a man who worked to preserve the history of his Jewish ancestors.  May his memory be a blessing.


John Warshawsky

Baltimore, Maryland

Re: Miriam Kaminski, Neeman/Konstantin Kaminski from Poland, Grodno or Dvinsk #poland #belarus

Eileen Cummings

 Hello Anastasiia,
 I live in San Diego California and I know that there is a few families that own car dealerships named Kaminsky .  This might or might not help you but here is an article about one of the sons who owns a few dealerships.

Dr Eli Horowitz in Italy

Neil Rosenstein

Seeking formation about and trying to make contact with the family of
Dr. Eli Horowitz, a physician (?anesthesiologist) working in Italy,
son of Alexander Sender Horowitz of BeerSheba in Israel.

Re: Recommendations for research at the Polish State Archives in Warsaw


Hi Rebecca,

I went to Poland in April of 2019, but about a year prior to my visit I used the following woman to do some research work to augment information I already had.  She unearthed a lot of things for me, was full of suggestions, and connected me to others her were helpful.  Her name is, Krystyna Duszniak, and you can look at her website for further information:  Her email address is: losthistories@...  I found her most pleasant to work with, and she was very responsive to questions as we went along.  Prices were reasonable, and I also had her translate documents she found.  More questions, you can reach me at sniderlh@...


HEILPERN --- Ukraine, Austria
KORPUS --- Ukraine, Poland
STROH --- Ukraine
GOLDENTHAL--- Ukraine, Germany, Austria

Re: View Mate Translation Request - language? Plea for proper subject lines

Nicole Heymans

Dear Genners,

When posting a translation request, PLEASE specify the language in the
subject line.

This is in everyone's interest. An informative subject line attracts
attention of those who might have an interest, and saves time for
others. In the long run, members who have spent too much time opening
messages which in the end they find uninteresting, will end up opening
only messages whose subject line rings a bell. Incurring frustration
and lack of feedback.

Hoping the moderators will allow a capitalized non-surname...

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

Re: Need your help identifying Family Member's Country of Origin - #general


So two candidate towns, both in Volhynia:

Novi Velednyky:
Alternate names: Novi Velednyky [Ukr], Veledniki [Rus], Vlednik [Yid], Novyye Veledniki [Rus], Wieledniki [Pol], Weledniki, Vladnik

Alternate names: Volodarsk-Volynskiy [Rus], Volodarsk, Kotozovo [Rus, 1912+], Kutuzov-Volodarsk, Goroshki [Rus, before 1912], Horoshki [Yid], Horoszki [Pol]

At first Volodarsk looks best from the illegible towns on the early documents, but Louis' naturalization says he's from "Velidnik" (typed).

Looking at the Yiddish and the older pronunciations, I think Novi Velednyky is more likely.

Sherri Venditti

Re: Wojnilow/Voynilov #galicia


I Bruce, 

have you researched in any of the archives of Poland or Ukraine about Wojnilow database or names???

I will travel next june and I could do that if you did not.

Let me know please, thkssssss

As you know my father David lived in Wojnilow in the 1920`s and 1930's

Diana Kraushaar

Re: Miriam Kaminski, Neeman/Konstantin Kaminski from Poland, Grodno or Dvinsk #poland #belarus

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

I have an ancestor Lea KAMINSKY born 1800 in Vistytis, Lithuania - an area just north of modern-day Suwalki, Poland border. She had two brothers, Leib and Elkan Sheye, that perhaps you descend from? I don't know anything about their descendants.

Ellen Kowitt
Erie, Colorado USA

Seeking phone call in Israel to follow up on Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony

Deborah Dworski

Seeking a volunteer to reach out to a man living in Ra’anana, Israel (as of 2017) to follow up on mutual relatives lost in the Holocaust.  His mother submitted Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem, but she died a couple of years before I made the connection.  I tried to communicate with the submitter’s son via email, but it was not very successful due to the language barrier.  He was able to relay that his mother died in 2015, but I would like to ascertain the following:

1) Was his mother a Holocaust survivor or if did she leave Europe prior to WWII?
2) Did any of our mutual relatives survive the Holocaust?
3) Was his mother aware of and/or in contact with any mutual cousins, either in Israel or abroad?
4) Is there a family member fluent in both Hebrew and English who might be able to serve as an informal translator?
5) Does he any family photos from the Old Country?

If you are willing and able to assist, please contact me privately.

Deborah Dworski
Arlington, VA. USA

Re: Argentina naturalization records? STAHL

Marion Werle

There is a Facebook group called "Grupo de AGJA "Paul Armony," dedicated to the topic of Jewish genealogy in Argentina. I'm sure somebody in that group could point you in the right direction.

Marion Werle
Los Angeles, California

ViewMate translation request - Cyrillic Russian

Elizabeth Jackson

I've posted a vital record in Cyrillic Russian for which I would like a translation.

It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Elizabeth Jackson

ViwMate translation request - Cyrillic Russian

Elizabeth Jackson

I've posted a vital record in Cyrillic Russian for which I would like a translation.

It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.
Elizabeth Jackson

Re: An email from South Africa seeking Shoa information on my aunt

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
dear Alberto,
I used twice Yad Vashem "page of testimony" to reach the author and share with him some informations about one of our "Losts".
Each time, I sent a letter with my own data (pictures & documents)  explaining how we were connected to the same person.
Each time I got a positive reply with unknown pictures and documents, increasing our data on this person.
But It was always for our family use without any display on Internet (web site or FB or ...).
Even if your contact is a real person, I agree with our upper and previous detectives that we must be very carefull.
In France, we are very cautious and we have now an European regulation to protect privacy...
Bernard Flam
Archives and History of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring in France

NJ State Archives ?? - Anyone happen to be going soon?

A. E. Jordan

I need some certificates from the NJ State Archives in Trenton which if I recall is 25 cents a page versus 25 dollars by mail.

Is anyone happening to go there any time soon? 

I have the specifics of what I need if anyone can help.  I of course would reimburse for the copy costs and can trade some NYC time as well.

Please contact me off list if you can help

Thank you

Allan Jordan