Re: STOUBTSY MEMORIAL BOOK (Stolpce/Stoibtz/Steibtz) #belarus


Hi Janis

You might want to post this on the page Steibtz -- Stolpce--Descendants Group  Good luck

Re: Katzenellenbogen / Ariogala #rabbinic #lithuania

Adam Cherson

Dear Jeremy Lichtman,

I think you've discovered a potential new branch of the Baal Knesset (

If you are correct then the 'high Rabbi' Yakov is the son of the Baal Knesset, as shown here:

In order to seal the case, I would propose seeking to obtain the yDNA haplogroup of one of your Shapiro cousins and then comparing this to that of the Baal Knesset, who is either a J-M172 or an E-35 (your information could also resolve which of those two is correct).

This could be a major K'bogen breakthrough so I encourage you to move ahead with the investigation.

Adam Cherson

Seeking help to find the marriage and death registrations of my Grand Uncle Dr KAMMER Zsigmond, Budapest dentist. #hungary #records

Rosemary Thomas

I am trying to draw a documented connection between myself and my best match on MyHeritage, without the assistance of the match. Yes I have asked!

I would greatly appreciate any assistance the community could provide in finding KAMMER Zsigmond's marriage and or death registration records.

My maternal grandfather's youngest brother, Zsiga KAMMER, was born on 20 Oct 1890 in Senec Slovakia (then Szempcz Hungary). His parents were Adolf KAMMER and Fani KRAUSZ. The family moved to Budapest c.1900. I have been able to trace Zsigmond through school, university, army service and into private practice as a dentist in Budapest. I have found newspaper and directory references up until 1932 and then he disappears.  Unlike his parents and siblings there seem to be no newspaper notices of his marriage or death in contemporary newspapers. I have searched the Budapest civil records on FamilySearch without success.

I have found Zsigmond as a witness at what I believe to be his sister-in-law's marriage in 1924 in Budapest.  The 1937 edition of KEMPELEN Belá's Magyarországi Zsidó és Zsidó Eredetü Családok, lists Zsigmond as deceased. Kempelen named two daughters, but not Zsigmond's wife. From school records I believe the daughters were born in 1922 and 1926, so their birth records are within the 100 year privacy provisions and not online.  Zsigmond is not listed with his siblings on his mother's January 1937 newspaper death notice suggesting he probably died between 1932 and 1936. I have not been able to locate a burial record for Zsigmond.

I believe his wife remarried in Budapest X in 1938 as a Roman Catholic widow and under her maiden name, SCHWARZ Lilly Lidia. I have been able to locate a 1934 notarial deed on Hungaricana, an authorisation, that may link Zsigmond to Lilly but I have been waiting six weeks for the archive to provide a quotation to provide a copy of the record.

I believe one of the daughter's was killed in the Shoah.  I may have tracked one of Zsigmond's daughters to the USA post World War II. There are some name variations and complicated relationships. A record of marriage would make many hours of 'covid confined' searching more worth while, elevate my closest match to a known match and possibly help me to sort some of my other matches into clearer family lines.

Re: Chevras HaMaggidim - Pressburg 5666 (1906) #rabbinic #austria-czech #photographs


Can't help with the picture (can't zoom in on it, and wouldn't know any of the people if I could), but nitpick: you tagged this "austria-czech", but Pressburg = Pozsony = Bratislava, which is not and was not Czech.

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Re: Since changing to the "Daily Summary" setting for receiving posts, I can no longer see how to reply or... #general

Joyaa Antares

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After you go to the individual post, you must also log in.  The link is at the top right hand corner.
Barbara Sloan
Spot on Barbara - thank you.    For some reason, since I moved to the Daily Summary setting, I now need to log in in order to see the "reply", "like" buttons etc.
I imagine others will encounter this issue so I'm responding to the list so they will know the solution.       Thanks, Joyaa

Re: Marriage Index Entry #belarus

Alan Shuchat

Entries in the Family Tree of the Jewish People come from people who submitted them. There is an FAQ for the tree, and a search for "Code" gives no results. But the FAQ does explain how you can contact the submitter:
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #yizkorbooks #poland

Bruce Drake

The beis midrash (“House of Learning”) was a central part of Jewish communities described in the Yizkor books, and many chapters are dedicated to memories of them. It was a place to study Torah that could be located in a synagogue, a yeshiva or other communal building. But it was also a place of camaraderie where, after studies were done, Jews might repair to a nearby tavern to “refresh their hearts with Akevit (Aquivit)” or the bakery whose aromas wafted through the beis midrash windows every morning.
Those pleasures is what I enjoyed in “The old Beis Midrash” from the Yizkor book of Sierpc, Poland, particularly the description of the offerings of the tavern: “Whisky, tasty herring with onions and peppers, and oil cookies freshly baked… Homemade cigarettes made from fresh yellow Russian tobacco, five for a kopeck.”
The priceless part of this excerpt is what happens when the local excise officer makes an inspection … and how the owner and fellow Jews dealt with him.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Re: Marriage Index Entry #belarus

Mark Shapiro

The code number is the member number of the person who submitted the information.  If you click on the link for Ze'ev William Datz, you will be taken to a family tree of his descendants.  Near the top of that page is a link to click for contacting the person who submitted the information.
Mark Shapiro
New York, NY
Czaprak & Brzozowski (Warsaw, Ciechanov, Nowe Miasto, Poland), Krechevsky (Slonim, Belarus), Melnikov & Simmons (Kovno, Lithuania)

Re: Looking for help with marriage document PERLSTEIN #translation

Corinna Woehrl

Hello Laurence,

this is a 'normal' German wedding-certificate, which consists of two pages (second page includes the witnesses and signatures of couple and witn.):
mentioning the parents' surnamesnames/maiden names
NIederurff, January 18th 1892
1. merchant Jacob Perlstein, known, of Jewish religion
born Febr. 8th. 1831 in Meimbressen
living in Fritzlar
son of Herz Perstein and his wife Breinchen born Paut, lastly living Meimbressen
2. Sarah Katz, know, of Jewish Religion
born Dec. 3rd. 1844 in NIederurff,
living in Niederurff
daughter of merchant David Katz and his wife Gelah born Israel, the latter living in Niederurff
Regards from Germany,

Corinna Woehrl

Re: Jewish Agricultural Colony of Alliance, NJ #usa

Harriet Mayer

If you Google "Alliance Colony" many items will come up. This place has been well documented. Check out the Geni website project which lists the names of many families there, and Jarrett Ross, who blogs at GeneaVlogger, has two episodes on Alliance. You can find his channel on Youtube.  Some of his relatives were part of the community.

Harriet Mayer

Leopold Israel Haar deregisteredfrom Vienna, Austria on 16/05/1938 #austria-czech


My Father Leopold Haar arrived (later known as Leslie Hare in the English Army of the Pioneer Corps) at the Kitchener Camp for aliens on 23/05/1939, can anyone tell me who may have known him how he came to England? Thank you.

Re: Sharing family tree information #general

Hilary Henkin

Greetings all,
While choosing a less accessible security question is certainly an option, there's no requirement that you provide the "correct" answer to any question.  For example, I could choose the "mother's maiden name" question, but assign the answer Orangey or Fido. 

Just saying....

Hilary Henkin

On 5/28/2020 10:05 AM, Sarah L Meyer wrote:
I give them a link to my online tree on my website.  It does not allow download of gedcoms, shows only names and no data for living people.  And some living people are privatized, upon request.  There are some photos there (none - of living people).  I strongly recommend to ALL companies that mother's maiden name is a TERRIBLE security question - and require a second one - often the name of a first pet.  When given choices for security questions - I avoid all questions about relatives - such as your father's middle name, if at all possible.  Cars, proms, streets lived on, pets, schools attended etc - all much better questions.
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania


Re: Looking for help to find Polish passport #poland

Jessica Eber

Hi Sandra. I was able to confirm my own Polish citizenship without passports for my parents or grandparents. I just needed to apply for a "confirmation of Polish citizenship." I did need birth certificates and marriage certificates, and I needed to show that there was an unbroken line of citizenship (that no one had renounced or lost citizenship along the way) but I did not need passports. More information here:

Re: Re; Finding microfilm image from All Lithuanian Data base #records #lithuania

Joel Ratner


See the attached image.It is image 959. Since LitvakSIG did the translations, extraneous and duplicate images. all of which were given image numbers were removed before the filma were posted. All the work we did to indicate the exact image was therefore lost. Had you looked in section 6 of the film and looked for record 11 withing the 1899 marriages, you would have found it too. Enjoy!

Joel Ratner
Newton, MA

Re: Lichtenstein family from Slovakia, Austria now called LANE living in Chicago area #austria-czech #general #slovakia #usa


I have many Lichtensteins in my family.  They originally came from Kecerovsky-Pecklany , and Kecerovce kostalani, Austro-Hapsburg Empire, now Kecerovce, Slovakia.  It’s not far from Kosice. Some left before the First World War.  Some stayed and I don’t know what happened to them.

If you think there’s a connection let me know.  I have a lot of information about the family.
Kathryn Berman, Jerusalem


Re: Russian Website Jewish Roots #russia #general

Joel Ratner

Near the bottom of the opening page where you see all the forum sections and the topics covered, you'll notice all sections and topics within are described in Russian with one exception. Near the bottom of the list, you'll see a topic described in English. It is titled "My Jewish Ancestry in Russia and USSR". That's the place where you should post your inquiry.

Joel Ratner
Newton, MA

Re: My paternal great-grandfather Ben PRESS from Vilkija or Seredzius #lithuania


Hi Ben, I haven't had much luck searching with Jewish Gen, Ancestry, Family search & My Heritage etc, but I have done my DNA with Ancestry & uploaded it to FamilytreeDNA & Gedmatch. If you are working with any one of these, maybe we can do some cross referencing ?
My paternal G'G'father Harris (Gersh) Press lived in Siauliai, Lithuania unknown DOB, DOD. My G'father Nathan Press DOB 1876-1928 born in Siauliai.
My G'G'mother was Esther Press, nee ? wie of Harris, died in London, England in 1911. It seems that they all immigrated to London, England abt 1898 except Harris Press, deceased.
Nathan married Betsy Tarutz 1897/8 before leaving Lithuania.
My problem has been searching for Nathan's siblings, or other members of that family. I suspect that there were other members immigrating with Nathan & Betsy Press
because Esther Press died in London. I cannot find hard evidence of any other members ? 
About my DNA, I have thousands of "relatives", like most people, but I don't take that seriously. What I find interesting is the nationality of some of my closest matches.
I am 100% Eastern European Jewish, centred around Poland, Lithuania , Germany & Belarus. Probably too much information.
I hope that's not too much of an overload Ben.                  Regards...........Bernie Press (Sydney. Australia)

Looking for help with marriage document PERLSTEIN #translation

i have found a potential family connection but would like some help in deciphering the marriage record.  The family name of the groom (PERLSTEIN) appears to have been adopted and the actual name at birth appears to be PLAUT.  I would be grateful if someone could translate the attached document so I could see exactly who the marriage is between, their dates of birth, and their parents.  I think the marriage is dated 18 January 1892.

Many thanks

Laurence Kleerekoper


Kutzer Family from Brest #belarus

Roger Cookson

I am seeking information about the family Kutzer, living in/near Brest Litovsk , and migrating to the UK around 1890. All information welcomed.

Roger Cookson

ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation

Terry Ashton

Good evening


I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a full and detailed English translation of the Polish words in relation to the reverse side of a photo.


It is on ViewMate at the following address ...


Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much.

Ms Terry Ashton




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