St. Joseph Missouri City Directories. #records

Felissa Lashley

I am trying to locate the 1923, 1924, and 1925 ST. JOSEPH, MO city directories. I have tried the local historical societies and they have not been able to help. I am looking for two names in these: GOLDIE LISHINSKY who is my grandmother and the name LASHLEY. They had a grocery store that might have been on Charles St. I have found a record of my father, JACOB LISHINSKY, in 1923 at Central High School there. They were only in ST.. JOSEPH for one or two years before returning to New York.
I am hoping someone can tell me where I might find this record that would give me their address. I appreciate any help anyone can provide on this.
Thank you very much.
Felissa Lashley
Austin, Texas

ViewMate translation request - Polish #poland #translation #russia

Greg Tuckman

Hello everyone,
I've posted 3 vital records in Russian for which I need translations.  They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...
1.  Birth record of Dawid Mordchaj GUTERMAN:

2.  Birth record of Ela Josef SZAJNMAN:

3.  Birth record of Jakob FELDSZNEJDER:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Greg Tuckman
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Re: Sinko, Shinke, Sinka from Lithuania #lithuania

Chaim Luria

There is plenty of information on LitvakSig about the Sinko,Sinka,Sinke families in Jonava. They married a lot with the Vender family and later lived in Baltimore, Maryland.
Sora (Sarah) Sinko married Sanel-Zavel Vender (Simon Wender in US) in Jonava and they came to Baltimore with their children.

Chaim Luria

Re: Photo request from Mt. Carmel Cemetery #photographs


We have Kaplan’s/Caplan’s from Radin/Radun , Belarus.  There is also a Facebook Kaplan page that has many posts and people!

Arolsen Archives Adds One Million Documents to Their Online Archive #announcements #holocaust #records

Jan Meisels Allen


The Arolsen Archives added about one million documents to their online archive. The new additions include picture of prisoners and transport lists from Auschwitz concentration camp as well as letters written by Soviet forced laborers to their families.

 Go to:

There is also a video to get the best tips for your research in their online archive on accessible on the aforementioned URL.


Additionally, a comprehensive collection of documents from the British and French occupation zones can now also be researched for the names of victims of Nazi persecution.

Go to:


To read previous articles on the Arolsen archives , see the IAJGS Records Access Alert archives at:  You must be registered to access the archives.

To register for the IAJGS Records Access Alert go to: and fill in the missing blanks. You will receive an email response that you have to reply to or the subscription will not be finalized.

It is required to include your organization affiliation (genealogy organization, etc.)


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: Cape Verde Jewish roots? #dna #sephardic

Dan Nussbaum

An addendum to my previous statement. Try to get DNA from both sexes. Often a Y chromosome can tell a good deal.

Daniel Nussbaum II, M.D., FAAP
Rochester, New York

Re: Photo request from Mt. Carmel Cemetery #photographs

Kenneth Ryesky

Negative information is still information.  You now know to not bark up that tree.
Ken Ryesky,  Petach Tikva, Israel     kenneth.ryesky@... 

GERTZIG, BRODSKY; Yelizavetgrad, Ukraine
IZRAELSON, ARSHENOV; Yevpatoriya, Ukraine (Crimea)

Re: Cape Verde Jewish roots? #dna #sephardic

Dan Nussbaum

You definitely should try DNA testing. One never knows what would show up.

I dwelled for a decade in New Bedford, Massachusetts which has a large Cape Verdean population. There were women among them who still lit candles on Friday night.

Daniel Nussbaum II, M.D., FAAP
Retired Developmental Pediatrician
Rochester, New York

Need headstone translations from Hebrew #translation


I would appreciate your help with the Hebrew on these headstones. The third is a little hard to read so I'm adding another photo of it. Thanks -- Sherry Robinson, Albuquerque, NM

Trouble finding relatives in Ellis Island Passenger Lists #records #names

David Levine

Does anyone have advice on how to find a relative who know landed at Ellis Island but cannot be found easily in the lists?
Are there lists of equivalent Jewish names? 
Or, has anyone dealt with this brickwall problem?
Same with naturalization docs. 
I know they did it but I cannot find it under any number of spelling attempts.

Help Please Deciphering Ellis Island Cursive Handwriting from 1909 #records #names #belarus

David Levine
Resend- Hi - on the Help deciphering old handwriting Ellis Island Records 1909
I am having trouble reading the old cursive handwriting. 
Can anyone read this clearly?
This is a New York Arrival List from Ellis Island New York 18 Oct 1909 for my great grandmother Ester Reise Samoschkin and my grandfather Judel
This gives her mother's place of birth but it is hard to read. 
I was told she was from Slutsk/Sluck
This looks like based on the person's handwriting that it could be "Slutzk" unless the first letter is an "R"
Here is the source and full scan on my Dropbox:
Many thanks!

Descendants of SCHLAMA/SHLOMO/SALOMON TEICHER #austria-czech #galicia #poland

Leah and Eli Teicher

I am looking for descendants of Shlama/Shlomo/Salomon TEICHER ,
who was born probably in Zaluce and died in Rudnik or Rudniki (near Zablotiv/Zablotow)


His parents were Chunna TEICHER and Gittle KRAMER, both  were parents of Chaim TEICHER (born 1880),
Aharon (born 1873 - ?) Hersch (born 1879 - ?) , Binyamin (1882-1887) and Nachman (1884-1887)/
Living in Kulaczkowce, Rudniki  and Zablotow.
Many Thanks,
Leah Teicher

Re: SCHWARZSCHILD family of Kassel Germany--fate of children? #germany #holocaust

Madeleine Isenberg

It looks like you have tried to research this a few years ago.  I will forward this to someone I know, Julia, who lives not far from Kassel and might be able to help.  I do not want to include her complete name and email here so as not to overwhelm her.
I hope she might be able to help you.
Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA
Researching: GOLDMAN, STEINER, LANGER, GLUECKSMAN, STOTTER in various parts of Galicia, Poland
(Nowy Targ, Nowy Sanz, Wachsmund, Dembno, Lapuszna, Krakow, Ochotnica) who migrated into Kezmarok or
nearby towns in northern Slovakia and Czech Republic (i.e., those who lived/had businesses in Moravska Ostrava);
GOLDSTEIN in Sena or Szina, Szkaros and Kosice, Slovakia; Tolcsva and Tokaj, Hungary.

Sharon E Siegel

Israel Rzezak Siegel March 15, 1905 leningrad, Russia or Lodz, Poland or Gleiwitz, German (also listed at times as 1901)

Anna Iglicki/Iglicka Rzezak Siegel March 10.1922 Lodz, Poland or Zdunska Wola, Poland


I will mark these as you located them in records. Thanks SO SO much, Sharon Siegel, Port Jervis, NY USA

Sharon E Siegel

Dear Krzysztof,


Thank you SO much for that information.  It is the most perfect direction to follow. I do not know how to write in Russian, but I will see if Google Translate might help. I will definitely do that.


I know that they were on N. Dvina River during the logging camp.


Here are additional notes I've been making in gathering research. I will add our vital information to this now.


I also know Izzy carried a photo of his first wife and two children all of his life.  It is missing.  I would so wish to find out what Rzezak and children were killed from Lodz who might be Izzy's wife and young son and daughter. They were married for more than ten years.


Thanks a million. This means so much to us. Sharon



1939? Nazi’s were invading their hometown, Lodz, Poland, where family lived.  Anna Iglicki (Iglicka)'s father (Rabbi Shlomo Iglicki) told her, run you are the youngest.  She ran with her sister-in-law (but she may have been a fiancé, not married yet)


Deported from Bialostocka (Bialystok district) early 1940 (park where she was with others who had gathered from her hometown), she was pushed into a cattle car


Took two months to get to open border, border into White Russia opened for ten minutes at time. Anna got through one of those times but the sisterinlaw did not. Anna was alone.


 (Israel and Anna: (from Bialystok Region to Abramkowo in Archangelsk oblast – 365 persons are listed as having been deported to this settlement, part of over 1 million Poles deported to the depths of the Soviet Union)


Abramkowa 7/13/1940, Samarkana 9/11/1941, Uzbecka, Archangielskiego

Got off train in Siberia, Archangielsk (Arkhangelsk Oblasts) surrounded by water, River Northern Dvina, There was a tea house where people were sipping opium.  There was a permanent settlement further upriver.  Israel and Anna’s Work Camp is Abrankowo in Archangelsk. #119 on map of camps.


Cousin (maybe Luba) maybe Zinzkabola


After Siberia:  by boat to other side of Asia (still Russia), off the boat in Ochkan, Tashkan big city full of typhus at the time, then Samarkan (farms)


Kresyfamily records show Israel and Anna were released in September 1941 and were heading to Samarkand in Uzbekistan.


 (Deportees were rleased following the agreement between Polish and Soviet governments in July 1941, so called “Amnesty”. They could choose were to go. 


Anna met Izzy while he was working at a bakery (probably Samarkand or Tashkent, her brother would go in there to get bread. Anna was working on a nearby farm.


Went back to Poland briefly, Izzy kept looking for his family,  They went by horse and buggy, m aybe in 1945?


Linzkabola, Germans were there, Luba came to see her there, Ann and Izzy lived there for a while when she was pregnant, there was still a curfew in affect, she worried if she went into labor who would help her.


Baby was born, a former grade school classmate then a doctor helped her, cried all the time, sought help possibly at large hospital in Vienna, or Austria, after baby died (at age 2-3 months of a mastoid in ear) she spent time in a sanatorium where it used to be Hitler’s former vacation home in the mountains, beautiful area in the mountains


Izzy was drafted to Polish then Russian Army, then taken to Siberian Work Camp.

Sincerely and best gratitude, Sharon Siegel

Re: Looking for Gussie Deutsch #usa

David Jacobowitz

Thank you all for the great suggestions. We now have a handle on Gussie's maiden name: Thirman or Thurman or Hurman from her daughter Thelma's marriage records.
We also got a couple of suggestions of when Daniel Deutsch passed. More research is needed.

David Jacobowitz
Researching JACOBOWITZ in (now) Slovakia
KREINIK near Sedziszow Malopolski, Poland
DANZIGER in Radom, Rawa and Warsaw, Poland

Re: Photo request from Mt. Carmel Cemetery #photographs

Bob Silverstein

Here you go.

I use findagrave extensively for my research.  Fathers' names have solved several problems.  I also add any missing information including the Hebrew name and then connect everyone.
Bob Silverstein
Elk Grove Village, IL

Researching Kaplan (Krynki, Poland) Tzipershteyn (Logishin, Pinsk, Belarus), Friedson/Fridzon (Motol, Cuba, Massachusetts), Israel and Goodman (Mishnitz, Warsaw, Manchester).

Zinaburg family of Leningrad #belarus #lithuania #russia #scandinavia


Recently, I interpreted a postcard in Yiddish, posted from Petrograd (today's St. Petersburg, before that Leningrad) in Russia to my great-grandfather, who for a few years resided in Sweden. The postcard was sent a few weeks after the Russian revolution, in December 1917.

The addressee was my GGF Isaac Pawlowsky, temporarily staying with my grandparents' family in the northern town of Sundsvall in Sweden. The sender was M. Zinaburg of Petrograd; according to the contents I have reason to presume that he (or she) was related to my Lithuanian Pawlowsky family.

Any information of the Zinaburg family, who lived in Petrograd in 1917, will be much appreciated.

Seth Jacobson

Looking for my ggf’s family Abraham Feldman #usa


I am looking for any information on my great grandfather’s family. His name was Abraham Friedman, he was born in 1892 in dec 18 in Elizabeth NJ. to Anne Israel and Abraham Friedman. I’m guessing his dad died before he was born which is why he has the same name. Now this is where it becomes interesting; his birth certificate lists him as Fridman and we don’t know if this is a misspelling or not. He never spoke about his family to anyone that we know of. I know my grandfather - his son- never knew anything about them. But this seems to have been a thing with that generation as I also found out that he and my ggm also had a daughter that died a year before my grandfather was born. Here’s what I know:

born in 1892 in NJ Abraham Fridman. Married Jennie Goldfinger in 1915, - Friedman - daughter born 1916- Ruth died April 1917, Bennie Friedman born April 1918, Ben married Rose Hamberger and had Marsha and Elliott, Marsha Friedman married Karl Weinstein and had Leonard(me) and Mitchell 

I know nothing of Abrahams family or if he had any siblings and I can’t find anything online can anyone help?

thank you
Len Weinstein

Re: Cape Verde Jewish roots? #dna #sephardic


Hello David,

DNA results work as well as they do for Ashkenazim because this group appears to have
passed through a genetic bottleneck at its founding, approx. 1100 years ago, probably
somewhere in northeast France.  That is, Ashkenazim bear an unmistakable genetic
signature.  Similar events are not well identified in the general Sephardic population, and I
suspect that DNA would not be helpful.  An exception would be kohen or levite ancestry and
markers in the y chromosome, but these would have had to be maintained through an unbroken
male lineage over 5 centuries.  Somewhat unlikely.  If written history, e.g. baptismal certificates, is
available, that might be a lead, particularly if one could establish a link to known
converso families (16th century).  Unlike Ashkenazim, Sephardim had family names extending
back many, many centuries.      Michael Greenfield       Tours, FR

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