Nidyki, Ukmerge uzed: Current location? #lithuania

Laurie Sosna

I located my gg-grandfather Nokhim FRIDZESON and his two sons in the 1874 All Lithuania Revision List-Part 1.
The record says they registered in Sirvintos and reside in Nidyki, Ukmerge uzed.  I was not able to find the current location for Nidyki using the Town Finder on JewishGen or the Shtetl List on LitvakSIG. I've tried all the variables, I'm just not finding it.
Any ideas would be most welcome.
Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA
SOSNA: Ivonivka (near Yampil), Mogilev
GOIKHMAN: Rascov, Mogilev
LEVIN: Vilna, Dnipro
KOBB: Ukmerge

P.i. in Poland, Jewish Records #poland #records

Steve Daggers

Hello. Does anyone know what the abbreviation P.i. means following a surname in Poland, Jewish birth, death, marriage records? Thanks in advance for your help.
Steve Daggers
Shorewood, Illinois

Nathan Lester, Bat-Yam, 1974 #israel #canada #ukraine


I just learned that the last address of a relative of mine, was Rothschild Street No. 18 in Bat-Yam.


He was born Naftali Lasutra in Pulin, Ukriane; lived in Toronto between 1922-1958. After his wife's death in 1956, he went to live in Israel, possibly had a new wife. He died in 1974 in Israel.


If any of this rings a bell, a reply is appreciated.


 Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

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moshe chaim pasmanic and[shlomo] zalman rosengarten{spector} #hungary #poland

אבא ואמא

i am looking for details about:1.moshe chaim pasmanic born in poland.he moved to hungary and got ginsberger as a new surname.we know hi born 1838 and death 1893 and that he was shochet in hungary in a few cities but we dont know where he buired and who where his parents? ros
2.shlomo zalman rosengarten{zondlowic}.he was av beis din in poland.his childern were chana chaim which city as av beis din?how were his parents?

yerucham zvi kinstlich
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Re: Hungary Ancestor location Help needed #hungary


If you want to look further on this town, the Hungarian name variants are Nagygejocz, Nagy-geocz etc.

As far as I can tell, birth registers would have been kept in the district seat Ungvar /Uzhgorod/.  Ужгород / Some of the relevant registers have been uploaded to the Wikipedia hereЄврейське_містечко#Метричні_книги_синагог_до_1895_року (some cyrillic alphabet needed). 

All the best

Travel from Galicia or Imperial Russia to Bessarabia #bessarabia #russia #galicia

Marilyn Levinson

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Subject: Travel from Galicia or Imperial Russia to Bessarabia

Dear researchers,
 I know based on a passenger manifest that my grandfather emigrated to the United States in 1911 from the village of Lipkany in Bessarabia and in other documents he states his birth place is  Nova Sulitza in Bessarabia.  Half of the town of Nova Sulitzy was in Galicia and half was in Russia.  I was wondering if any one has any information about their families journey from Galicia to Bessarabia or from a part of Tsarist Russia to the specific area of Bessarabia.  The family name I am researching is Wallach.  Thank you for your help.
Marilyn Levinson
Spring Lake NC

Re: JRI Poland Seeking Additional Information: SCHOENFELD/ARNDT/DAVID/LEVIN/CHRALL #poland


Hello there.
I'm new to the Jewishgen groups and I found this thread.
My great grandfather was Charles (or Kallman) Arndt born in Nakel in 1831.
He moved with his family to Liverpool sometime between 1876-1881.
I believe his first wife was Carolina Hirsh born 1830 in Wirsitz (modern day Wrysyzc).
They had a son, Herman b. 1857 in Nakel.
His second wife was Pauline (maiden name unknown, although possibly Schwartz) born 1833 in Colmar in Preussen (modern day Chodziez).
Children were:
Simon b.1860 Colmar
Elias b. 1863 Colmar (my grandfather)
Ernest b.1864 Colmar
Max b.1866 Colmar
Dora b.1871 Nakel
Joseph b.1873 Nakel
Lena b.1876 Nakel.

So as you can see, my Arndt branch has strong links to Nakel and Posen in general and I wonder if our families are linked?
Best regards,
Peter Clarkson

Information Wanted regarding the Legion Etrangere Civile #france

Paul Gottlieb

While in Paris in 1940 after fleeing Vienna, my father obtained a formal membership certificate from the so-called Legion Etrangere Civile.
I think the document is a fake or forgery, perhaps used to avoid a French internment camp. I can find no information about such a "civil" organization, either as a separate entity or as part of the French Foreign Legion. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you. Paul Gottlieb. New York City.

Re: Latest additions to JGFF towns database #JewishGenUpdates

Sally Bruckheimer

"Could you please inform me how does one submit a new town name to the town finder list?"

You simply add the surname you are seeking, along with the town name. If it is new, Alexander Sharon will check it.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Need help interpreting marriage record from Gesher Galicia #galicia #records

Sally Bruckheimer

" r stands for recte, meaning false". False is f.

Actually r means 'correctly'. Usually records have Schwartz r Blau, meaning the surname is Schwartz but should be Blau. The civil records clerk found the birth record or whatever of the person, and his / her parents weren't married civilly, so they 'should' be recorded with their mother's maiden name, Blau, but they use their father's surname, Schwartz. The rest of this answer was correct (r), but the meaning of the r was wrong.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Improving the Odds of a Reply When Contacting Someone by E-Mail #general


If you've already published some family tree information (my heritage, ancestry, etc.) you should add a link to your family page. This will prove your authenticity and entice the other person to cooperate and join your effort.
Meir Razy
Kisfajn / Sfard / Rothenberg / Ruttenberg / Rojtenberg in Rovno,Volhynia
Ross in Dubno,Volhynia

Looking for the family of Gerszon NACHIMOWICZ/Warsaw #poland #latinamerica


-- Hi, I'm looking for the family of Gerszon Nachimowicz, a tailor in Warsaw who survived the Holocaust and joined his brother Mortka in Argentina. He may have been married to Sarenka (Sofia) Rozenpik. Mortka emigrated to Argentina in 1926. Please email me if you have information about the relatives of these two men. Thanks.

Deborah Shindell
Trumbull, CT
researching: Beserglik (any spelling), Lederhendler, Goldberg (all in Poland) and Szmukler (Ukraine)

Re: Can This Be Translated #translation


I would suggest posting this on the Jewishgen Viewmate page
and requesting a Yiddish translation. The picture is currently upside down and there is a way to rotate the picture when you upload it. I think the handwriting is relatively clear so you'll probably get responses from people whose Yiddish is much better than mine. I can tell you that it is addressed to "my dear Uncle and Aunt"

Binyamin Kerman

Resources for Jewish Refugees who went to Uruguay #lodz

David Jacobowitz

My cousin asked me to help her find her father and uncles.

"...They were born in Sompolno, Polin. Can they write another address "Jacob Wilczynski" born 1908? married to Rela Roboski " After the Shoa and with a baby" Alex "" Josef Wilczynski "was born 1923/1926 (Jacob's brother) they were together in Europe, he spoke of Paris, and he traveled by train through Europe until he received permission to travel to Uruguay, There was a brother Abraham who arrived in 1939....They arrived by boat in Montevideo Uruguay. I do not know how to search,..."

This a translation from Spanish, so it may  not be exactly what she wrote.

Thanks for guidance.
David Jacobowitz

Re: Improving the Odds of a Reply When Contacting Someone by E-Mail #general

Bob Silverstein

We all have that problem and the problem behind the problem is that we do not know what the other person likes to see in an email or letter or her or his interest in the family tree.  I suspect most people already know how interested they are in helping as soon as they read your note.  It simply will not persuade them.  For those who cooperate, you do not know how much information they want to see or can even understand.  That is why my messages have a two pronged approach.  Three or four sentences about why I am writing, the potential relationship, and asking for their help.  And then I include the data which have the matching names.  This is two create a record of why I am contacting the person and to establish my creditability and legitimacy.   

Even with all this, I get about one out of ten to respond and very, very few relatives who traditional genealogy can confirm.

Good luck and keep writing those letters.
Bob Silverstein
Elk Grove Village, IL

Researching Kaplan (Krynki, Poland) Tzipershteyn (Logishin, Pinsk, Belarus), Friedson/Fridzon (Motol, Cuba, Massachusetts), Israel and Goodman (Mishnitz, Warsaw, Manchester).

Re: Malvine Weiss transferred to MAUTHAUSEN 14 April 1945, then where? #hungary #holocaust


So I have now located the Sharit haPlatah list of survivors on this site, which includes a Malvin-Mor Weiss last known location as Homberg. I am wondering if this is the Malvin I am looking for, as the birth location given, Mezökereszes, is near Onod where I believed she was born. Does anyone know how I can view the actual list or anything about what might have been at Homberg? (this Malvin is on the list ID 2169, pg 363, line 22). Thank you in advance for any help you can give. Emma Cole

Re: Large LEVY family (Simon and Lena arrived NYC ca. 1890) #usa #general

Jay L Gordon

Hi Sherri,

Unfortunately I do not have any of that. I've checked all the usual places for that kind of information but have come up with nothing. This is my grandfather's stepmother's parents. Their daughter Rachel "Rose" Levy became his stepmother when he was a child (in 1921, after his mother died at the age of 26). I am getting Rose's birth and death certificates, in case that has any additional information about Simon and Lena. 

Thank you for the suggestions!

Jay Gordon

Re: Need help interpreting marriage record from Gesher Galicia #galicia #records


Sorry,  I have to correct my response.  r  means correct, i.e., the correct version is given.


On 11/16/2020 9:46 PM, Susan&David wrote:
This has been answered several time in the past.  r stands for recte, meaning false, i.e.,  needing correction.
You can search the Jewishgen Discussion List Archives or do a Google search for recte.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 11/16/2020 6:46 PM, Carole Bass wrote:

In the marriage abstract below, which I copied and pasted from Gesher Galicia, what does the "r" signify after the bride's surname (Lea Frenkel r. Lustig)? Another abstract for the same couple lists the bride the same way but names her mother as Malke Käffig, not Lustig.

Many thanks.

Noach Salomon AGET
son of Benjamin AGET & Malke
daughter of David FRENKEL & Malke LUSTIG

Marriage record


Year of Registration of Marriage: 1859
Town of Record: Lviv
House Number: 208 2/
Groom's Age/Date of Birth: 23
Bride's Age/Date of Birth: 26

Carole Bass
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Re: Latest additions to JGFF towns database #JewishGenUpdates

Adam Cherson

TY for this discussion. Could you please inform me how does one submit a new town name to the town finder list?
Adam Cherson 

Re: Minsk Jewish names, #names #belarus


"ov" suffix is an indicator of a male patronymic.  This person's father's name was Itsko.  This name should be preceded by a given name of the person, e.g., Aron Itskov Dunner means Aron son of Itsko Dunner.  Sometimes you will see the male version of the patronymic with the "ovich" suffix, instead of "ov", but it means exactly the same thing.  For females the suffix is "ova" or "ovna" - Sura Itskova (or Itskovna) Dunner (Sura daughter of Itsko Dunner).
In some cases these patronymics became last names, e.g., Aronov, Abramov.

Mike Vayser

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