Re: Beth David Cemetery. Elmont, Queens NY #photographs #usa

Peter Cohen

The people in the office at Beth David have always been very nice to me. In some cemeteries the staff becomes hostile when you ask for a list of different grave locations and tell you you should have written in advance. (Invariably these same people don't reply when you actually do write in advance.) At Beth David, this has never been a problem, although that might change if the list was too long.  One nice thing about their system is that they give you a printout that can fit up to four locations on the same map and prints a letter corresponding to the person's name, on the map, in the approximately location of the grave, relative to the block they are in. This enables you to map out the most efficient path to do your work without running back and forth across a large cemetery.
Peter Cohen

Re: Lodz Jewish Society for Orphan Care #poland #lodz #general

Sherri Bobish


A Google search found this book, which is written in Polish which I cannot read, but the English blurb sounds like the book may be about the orphanage you seek info about.

Also, you might try the YIVO archives to see if they have any records regarding the orphanage:


Sherri Bobish

Re: Name change records NYC #austria-czech #galicia #names #records

A. E. Jordan

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From: T R via 

My grandfather changed the family name when they arrived in NYC post Anschluss, 1939.
I contacted the archives in NYC but they weren't helpful. Has anyone successfully found these records,
and if so what was to path to them?

Most of the immigrants did not bother to go through the legal process of name changes or did it as part of the naturalization. although this one is a little later in timeframe so he might have done a legal name change.

He could have filed with the City and that bureau still functions in Manhattan.  Problem is they have it organized by ledger books by date so you need those clues and the before and after names to really find people, especially if either or both were more frequently used names.

They could also have filed with the court and that is a separate record.

If they were doing a legal name change that required a notice in the newspaper as a paid advertisement.  A lot of those however were placed in the legal newspaper making it harder to find them today.  If you find the name change file there should be a copy of the newspaper notice since the courts required proof it had been done, ie that they were not hiding some debts, etc. You can try a newspaper search just in case they filed with one of the papers that has been digitized.

I would say start with their naturalization file because they might have documented their name change there.

Allan Jordan
New York


Re: 1930 census - invented people #general #records #usa

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

In reviewing census records from the very early 1900s I found an uncle Morris listed as Mary and a cousin Dasha as David. Possible causes for listings you think of as errors or omissions:
Census taker couldn’t understand foreign accents and wrote whatever they thought they heard
There were relatives‘ children/orphans  living temporarily in the home
There were “boarders” living in the house, perhaps being passed off as family 
In short- Language differences, economic difficulties and fear of government created both deliberate and accidental errors in reporting 
Deanna Levinsky 
Deanna Mandel Levinsky

Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

Re: Name change records NYC #austria-czech #galicia #names #records


On 11/2/2020 9:40 AM, T R via wrote:
My grandfather changed the family name when they arrived in NYC post Anschluss, 1939.
I contacted the archives in NYC but they weren't helpful. Has anyone successfully found these records,
and if so what was to path to them?
Many thanks in advance.

Tanya Roland

Searching ROSENBERG, ROTHENBERG, SPERLING, ROTH, STEINMANN, Vienna, Przemysł and beyond

Re: 1930 census - invented people #general #records #usa

Sally Bruckheimer

" took all kinds of measures to obscure, obscure, twist, and disinform the world regarding their origins"

Different spellings were common. There was no standard spelling in the US until the mid-20th century, and immigrants who weren't fluent in English didn't worry about it.

I know Berzons and Birsons; Felkowskis and Falkowskis. Both families are related among themselves - it wasn't trying to confuse people, it just happened. Silberman and Silverman are both the same name, so don't get hung up on the spelling.

My second rule of genealogy, when I taught it, was 'Spelling doesn't count'.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Viewmate translation request #translation


I have posted two death records in Polish for which I would appreciate complete translations. They can be found on Viewmate at the following addresses:

Please respond using the form provided on the ViewMate page.

Many thanks,

Roy Gerber

Looking to hire a researcher to carry my BOBRICK family from Romania #romania

Alan Kania

My wife’s grandfather, Herman (Haim) BOBRICK was born 15 December 1887 in Calais, Beserabia. His wife, Rose (Ruhla or Rosela) BEIRIS was born approximately 1898 in Jasi (Iasi) Romania. Herman’s parents were Sahna BOBRICK and Frida VASERMAN. This is as far back as I can trace her family. I have the family pretty well discovered once Herman and Rose arrived in the United States, but the Romanian end of the family is something that I have not had the time to try and do on my own (I’m working on my two family lines from Poland and Lithuania, and my wife’s GRAZI side of the family that has made various places as their birthplaces (Cairo, Aleppo, and/or Turkey).

Herman had several siblings — Ben BOBRICK who was born in Bessarabia, Russia on 25 March 1894, according to immigration records. He married Esther “Mary” WEISS on 10 January 1920. Herman emigrated to the port of New York on 3 December 1907. Other siblings included Lewis BOBRICK and another gentleman that I assume was brought into the family - his name, according to the family, was Pete Goldberg (but I assumed was not a blood relative).

To help expedite the research, I would like to hire someone who can provide primary-source information about the BOBRICK family from Romania. Please contact me privately if you are experienced in locating primary-source documentation that can help me accurately continue building that branch of the family. My email is alankania@....

Alan Kania

View Mate Marriage Translations Request – Russian - RZEPNIK #translation

Alice Klein

I've reposted two records on ViewMate for the marriages of two brothers. Though I have the simple information of who, when, and parents, I am now interested in names of witnesses, rabbis, anyone else involved. Also locations and jobs and anything else that might help me. A complete translation would be preferred, but not required.

They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much,

Alice Klein

La Vista, NE









Jewish Genealogical Society New York November 15 Meeting #announcements

Phyllis Rosner

Jewish Genealogical Society NY Meeting
Sunday November 15, 2020 at 2 p.m.
Zoom Webinar

Researching Your Litvak Roots…with LitvakSIG and More

Speaker: Judy Baston

Do you want to know more about your Litvak heritage? LitvakSIG’s searchable All Lithuania Database (ALD) provides the primary foundation for Litvak genealogical research, with translations of over 2.2 million Jewish records, census and vital records key among them.  Also in the ALD database are data from records in Lithuanian archives for a number of towns in Belarus and Poland. This presentation will survey the LitvakSIG database and website, as well as other major resources for Litvak research, such as JewishGen, Yad Vashem and district research groups. Learn how to determine what records are available and how to read and analyze your findings to achieve an optimal outcome. 

Judy Baston is a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of Jewish Records Indexing–Poland (JRI-Poland). She is on the Board of LitvakSIG, currently serving as Secretary. She has filled leadership positions and moderated discussion groups at both organizations and others, including BialyGen, for many years. Judy has been involved with the Jewish Community Library in San Francisco for nearly thirty years and coordinates its monthly genealogy clinic. She was the recipient of the 2015 International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) Lifetime Achievement Award.

All are welcome; attendance is free, but registration is required:

Submitted by:
Phyllis Rosner
JGSNY VP Communications
New York, NY

Re: 1930 census - invented people #general #records #usa

Kenneth Ryesky

One persistent problem in searching my maternal grandfather's side of the family is that my g-grandparents took all kinds of measures to obscure, twist, and disinform the world regarding their origins.  Their daughter (my great aunt) insisted upon spelling her surname "Silverman" even though everyone else spelled it "Silberman" (which was always understood to not have been their surname in the old country); even her high school report card spelled it with a "v."


When I asked "Aunt Betty" about family history, she pleaded with me to not ask those kinds of questions and to "just leave it all alone."


Fast-forward 30-something years:  In downsizing my mom's house I found, in the folder of "Aunt Betty's" nursing home admission (my mom had made all the arrangements), correspondence with a psychologist which noted that "Aunt Betty" lived in fear that Russian agents would kidnap her and take her back to the old country (she came here as an infant in 1901 +/-, and this was all during the Cold War years).



Though I found no "invented persons" in my own family in any Census record, one can readily imagine someone with a paranoia level on par with "Aunt Betty" and her parents inventing people in order to confuse their pursuers, real or imagined.


Ken Ryesky,  Petach Tikva, Israel     kenneth.ryesky@... 

GERTZIG, BRODSKY; Yelizavetgrad, Ukraine
IZRAELSON, ARSHENOV; Yevpatoriya, Ukraine (Crimea)

Re: 1930 census - invented people #general #records #usa


Is there corroborating evidence to prove that the family in the 1930's Census is YOUR family? Hershkowits/variants was - and still is - a quite common name.



Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation #poland #lodz


I've posted two pages of a postcard in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you in advance!
Rachel Park

Looking for info on KAMENETSKY and Jewish Aid Orgs in 1912/3 Montreal #canada

Henry Carrey Boston,MA . Carey/Kirzhner/Berestyaner , Belous , Isenberg - Lutsk ; Postolov/Herman/Kolovsky-Zhitomir

I wonder if anyone could advise me the best way to get information about my mother and grandmother's stay in Montreal in 1913 .

My grandfather Shloyme Postalov had arrived in Boston in 1907 while my grandmother Frahdl/Fannie was pregnant with my mother Leyke . My grandmother and mother arrived at U.S. emigration in Halifax Nova Scotia on the SS Uranium in December 1912 although the manifest says Port of Montreal . My grandmother was denied admission to the US due to to trachoma of the eyes . Somehow , she got to stay in Montreal at the home of a family called Kamenetsky and was treated by doctors for 4 months. In April 1913 , she was admitted to the US after showing "no lesions" . What I am trying to find are documents which might show how she came be sent to stay with a Jewish family in Montreal as opposed to being deported. Was there a Jewish agency that might have helped and would there be documentation? My Aunt said that the Post family stayed in touch with the Kamenetsy's for several years . I was unable to locate this family .
Henry H. Carrey
Henry H. Carrey

Sponsorship records #general #records


Hello All, 

I was told by my grandfather that he tried to sponsor his sister and her family to come to the US from Romania/Hungary before WWII.  Is there anyway to find this record?  What agency would I contact?

Janis Herskovits Schonholz
Searching:  Herskovits, Matyas, Mihaly (Hungary/Romania)
                   Bloch/Block, Kaplan, Mendelowitz/Mendelovich (Krynki, Poland)

Re: The Hebrew equivalent of the German male name Sally #germany #names


When working on a family tree for friends, there was an instance of "Sally" in England being thought to have been derived from "Tsalie" in Germany.  I don't know enough about Jewish names to know whether this is useful information or not, though I can see that it works phonetically.

Christine Bennett

Name change records NYC #austria-czech #galicia #names #records


My grandfather changed the family name when they arrived in NYC post Anschluss, 1939.
I contacted the archives in NYC but they weren't helpful. Has anyone successfully found these records,
and if so what was to path to them?
Many thanks in advance.

Tanya Roland

Searching ROSENBERG, ROTHENBERG, SPERLING, ROTH, STEINMANN, Vienna, Przemysł and beyond

Re: 1930 census - invented people #general #records #usa


Are you certain it is not another David HERSHKOWITZ family?

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 11/2/2020 7:47 AM, alwitz via wrote:
The 1930 U.S. census lists three children in my (HERSHKOWITZ) family that never actually existed. They are listed at ages 4yrs, 2 yrs and 6 months with the youngest named Dave Jr, after the head of that household, who was living. That naming is not even remotely possible in my family.

The question is: does anyone have a similar finding, or an explanation of who would invent  the census entries, and why would they do it?

Allen Herskowitz
Suart Fl

German death record translations needed #translation #germany

Aaron Roetenberg

I've posted 2 vital records in German for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Aaron Roetenberg

Keller family in Radomysl and Tarnow #poland #galicia


if anyone in this forum knows about Keller family in Radomysl and Tarnow please contact
especially about a Yechiel Mechel Keller from Radomysl 
Joseph Kauftheil

6041 - 6060 of 658081