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Russ Maurer

Marlise, Marcia,

LVIA is where the records would be if they exist. Unfortunately, there are some vital records that have never been found - including the ones Marlise is looking for and indeed the great majority of vital records from Oshmiany district as well as most years of vital records from Radviliskis (Siauliai district). There are other kinds of records from both places that may have data of interest to you. If you have not already done so, you should search in the All-Lithuania database.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator

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Larry Gaum

When dealing with companies that promise to study your DNA and determine your origins, it’s best to accept the results with a bit of scepticism and a grain or two of salt.
Larry Gaum

Re: Viewmate translation from Russian requested #translation


In Russian:



Происходило в городе Новый Двор 26 октября 1872-го года, в 2 часа дня.  Лично явились: Элияш-Ицек Сигалович, 68-и лет и Лейба Юнкер, 48-и лет, оба религиозные уйители в городе Новый Двор и объявили, что 24-го октября сего года, в 12 часов ночи, умер в городе Новый Двор Ицек Шайман, 10-и лет от роду, сын Шаи и Xавы, урожденной Ицкович.  Лично удостоверяю о смерти Ицека Шаымана.  Акт сей по прочтении нами и свидетелями подписан.

Элияш-Ицек Сигалович

Лейба Юнкер

Бургомистр города Новый Двор содержащий книги гражданского состояния  Подпись


Translated into English:



It took place in the city of Novy Dvor on October 26, 1872, at 2 pm. Eliyash-Itsek Sigalovich, 68 years old, and Leiba Juncker, 48 years old, both religious exterminators in the city of Novy Dvor appeared in person and announced that on October 24 of this year, at 12 o'clock in the night, died in the city of Novy Dvor Itsek Shaiman, 10 years old, son of Shaya and Chava, nee Itskovich. I personally certify about the death of Itsek Shayman. This act was signed by us and by witnesses after reading it.

Eliyash-Itsek Sigalovich

Leiba Juncker

Burgomaster of the city of Novy Dvor containing civil registers Signature

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Columbus, OH

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Kenneth Ryesky

During and following the Roman conquest of Judea, many Jews were taken captive back to Rome.  uch Roman infrastructure, including the Coliseum, was built by Jewish slave labor.

So there were Jews and Italians in close proximity to one another; close enough for DNA to jump either direction.  Accordingly, it is not solely a matter of Jews having Italian DNA, but also of Italians having Jewish DNA.

[And there are many blonde-haired Italians; if you see one, remember that the Vikings had occasion to sail into the Mediterranean and drop anchor in Italian ports.].

Ken Ryesky,  Petach Tikva, Israel     kenneth.ryesky@... 

GERTZIG, BRODSKY; Yelizavetgrad, Ukraine
IZRAELSON, ARSHENOV; Yevpatoriya, Ukraine (Crimea)

Re: Looking for inform on Marguerite (Margaretha) HAUPTMANN, HOFFMAN, OFFMAN, or KAUFMAN b. 1698 Baden-Wurttemberg, Gemany d. 1760 in Picardie, France married to Martin Mayer (Mair, Meyer) #france

Reuven Mohr

Baden Wuerttemberg is a term which did not exist till ~1950.
Wuerttemberg did exist, but in very limited borders, and as you say, with few Jewish families. But there were many rural communities in the areas which became later (~1805) the kingdom of Wuerttemberg.
It is very difficult to research Jewish genealogy for 17-18th cent. without knowing an exact location.
The chance that Jews in such rural communities would have had names like the ones you mention is close to zero.
Reuven Mohr

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Marcia Segal

Dear Marlise Gross,

I'd be interested in this, too -- I'm researching family from Radviliskis, Lithuania, and would be glad to know of more resources.

Marcia Segal

Re: Would a later born child have the same name as an earlier deceased child? #names

Judith Elam

Yes it happened.  My Prussian ggg-grandparents from Elbing had 16 children.  One son, called Max Moritz Weinberg, died age 6 months in 1840.  The second son after this one was called Meyer Wulff, but known as Max.  The 3rd son born after Meyer Wulff was called Moritz.

Judith Elam
Kihei, HI

Re: Would a later born child have the same name as an earlier deceased child? #names


In Hungary it was very common, I have lots of examples of this, even came across one yesterday. Once I even found one family where 3 girls had the same name before one survived.
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Would a later born child have the same name as an earlier deceased child? #names

Martyn Woolf

This was a normal practice in the Jewish community of the UK in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. If a child was born and died, a later child would be named the same. I have several examples in my own family. There are even cases when more than one child died, a third child would still be given the same name/s.

Martyn Woolf
London, NW3

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Dahn Cukier

At one company I am told I have 92% Ashkanazi, 5% N.Africa and 3%
Italian ancesrty. At another company I am 100% European Jewish.

I can trace 3 of 4 families back over 150 years - Ashkanzi. The third I share
DNA with a second cousin, she does not have Italian ancestors in her DNA.

DNA is an assumption and should not be trusted with a people who have
been on the move for 2000 years. DNA is modern and can be traced who
lives in a location NOW. As more people share their DNA and family trees,
the mix of ancestry changes.

I suspect that my N. African DNA is from someone who married a Ottoman
soldier  or trader. Where I have Italian DNA is a question, this is the first
time my DNA has been so specific, but 3%......

Dahn Cukier

When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 5:30:28 PM GMT+2, Josh Feingold <joshfeingold@...> wrote:

Hi there.  I am trying to see if I have sephardic descent, and am not exactly sure where to start. 
Looking at my DNA, it showed I am 99.5% Ashkanazi and .5% from what is now Turkey.  I can go back a few generations, but don't really know how to attach my family tree to the work that others have done.  Is there anyone here who would be willing to help me with that a little?  My best guess (looking at family last names) is that there is a Milgrom in one branch of the family tree, but in truth, I guess it could be anywhere.
Thanks for your help!
Josh Feingold

Photograph needed of headstone in Bloemfontein, South Africa #photographs #southafrica

Denise Fletcher

If anybody is able to photograph the headstone of Benjamin FLETCHER (see details below) who is buried in the Bloemfontein Memorial Cemetery Jewish section, I would be most grateful if they could email me the photo.
Denise Fletcher, Sydney Australia  (dfletcheroz@...)
Site 8A:362
First Names Benjamin
Hebrew Names Benjamin b Yaacov
Date of Death 1976-09-27
Hebrew Date of Death 3 Tishrei
Age 85
Spouse's Name Leah Fletcher
Notes wife Leah, children, grandchildren
Region Free State
Listing Bloemfontein Memorial cemetery

Photographs needed of 2 headstones, Rainham Cemetery London, UK #photographs #unitedkingdom

Denise Fletcher

If anybody is able to photograph the headstones of David FLETCHER, who died on 31 May 1938 and is buried in Rainham Cemetery in London in Plot A1, Row 11, Grave 06, and his wife Millie FLETCHER, who died on 2 March 1946 and is buried in Rainham Cemetery in London in Plot A1, Row 28, Grave 04,  I would be most grateful if they could email me the photos.
Denise Fletcher, Sydney Australia  (dfletcheroz@...)

Photograph needed of headstone, East Ham Cemetery, London, UK #photographs #unitedkingdom

Denise Fletcher

If anybody is able to photograph the headstone of Max FLETCHER, buried on 9 February 1967 in East Ham Cemetery, London in Section F, Row 1, Plot 3,  I would be most grateful if they could email me the photo.
Denise Fletcher, Sydney Australia  (dfletcheroz@...)

Portugal Opens First Holocaust Museum #holocaust #sephardic

Jan Meisels Allen

The interior of the Holocaust Museum of Porto, Portugal, in January 2021. (Courtesy of the Jewish Community of Porto)


On January 20, Portugal is opening its first Holocaust Museum in the City of Porto by members of its Jewish community founded by descendants of victims of the Inquisition.


The museum features a reproduction of Auschwitz prisoner barracks, a memorial room with walls carrying the names of Holocaust victims and a study center.


The Inquisition, a campaign of religious persecution on the Iberian Peninsula that began in Spain in 1492, was applied also in Portugal in 1536. It ended Jewish life in Porto and across the region as hundreds of thousands of Sephardic Jews fled both countries. Those who remained practiced Judaism in secret. Their descendants are known as bnei anusim.


Artur Carlos de Barros Basto and army captain who helped promote Jewish life around Porto helped organize Jewish life in Porto in the 1920s. He was thrown out of the Army an labeled a pedophile on false charges in an anti-Semitic conspiracy. His life is depicted in the video Sefarad.


Many Eastern European Jewish refugees in the 1940s passed through Portugal.


The community has members descended from Ashkenazi Jews who lost their relatives in the Holocaust.   Today, Portugal has about 3,100 people who self-identify as Jews. The Jewish Community of Porto says it now has about 400 members.


The influx is connected to immigration from elsewhere in Europe and Latin America, as well as Portugal’s 2015 law guaranteeing citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews that was passed to atone for the Inquisition.


The Jewish communities of Porto and Lisbon vet citizenship applications for the government, charging hundreds of dollars per application. There have been more than 76,000 applications, and about 30% have been approved.

To read the article see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: Would a later born child have the same name as an earlier deceased child? #names

Israel Guttman

Although not so common, but the practice existed.
Israel Guttman

LIthuanian Archive Question #lithuania #records


I emailed a request to the Lithuanian State Historical Archives (LVIA) asking for birth and marriage records for my ancestors.  The response I received today for all the requests was like this:

(P1-8698) We would like to inform you that the Lithuanian State Historical Archives do not maintain vital record books of Asmena (Ašmena) and Smurgainys Jewish Communities for the year 1880 – 1900, so we cannot do the search for the birth record of Aron Tsigel.

Is there another archive in Lithuania that would hold marriage and birth records from 1880 to 1910, or is this the end of the road for me?

Marlise Gross
Cherry Hill, NJ

Segal from Smorgon or Soly, Oshmiany, Lithuania

Would a later born child have the same name as an earlier deceased child? #names


Hello, I found the for the birth of Salomen Zalman Fisch in 1882 to my great-grandparents Avigdor Fisch and Reizl Rudner.   However, in 1895 there is another record for the birth of Salomen Zalman Fisch to the same parents.  I do know that the second Salomen Fisch survived until the Shoah.   Would parents name a second child the same name if the first child died perhaps shortly after birth? 

George Frankel,

Researching Fisz, Fisch, Fish, Rudner, from Dabrowa Tarnowska, Tarnow, Biskupice, Radgoszcz, Brzostek Poland

Re: Newbie Question #sephardic #dna


My family, too, is searching for Sephardi data, but nothing comes up... yet. From what I've gathered, not enough DNA data has been collected yet.

Susan Gordon
BIALAZURKER - Zbarazh, Budapest
LEMPERT - Skalat, Lvov
EISMANN - Budapest
GULLOTTA - Castelmola Sicily


Druya, Belarus Lipschutz-Padua connection? #belarus

Guy <guy.f.levin@...>


My GGGF and his wife lived in Druya, Belarus in the second half of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.
Their names were Yisroel Moshe and Chaika (ISRAELITAN) Lipschutz.
Their son, Benjamin Wolf, married Sima (METZGER) and they moved to Philadelphia, Pa.
BW's and Sima's daughter, Zelda Sarah Sloan, was my maternal grandmother.
We think that Yisroel Moshe's father may have been Saul PADUA.
The undocumented family tradition is that the name was changed when YM was adopted by an aunt (nee PADUA) to avoid the draft.
Do you know anything about this Saul Padua?  Or about his children?  
Note: According to dates I found in FamilySearch (~1842-~1862), he would have been far too young to father Yisrael Moshe, but the dates could be wrong. 

Also interested if you think you have a connection to my ISRAELITAN ancestor Chaya (Chaika).

Thank you and be well.

Guy Levin (originally of Philadelphia)

Re: French archives #france #records

David Choukroun

Dear Laura, 
my apologies, I am not sure to understand your request in details
Where Eli is born ?  Paris ? 
Where Janine in born ? Paris ? 
What is the name of the father of Janine ? Mr xx Aronivitz




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