Re: Early 20th Century Photography Studios #photographs

Mike Coleman

Aalborg (Denmark)..........

Mike Coleman  London U.K.

Re: Jewish Hungarian hymn #general #hungary




The words are recognizable, yet with errors (does not mattet). It looks like they were like this

Ha az Isten megígért, visszahozza Jeruzsálemet

(means: If G-d promised it, he will return/bring back Jerusalem)


I have checked and have not found any song with this. It may have been a Hungarian Zionist song?



Karesz Vandor
genealogist/historian/private tour guide

Hungarian Roots
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Mentes a vírusoktól.

Jewish Hungarian hymn #general #hungary

Inacio Steinhardt

My late Mother born in Hungary used to sing an hymn which I, not knowing Hungarian thought to be Hatikva in her mother language.
The words that I remember ignoring the spelling went like this:

Oy ozisten ot megiget, visa hoja yerushalem mnet

Does anybody remember such a song?

Thank you
Inacio Steinhardt

Early 20th Century Photography Studios #photographs

Rusty Wilson

I am trying to identify an early 20th century photo portrait.  The name of the photography studio is stamped on the photo and is almost entirely illegible (I've attached a scan of the stamp here).  I can make out the first name of the studio as "Johanne.".. As best I can tell, the studio is in Europe.  My questions: 
1. Does anyone recognize the stamp and the photo studio? Or particularly the city?
2. Can anyone direct me to an online source of early 20th century photo portraits where I could look for a similar studio stamp?
3. Does anyone know of any online lists of early 20th century European photo studios? I know of several for the US but none for Europe.  
Thank you. 
Rusty Wilson

Rusty Wilson

Burial Site for Jewish Soldiers Who Died in Manchuria During the Russian Japanese War #russia #general

loren greenberg


My GGM's brother was a soldier in the 214th Mokshanks Infantry Division
during the Japanese Russian War. 
He died in 1904 fighting in Shaolinza, Manchuria..

Does anyone know where these Jewish boys were buried?

Thank you,
Loren Greenberg


Re: Brooklyn Street name #usa

Helene Williams Spierman

The street may have been re-named.  Search for Boyd St., Bklyn, 1897, or another year near that one.

I knew my mother grew up in a private house on Dahill Rd. in Brooklyn. I found her family in the 1920 census in a house with the same number, but the street was West St. I found a map of the same era as the census (on Steve Morse, via Ancestry) and compared it to a later Google map that contained Dahill Rd. I looked at train lines, the layout of streets and their names, and nearby churches, etc., and concluded that Dahill Rd. had been renamed. 

Helene Williams Spierman
Valley Stream, NY

Help in finding grave in Mount Nebo cemetery in Miami, FL #usa #general


I called the Mount Nebo cemetery in Miami about the grave of Max Land that died at the age of 70 on Sep 1944, husband of Fannie and father of Hadassa. His metzavah was uncovered in 1945 and I have the announcement record and the rabbi's name that was officiating. On my first call to the cemetery I was given a plot that turned out not to have the grave of Max Land. When I called again about the grave I was told there was an error and he was not buried in the cemetery. I do not know how to proceed in finding the grave. Any suggestions?.

Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas

Re: Looking for Konslawa, Galicia #galicia #poland


Hi Arthur,

I'm quite an amateur, but could it possibly be Konskowola (var: Konska Wola), Lublin Province, Poland? The only reason it came to mind was that I have ancestors from there. You could search via the Gesher Galicia database for the surname of the family if you know it, and it will give you a map of where (and with what frequency) that surname occurs. (If you were looking for Sissman, for example, a quick search shows a TON of related surnames in Lublin Province in general.) 

I'll be interested to see what other people think, too. 

I hope this helps! 
Rebecca Benzer
Rebecca Benzer
Erdman(n), Eisenstark in/around Poland and Ukraine
Davidson, Hait, Bespaloff in Latvia

looking for Lawrence Menkin from Windsor, Canada #canada

Peggy Dombeck

I have a brick wall trying to find my cousin Lawrence Menkin, born in Windsor, Canada in 1945. He may have moved to the United States. Can anyone help?
Peggy Dombeck

Re: Found Konslawa, Galicia - not the real name!!! #galicia #poland

Arthur Sissman

Thanks to all that responded, but the researcher who told me about this palce Konslawa, Galicia supplied me with the info to find the answer. Konslawa, Galicia = Kaclowa, Poland.  The short version of how I found this out is below!

I received a message on JGFF from a person who stated the following: Her father was _____________ born in Konslawa, Galicia.   We exchanged messages and the other party decided there was nothing to pursue.  But I was curious if Konslawa was very far from Toplcany Slovakia where my _____ family is from.  So I went to town finder in JewishGen to find this place Konslawa. Nothing. To the Gazetteer. Nothing. 
I sent the message to JewishGen Discussion group, that you saw.
Also asked the other researcher for more info and got this: Konslawa has a number of spellings. On Google maps it is Konclawa and is just south of Grybow, which is about 100 miles south east of Krakow. I think my father in law's birthplace was registered as Grybow. It is in Poland.  
You will notice that he still did NOT give me the exact name of the town!  I have to go to Google maps and follow his directions. Krakow>Grybow>100 miles SE = Kaclowa, Poland.
When I put Kaclowa Poland in JGen = No hits. Kaclowa, Poland in the Gazetteer gets:
(Native names in BOLD)
Feature Type Coordinates
(Click for JewishGen Resource Map)
Map Country Distance/Direction
from reference point
10 mile radius
Kąclowa populated place 49°36' N 20°58' E G Poland 183.6 miles S of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°00' E
 Exactly where he described.
A google search of this spelling gives this .  

Thanks again to all who send replies to this site and me personally!!
Arthur Sissman
Jewish Genealogy SIG of Naples/Collier Co FL

Re: First name of "Shaia" #names


The names Shaia or Shea, are generally shortened from Yishaiyahu, or Isaiah.

Neilan Stern

referencing;  Stern, Pistrong, - Radomysl Wielki, Poland

Trying to contact the Arnold-Rokeach family of Downsview, Ontario #canada

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with the family of Sara (nee Rokeach) Arnold
who lived in Downsview. She posted Pages of Testimony to Yad VaShem in
Her brother Kalonymus, born in 1935, also perished.
Neil Rosenstein

Re: three missing brothers from Providence #belarus



I found this public tree on Ancestry:
It appears they changed their surnames to "Forbes". Nathan died in 1920 of tuberculosis in Rhode Island.


Deborah Shindell
Trumbull, CT
researching: Beserglik, Lederhendler, Goldberg (all in Poland) and Szmukler (Ukraine)

Re: 41 Orchard Street, Manhattan, New York, New York Rubinstein #usa

Sherri Bobish


I found in 1910 NYC directory:  Reuben RUBINSTEIN, skirts, 27 Ludlow,  h 41 Orchard

You can search old city directories for Manhattan (New York City) on
U.S., City Directories, 1822-1995

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

looking for someone to help with geneology research for Yom Tov Lipa Heller #names


trying to trace my family back to Yom Tov Lipa Heller  I have records back to mid 1850's  but need to trace a little further back  It would involve someone who could research polish birth/death records   please email me if you are interested & what it would cost

Leon Schenker

Re: 41 Orchard Street, Manhattan, New York, New York Rubinstein #usa

Mark Stone

Dear Jeffrey,


Everything helps and your input is really appreciated.


You’re remark about tenement houses is without any doubt correct. I have been to Orchard Street and had a salt beef sandwich there, probably the best ever and the restaurant was there at the time. (possibly corned beef to you.)


Marks Lichtenstein, went to visit his friend Mr Rubinstein at 41, Orchard Street , Lower Manhattan, in October 1909. (Re Ellis Island)


I think, not proved he is Morris and he is recorded through to 1940 and maybe longer in the U.S. Census.


Last thing, but always good to hear from you, I had a first cousin Geoffrey Gee 2nd June 1945, it would not be you?


With very best regards


Mark Paul Stone




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Subject: Re: [] 41 Orchard Street, Manhattan, New York, New York Rubinstein #usa


Hello Mark.

I'm not sure what "registry" you are referring to, but if you go to (or Ancestry) and bring up the U.S. Census of 1910 for New York City under the name Rubinstein, you will see the street address on the left side of the page. During that time those were tenement houses on Orchard Street with multiple families living in each building.  I hope this helps.

Jeffrey Gee
Arizona, USA  

Re: First name of "Shaia" #names

Larry Gaum

Shaia, short for Yisheyohu. My grandfathers English name was Samuel or Sam.
Larry Gaum
Toronto, ON.

Re: Brooklyn Street name #usa

Sherri Bobish


There was no street named Boyd in Brooklyn.  There is a Boyd Street on Staten Island, and a Boyd Avenue in The Bronx.

Brooklyn, Staten Island and The Bronx are three of the five boro's that make up NYC.


Sherri Bobish

Re: Brooklyn Street name #usa

Jx. Gx.


That is a very helpful link you posted, but the Boyd Street you identified is in Staten Island (sometimes referred to as Richmond) that makes up one of the five Boroughs of New York City.   Adrien was asking for a Boyd Street in the borough of Brooklyn.

I know from personal memory there is a Bond Street in Brooklyn, but whether that existed in 1898 I can't say.  Perhaps Adrien can have better luck contacting the main NYC public library in Manhattan on 42nd Street or the very large public library at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. 

Jeffrey Gee
Arizona USA  

Re: Use of Patronyms for Last Names: MICHALOWITZ instead of LURYA #warsaw #records

Marilyn Robinson

The patronym used as a last name for my LURYA/LEVINE family on their immigrant ship was actually their father's patronym: Zalman Michalowitz LURYA (his father was Michal Lurya, from Lodz). Yet, his family continued using Michalowitz when asked for their names. Why didn't they use their own patronyms: ZALMANOWITZ; and Zalman's wife, Riwka/Rebecca use her own (her father's first name, Morris/Mosha/MOSHEOVITZ) instead of Michalovitz??
Thank you,
Marilyn Robinson

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