Re: Okun from Rogachev #belarus

June Genis

I am researching Okun from Rogachev as well.  Who are the people you are looking for?  My Okuns look to come from the shtetl of Tichinichi new Rogachev.

June Genis

Re: Help with dates from 1800s Russia/Poland #general


Dear Trudy Barch (or Trudy):

I hope that someone yet-more-experienced with genealogy than I am will respond to your query, but I will say/ask:

I) If Abram and Mejta were born in and lived in what we consider the 19th century,

1) The numbers "2699" and "2695" could not possibly be years from the Jewish calendar (the Jewish year would be 3760 plus the Gregorian calendar year after December of the Jewish year -- so the Jewish year would have to be beyond 5500 in the 19th century);

2) while the Russian Empire did not use the Gregorian calendar (it was adopted by the Soviet Union until after the 2nd Russian Revolution of 1917 which brought it into power in the former Empire), I (myself) doubt that calendar years there could have been hundreds of years "off" from the "Common Era" (to Christians, "Anno Domini") which we use (the Wikipedia article on "Anno Domini" seems to say that the Russian Empire adopted the "Anno Domini" numbers for years in 1700).

II) I strongly suspect that what you have are record numbers for Abram and Mejta from either a document or an index -- which leads me to the questions:

III) What is the "piece of paper that" you "found" with these numbers on it, and (if possible) could you describe it and/or post to this thread a scan of what you have seen??

Good Luck with your query.


Ethan Kent (in New York City).

Re: Seeking England and Australia Research Help - Michael WEINSTEIN Family #general #belarus #unitedkingdom

Pieter Hoekstra

Aaron, I was told many years ago never to trust death records. As an example I have an Elizabeth MOSS in my tree. Her death in Sydney Australia lists here parents from London as Isaac and Elizabeth. The mother's name is correct as no doubt this person told her family she was named after her mother. However her father's name was Henry, not Isaac. Be careful with information found in death records as it is provided by third parties.

Registration Number 

Last Name 

Given Name(s) 

Father's Given Name(s) 

Mother's Given Name(s) 


Purchase Certificate 









Pieter Hoekstra  <sold@...>

Judaica at the Virtual Exhibition “The Golden Age of the Jagiellonian Dynasty” #galicia #poland

Gesher Galicia SIG

The Ossolineum Library has launched a virtual exhibition “The Golden Age of the Jagiellonian Dynasty” with many unique objects showing the Renaissance-period culture in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The exhibition is accessible in English via the link:

Among the books, manuscripts and objects of art displayed online, there are also artefacts relating to the Jewish people, like the 1569 Cracow edition of Shulchan Aruch, one of two existing copies in the world (section: “The Society and Economy,” category: “Nations and Faith”). The accompanying videopodcasts have English
subtitles. Of particular interest is the presentation by Professor Marcin Wodziński, who heads the Wroclaw University's Department of Jewish Studies.

We extend our congratulations to Dr. Agnieszka Franczyk-Cegla, co-creator of the exhibition and Gesher Galicia's archival advisor in the Ossolineum. For more information on the Ossolineum history and collections, please refer to the article by Dr. Franczyk-Cegla published in the Galitzianer, June 2020, pp. 4-8.

Dr. Andrew Zalewski
Gesher Galicia, Vice President
Public Education, subsection
Send all inquiries to info@...

NY cemeteries 1905 #general #usa

Trudy Barch

I think I have found a cousin that died as a baby (Lillie Shapiro) in Manhattan, NY 1905.  On FamilySearch, I found 2 death items with burial dates 2 weeks apart AND different cemeteries. Parents names are similar – Isack/Isadore and Ida Eisenberg (todays spelling)

One cemetery is Washington with burial August 28, 1905 and the other cemetery is Mt. Zion with burial September 13, 1905

I was not able to find either cemetery online today.   Are they still in existence? 

Any suggestions, how might I prove which cemetery and date this baby/child died and was buried?

Thank you for any help and suggestions you can give me.


Trudy Barch,    Florida

Creating a map in Europe #general

Moishe Miller

I hope everyone is doing well.

My paternal grandparents left Nyirbator, Hungary, via railroad, to a port city in Italy, and from there, via boat, to Paris, France. Would anyone have a suggestion about a way to show this trip on a map. Is there software or an online option that can provide me with a print-ready solution?

Also, would anyone know of a database or search engine that can help me find a manifest of my grandparent's ship voyage from Italy to France, in 1938 (I do have their 1942 ship manifest from France to Baltimore, MD)?

-Stay safe, 
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF# 3391

Memorial Book of Borsa #romania


Does anyone know if any more of the Memorial Book of Borsa has been translated. If not, is there a way I can help to make that happen.

Melanie Harris

Looking for Herman/Hyman Wayler on ships manifest #general #lithuania

Debbie Fleischhacker Wayler

I am looking for information about my husband's grandfather Hyman/Herman Wayler born June 16, 1883 in Kaunas (Kovno).
According to his naturalization papers he immigrated on the ship Barcelona originating from Hamburg arriving in the US on Feb 2 (5), 1903.
I can not find his name on the ship's manifest.  He had no other relatives in the US. We are wondering if he changed his last name.
thank you so much
Debbie Wayler
Boston, MA

Re: Seeking England and Australia Research Help - Michael WEINSTEIN Family #general #belarus #unitedkingdom


Dear Aaron,
I contacted my cousin who lives in Brisbane and who is in charge of his Shul's records. He has no records of Harry (Henry) Moses Weinstein (Winston). He also contacted a friend of his in South Brisbane and received the following negative reply:

"Sorry, not even a near miss.
No Weinstein or Winton around 1955 or ever at Toowong
The nearest is a Hirsch Weinstein at Rookwood NSW born 1888 died 22 Sep 1954."

In my opinion, the best option is to request a death certificate from the relevant Queensland Death Records. But since it is less than 70 years since his death, there may be privacy issues. 

Ann Belinsky

Shoah Atrocities Map (SAMU) Project #general #ukraine

Ellen Slotoroff Zyroff

"in June of 2020, TKF received a prestigious grant from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) to develop the Shoah Atrocities Map – Ukraine (SAMU) Project.  Read more about the IHRA grant.
The goal of the SAMU project is to create a Shoah Atlas, which will provide a visual representation of killing site data and serve as a one-stop hub for information about Holocaust killing sites in Ukraine.

TKF, together with the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (UCHS), has developed a methodology for data collection and gathered information about killing sites in four Ukrainian regions: Khmelintsky, Rivno, Zhitomir and Volhyn. Seven professional Ukrainian researchers are currently involved in data collection, verification, and analysis. The Shoah Atlas will be used to train Ukrainian teachers in Holocaust studies. Five US-based volunteers are entering data and creating online profiles of the killing sites. For more information about the SAMU project, please visit our Pilot Map.

In July of this year our Foundation received the Rabbi Malcolm Stern Award for creating a map of the Jewish population of the Russian Empire based on the 1897 census, using the map4us platform, read more. Additionally, TKF developed a specialized tool named “Fishele” to connect modern Jewish genealogical researchers with the their particular shtetl’s online FB community, read more...

In September of 2020, TKF completed a documentary, The Last Chapter, about the history of the Jews of Izyaslav, a small town in North-Western Ukraine. The documentary provides a compelling narrative of the life of the Jewish community in Izyaslav from the 17th Century to the present. The film leads viewers through different periods of Jewish history in Ukraine, where times of prosperity were replaced by times of persecution.  Please watch The Last Chapter, other  documentaries about the Holocaust in Ukraine are located on our YouTube channel.
TKF staff made numerous trips to Izyaslav, where the Foundation established a Regional Holocaust Research Center and built two monuments at Holocaust killing sites.

In spring of 2020, TKF sponsored the publication of the book The Life of Izyaslav Jews by Ludmila Levitsky. Mrs. Levitsky’s book traces the history of the Jewish community in Izyaslav and contains details about Jewish life in the periods between the two World Wars and after WWII.

All of the above activities required significant funding and thousands of hours of volunteer work.  We need to emphasize that the IHRA grant, as many others grants, requires 50% co-funding to be raised by the Foundation.
Please help us move forward with the SAMU project and donate through our page at GoFundMe.

TKF Team
Joseph, Leo, Michael
ZOLOTOROV (Chernigov, Ukraine; Kiev, Ukraine);
SLOTOROFF (Kiev, Ukraine)
LEVINE (Ukraine and Minsk, Belarus);
GLUSKIN (Ukraine)
LIMON (Berestechko, Volynia, Ukraine)
TESLER (Horochiv, Volynia, Ukraine)
ZYRO (Zabolativ, Ukraine) 
TAU (Zalolativ, Ukraine)
ROTH / ROT (Ataki, Bessarabia, Moldova)
BLAUSTEIN (Chernigov, Ukraine or Minsk, Belarus)

Re: Seeking England and Australia Research Help - Michael WEINSTEIN Family #general #belarus #unitedkingdom

David Lewin

At 16:05 24/10/2020, Philip via wrote:
Dear Aaron,

The website enables you to search for a UK probate record and obtain a copy of the record and of a will, if there is one.  I did a search and found Michael's probate record from 1919 which shows that he died on 23rd October 1918.  I assume you already have a copy of this via Ancestry but if not you can reach it via the above website.

As for vital records, UK birth certificates record both father's and mother's names, but of course that's not much use if Michael was born elsewhere!  Marriage certificates record only the father's name.  It might be worth searching UK newspapers to see if you can find any further information about Michael.

Not sure this helps you much, but good luck in your search!

Kind regards, Philip Tepper (Manchester, UK)

There is an untruth being perpetrate here which I have so far not "sussed out". I think the "" is no longer true and that the UK Government has abrogated its responsibility in this respect.  A private outfit is masquerading behind a UK Government service

If you move from the page quoted ( which purports to be an official UK Government site ) and click on the bright Yellow button "START NOW >"it change to green with yellow frame momentarily and takes you to the search page which still PRETENDS to be a UK Government site

HOWEVER - you have now reached a site addressed as

and when I have ordered documents here I landed in the clutches of

 From: HMCTS Wills <HMCTSWills@...>

NOTE:     no longer a

Does anybody know of these changes?

Here one example:

X-Sieve: CMU Sieve 2.4
From: HMCTS Wills <HMCTSWills@...>
To: "david@..." <david@...>
Subject: RE: Contact Support Request
Thread-Topic: Contact Support Request
Thread-Index: AQHTaD5T9SxfAEB2lkm0ssvqODHKCqMp9lOQ
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 16:10:53 +0000
Accept-Language: en-GB, en-US
X-MS-Has-Attach: yes
x-originating-ip: []
X-Envelope-To: david@...

Good afternoon
Thank you for your email.  I am sorry to read that you are unable to access your requested document.
Your order is ready to download.  Please sign-in and (having been returned to the search page - do not search for your record again) go to the My Wills section located at the top of the screen, which lists all of your available documents for you to download at your leisure.
If the will is not annexed to the grant then you may need to download the will from a separate download link.  Please see below for an example:

If this problem persists, or your display is not showing any of the above, then please let me know and I will resolve this matter for you.
Kind Regards
Patrick OHagan
HMCTS Wills Helpdesk
From: no-reply@... [ mailto:no-reply@...]
Sent: 28 November 2017 11:45
To: HMCTS Wills
Subject: Contact Support Request
Order Number: 475578
Registered Email Address: david@...
Contact Name: David Lewin

Order Date: 22 November 2017 09:39
First name
Date of Probate
Estimated Delivery Date
13 July 2001
07 December 2017

User Query:
The probate grant speaks of an attached will but this was not attached

User Query Date: 28 November 2017 11:45

Iron Mountain (UK) Limited. Registered Office: 3rd Floor Cottons Centre, Tooley Street, London SE1 2TT. Registered in England & Wales, No. 01478540.

Visit our websites:

This email and its attachments are confidential under applicable law and are intended for use of the sender's addressee only, unless the sender expressly agrees otherwise, or unless a separate written agreement exists between Iron Mountain and a recipient company governing communications between the parties and any data that may be so transmitted. Transmission of email over the Internet is not a secure communications medium. If you are requesting or have requested the transmittal of personal data, as defined in applicable privacy laws, by means of email or in an attachment to email, you may wish to select a more secure alternate means of transmittal that better supports your obligations to protect such personal data.

If the recipient of this message is not the recipient named above, and/or you have received this email in error, you must take no action based on the information in this email. You are hereby notified that any dissemination, misuse or copying or disclosure of this communication by a recipient who has received this message in error is strictly prohibited. If this message is received in error, please return this email to the sender and immediately highlight any error in transmittal.

Thank you.

Ironmount have sent me documents totally unconnected to the purchase I made.  They were for a different name altogether.    For speed I repeated the order - and they again got it wrong, could not find my order  till I sent them the payment proof.    Still I am waiting, and despairing

Here an example of one exchange:

For years I have been ordering death certificates and associated probate records via

Whereas in the past these wee serviced by offices in Leeds you seem to have subcontracted this to an American outfit named      ironmountain

Not only is there no indication on the web page at and at that one is NOT speaking to a Government Department. the payment confirmations come through from  "Wills, HMCTS Wills" <hmctswills@...>

A whois search on the company gives no point for help to the public.

I have been waiting since August for one particular set of documents.   I repeated the order on 7 Sep 2020 12:44   because I had been sent totally wrong documents
 and still cannot find what happened/

7 Sep 2020 10:38
7 Sep 2020 12:44
Payment confirmation
Order overview
Order reference :       874898
Beneficiary :   Probate Search Service

Please will you help me out of this hole?

Thank you

David Lewin

I see this as a disaster and do not know how to end the nightmare

David Lewin

Seeking England and Australia Research Help - Michael WEINSTEIN Family #general #belarus #unitedkingdom

Terry Ashton

Try going to the National Archives of Australia-  and you will see various links to passenger arrivals/ immigration details etc. Perhaps there will be a record there of Harry (Henry) Moses Weinstein (Winston), which will help you.


Ms Terry Ashton, Australia




Re: Seeking England and Australia Research Help - Michael WEINSTEIN Family #general #belarus #unitedkingdom

Rodney Eisfelder

I think that the 1934 marriage of Henry Winston to Margaret Blanche Hopkins relates to your guy. His first wife, Sarah Jane (nee Baldwin), died in 1928. This is her death notice:
Henry Moses Weinston married Sarah Jane Baldwin at Hemel Hempstead in 1893 according to
The 1934 Queensland marriage is more likely to contain an accurate place of birth than the death record.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Help with dates from 1800s Russia/Poland #general

Trudy Barch

I have been looking on the internet this afternoon and not finding Russian/Polish dates to compare with American dates


What I have figured so far (just using hopeful common sense).  


Abram & Mejta  were born in the 1820s - 1830s in Russia/Poland.

They were married by 1846 because their eldest known child was born in 1847 in Russia.


On a piece of paper that I found next to her name is 2699 and next to his name is 2695.


Could they be birth years?   Death years?    Hebrew date year?   Russian/Polish date year?   


Any help will be appreciated


Thank you,   Trudy Barch,   Florida


Re: Seeking England and Australia Research Help - Michael WEINSTEIN Family #general #belarus #unitedkingdom

Rodney Eisfelder

Queensland Death records are meant to show the place of birth.
However, there are no guarantees for a specific certificate. The box might be unreadable, it might be a vague "Russia", or it might be blank.
You can search for (and order) the death certificate of Henry Moses Winston at
I can't find a burial record for him at

A Henry Winston married a Margaret Blanche Hopkins in Queensland in 1934. Electoral Rolls on ancestry show that that Henry Winston was a farmer. I don't know if he was your Henry Winston, but I can't prove that he is not. Margaret Blanche Winston (who died in 1954) is buried at South Brisbane. If that is the correct Henry Winston, then the marriage record might be worth looking at.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Re: JewishGen Groups: Search Engine Question #names #general

Pieter Hoekstra


Go to the search function on this group and type the name you are interested in. Replace any letter you anticipate could have variation with an asterisk. If you search H*rvit* you get all spelling variations that replace the asterisks. Replacing more letters with an asterisk will broaden your search but yield more results.

Pieter Hoekstra  <sold@...>

Re: Possible Spam RE: making Donations to a Group in Lithuania (JGFF) #general


The person requesting funds is the son of a Lithuanian Holocaust survivor who lived his life as an artist in Lithuania.  I think that he is naive, but not intentionally scamming anyone. I believe that he is trying to set up a memorial to his father.

I have asked a friend who knows him to let him know that the JGFF is not supposed to be used for fundraising.  But I have not seen any financial records, so I can not say anything about how the funds are being spent.

Hope this helps to put some anxieties to rest.

Peggy Freedman

Re: MEISELS family name from Hungary #hungary

Jackie Shapiro

I have family named HERSKOVITS   from Czechoslovakia --small village of Homonna.  Unusual name so I thought I would ask your connection.  Large family.
Came to US in 1904 and settled in Los Angeles eventually Relatives of Durshlag/Durschlag also.  
My Herskovits family changed name to Hart when becoming a citizen .  
Grandfather--Martin Herskovits/ GMother-- Rosa Durshlag
     Born 1872 Homonne-                     born 1875 -Homonne
Hope you can help
Jackie Shapiro
fellow Hungarian

Zack in San Diego or Los Angeles #usa

Hartley Garshowitz

I am looking for the family of Hershel ZACK, son of Jacob ZACK and Chana 
Elke Garshowitz. He was known as Gregorio in Mexico, where he lived in the 
1920's through 1950's. He had a brother Lloyd (Israel) ZACK, who lived in 
Detroit, and sister Sarah Zack Garshowitz who lived in Hamilton, Ontario. Some
siblings remained in Russia. He had a daughter Rebeca ZACK, who married 
around 1947 in Mexico or Cuba. I do not know her married name. I believe 
at some point Hershel/Gregorio moved to California, where the SSDI shows 
he died in San Diego in 1972. He was married to Julia who died in 1998. They are buried in

Home of Peace Cemetery in San Diego.

Many thanks.

Hartley Garshowitz
Toronto, Canada

searching Garshowitz (Grafskoy, Ekaterinoslav), Borovoy (Krugloe, Mogilev)
Mandel, Tyszler, Cukierman, Klajman (Ozarow, Poland)




Re: Kaplan Family from Svislach, Grodno, Russia (Now Belarus) #russia #usa


I have a few Svislach Kaplans in my family tree.

Bracha (Brosza) Burde (born Kaplan) 1896-1942 married Alter Burde 1992-1942

Chaje Sore Kaplan (born Michnovski) 1892-1942 married Nisan Kaplan 1892-1942 with five children.  

They were murdered in the Shoah in 1942 as was the entire Svislach Jewish community.
Anna Kaplan (born Zacuto).  No information about this person other than a reference in the obituary of Etta Kantrovitz (Zacuto) which refers to her sister, Anna Kaplan, in Liverpool.  This would make her a daughter of Ariel Leib Zacuto.  Estimated birth 1880-1900.

Kind regards,

Charles Joseph

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