Re: Records for Aliens Held for Special Inquiry - 305-Cert #general #usa


It looks to me that Abraham was held as a LPC (likely to become a public charge) based on a medical certificate issued by one of the medical examiners.

The "305" is most likely the time he was referred for a BSI hearing and recorded on the BSI list.  Times are important because an excluded immigrant will have 48 hours to appeal the mere fact of their referral, so the clock began ticking at 3:05 that day and one expects his first hearing to occur within 48 hours of that time.  His first hearing was on the 19th, the second the 21st, and the third on the 27th.  It appears he was finally admitted at 3:40 that afternoon.  One usually sees the times noted at the right of the same column, but in this case they were typed in right after the cause of exclusion (in his case, LPC).

It is possible the time he was held was used by his friends or family to overcome the exclusion, maybe by posting bond.  Unfortunately I find no indication of any correspondence with Washington, DC, on the matter.  As a result no other records of the time/event survive (to my knowledge).

Marian Smith

Re: Are these the same person? #galicia #records #names


Are “Chaim” and “Hirsch” the same people? I’ve been down this road before and the only answer is you have to play the odds and the likelihood. First, I’d recommend you get the original records. So far, I’ve never found JRI-Poland translators to be wrong but handwritten records are subject to interpretation and there may be additional information that wasn’t indexed.  The births were recorded one year but the children could have been born in different years. Second, if you can determine if there was another husband to go with that particular mother it would be helpful. Did she marry twice? I realize records may not exist to answer that question. Was there a Chaim AND a Hirsch or is this a clerical error. Again, maybe no records to resolve that question. Third, how large was this town? If it was a smaller community, that’s where you play the odds. Chaim and Hirsch are common names but Sime less so. I’ve found names being recorded incorrectly, people being born after the mother’s death, and births recorded twice in the same year with different birthdates in my research!  Sometimes there is no definitive answer but I’ve ruled out other possibilities in order to make my decision. I’ve put people on my tree with explanations when I’ve come across the puzzling situations. Good luck!

Sharon Fleitman
Atlanta, Georgia 

Re: Looking for Israēl Lazare Lesiuk’s descendants from Steppan Ukraine #ukraine


Hi Catherine,
If Abraham Lesiuk was born in 1988, he arrived Palestine at 36 years old in 1924 and was almost 60 at Independence War in 1948. It is not impossible, but I think it is most probably that was one of his sons who died in that war.
There is a site Izkor (in hebrew) with almost all died soldiers in Israeli wars - the surname Lesiuk is not there.
Instead that, I found a man Abraham Lesiuk (and probably his family) that changed his surname to Ben-Zeev (Wolf' Son) - please see the Oficial Palestine Gazette of 23/06/1938 (original page 711, PDF page 17).
I checked also Ben-Zeev surname at Izkor' site, and found a man that fall in 1948 with this surname. His name was David, was born in Odessa to Abraham and Ruchama and arrived Israel/Palestine in 1923. You can try google translate on the page itself. He doesn't appears with his family in the Gazette, but may be he changed his name in another oppurtunity.
Hope this info helps you.


YEUDKIN/YUDKIN, SCHEIMAN from Gomel in Belarus

Re: How to find UKRAINE records #ukraine #records

Family and DNA

Ilya, a very preliminary comment -- the files often have multiple years, so I'd suggest avoiding that as the first part of the name.

But more basically, why should all the files be renamed? When Alex Kravkovsky or other folks upload to Wikipedia, they name the files already, usually in a certain manner but not always. They are uploaded often to 2 spots, I don't know why, so for instance that file you are talking about can be found at both:год._Списки_лиц_умерших_от_эпидемии_холеры_по_Богуславскому_уезду.pdf
as well as atФайл:1831_год._Списки_лиц_умерших_от_эпидемии_холеры_по_Богуславскому_уезду.pdf

And more importantly, where is this list of files you want supposed to be? On Wikipedia? (in which case you can do it, anybody can contribute) On JewishGen?

Somebody (Wikipedia user name Madvin usually??) is adding place info to these files in Wikipedia, & besides the main "Shtetl" page where you can see Jewish files, & the individual archive pages (start atАрхіви then choose your archive such as DAKO), there are geographical pages (see the green box on right side of the screen on the main archive page, with the middle linking to "geo"Архіви/Гео). Slowly but surely places are being linked to documents, but it's *very* incomplete.

If it's on the JewishGen site, it has to be in some sort of database form that is dynamic to reflect the constant updates, all that is to be discussed with the folks there, but I wanted to reply to your mail.

Juliana Berland

On 10/3/2020 14:52, Ilya Zeldes wrote:
sure, there is no way to sort all of Alex K's postings in chronological order, but if you will organize and use an established naming convention for all posts, it will facilitate the search and use of files. The keywords are "naming convention". The names of all files could be in this format:
Year>DAKO XXX-XX-XXXX>Name of the file. 
So, for example,  the file "Списки загиблих від холери по Богуславському повіту. 1831 // ДАКО. Ф. 280. Оп. 174. Спр. 1488" will be listed as
"1831 SAKO 280-174-1488 Списки загиблих від холери по Богуславському повіту."  (DAKO, GAKO, ДАКО, ГАКО - all stand for the State Archive of the Kiev Oblast -SAKO).

Ilya Zeldes
North Fort Myers, FL

Juliana Berland (France)

/// Russia/Ukraine: BENIN / BERLAND Czernigow; Romny, Poltava > (Paris>) Chicago AMBURG / BERKOWITZ / EPSTEIN Odessa, Kherson, Poltava > (Paris >) Buffalo NY; Chicago GELBURD / GAYLBURD / GOLDBERG / GILBERT Vinnitsya; Nemyriv; Priluki Staraya; Podolia gub. > Philadelphia; Atlantic City; Milwaukee /// Galicia/Poland/Ukraine: BADER Felsztyn (Skelivka) > Philadelphia BADIAN Komarno? FELDMA(N)N Wolanka / Boryslaw > Philadelphia FREIDENHEIM Stryj, Drohobycz, etc. GERTLER Komarno, Wolanka, Stryj, Drohobycz, etc. WEINER/WIENER ? /// Germany: ADELSDORFER  BÄR / BAER Buttenhausen > mid-W US, esp. near Vandenburgh Co, IN. EPSTEI(N)N Röhrenfurth/Melsungen, Sachsenhausen, Guxhagen > Luxembourg; Amsterdam; MW US, esp. near Vandenburgh Co, IN HAUSSMAN Heidenheim? ISAAK Fellheim? MEYER Hannover > Aurora, IN. MOSES Gotte(rs?n?)heim, Sachsenhausen, Röhrenfurth. ROSENSTEIN Stuttgart; Elberfeld? > Philadelphia, Lancaster, PA.


Re: ViewMate Translation Request - Russian #translation #poland

Aaron Slotnik

Thanks to David Price for providing the key aspects of the requested translations.  I'm still seeking the address/house number, if present, in the Warsaw birth registration below for Tanchem TYK.

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 10:33 PM, Aaron Slotnik wrote:
Tanchem TYK birth registration -
Aaron Slotnik

Re: Additional Information on KNOP in Toronto #general


   סבתא  רבא   ילידת   העיירה  לוביץ     RACHEL  KNOPF
    היתחתנה   עים  סבא  רבא   מי  צד  אבי    LEIB  WOLKOWICZ  
       יש לי  גם   תעודות  לידה  של  אחים  שלה  מי ארכיון     מי  1895
     משפחת  קנופף    היתה  גדולה  ב  באירופה  .  מעוניין  שיתוף  במחקר  על  המשפחה
     באוסטרליה  יש לי  משפחה  קנופף   מי לוביץ

Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #records #russia

Ilya Zeldes

sure, there is no way to sort all of Alex K's postings in chronological order, but if you will organize and use an established naming convention for all posts, it will facilitate the search and use of files. The keywords are "naming convention". The names of all files could be in this format:
Year>DAKO XXX-XX-XXXX>Name of the file. 
So, for example,  the file "Списки загиблих від холери по Богуславському повіту. 1831 // ДАКО. Ф. 280. Оп. 174. Спр. 1488" will be listed as
"1831 SAKO 280-174-1488 Списки загиблих від холери по Богуславському повіту."  (DAKO, GAKO, ДАКО, ГАКО - all stand for the State Archive of the Kiev Oblast -SAKO).

Ilya Zeldes
North Fort Myers, FL

Ilya Zeldes
North Fort Myers, FL

Re: Need help, please, dating a Warsaw and a Liverpool studio photo of my great-grandmother #poland #unitedkingdom #photographs



For both photos I had a look at the photographer and for the Liverpool one it is certain that it was from the late eighteenhundreds. Considering the type of clothes on the Warshaw one they date form the same period which is confirmed by the advertising I copied.

Brown, Barnes & Bell

Liverpool branch at 31a Bold Street existed from 1877 till 1890

Plac Krasinskich No. 3
Obok (near) Ogrodu (garden)
"Negatives are kept by the photographer and new prints can be ordered at any time...Bad weather makes no
difference in photos."

cir late 1800s

Ron Peeters
Ulvenhout (NL)

Adoption Lwow, Poland #dna #poland #galicia


Although my mother was brought up Roman Catholic, DNA indicates Jewish ethnicity. Neither her mother or father's surname come up in any DNA link. Any suggestions how I might explore the likelihood of her being adopted to Roman Catholic Polish parents. She was born 1925 and lived in Lwow.
I have found that Gesher Galicia hold two records 'Conversion to Judaism'  Fond 701, series 1, Volume 370 &372 however don't think that contents are accessible to enable my to explore this further. 

Noreen Thorne, England. (Szczepanski, Mrozowska)

Re: 1812 German Citizenship Papers #records #germany

Rodney Eisfelder

Chag Sameach.
The Publication I cited, correctly spelt "Amts-Blatt der Koniglichen Breslauschen Regierung" can be viewed at The relevant issue, No. 45, dated 16-Nov-1814 can be downloaded as a pdf file from
Pages 17 to 63 of the pdf contain the names of 3755 Silesian Jewish citizens with their Kreis and Ort (district and place).
As it happens, my 3-greats-grandfather is not listed, but his presumed brothers are, with the Polish spelling of their surname (Kaczinsky instead of Katschinsky), living in Sohrau.
I can confirm that there are some entries for Langendorf, Kreis Tost. Wikipedia suggests that Langendorf only became part of Kreis Neisse in 1816.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Virtual meeting “Finding your Eastern European Jewish Family on” – October 18 #jgs-iajgs #events #poland

Ben Kempner

The Jewish Genealogy Society Southern Nevada invites you to a Zoom meeting at 1:00 p.m. (PDT) on Sunday, October 18:  “Finding your Eastern European Jewish Family on” with Robinn Magid.

To attend: email info@... and you will receive the Zoom link. In the subject line, please put “Attending October 18 meeting” and be sure to put your name in the email. See

Session Description:

JRI-Poland has served as the preferred finding aid for the Jewish records that survive in the archives of Poland today. This vast collection of 6.2 million records from over 550 towns includes information about towns and families from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany and the former territories of Galicia and Prussia. Through understanding the contents of the database and how to improve your search results to exploring preserved Holocaust-related records, this lecture will focus on the good things that can come out of a genealogical search. 

About Robinn Magid:

Robinn Magid is the Assistant Director of  She recently became the project manager of the JRI-Poland “NextGen Project” to redesign the JRI-Poland website, search engine and database. As the Lublin Area Projects Coordinator, she is responsible for coordinating the indexing of Jewish vital records for approximately 100 towns. Robinn has spoken at many IAJGS conferences on behalf of JRI-Poland and has served as the chair of two groundbreaking conferences: IAJGS 2018 Warsaw, Poland conference, and the IAJGS 2020 Virtual Conference on Jewish Genealogy. She is a member of the San Francisco - Bay Area JGS. 

This program is free and open to the public, but space may be limited.

Ben Kempner

Re: uman birth records #russia #ukraine

Bella Tseytlin


lots of Jewish birth records in Uman are in the FamilySearch. Uman births records covered 1866 -1919 with some years missing.

Here is the link to the records.

I’ve managed to locate two more records for my uncles, born in Uman in 1922 & 1923.
Maybe they were listed under different ‘groups’.
All records are in either in  Russian or Ukranian. 

Sadly, up to now, I didn’t find my grandmother’s date of death (1917-1918) or any other information about her.
Bella Tseytlin

Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #records #russia

Ellen Garshick

Re Tuchin and Zaslav: The Kremenets (Volin) district Concordance (an index of name/town combinations found in Kremenets-district records) includes 308 entries for Tuchin and 820 for Zaslav. This means that a person in the records is associated with those towns (e.g., as a birthplace or registration town)--they are not records from those towns. Still, you might find a connection: you can search by town and surname at
Ellen Garshick
Co-Coordinator, Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP/Jewish Records Indexing-Poland
an activity of the Kremenets District Research Group
Researching BAT, AVERBAKH from Kremenets, Shumsk, Katerburg, and Folvarki, Ukraine; GERSHIK, HURWITCH from Staryye Dorogi and Bobruisk, Belarus; ROTHKOPF (ROTKOP), GOLDBERG from Bialystok, Poland, and Baranivichi and Slonim, Belarus

Are these the same person? #galicia #records #names



Attached is a screen shot from  JRI-Poland's Rzeszow 1835,41-1866 Births database.  Sime is listed as the mother of all five children, but I am trying to determine whether the fathers "Hirsch" and "Chaim" are actually the same person. The only clue I currently have is that Rachel and Henoch are both listed as children of Chaim and Sime in the Rzeszow PSA 1870 Census.

Any ideas on how I should proceed?

Thanks and take care.

Jonathan Persons
Huntsville, AL

Re: Missing information in mazeva in Warsaw's cemetery #warsaw #general


The poem of praise forms an acrostic spelling the name Mordechai, and this is confirmed by the last line that is partially visible.

Unfortunately, the continuation of the line, where his father's name would be, is hidden behind the mound of soil at the bottom left.  Another photo might be helpful, but it would be best if the photographer were to reveal the remainder of the engraving.

Another person mentioned the name Shraga.  I see this name, too, but it seems to be referencing the brother of the deceased.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston October Programs #education #events #ukraine

Jessie Klein

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston is presenting two Zoom programs in October.
Oct. 18 10:00AM Beginners Workshop on Jewish Genealogy, Free to all. Registration at
Oct. 25 1:30PM  Lisa Cooper-A Forgotten Land: Growing Up in the Jewish Pale, Free to JGSGB Members, $5.00 for Non-Members. Information at

Jessie Klein
Jewish Genealogical society of Greater Boston

Looking for Shoah survivors/descendants: Flekier and Berenholc, Warka, Poland #israel


My immediate family FLEKIER and BERENHOLC were from the town Warka (in yiddish Vurke), Poland.  My research indicates they were residents of Warka from c.1820s.  Warka is about 25 miles south of Warsaw.  

I'm searching for Shoah survivors and their descendants of the following families:
Flekier, Berenholc, Lezerowicz and Wertchajzer all of Warka.  

At Yad Vashem there are Pages of Testimony submitted by :

1.  Yafa Burger of Tel Aviv for her cousin Elka Lezerowicz (nee Flekier); 

2.  Tzipora Flekier-Dzhevko (also of Tel Aviv) for her father Laibl Flekier and his family from Warka.

3.  Yitzchak Flekier for his family from Warka.

As spellings of names weren't standardised 'back in the day', Flekier may also appear as Fleker, Flikier, likewise Berenholc could be written as Berencholtz, Berengoltz etc.  

Wishing all chag sukkot sameach.

Malka Flekier
London, UK

Researching: Flekier, Berenholc, Lezerowicz and Wertchajzer (+ all variant spellings), all of Warka, Poland.

Re: Do you recognize this Marcus / Markus family? #usa

Susan Lubow

+Go to

Susan Lubow

French Court Orders Return of Art to Jewish Heirs #announcements #france #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen


A French Court of Appeals ordered France to return three landscapes by André Derain art to the grandchildren of Jewish art dealer René Gimpel, who died in a concentration camp in 1945.  The works in question are Paysage à Cassis and Le Moulin, held at the Modern Art Museum in Troyes, and Pinède, Cassis at the Musée Cantini in Marseille.  Rene Gimpel, who was denounced by a rival dealer after joining the resistance against Nazi occupation and France’s collaborationist Vichy government.


The Appeals Court overturned a lower court’s judgement stating there were enough “serious, precise and concordant clues” that the paintings were looted in 1942, under German Occupation.  As reported in the Art Newspaper, Wednesday’s judgement confirms that, even if René Gimpel was a dealer and sold the paintings, he was forced to do so for his survival as a member of the Resistance in hiding on the French Riviera.  The court did not accept the French culture ministry’s counter-argument that the restitutions should be denied due to the “current uncertainty” surrounding the exact dates and conditions of the sales. The Gimpel family should not have to produce “impossible evidence” of sales that the dealer had to conceal, the court said.


France also refused to hand back the Derain paintings because the country’s public collections are considered sacrosanct. The museums of Troyes and Marseilles claimed they had acquired the landscapes in good faith after the war, but failed to produce any research of provenance. By contrast, the court praised the Gimpel family for undertaking “considerable historical research” which led to the discovery of “new elements” contributing to its decision.


This judgement has important precedent as France has refused to turn over other art belonging to Jewish Heirs that were taken during World War ll, most notably 16 paintings, currently held in the Musée du Louvre and Musée d’Orsay in Paris and museums in Troyes and Nice, which were auctioned in 1942 from the collection of Armand Isaac Dorville. Twelve were bought directly by the Louvre’s head curator at the sale in Nice while the rest were purchased after the war.  A 2018 report criticized France’s government “weak responses and inaction” on restitution of Nazi—looted art (


René Albert Gimpel was a prominent French art dealer of Alsatian Jewish descent who died in 1945 in Neuengamme concentration camp, near Hamburg, Germany. Friend and patron of living artists and collectors, he was the son of a picture dealer and the brother-in-law of Sir Joseph Duveen.  (

To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


missing grave #poland

Paul Silverstone

When my grandparents visited their hometown Makow Mazowiecki in Poland
in 1927 they photographed his mother's grave. Written on the photo is
Warsaw in Yiddish. A second photo shows the grave apparently after the
war. Search of Warsaw cemeteries does not reveal this gravestone.
Where could it be? Chaya Leah Chrzan died 12 Sep 1909. The 1927
photo shows a rather new-looking stone.

Paul Silverstone
West Vancouver, BC


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