US Research Deep-Dive Virtual Workshop -- this Sunday #education #announcements #usa

Michael Moritz

Just beginning your research journey?  Trying to sharpen your skills?  Searching for that one elusive American? 

This Sunday, in conjunction with the Greater Houston JGS, I will be leading a four-hour virtual workshop on United States genealogy research (don't worry, there are intermissions!).  An outline of the workshop is below; the workshop includes all three segments.

United States Research Intro Series
Sunday, January 24, 2021, at either 11:00-3:00 EST or 4:30-8:30 EST

Segment 1: Databases and Federal Records.  Introduction to the primary databases for United States genealogical research. Introduction to federal records research, including federal censuses, federal court naturalization (citizenship), military records and the Social Security Death Index.

Segment 2: State Resources.  Introduction to state research, including vital records (birth, marriage, death records), state censuses and state court naturalization (citizenship). Introduction to the FamilySearch catalog for discovering additional resources and records.

Segment 3: Local Research.  Introduction to local research, including burial records, grave images, newspaper records, yearbook records and the US Public Records Index.

Registration and fee information is available here:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Michael Moritz (New York)

Note that while I am the Director of the Romania RD, this is not a JewishGen event, but is being offered in conjunction with the Greater Houston Jewish Genealogy Society.

Cohen and Katz #names

Steven Cohen

Coming from a family that was called Katz in Europe, but became Cohen
in America, I am wondering if any of you might be able to shed light
on this phenomenon. It must have been quite common: looking at the
Ellis Island database, I see that Katz appears 50% or so more often
than Cohen, while today Cohen is almost 3x more common in the US than
Katz. When did all of those Katzes become Cohens, and why?

Steven D. Cohen

Re: Anna Bikont Contact #holocaust #poland

Sherri Bobish


I suggest writing to Anna Bikont's publisher.  I once contacted the author of a book in which my family was mentioned by sending a letter to the publisher of her book.  It worked, and the author contacted me quickly.


Sherri Bobish

photo identification - Poland or Russia #general

Nurit Har-zvi

I have found a photo with, among other people, my grandmother and 2 of my father's siblings but I was wondering if anyone could identify the uniform that the soldier is wearing.
The photo is posted on viewmate at:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you,
Nurit Har-zvi

Translation Polish - backs of photos #translation

Nurit Har-zvi

I've posted backs of photos in Polish for which I'd appreciate a translation.
They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. 
Thank you
Nurit Har-zvi

Viewmate Translation Request -- German #translation


I've posted a record in German for which I would appreciate a translation. It's a card I found at the Arolsen Archive, and it details some of what happened to a distant relative after the war. I'd be grateful for anything you are able to clarify for me.

It is on ViewMate at the following address:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Joe Kraus

Translate Russian Records on ViewMate #translation

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

I've posted 5 marriage records from Poland, in RUSSIAN, for which I need translations of names. These are siblings, and we are most interested in confirming their parent names, although additional translation of genealogical data would be appreciated.




Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.


Thank you very much.


Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

Erie, Colorado USA


Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
Director, US Research Division

Reminder: JGSNY Sun. Jan. 24 Zoom Webinar, 2 PM #announcements

Phyllis Rosner

Jewish Genealogical Society NY Meeting
Sunday January 24, 2020 at 2 p.m.
Zoom Webinar

Out of the Whirlwind: Finding the Family You Lost in the Holocaust

Speaker: Deborah H. Long


The daughter of two Holocaust survivors, Deborah Long has been researching her family history and looking for family members for more than 50 years. She has found surviving cousins in Sweden, Hungary, Canada and Israel. Deborah will review the best (as well as some of the more obscure) resources and methods for determining the fate of those caught up in the Holocaust, survivors as well as victims. She will use examples from her own research to present the documents and artifacts she has discovered.


Deborah Long grew up in Skokie, Illinois, and is a professional educator and speaker. She has written more than 20 books, including a memoir about growing up as a child of survivors titled “First Hitler, Then Your Father, and Now You.” Deborah lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and is the founder and first president of the Triangle Jewish Genealogical Society in Durham/Chapel Hill. 

All are welcome; attendance is free, but registration is required:

Submitted by:
Phyllis Rosner
JGSNY VP Communications
New York, NY

Re: Russian immigration to the US late 1980s where to look? #russia


Hi Aaron,
Thank you. It does work. I just found myself and my family. It's kind of cool to see yourself in a database with all the other Jewish refugees. We came to the US after the 1980s. You have to click on HIAS database search tab to search. 


Re: Immigrant ships that never made it to America #general


Hi Bob

If ships were lost at sea between Europe and America it was usually written something about it in the newspapers in Europe and in the United States or Canada. Sometimes I found lists with the names of the people who were drowned or missing and sometimes also of the people who survived. 

Here is the story about the Ship Volturno, which had many Jewish passengers on board when the tragedy happened (in German language),_1906)

The Volturno Ship disaster with lists of names

Corinne Iten

Re: New book about Oscar Bloch, Swiss-Jewish architect in Stuttgart #germany


Hi, Eva.  This is a long shot, but worthwhile trying.  Can you check in the book if by any chance they designed Villa Sahlmann in Furth (by Nurnberg).  Thanks.
Vivian Silbermann

Re: Translation Needed: Headstone #translation



Good morning,


Yom Tov (name meaning good day) Lippa

Passed 7 Kislev, 5697


Shalom, Malka Chosnek

Re: ViewMate translation request: Yiddish, Russian or German? #translation


Photo #4 was taken by V. Shteinberg.  There is a possibility that this is Vladimir Shteinberg, who had a photo studio in Dvinsk / Dinaburg, currently Daugavpils in Latvia.  Perhaps this photo was taken before he had a studio or maybe he was on the road when the photo was taken.  It doesn't have the typical border around the photo with the name of the studio listed on the bottom, unlike his numerous photos that can still be found on the Internet.
His son Yakov was a war photographer during WWI and Civil War, working for various publications.

Mike Vayser

Re: Immigrant ships that never made it to America #general

Sam Lorber

Here is a possible reason immigrants might not have made it to America.  While visiting Glasgow in 1997 I attended Rosh Hashanah services there.  I was told by my host family, which had been in Scotland since the 1880s, that unscrupulous ship’s captains had dropped off immigrants telling them they were in the U.S. 
Sam Lorber

Re: Immigrant ships that never made it to America #general


I too am interested in this, so look forward to any news. Wondered if my great grandfathers brothers all got to their destination - USA, or if something happened on the way -  my great grandfather was the only brother to land and stay in London, England.

Mandy Molava
Researching Belarus, Russia, Brest & Galacia

Re: Seeking info on Wolfgang KLAPPHOLZ #germany #holocaust

Simon Srebrny

OMG, Myra, I corresponded with your mother and met her and her second husband in Berlin several (many) years ago! We are not quite related. I could explain. I shall think hard about how to find your lost cousin. Regards, Simon Srebrny    srebrny@...

Simon Srebrny

Re: Seeking info on Wolfgang KLAPPHOLZ #germany #holocaust


Dear Myra,
I would start to search in Magdeburg conacting the local heritage union
or search for stumblestone
If that don´t work, try a request at the city museum or the city archive
Best regards
Wolfgang Fritzsche, prof. genealogist, Germany (Mainz/Wiesbaden area)

Re: Looking for a researcher in L'viv to access a record #galicia #records

Mark A. Roseman <rosemanlawoffice@...>

Anyone you locates researcher in Lviv should please email same information to me at rosemanlawoffice@.... my g grandmother Chana Axelrad Rosenman was abitn in Scgerets, small suburb close to Lviv.
Mark Roseman

Witnessing Holocaust History - Event 27 January 2021 #holocaust #events

Eli Rabinowitz

Witnessing Holocaust History
Witnessing Holocaust History

“World ORT, the WE ARE HERE! Foundation, and the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center of Philadelphia have partnered this year to provide an international experience of Holocaust education and remembrance to students around the world. This is an international project that commemorates the Holocaust and also provides opportunities for global Holocaust education, engaging the next generation of learners.

Join us through Zoom ( and the HAMEC Facebook page ( Wednesday, January 27th (9am EST, 2pm London, 10pm Perth) as these three organizations honour International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Experience survivor testimony shared through HAMEC programming to World ORT students, and hear the impact these testimony programs have on students’ understanding of the past, as the programs personalize the Holocaust so that they learn the consequences of racism, ethnic cleansing, and intolerance. The program will conclude with a performance by students of the Partisans’ Song, one of the most powerful songs of resistance and defiance ever written. Today, 80 years on, long after the demise of Hitler’s murderous regime, the Partisans’ Song is now sung worldwide to mark the Jewish spirit of resistance.”

Eli Rabinowitz

Re: Translation Needed: Headstone #translation


Yom Tov Lipe son of Moshe died 7 Kislev 5697

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 1/19/2021 6:28 PM, amitch1066@... wrote:
Hi All,

I'm hoping for an additional translation of the attached headstone.  Thank you very much!

Amy Mitchell

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