Re: Searching: photo records of synagogue in Fellheim, Bavaria, Germany #germany #photographs

Joan Pollak <JFPollak@...>

i have been researching the Heilbronner families who lived in Fellheim in the 1700’s. I have copies of records from the town history. Please contact me as  I would love an update on any additional Jewish history from that era  Including the synagogue history  

Joan Pollak 

Re: Can you decipher this formerly Russian city name written in German? #russia #germany

Rodney Eisfelder

Ancestry has indexed the place name as Trzpowlas. There are dozens of places in present day Poland with names beginning Trz - from Trzciana to Trzyniec, but none them end with "las" as far as I can tell.
As for places that are presently in Ukraine or Belarus the Jewishgen Gazeteer does not find many.
I suggest you visit and search for places beginning Trz. You will get a list of 300 places. My best guess is Trzepowo. There are three places with that name, but they are all north or west of Warsaw.

Alternatively, do the same search on the Jewish Communities database at
and come up with a list of only six places.

I hope this helps
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Rave reviews for The Unsung Family Hero #general

Helen Gardner


The book.          Paul Gardner, The Unsung Family Hero, Hybrid Publishers (2020)


The story. Set in Nazi-occupied Netherlands, this book tells the story of Gerhard Badrian, a cousin of the author’s mother.  He joined the Verzet, the Dutch anti-Nazi resistance.




[The] narrative part of the book, derived from meticulous research and “rational reconstruction”, reads like a Le Carre thriller on speed. Paul Gardner structures this section of The Unsung Family Hero extremely well, telling a coherent and compelling story in 93 brief chapters that move at a cracking pace.

                                                                                                (Geoffrey Zygier, J-Wire)


It’s not a memoir, and it’s not a history and it’s not a conventional biography. It’s an engrossing adventure story framed by the real-life occupation of Holland by the Nazis. Gardner has chosen to write the story as a narrative with invented conversations, thoughts and feelings, underpinned by the biographical, genealogical and historical facts and based entirely on documented evidence…                                                                                                                                          (Lisa Hill, ANZLitLovers)


His unsettled childhood taught him to adapt, but he [the hero Gerhard Badrian] also discovered a talent for acting, impersonating SS officers and brazenly freeing Jewish prisoners (including his nephew) and Resistance comrades with false papers and nerves of steel … This is an amazing tale of how ordinary people find the extraordinary in themselves in extraordinary times.

(Steven  Carroll, Sydney Morning Herald)


The Epilogue. The book is unusual in that it includes an extensive 100-page, six-chapter Epilogue that describes the underlying genealogical and historical research.


The author. Dr Paul Gardner AM is a retired academic, the son of German Jewish refugees who emigrated to Australia in 1938. In retirement, he took up genealogical research and has had several papers published in Avotaynu, the international journal of Jewish genealogy. The Unsung Family Hero is his first book-length narrative work.

The book was to have been launched in April, but COVID-19 put an end to that. Instead, there will be a virtual book launch  on Sunday October 18, 7.30 pm Eastern Australian time.

Registration for the event is free of charge.

To register via Trybooking click on

Australian registrants will be able to obtain a copy of the book, signed by the author. The book is available on Amazon for anyone overseas who is interested.



Helen Gardner

ancestral names, all from Poland, mostly Warsaw


Re: Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #translation #poland #russia



In Russian:


Состоялось в городе Люблин 22 июня (4 июля) 1873 года в 1 час дня.  Явился еврей: Лейб Вайсблех, жестянщик, 41 года, житель города Люблина, вприсутствии свидетелей Тобиаша Либермана, рабочего, 41 года и Якова Дукермана, рабочего, 53 лет, жителей города Люблина и предъявили нам девочку, объявляя, что она родилась в городе Люблин, в доме под номером 638 15 (27) ноября 1868 года года в 6 часов утра от него и законной жены Неши, урожденной Гольдман, 36 лет.  Девочке этой дано имя Рухля-Лэя. Позднее заявление ничем не оправдано.  Акт сей присутствующим прочитан, ими и нами подписан, за исключением объявляющего - неграмотного.


Тобиаш Либерман  

Яков Дукерман

Чиновник гражданского состояния Подпись


Translated into English:


It took place in the city of Lublin on June 22 (July 4), 1873 at 1 pm. A Jew appeared: Leib Weisblech, a tinsmith, 41 years old, a resident of the city of Lublin, in the presence of witnesses Tobiash Lieberman, a worker, 41 years old, and Jacob Dukerman, a worker, 53 years old, residents of the city of Lublin, and showed us a girl, announcing that she was born in the city of Lublin, in house number 638 on November 15 (27), 1868 at 6 a.m. from him and Nesha's legal wife, née Goldman, 36 years old. This girl was given the name Rukhlya-Lay. The later statement is not justified by anything. This act has been read by those present, they and we have signed, with the exception of the declarer - the illiterate.




Tobiash Lieberman


Jacob Dukerman


Civil Status Official Signature
Translated by Michael Ryabinky

Re: Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #translation #poland #russia



In Russian:


Гинда Вайсблех.

Состоялось в городе Люблин 27 апреля (10 мая) 1912 года в 9 часов утра.  Явился еврей: Герш Вайсблех, торговец, 34 лет, житель города Люблина, вприсутствии свидетелей Мошки Фридмана, поденщика, 73 лет и Шимона Менделейля, домовладельца, 60 лет, жителей города Люблина и предъявили нам девочку, объявляя, что она родилась в городе Люблин, в доме под номером 155 10 (23) марта прошлого года года в 8 часов утра от него и законной жены Цивии, урожденной Лерман, 28 лет.  Девочке этой дано имя Гинда. Позднее заявление ничем не оправдано.  Акт сей присутствующим прочитан, ими и нами подписан.


Герш Вайсблех

Мошка Фридман  

Шимон Менделейль

Чиновник гражданского состояния Подпись

Translated into English:


Ginda Weisblech.

It took place in the city of Lublin on April 27 (May 10) 1912 at 9 am. A Jew appeared: Gersh Weisblech, a merchant, 34 years old, a resident of the city of Lublin, in the presence of witnesses Moshka Fridman, a day laborer, 73 years old, and Shimon Mendeleil, a homeowner, 60 years old, residents of the city of Lublin and presented us with a girl, announcing that she was born in the city of Lublin, in the house at number 155 on March 10 (23) last year at 8 o'clock in the morning from him and his legal wife, Tsivia, nee Lerman, 28 years old. This girl was given the name Ginda. The later statement is not justified by anything. This act was read to those present, they and we signed.


Gersh Weisblech

Moshka Friedman

Shimon Mendeleil

Civil Status Official Signature
Translated by Michael Ryabinky

Re: Seeking Advice for Hiring the Best Latvian Researcher #latvia

Arlene Beare

The thread of this discussion is  a Researcher in Latvia and not a Guide.  You said you second the suggestion so perhaps it was another thread relating to a Guide in Latvia.Thank you for your recommendation. Do you have his contact details. Another good guide is Elina Spungina who has a car. Aleksandrs Feigmanis is also a good guide but does not have his own car which adds to the expense.  As I love chocolate it would be great to meet Alexander Sigmanis.

Arlene Beare UK
Co-Director Latvia Research Division

Re: Translation from Russian needed #translation



“Memory of Babi Yar. Book Martyrology "/ Compiled by V. A. Zgursky. Kiev: newspapers "Time of Silence" and "Young Guard". 1991. S. 862. "Babi Yar: The Book of Memory" / Compiled by IM Levitas. Kiev: Steel, 2005.S. 350

Translated by Michael Ryabinky

Re: Bukofzer / Oppenheimer in France FRENCH records #france

David Selig

Thank you so much David. 

Do you have any idea of the kind of information held in the Préfecture archive? 
I have looked in specific "registres" but NOT in the Décennale tables.  I will try!
Best to all, David SELIG

Re: Researcher in Belarus #belarus


Frank, What is an APOSTILLE and who is the appropriate authority to issue one?

Rich Meyersburg
Laurel, MD

Re: Yiddush to English from Holocaust Survivors #yiddish #galicia #holocaust #photographs

Mitchell Collier

Check out these groups on Facebook 
2G Second Generation Children Of Holocaust Survivors
Holocaust Survivors and Descendants
Holocaust Social Archive 
Mitch Collier

Translation Request - Russian - GOLDBERG, Lublin #translation #poland

Robyn Dryen

I've posted two vital records in Russian on ViewMate. I would be very grateful for translation of names, dates, occupations and places.

They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

birth registration for Maryia GOLDBERG :
death registration for Toba GOLDBERG :

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you very much for any assistance

Robyn Dryen
Sydney, Australia

Translation request (Russian and Yiddish) #lithuania #translation


Hello all,
I would appreciate translation of this record as it means very much to me. The record is in Russian and Yiddish or Hebrew I believe.
This is the death record of my 3rd great grandmother Liba Friedman 1825-1886. She was from Pasvalys.

Thank you all for your time and happy Yom Kippur,
Elani Joseph

Re: Poland/Russia town help #poland


Hi to Vivs Laliberte (and everyone else who will read this).

I don't think I've seen anyone try to read the wife's birthplace -- which looks to me like "Pashika, Poland, Russia".

The JewishGen Gazetteer  -- here: -- lists rather-more-than-one place name in Eastern Europe from a phonetic search for "Pashika".

I (myself) would have guessed the most-likely candidate to be a "Pasika" (other names/spellings given are "Kishkhidveg" (from Hungarian?) and "Paseka" -- but that place (now in Ukraine) seems to be hundreds of miles (and more kilometers from Slutsk; I see listed in Belarus (Slutsk is in Belarus) 3 different "Paseka"s, 1 "Paseki", and 1 "Pasiki" [Shrug}.

I don't really know Belarus geography (and am barely better about Eastern European geography more-generally) -- but maybe someone here could figure out which near-"Pashika" would have been closes to Slutsk (or otherwise provide an opinion about where the wife's "Pashika" would have been?

Good Luck to you, Vivs Laliberte.

Ethan Kent -- in New York City.

Re: issues of DNA privacy #dna

Esther Goldberg

You are absolutely right.
DNA is a wonderful way to find relatives. I have.
What do I have to hide.
I am not a murderer I am just me.

Can you decipher this formerly Russian city name written in German? #russia #germany

alan moskowitz

I believe my great grandmother, Sheindel WEISEL is referenced in this ship manifest on row 6.   Even though the country is listed as 'Russland', I think she was from what was known as Galicia Austria at the time ( 1889)., now part of the Ukraine.  The name of the city in column 5, where she had lived, is where  I am stuck.  Perhaps someone can help.  Thanks in advance .

Alan Moskowitz
New Jersey

Re: Struggling to find Immigration data for Rosen cousins #usa #poland #canada #russia

Sherri Bobish


Try searching this database:

Canada Passenger Lists, 1881-1922


Sherri Bobish

Photo of young child from Berlin photographer #germany #photographs

Martin Fischer

Does anyone recognize the child in this old photo taken in Berlin?
Martin Fischer

Martin Fischer
Vice President-Publicity
Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois

JGSI website:

Re: JewishGen's Family Tree of the Jewish People #JewishGenUpdates

Nicole Heymans

Another aspect to this query: I sent an update a year or two ago and it hasn't been processed.

Will this eventually be processed, and if so, when? and if not, when should I send a new update?

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium


Viewmate Russian translation requested #poland #warsaw #translation

Peter Lebensold

I've posted a vital record in Russian (I believe) for which I would love a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
According to JRI-Poland, this is the record of the marriage, on 11 January 1898, of Chaim Mendel JARECKI and Nicha GELBFISZ. I would love to get as complete a translation as possible of this document, including names of witnesses, indication of any previous marriages, and some idea as to whether the religious marriage might have taken place some time before - or soon before - the date of this civil registration.

For years, I have believed (with published supporting data) that this couple were my paternal great-grandparents - the original precursors of the GELBFISZ, FISH, GOLDFISH, GOLDWYN line in North America.  But recently indexed new data is starting to put that into question.
So the more information I can get the better.
Thank you very, very much!
Peter Lebensold

Re: Goldkranc in Brzeziny #poland #records

Stanley Diamond

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has created full extracts of thousands 
of Brzeziny records that are not yet online.   This is part of the JRI-Poland Phase 3 initiative to
fully extract all of the more than 6.2 million records currently in the database and for all future
ones as well.  

In addition, JRI-Poland has offline data for Plock, Kutno, Mszczonów, and Dobrzyn nad Wisla

To read about Phase 3, go to:

For information on this offline data, write to the JRI-Poland Town Leader for each of the towns
mentioned.  Go to and click on "Your Town" in the navigation bar:

If the town is not listed, write to [townname]

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.  (Montreal, 514-484-0100)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

Goldkranc in Brzeziny #poland #records
From: relly800@...
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2020 17:05:30 EDT

Does anyone have the records/spreadsheet for Brzeziny?

I found many GOLDKRANC relatives on JRI section: 'Brzeziny B/D/M for 1826-1833 and for 1871-1904', 
but it only has names and year.  

I am looking for the names of parents, and any other info that can help connect these names with families.  

Many thanks,

Relly Coleman

FUDALOWICZ, Zychlin, Plotsk, Kutno
WASSERSTEIN, Mszczonów, , Kutno, Wloclawek
GOLDKRANC, Brzeziny, Zychlin
FELD, Zakroczym, Dobrzyn nad Wisla
WARSZAWSKI, Dobrzyn nad Wisla

7941 - 7960 of 658692