Re: ID card microfilms reels for Lodz ghetto workers: searching link in Polish State Archives web site #lodz #holocaust

Lewis, Megan

The Lodz ghetto workers cards are indexed on Ancestry via the World Memory Project; access is free.  If you find a match there are instructions on how to order a copy from USHMM.  
Megan Lewis  Reference Librarian  
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National Institute for Holocaust Documentation
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Did my husband's family from Galicia have Sephardic roots? #sephardic #galicia


The story in my husband's family is that, although his grandfather emigrated to the US from Galicia, the family ended up there, circuitously and many generations earlier, as a result of the expulsion from Spain in late 15th century.  On a recent trip to Morocco, he was stopped a number of times and asked (through our guide) if he was a "Fezi;" we understand that meant that he resembled members of the Jewish community in Fez who had fled Spain hundreds of years earlier.  This all sounds somewhat unlikely to me, and my attempts to research his ancestry in Spain have turned up not a hint of confirmation.  But that could be because I don't know how and where to look.  His family name is DYM; they are kohens, and apparently included generations of rabbis (a family characteristic that ended on making landfall in NYC).  He was told, by his father, that the name itself is an ancient acronym of Hebrew letters...dalet-yud-mem...standing for "judge and defender."   Any ideas on how to proceed, for an enthusiastic but compared to you all, fairly incompetent genealogist?

Thanks, Fran   fayhen@...

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Searching for Shymek PLOCKI in Germany born 1920s. How to get started?. #germany

Todd Cohn

I am searching for a long lost relative who was last known to be living in Germany.
His name is Shymek Plocki.  Any suggestions or directions on how to get started on this search would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,  Todd Cohn <toddcohn@...>

Looking for relatives of Applebaum Genedel Arrived Ellis Island Aug., 1901 #russia #usa #poland


According to Ellis Islands repository, August 27, 1901, Appelbaum Genendel arrived in the United States with Russian nationality and place of residence - Semiaticy (the exact name of the place is (Seimitycze Poland). I have a very high likelihood that she is the sister/cousin of my grandmother Sheine Sara Godlenik (Appelbaum from home). I would like to thank you for more information about the family of Genendel family.
The name is listed as Ganendel, 14 years old single, arrived in August 1901, Passenger ID 604755060089. Also in September 1898, apparently her sister (although the surname is registered as Appelbin), Esther married, 24 years old, Passenger ID 602940090036 Born in Seimyticze Poland

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Re: Illegitimate births circa 1840 #germany

Frank Schulaner

One assumes the civil authorities had their reasons/excuses for the seemingly erratic laws on Jewish marriages that we've been reading about this weekend. I suspect, though, the basic not-always-subconscious rationale was "Just to show you Jews who's boss."

But I wonder about the eldest-son-only rule you mention: Whether the law's intent was practical, to increase the number of the "illegitimate" children of the other sons, children unable legally to inherit their father's property. Giving the government a chance to grab "intestate" property.

Re: Jewish Argentinians #latinamerica

Shelley Mitchell

This appeared in a recent posting:
"Shelley Mitchell has posted a surprising statement (transcribed below) with which I strongly disagree.
There are many studies both academic and non academic which can illustrate readers on the (small) magnitude of Jewish prostitution in 1930's Argentina in relation to the (huge) magnitude of Jewish migration into Argentina. 
But generalizing dates as she does (1870 to WWII) and places of origin (see quote) and minimizing the enormous number of Jews who made a new decent life in this country is an oversimplification.
She ignores the important books and papers on the subject by saying "it must be studied and understood".
If Ms. Mitchell can provide bibliography to prove her points I'd be more than willing to read them.
I do feel sorry for the women engaged in prostitution in the 1930's by Jewish pimps and the profusely studied Zvi Migdal delictive ring, but her post is doing a disservice by a crude generalization.
Hope this helps to clarify the matter.
"One point in history not frequently discussed was the enslavement of Jewish immigrants from 1870 to WWII. They were forced into prostitution, mostly in Argentina. And many of their “owners” were Jewish. It is for that reason alone, many of these unwilling women will be lost to researchers. It’s doubtful that they were buried where their names would be known. Plus many arrived alone from Germany, Austria, and Western Europe. It’s an embarrassing aspect of our history but it must be studied and understood" 
Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mr. Chester, and fellow readers.  I am sorry if I've hurt your national pride but facts are facts.  I in no way condemned the entire Jewish population of Argentina during that period.  Large or small, it is still a fact.
There is much literature on the subject.  For example, 
It means that for some, no matter how much we look, there are lives that have been wiped out.  Cemeteries destroyed, names lost in mass graves, names lost to history.  That was the purpose of my comment.  We should understand that as much work as we do on our ancestry, there will always be spaces that cannot be filled.  
I'm sorry that this upset you and maybe others.  But unless you can show me these are false stories, I continue to say that we must recognize things that were done in our culture that weren't always perfect.  Despite our flaws, we still stand proudly and in unity with our people.  


Shelley Mitchell, NYC    shemit@...
Searching for TERNER, GOLDSCHEIN, KONIGSBERG, SCHONFELD, in Kolomyya; PLATZ, in Delaytn; and TOPF, in Radautz and Kolomea.

Re: Austria, Vienna: Exit questionnaire & visa documents #austria-czech

Lewis, Megan

Earlier posters are correct- only people who needed IKG's assistance completed questionnaires.
The Vienna Jewish community records are divided up into 2 main parts:
The Vienna component (records still held by the IKG) ~ 1,000,000 pages
The Jerusalem component (records held by the CAHJP) ~1,400,000 pages (these records were sent to Jerusalem in the 1950s and 1960s.)

USHMM has copies of both components on microfilm.
The Vienna component has the names index to the questionnaires and about ~2000 forms.  However the bulk of the completed questionnaires are at the CAHJP, ~271,000 pages.  The questionnaires are in 2 sections - ones filed alphabetically and ones filed numerically.  The index is the only way to find a numerical file. 
Additionally, archival collections RG-15.109 Records of the Jewish Community of Vienna held at the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute and RG-11.001M.27 Israelitische Kultusgemeinde, Vienna (Fond 707) from the Russian State Military Archives (Osobyi) records contain emigration related material such as correspondence and lists of Jews who immigrated.
(The records in Warsaw were found abandoned in Poland and sent to the Jewish Historical Archives. The records in Moscow were captured by the Soviet Army. There are multiple collections about Austrian Jews in the Osobyi records- search our catalog at
Currently the only reference work I can do for our Vienna material is for the questionnaires. Send full names and dates of birth to reference@.... Put Vienna emigration questionnaires in the subject line so my colleagues assign the requests to me.  I do not know how long it will take me to fulfill any requests.
Megan Lewis  Reference Librarian  
NOTE: I am teleworking until further notice.
National Institute for Holocaust Documentation
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Re: Percentages of ancestry - my Ashkenazi father seems to be partly of Italian/Greek descent? #dna


My DNA about three or four years ago also came back as 14 or 16% Italian/Greek, although as far as I knew I had no ancestors of those extractions (unless it was thousands of years ago!) on either maternal or paternal sides.
The rest of DNA was essentially East European or Ashkenazi Jewish.  Two years later I got an update telling me that my DNA had been re-done and it showed 100% Ashkenazi Jewish.
Likewise my wife's was totally different when redone two years after initially done.  No request on our part to re-do the samples.  Anyway, I lost any trust in any of the DNA promotions for genealogy.

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Is there a way to find out who livved at an addres in Riga in 1922? #latvia

Moshe Schaeffer

On an arrival manifest there is a family I believe might be related to
me but more important to me is the family that he left back in Riga is
there a way to find out who lived at an address in Riga in 1922. The
address was Roumanoff Str 23/5 .  Thank you fr your help in this matter.

Moshe Schaeffer,   Jerusalem   <schaefferfamilytree@...>

Re: Nowy Dwow #russia

Peter Lobbenberg

Hi Jackie

Following Mark's posting, I checked out Nowy Dwór on English-language Wikipedia.  I'm sorry to say it lists no less than 44 different localities by that name in Poland alone

Peter Lobbenberg 

Re: Seek info about 17th century mixed marriages--Rhineland & Switzerland? Thank you! #germany #france


   Thank you Roger and Corrine for your answers. Definite proof that you can't always depend on family stories !
For the Wilbers family I can pass that on to them and I appreciate having definite confirmation. I have learned a lot
from this group. tempted to stay on just from the fascinating information I am learning.
 Thank you again.

Shirley Wilbers    <Eearl2@...>

ViewMate translation VM82048 possibly from Polish #translation

Carole Brewster

I’ve posted an image on ViewMate at the following VM82048. I’d appreciate any information as to type of document and translation. I think its written in Polish.         Reply only via ViewMate

Carole Brewster, Delray Beach,FL

GRUSZECKA, Anna S. 1911 marriage in Vienna #austria-czech

Our Jewish Family History Research

Hello all.
I would appreciate your assistance please.
I wish to locate information for Anna S. GRUSZECKA. I do not know anything about her or her GRUSZECKA roots. I am surprised to find GRUSZECKA/GRUSZECKI in Vienna, Austria. The name has been focused  in Poland. 
Many thanks in advance for your much appreciated help.
Be well,
Jacqueline Gruszecki,  Toronto,Ontario,Canada   <ourhistory2015@...>

Researching GRUSZECKA, GRUSZECKI various areas of Poland including Warszawa

Re: Jewish Argentinians #latinamerica

Molly Staub

For a thorough look at this dark period of our history, read “The Third Daughter.”

Molly Arost Staub

Re: Illegitimate births circa 1906 #galicia

Mark Halpern

Hi Sharon:

In Galicia, religious vs civil marriages is a very important issue that relates to the legitimacy of offspring from those marriages. If you search the JewishGen group archives at for "Galicia legitimacy," you will find many posts on this subject. 

Bottom line is there was no shame to have an illegitimate birth unless that birth was completely out of wedlock. I have never seen a birth record where it states the mother was unwed.

Mark Halpern
Conshohocken, PA


On 2020-05-24 2:47 pm, Sharon Taylor via wrote:

I am researching an illegitimate birth in the Stanislawow region of Galicia in 1906. The story in the family was that the mother was later sent to America because of the shame, but the child was a loved and accepted part of the family. I'm wondering if anyone out there has any research or documentation (memoirs/Yizkor books) that deal with this issue in Galicia.

Sharon Taylor   Philadelphia, PA    stay9045@...

NEMETH, KASTENBAUM, WEISNER, FLEISIG in Stanislawow and L'viv regions of Galicia    FISHER, RAPPAPORT in Lithuania

Re: Nowy Dwow #russia

Mark Halpern

Hi Jackie:

There is a Nowy Dwor in northeastern Poland near the Belarus border, NE of Bialystok and SW of Grodno. See

Mark Halpern


On 2020-05-24 8:46 am, Jackie Wasserstein via wrote:

I'm doing some research for a friend.  On the passenger manifest her grandmother is listed as coming from Nowy Dwow, Russia.  I tried the Jewishgen Gazeteer.  It couldn't find this town.  Anyone know where it was located?
Thanks so much.
Jackie Wasserstein

ViewMate translation request - Hungarian to English #translation

Roberta Solit

I’ve submitted comments written in Hungarian that appear in on a birth document. A translation of would be appreciated.
The link to  Viewmate #VM82054 is
Thank you, for your reply via the ViewMate system.  

Roberta Solit

ViewMate Translation Request-- Polish #galicia #translation


This is a request (my first :)) to translate Polish handwriting from a JRI Poland record. The record is on ViewMate at the following address:


 The record appears to document the birth of  of Perl-Jutte Pilpel, daughter of Izak Pilpel and Chaja Rosela Projekt. I believe that the birth occurred in 1862 (when her parents lived in L'vov) but was recorded in 1884 (by which time her parents had moved to Vienna). Did her parents leave her behind in L'vov? What was the reason to record the birth 22 years later? (Perhaps because she was now marrying?) There is so much other language in the record and I am hoping that some kind and expert person can tell me what it says (all of it, if possible) so that I can unravel these mysteries.

Please respond using the ViewMate online form.    Many thanks!       Jed Brickner

Polish translation of birth record requested - ViewMate #poland #translation

Joseph Walder

Viewmate images 82055 and 82056 are the left- and right-hand sides of a birth record for Rachel WALDER from Lwow. I would be grateful for translations of both images. Column 7, which is on the right-hand side of the birth record (Viewmate 82056), is particularly important for whatever information it contains about the parents and grandparents.
I can be reached at jscottwalder@...  but please reply via the ViewMate system.   Many thanks.
Joseph Walder, Portland, Oregon, USA

Re: R' Nathan BRENNER of Philadelphia #lithuania #rabbinic #usa


My great grandmother was Rabbi Nathan Israel Brenner’s sister. We believe he was born in 1861 around Pakruojus, Lithuania. His grandson was David Brenner (the comedian). His father was Shloma Zalman Brenner and his mother was Ruchal; step mother was Sphrintz Bernstein. Rabbi Brenner immigrated to US early 1890s.  They are buried at Har Nebo cemetery, outside Philadelphia. We recently put a Brenner Research group together on Facebook  - I will post your inquiry there to see if anyone has knowledge of his writings. I was told he was absolutely incredible with his knowledge on Torah and Jewish law. 

Dan Preissman <preissman@...>