Re: Buying false papers


My mother escaped Russian Czernowitch after the war by buying approved visa to Romania from a young couple 
who applied and received also a visa to USA which they preferred to keep.
She also had to get a false marriage cerificate and a false death certificare for the couple's young daughter. 

Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....

Glenda Rubin

It doesn't seem to be consistent, but I hit reply to Louise's message (not via the links below the message, but the ordinary reply button in g-mail).  The subsequent screen was blank, but there was the image of 3 dots in the bottom left corner [...], which is a g-mail thing showing a message has been clipped.  I clicked on that, and a quote of the previous message appeared.  Hope this might help with the  threads issue.

(Also hoping my name, location, and research interests will automatically appear when this is sent).


On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 3:06 PM LOUISE HAJDENBERG via Groups.Jewishgen.Org <> wrote:
This is what I am responding to: 
Glenda wrote “I agree with Vivian on her points above, except that the person replying should cut and paste the original message in the reply. I tested this with this reply, and to make it easier to do, you need to cut the content, hit reply to the list, then paste. Where to paste?:  at the top or below your reply (actual or reverse chronological).  This could also lead to incomplete threads when some reply doing this and some don't. 
Back in the day, I appreciated seeing the full thread”

I agree Glenda  but in actuality it is the not ready for prime time system that should still be in beta that doesn’t do that for us. It is pure frustration.
Louise Hajdenberg

Glenda Rubin
San Francisco Bay Area
Researching: STRYZEWSKI, STRAUSS, JANOFSKY, JANOFF, OBODOV, WERNICK, GREENBERG, KROCHAK. Shtetls: Lipovets, Ilintsy, Pliskov, Starokonstantinov, Krasilov

Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....

Glenda Rubin

Looking at some of my recent replies that posted to the group, I saw a tagline with my name and location (that I had input)  and another  tagline with that info plus the names and places I'm researching.  Checking the discussion group page at on the subscription link I found there's a section called *signature*, where you enter information that will automatically appear as a tagline at the bottom of all your messages.  I had forgotten about that until this discussion. If someone has posted this already, sorry for the duplication.


On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 6:37 AM Merv & Naomi Barnett <barnett@...> wrote:
I find it curious that some posters to this group don't consider it necessary to state where they reside in the world and numerous posters don't add a signature.  Surely when anyone sends a message to a friend or work colleague or a business, emails are always signed.  

Once upon a time there was a moderator who kept us all in line and brought these omissions to our attention.  I'm not suggesting we need to go back to an overseer but common courtesy would be welcome and appreciated.

Naomi Barnett
Melbourne, Australia

Glenda Rubin
San Francisco Bay Area
Researching: STRYZEWSKI, STRAUSS, JANOFSKY, JANOFF, OBODOV, WERNICK, GREENBERG, KROCHAK. Shtetls: Lipovets, Ilintsy, Pliskov, Starokonstantinov, Krasilov

Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....RESPONSE FROM A MODERATOR

Lin Herz

Are there still moderators? It does not appear so. Does anyone know?

To answer the initial question,,,yes there are still moderators on duty who must approve, edit, reject or delete EVERY single post. However, our job is NOT to be an English teacher. We will not correct spelling, we will not correct grammar, we will not correct punctuation, we will not capitalize a name for you, and we will not check to see if a link is correct  (how would we know the correct link?). That is the responsibility of the person who is posting. We will simply make certain of the following rules apply:

  • Topics: Posts should relate to Jewish genealogy. We do not discuss religious issues (such as "Who is a Jew" and other discussions which are frequently raised within the context of researching one's roots).
  • Moderation: This group is moderated to ensure civility, and that posts are related to Jewish genealogy.
  • Frequency: You may post unique messages as often as you like, but please try to be thoughtful in your posts, and do not abuse this approach by posting many messages the same day, etc.
  • Commercial Posts: We welcome everyone, including other non-profit organizations, to share commercial offers as long as they are related to Jewish genealogy, and that those posting them do not abuse the privilege. Commercial posts should not repeat more than once every three months.
  • Fundraising Posts: Please do not post fundraising requests for other organizations.
  • Images/Files: You may attach images and files (if a file is too large, we might resize it, or ask you to upload it somewhere else, and provide a link).
  • Language: The official language of the group is English, but we can accept messages and content in most languages. If posting something in a language other than English, please provide a sentence describing the content.
  • Links: If posting a link to a website not in English, please provide a description of the content.

Personally, I believe in a lot of communication for information in Jewish Genealogy, so in my case I will approve almost everything that applies to the above rules and maybe even beyond! However, if there is a technical issue, a gripe or complaint about the site, please do not send it to the JewishGen Discussion group but to support@.... Also, understand that a single word like "thanks" or "OK" is not really relevant to send to over 7,500 individuals in a discussion group. For individual replies, please send it back to the person who had initially posted. I believe everyone would appreciate that.

Also please know and understand that we are volunteers and in my case, it is my way of "giving back" to JewishGen for all that they do and have done for Jewish Genealogy. We not only have to review and approve posts but new members as well so there is quite a bit to do.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email the moderation team at moderators@....
Thank you for your understanding
Moderator on Duty (30+ year researcher, author, lecturer, President of a JGS)

Re: Please put surnames in the subject line

sharon yampell

The problem with your post is you didn’t sign it or add your location!


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, NJ USA


From: jbonline1111@...
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Subject: [] Please put surnames in the subject line


I've noticed that since this new format has become available, that the majority of posts do not list surnames in the subject line and sometimes not even in the body of posts.  When fellow contributors see surnames right away, they can quickly determine whether they can be helpful to you.  Further, many will take the time to research for you if they have the names. 

Use tags such as #Belarus as supplements.  For example, today I looked at a post with that tag because my family came from that area. However, if the surnames had been posted, I would have known that I was unable to help.   

Thanks to all who work to make this discussion group helpful to everyone.


Re: Please put surnames in the subject line

Peter Lebensold

It will also help those in the future - who might be searching for the name in this blog's archives - to find you.


Re: Maiming to Avoid the Russian Draft?

Ettie Zilber

My grandfather, from Grodno (Poland then Belarus) told the story of smuggling eye drops to his older brother which would create symptoms in his eyes, which would exempt him from the military. I have no idea what was in those eye drops but I read elsewhere about someone else doing the same, so it was obviously an 'easy' medical solution.
Anyone heard of this?

Re: Searching descendants of Simcha SCHECHTER, (Brooklyn NY early 1900’s)

Eva Lawrence

Have you thought of finding s street directory for pre-war Brooklyn and
and with a street map finding the likely street where Simcha and his
family might have lived? It can't have been all that far from your
aunt's house. . Then you could try perhaps the nearest census or a
directory for Schechters (seven of them) in just those few streets.

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Re: Tracking a passenger across the Atlantic through England



The usual route for emigrants from Germany and northern Europe was by ship from Hamburg to Hull or Grimsby on the east coast of England, thence by train to Liverpool where they would board another ship to the US or Canada. This was in the days before passports were required and, as they were only 'passing through', no UK record was made of their arrival or departure.

Emigrants from southern Europe to the US and Canada usually travelled through Cherbourg (France) and Southampton (England), although other departure ports on the mainland of Europe were sometimes used.

Henry Best,
London, UK.

Re: Maiming to Avoid the Russian Draft?

Eva Lawrence

I also knew someone who had lost the top joints of two fingers on one
hand. He was born around 1905 in Posen. We were told that he had lot
them in the war, but I've always wondered, after hearing these sorts of

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Re: Buying false papers

Eva Lawrence

I have the journal of my 4x great-grandfather who led a group of emigrants  sailing from Antwerp to New Orleans in 1852. Even in those days you needed papers to embark from Antwerp, but he reported that any old papers seemed to do. They all had to show their ID to the local police, who really weren't bothered..  One man offered his children's vaccination certificate, and my ancestor himself  signed an official-looking piece of paper for a man fleeing from the Prussian police. 
In New Orleans, there was no call for ID.  This was of course before the Civil War, and laws were different in different states, All the examples so far seem to be from the 20th century, and I'm sure controls were then.  

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Re: Tracking a passenger across the Atlantic through England

Martha Forsyth

TRUST YOU to come up with this ingenious method!  I was all excited! UNTIL.....I realized that the people about whose travel I'd love to find out more about had each stayed for awhile in England (one of them about 3 years, her husband about 5 months, as far as I can figure)!  So it was not a continuous trip for either (nor for the family who may be relatives).  Also - it's the leg from "Russia" to England that I've never found, for either of them, so - but Hope Springs Eternal, I guess.

Martha Forsyth
Newton, MA

New format of website - is this a problem or just something I don't know??

Martha Forsyth

Today I wanted to reply privately to a responder on a message.  I could not figure out HOW to do that - except to physically copy the message, and put it into a separate email message from my regular email!

Is there a better way? or have I just not found it?

Martha Forsyth

Publication of the Memorial Book of Kobylnik (Narach, Belarus)

Joel Alpert

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project is pleased to announce its 86th
title: Memorial Book of Kobylnik (Narach, Belarus) , Translation of
Sefer Kobylnik

Original Yizkor Book Edited by Yitzhak Siegelman
Published in Haifa, 1967 in Hebrew and Yiddish
By Committee of Former Residents of Kobylnik in Israel

Hard Cover, 11” by 8.5”, 394 pages with all original illustrations and
The Memorial Book of Kobylnik was written by former residents of
Kobylnik Belarus. Some who left the town before the war wrote articles
and essays about the rich Jewish life in town: the people, the
dreamers, the doers, the ultra-religious, the secular, the Zionists,
the socialists…The various institutions in town, the charities and the
help societies for the needy.

For all our publications see:

For ordering information see:
Discounts available for orders of 4 or more books: email to ybip@...

List price: $53.95 Available on Amazon for around $40 may have lower
prices elsewhere

Order for a surprise Purim gift for a special relative!!

Located at 54 deg 56 ‘ North Latitude and 26 deg 41’ East Longitude 80
miles NNW of Minsk
Alternate names: Narach [Belarussian, since 1964], Kobylnik [Russian,
Polish, until 1964], Kobilnik [Yiddish], Kabylnik [Belarussian, until
1964], Kobilniki, Naracz [Polish, since 1964], Naroch' [Russian, since
1964], Narac [Belarussian], Narocius [Lithuanian], Narutch

Nearby Jewish communities:

◦ Myadzyel 11 miles ESE

◦ Svir 13 miles WSW

◦ Pastavy 14 miles NNE

◦ Adutiskis, Lithuania 15 miles NNW

◦ Lyntupy 17 miles WNW

◦ Stajetiske, Lithuania 18 miles NNW

◦ Mikhalishki 22 miles WSW

◦ Dunilavicy 24 miles ENE

◦ Mielagenai, Lithuania 24 miles NNW

◦ Svencionys, Lithuania 25 miles NW

Re: Sare Czarne Margulies

Simon Srebrny

I just discovered that my Sura Czarna Goldreich was indeed the wife of a Leybus Chaim Margules, a kupiec / merchant living in Brody, when she gave birth to their son Maness Margules in Lublin on 28 August 1814. The birth was reported by Scharya Mendel Moszkowicz Goldreich, grandfather of the baby's mother. In the record she is called 'Sora z Judkowiczów'. These are the right people. The baby was born in my family's house, Nr.482, which is still there though no longer ours. So I think I can greet Beulah Gross and her husband as new blood relatives!

The 1814 Lublin birth record is here:

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Re: The Zamosc Memorial Book is now On Line

Beverly Benz

My maternal grandfather was Harry Finkelstein of Ustilug. I can not find a birth date (approx 1860), marriage date to Yetta Wagner, or death date (approx 1905). He never left Ustilug.

Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....

Wayne S Marcus

JewishGen got to be a important genealogy site by having a limited but strongly encouraged set of rules for the discussion group. Rule such as surname capitalization and informative titles, certainly aided readership growth and retention. These rules certainly are as significant to group success as the 8 noted in this thread. Without group success there will be nothing to moderate.
Wayne Marcus SDJGS
Irvine, CA


Reply to Re: Maiming to Avoid the Russian Draft?

Fred Selss

My Great Great Uncle was a Barber in What is now Belarus. He was called The Crippler. For a small fee he would cut off some fingers so men could avoid the Czar’s draft. The period of service was 25 years. Avoiding the draft was a big reason men fled the area under Russian rule. After 25 years, they were lost to their families and Judaism.

Search for families from Belarus and Ukraine with various spellings of these last names:

army records UKraine

Gayle Schlissel Riley

Years ago,,people posted about writing for army records  for Russia. Although a great uncle served in Ukraine. I would like to see if they have records for in him, period 1910.
Amy addresses? stories of success in getting info? What type of data did you get?  Thank you..Gayle
Shapiro-Kahn from Lubny, Ukraine