Re: Circular (radial) Descendant Family Tree --looking for digital program or website that can create this #general


For fan charts, Family Tree Maker by itself, no. You would need the Charting Companion software add-on from Progeny. I haven't tried Hebrew but it doesn't hurt to ask them.
Jeff Goldner
Researching Goldner, Singer, Neuman, Braun, Schwartz, Reichfeld (Hungary/Slovakia); Adler, Roth, Ader (Galicia); Soltz/Shultz (Vitebsk, maybe Lithuania)

DWORKIS Surname Project #dna #names #ukraine


The Eastern European surname DWORKIS was unique to a small area of the former Pale of Settlement.  (The variant DWORKIN was more common in other regions of the Pale.)  Several American DWORKIS families today can trace their origins to the Vinnitsya region of present-day Ukraine.  Are these families related?  Do they all share a common male ancestor?


A DWORKIS Surname Project has been created on FamilyTreeDNA to research these questions:


We explore these relationships by doing a special DNA test (a Y-DNA test) that follows the paternal line and can identify close family members on that line even if the names don't match.


All researchers with DWORKIS, DWORKUS or DVORKIS surnames in their ancestry are encouraged to join the project and identify a patrilineal male descendant who still carries the name to test their Y-DNA and become part of the project.  Another wing of Vinnitsya DWORKIS’s immigrated to Pennsylvania and changed the family name to DAVIS – their descendants are encouraged to join the project as well.


If readers know of DWORKIS families, please bring this project to their attention.  Inquiries can be made to me privately.


Bob Levy

Los Angeles


Researching:  DWORKIS/DVORKIS (Tulchin), MANASTYRSKI (Tulchin, Illintsi), GRYNSPUN (Tulchin), VOSKOBOINIK (Tulchin), ADERMAN/EJDERMAN (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitski), BERNSTEIN/BERSHTEYN (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitski), AKSERT (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitski – all Ukraine)


FENSTER (Sokoly, Czyzew), SCHLESINGER/SZLEZINGIER (Nowogrod), PIKARCZYK (Nowogrod), FAYBOWITZ (Nowogrod – all Poland)

Re: What was Ginsburg & Klausner, S Fallsburg, NY (Catskills) not listed as hotel #usa

A very extensive web site about the Catskills is the following:

There is a list of hotels and bungalows for each town.  I did not see the Belveder listed under Fallsburg/So. Fallsburg, but I suggest that you explore the web site for yourself - it is also possible that it was in another nearby town. 

For anyone interested in this topic, they are still collecting photos, information, etc. 
Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Re: Help locate this Gulag-camp or village listed in post-war record #russia #holocaust

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

I think that the author of the questionnaire did not know how to write the Cyrillic name of the place with Latin letters. He writes once (above) "Banao" and then (below) "Barnao". In my opinion, it is Barnaul in West Siberia.  A lot of civilian internees were concentrated in this region during the Second World War. But they were mostly internees. They were not in penal camps of the Gulag. But it was nevertheless a difficult situation for Jews, as a report by the Jewish telegraphic agency testifies: 

Re: Help locate this Gulag-camp or village listed in post-war record #russia #holocaust

Barbara Hemmendinger

Could it possibly have been Baikal, north of Mongolia, in Irkutsk Oblast?

Barbara Hemmendinger

GERSZONOWICZ or GIERSZONOWICZ families from the city of PIOTRKOW (Poland) between 1780 and 1880, from the city of Osjakow (Poland) between 1880 and 1905, from Lodz (Poland) after 1905 #poland #russia #lodz

Dominique MERLET

I am looking for civil status documents or information about the siblings of GIERSZONOWICZ or GERSZONOWICZ Boruch (born around 1832 in Piotrkow), son of GIERSZONOWICZ or GERSZONOWICZ Abram (born around 1797) and Rywka (born around 1807). Then on the siblings of GERSZONOWICZ Jankiel (born in 1889 in Osjakow), son of GERSZONOWICZ Moszek Gerszon (born around 1860 in Piotrkow) and MOSZCOWICZ Drezla (born in 1856 in Zdunska Wola). It seems that Moszek Gerszon had a second wife COLO Sura (born in 1873 in Tuszyn). To be confirmed... They would have had together 4 children all born in Lodz from 1907 to 1914.
Thank you for your help.
Dom Merlet

Re: Translation of old German script records #translation #germany

Sally Bruckheimer

"Who or where is the best place to get help with old german script hand written records translated?"

You can put it on ViewMate, use one of the Translation groups, or you can do it yourself. has all sorts of genealogical guides, including old German Script. I found one in a Norwegian guide, but it may be easier now when you can search online.

Sally Bruckheimer

Re: Port of Marseille (France) 1941 shipping records & passenger lists #france #germany


this is all we have managed to find for you, and it shows arrivals at Lisbonne
in order to dig deeper you will have to pay to access the site
bien cordialement
Christine et Lise from Le Havre, France

Re: ViewMate translation request - Think it is Polish to English #translation

Stanley Diamond

Please note that the records to which this request refers are for the towns of 
Mlawa and Raciaz, northwest of Warsaw.

Additional extractions have been made on the records for both towns.  For 
further information, please contact the Town Leader listed on the "Your Town"
pages of JRI-Poland:

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.  (Montreal, 514-484-0100)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.
ViewMate translation request - Think it is Polish to English #translation
From: Robert E. Ybanez
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 09:24:53 EDT
I would appreciate a translation of the 3-Polish text files in the below sites. They are in ViewMate in the file located in the following addresses:                                
Please respond using the online ViewMate space available below the document or to me directly at reykky@....  
Thank you so much,
Robert Ybanez Kalinski

Gravestone translation needed from Hebrew for Max Luria 1859-1924 #translation

Linda Frydl

Hi all:

I'm trying to put a chink in a brick wall. I'm especially looking for his Hebrew name and his father's name.

Thank you in advance!
Linda Frydl
Frederick, MD

Re: What was Ginsburg & Klausner, S Fallsburg, NY (Catskills) not listed as hotel #usa


On Sun, Sep 6, 2020 at 02:46 PM, Carol Rubin wrote:
My husband’s paternal grandmother’s parents had either a boardinghouse or a small  hotel called the Belvedere in S Fallsburg NY around early to mid 1930s. Only info I’ve been able to find based on an address from the NY census of 1930 or 1935 is that it might later have become some kind of yoga retreat. I think I tried writing to a historian for the town but never got a response. Any ideas on where I might find any photos from that time?
In addition to the links and contacts already suggested, you could also try:

Sullivan County, NY Historical Society:

The website, which has an extensive online library of newspapers from around New York State, including the Sullivan County Record:

This site provides a direct link to the Sullivan County Record archives, and may be easier to search (see "Search This Title" on the right hand side):

Ellen Morosoff Pemrick
Saratoga County, NY

ViewMate translation request - Think it is Polish to English #translation

Robert E. Ybanez

I would appreciate a translation of the 3-Polish text files in the below sites. They are in ViewMate in the file located in the following addresses:                                
Please respond using the online ViewMate space available below the document or to me directly at reykky@....  
Thank you so much,
Robert Ybanez Kalinski

Translation needed for Yiddish part of a 1938 letter to my grandmother. #yiddish #translation

Aline Petzold

Hello All:
 My first time posting on Viewmate, so I didn't know how it works.  Can someone translate this Yiddish? It is on ViewMate at the following address ...   It is at the end of a letter written in 1938 by my grandmother's sister (Malca Rabinovici)who remained behind in Romania shortly after my grandparents immigrated with their family to Canada.  The rest of the letter is written in Romanian and  the addition in Yiddish is from my grandmother's brother-in-law (David Rabinovici).  Thanks much.
Aline Petzold, St. Paul MN

Re: Looking for Israeli relatives #israel

Beth Erez

Rachel Gal Altbaum
I would be happy to try and help you but I need more information.
For example, there is a name showing on BillionGraves for a Zev Wolf Alboim who died in 1973 as a young soldier, age 31.  It says he was born in Russia and that his parents were Leah and Yeshayu.  See Below

To look for a Rachel Gal is difficult.  Too common a name.  If you can send me the link to the tree, I have a subscription, live in Israel, and would be happy to write to Avi Gal for you.  
Name זאב וולף אלטבאום 
Birth Circa 1942
Hebrew birth date Circa 5703
Age at death 31
Death Between Oct 15 1973 and Oct 16 1973
Hebrew death date 20 Tishrei 5734
Kiryat Shaul Cemetery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Note נולד ברוסיה עלה תשט"ז נפל בקרב ברמת-הגולן במלחמת יום הכפורים רב"ט 4566
Please respond to me at betherez@...
Beth Erez, Hod Hasharon, Israel 

Re: Vienna to Caracas, Venuzuela, 1938 #austria-czech


Dear Mr Neville
Pls contact Vivian Sugar vesugar@...

She is one the nieces of Joseph

I'm Gabriel Farkas, her husband, son of Madeleine Polgar, the Jewish Gen subscriber

You will hear a LOT of stories

Gabriel Farkas

Re: DATZ and SATZ Families from Mogilev-Podol'sk #ukraine


When the sound of a letter changes, the members of a language community have a choice. They can keep the original spelling and accept the change in sound or they can respell words including names to retain, as nearly as possible, the original sound. It is not unusual for both of these processes to occur.

In 1950 at the time of my bar-mitzvah, the conservative and reform congregations in the USA made a political decision to adopt Israeli pronunciation. Most Ashkenazi orthodox congregations did not do this. Among conservative and reform Jews, the sound of the Hebrew letter sof became T and the name of the Sabbath became shaBAT. Among most of the orthodox it remained SHAbos.

In ancient times, the Hebrew letter shin had a dental D/T-sound. The Hebrew word SHeN (tooth) is cognate with Latin dent- and Greek δόντι (dónti). The Hebrew word LaSHoN (tongue) is cognate with the word "Latin", the "tongue" of the Romans.

So, when the sound of the letter shin changed to S or SH, some families kept the original spelling and accepted the new sound. Others changed that letter to a dalet to retain the original dental sound .

You are correct about Shatz also being a phonetically related name.

For a more extensive (but still not complete) list of ancient sound changes to Hebrew letters, see the attached SoundChangeHandOut file. You may treat this material as public domain except for the graphic (which I did not make) in the attached Word docx file.

Israel "Izzy" Cohen

Re: Circular (radial) Descendant Family Tree --looking for digital program or website that can create this #general

Carol Hoffman

MyHeritage enables it.
Carol Hoffman

Re: Circular (radial) Descendant Family Tree --looking for digital program or website that can create this #general

Awesome Properties

Will Family Tree Maker print in Hebrew? Can it also produce a 10 generation fan chart?
Rachel Malik
HERSHKOWITS Hosszurev and Ileanda FRIEDMAN Marghita And Oradea
TESZLER Birsanif and Marghita

Re: I Want My Trees To Outlive Me #general


48 Hour Sale at #general offers a Free 2mb account that I have been playing with. They offer storage for digitized photos (.jpg .tif .gif .png +more) documents (.pdf +more) interviews and videos. It is very user friendly. I love the ease of importing/exporting, adding tags and metadata, and organizational abilities, and their mini-turorials. I was up and running with no roadblocks. They include a small photoediting program that can add text to a photo, for naming individuals.

Check out their “deals” section. I got $15 credit for signing up and am seriously looking at buying (one time fee) 25GB storage for me and my families for $200 for 100+ years!  This includes perpetual care conversIons as .jpg, .pdf et’c become obsolete. They also offer suites of additional services to aid in many types of presentations. With diversification in mind, this handles one major area of concern, my sources, photos, and history of the people and places in my Trees. 

I have not yet pulled the trigger so if anyone knows of a downside to this, please reply. 
Reba Harris Solomon

Re: Looking for Israeli relatives #israel


Shalom Robin,
In the meantime I find in the Israel telephone book (online in Hebrew)
two people with the surname Altbaum living in Netanya.
I can write privately with the information.
Brenda Habshush.Sde Boker. Israel.

8801 - 8820 of 658558