Re: An Old Song - Possibly Russian, possibly Yiddish #general

Kalman Appel

This is a song from (I think) modern Israel's earliest agricultural settlement days (maybe 1880's?) Composer and lyricist are unknown.  The words are Hebrew. The words mean, "Wake up lazy boy, and go out to work.  Get up, Get up and go to work.  The rooster has already crowed ' Kukuriku kukuriku'.
You can hear it sung by going to this URL
If you don't read Hebrew, click on the button to the left of the black bar.  The words are shown in Hebrew but if you press the "Latin" button you will get a transliteration of the lyrics.
Have fun!

Kalman Appel

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Marriage Record for LEWIN and SZTABINSKA #belarus #general

Marjorie Geiser

Hi all,
I am trying to find the marriage record for my 2nd g-grandparents, Mosza Lejb LEWIN and Fejga SZTABINSKA. Mosza was born around 1846 and Fejga around 1850. The LEWIN family was from Grodno, and I know their son, my g-grandfather, Isaac, was born in Grodno in 1871.
I've been trying to find family info on Fejga, but I don't know where she was born nor who her parents were. Thus, if I could find the marriage record, that could give me the next pieces of information.
I've tried entering both surnames, but just get Isaac's marriage record. I've tried just searching SZTABINSKA and SZTABINSKI, but again, I can't confirm who her parents are. I've tried entering SZTABINSKA and Grodno, but nothing comes up.
Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
Thank you,
Margie Geiser
Northern Arizona, USA



ViewMate translation request - German (Marriage Document) #translation #germany


I've posted a vital record in German for which I would like a translation. It is on ViewMate in two files at the following links ...
This is super confusing as it appears to be a second marriage of my ggggrandmother (but for several reasons it does not make sense) - or there was someone in the same area with the same name and same parents names. There is a large amount of additional information that has been added.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.
Mark Shilling

Seeking copy of "Annals of the Family Shure" compiled or published by David MANDELBAUM, Bnei Brak, c.1997-8 #ukraine #general

Joyaa Antares

Hi All,
I would like to obtain a copy of the "Annals of the Family Shure" compiled or published by David MANDELBAUM, Bnei Brak, c.1997-8.
I believe it was a second edition of a work that might have first been compiled by Haim Duberish Friedberg in Frankfurt am Main in 1908.
Both works may be in Hebrew?
Please can someone point me in the right direction, and/or put me in touch with David Mandelbaum.
Many thanks, Joyaa
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
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ZUNDER in Buckaczowce and Ivano-Frankivsk ...

Re: Towns within Poznan region JewishGen' Gazetteer #poland

Alexander Sharon

I have retain slightly modified title of the original posting to keep the thread for the reference.
Of course both towns are not in Poznan region - I have some idea about, as I'm originally from this part of the world.

Milicz is located right on the border line between dolnoslaskie (Lower Silesian) and wielkopolskie (i.e. ex Poznan) regions that is not surprising that in original posting town was listed as located within Poznan.

Bad Carlsruhe (modern Pokój), on the other hand, is located in the Opole Region, which is not officially a Lower Silesia (L.S. or Wroclawskie) since it was known as Sląsk Opolski or Oppelner Schliesien or sometimes even West - Oberschliesen.

Knowledge of Polish - German history is fascinating subject indeed.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

Re: German Citizenship under Article 116 #germany

Melody Schloss

My husband, my son, and two of my grandchildren received German citizenship under this Article.  My father-in-law was the individual through whom they qualified.  They applied in December of 2014 and received it in February of 2015.  This may, however, been expedited by the fact that my brother-in-law had already gone through the process and received his citizenship, and my husband, etc. could reference his file.  
As I recall they did have to have proof of my father-in-law's German birth (we have his birth certificate) and of course, the birth certificates of those applying. They did not have to prove knowledge of the German language.
My husband also succeeded in obtaining a German passport.

Melody Schloss
Santa Barbara CA

Re: An Old Song - Possibly Russian, possibly Yiddish #general

Jeff Miller

You can find the song on YouTube by Googling the title -- Kukuriku


Best regards,


Jeff Miller

Re: Trouble identifying city / town on ship manifest #austria-czech


I can't find these entries on the original Montezuma manifest, arriving New Brunswick, Canada on Mar 23, 1906.  The handwriting on your list does not resemble anything on the original and must have been made later.
By the way, your grandmother did not make her own entry on the passenger list. It was made by a clerk from information given by the ticket purchaser.  At that time few immigrants from continental Europe could read or write English, in any case.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 6/7/2020 2:39 PM, Jeremy Lefkowitz wrote:
In the "country" column, my great-grandmother put "Austria," but for "city or town" I cannot tell what was entered.  It looks something like "RUBASSA" or "RUBACCA," but I cannot figure it out.  It's the fourth one down from the top of the section in the attached image.  The manifest is for the S.S. Montezuma, March 23 1906.  If anyone has any leads on what this may say, I'd love some help!
Thank you,

Jeremy Lefkowitz
Swarthmore, PA

ViewMate translation request – One Name in Old German Script #germany #general

Jeff Marx

I've posted an 1899 Altona death record, in old German script, for which I need one name deciphered.
It is the name of my 4th great-grandmother, that, up to now, has been unknown.
(I believe it will list her last name as Samuel). It is on ViewMate at the following address:

With my thanks in advance,

Jeff Marx

ViewMate interpretation of photo #belarus #general

dprice dprice

I've posted a photo of my grandfather, Itshok Leib/Leo BADASH from 1930 (photo
may be a passport one). It is on ViewMate at the following address

I am curious abut the shirt he is wearing. It it a military shirt? If so, he
would have been age 27 to 31 in WWI. He lived in Grodno, but his birth
certificate says he was born in Bialystok. Was Grodno ever part of Bialystok

Please respond via the form provided on ViewMate Image page.
Thank you very much.

David Price
researching BADASH/KUSHNER of Grodno, Belarus

Re: New Ukraine records #ukraine #russia

Sherri Bobish

Hi Alizah,

Have you traced your grandparents through U.S. census?  Naturalizations?  Passenger manifests? 

Especially with a common surname it will help your research to find the town that they came from originally.  Naturalization papers (especially post 1906 papers) should give you a town of birth.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Searching: RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala / Ragola, Lith.)
WALTZMAN / WALZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne / Istryker, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.)
LEFFENFELD / LEFENFELD (Daliowa/ Posada Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA (Tarnobrzeg, Pol.)
SOKALSKY / SOLON FINGER(MAN) (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)

Translation - document from Ukraine #translation

Roberta Berman

I posted a document in 2 parts on Viewmate. The upper part is VM 82356 and the lower part is VM 82357.
This document might be for Max Berman from Odessa and/or Bobrinets in Ukraine.
I would like a translation and to know what type of document it is.
Thank you for your help.
Roberta Berman
Southern California

Re: Lithuanian Revision Lists #lithuania

Sherri Bobish

Hi Jeremy,

I have seen family members listed as missing on revision lists from Ariogala (near Kovna.)  These people were already living in NYC at the time of being listed as "missing."


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Searching: RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala / Ragola, Lith.)
WALTZMAN / WALZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne / Istryker, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.)
LEFFENFELD / LEFENFELD (Daliowa/ Posada Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA (Tarnobrzeg, Pol.)
SOKALSKY / SOLON FINGER(MAN) (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)

ViewMate files translation request #translation

Debbie Terman

I've posted 2 vital records in German for which I need translations. They are online at:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Debbie Cohn Terman
Massachusetts, USA

Researching COHN, NAGEL (Germany); STRAUSS, STRZYZA, DUBNER/DYBNER, ZYLBERMAN, WIATRAK, ISMACH (Poland/Russia); SEILER (Poland/Austria/Ukraine)

Re: Immigration photo possibility #general

David Oseas

Visas weren't required until the Immigration Act of 1924 (which took effect on July 1, 1924).

If your relatives naturalized after July 1, 1929, there is likely a photo attached to their Declaration of Naturalization (per Naturalization Act of March 2, 1929).

David Oseas

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SCHECHTER/SHEKTER: Kishinev, Bessarabia > New York  
SHERMAN: Iasi, Romania > New York > Los Angeles
STRUL:  Iasi, Romania > Haifa, Israel
WICHMAN: Syczkowo (Bobruisk), Belarus > Milwaukee > Los Angeles

Re: An Old Song - Possibly Russian, possibly Yiddish #general

Was part of the chorus  "kukirika kukirika+  ...toni go kura ?
If so, that was a song that my father used to sing to me - he was born in Poland in 1896. 
All i remembered was this chorus. Some years ago I sang it to some friends on a kibbutz in Israel and they sang the whole song back to me.
Unfortunately, I do not have it and hope that someone else can send us the words.
The song is about  a rooster crowing in the  morning.  I assume that it is a children's song for waking up in the morning.

Avivah Pinski


I have a very old and distant memory of my grandfather singing a song with a title that sounded like Toni Godl.  The o in Toni is short and I have failed to find any reference.

He was allegedly from Kiev, Ukraine

This has been nagging away for ages, can anyone enlighten me?


Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Re: Towns within Poznan region JewishGen' Gazetteer #poland

Simon Srebrny

FYI: Neither Carlsruhe in Upper Silesia nor Militsch in Lower Silesia is in the Poznan region.

Simon Srebrny

Re: Jewish name Dove #names

Dov is a fairly common Hebrew name.  It means bear and sometimes there is a bear on the individuals's matzevah (gravestone) 
The Yiddish equivalent is Baer.

Avivah Pinski

At 03:35 07/06/2020, kfhgw via wrote:

I'm sorry if this sounds silly but in researching a brother of the ancestor, his lists his father's name as Dove on the death certificate.  There is nothing on the tombstone.  I don't see the name anywhere else in the family and the family I believe is from Poland.  I've not seen Dove as a name before and was wondering if it is short, Yiddish, or nickname for something else.  He lists his mother as Annie which 2 out of the 4 sons have daughter's named Fannie.

Karen Gramigna-Warren

Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

COHEN family from Toronto descendants of family #canada

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with brothers Leron and Eldan #COHEN whose
father was Doron, 1940-2011, son of Shoshana nee #BERDYCZEWSKI which
family traced back to the Rabbinical #HOROWITZ family.

Neil Rosenstein

Re: passenger manifest missing/not indexed? #general

Diane Jacobs

If you go to
You can search the pages of any ship arrival
By clicking on the ship lists section on the first batch passenger manifests to New York. Type in the name of the ship and the month and year. When it comes up, click on the ship's name and up will come the actual manifest pages to look through.

Good luck.
Diane Jacobs

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The SS Rotterdam, a ship from the Holland American Line, arrived in NY December 14, 1904, not December 25, 1904.

Mark Jacobson
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KOPPEL - Stebnik/Drohobycz, Galicia;
JACOBI - Stratyn/Rohatyn, Galicia; ROTHLEIN - Stratyn/Rohatyn, Galicia;
TUCHFELD - Rzeszow/Stryj/Lvov, Galicia; GOLDSTEIN - Ranizow, Galicia

On Sunday, June 7, 2020, 03:51:25 PM EDT, Ryan Cramer via <> wrote:

On my great-grandfather’s immigration docs he indicated that he (Julius Silver) arrived in New York on Dec 25, 1904 on the vessel “SS Rotterdam”, sailing from Rotterdam.  I can’t find a passenger manifest that matches dates and locations.  Are some of them still unpublished/not indexed?  If anyone has a source where I’m able to find this I’d really appreciate it.   Thank you!

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey