Think of the list like Jeopardy #guidelines

A. E. Jordan

Start with your question or goal or write your posting in the form of a question please.
Might not translate to our international subscribers but everyone in the USA will know what I mean when I say think of this like an answer on Jeopardy (it's a game show on TV where you have to answer in the form of a question).
Start with your question or a simple declaration of what you need before you start telling all the background.
I need to find the grave of Joseph Bauman ... he died in January 1962 in Brooklyn NY ...... now I will tell you everything I have done, his life history, his mother's recipe for matzo brei and more ... it's clear and simple and if I have pertinent information about searching for a grave I know the who, the what and the when and can contribute.  If I start by telling you when he came, where he came, his distant relatives, his wife, the marriage, etc. etc. etc. you never get to all I need is the man's grave.
I don't know about everyone else here but when I am busy I only read the first sentence to see if I can contribute.  If I don't see the question or goal immediately it is not clear if I have the pertinent experience and I am sorry to say it I hit delete most days.
So please on behalf of all of the posters / readers / contributors before you hit send make sure you start you message with your goal or your question and then give us the background.  Try it ... you might be surprised how many more pertinent responses you will get.
Thank you
Allan Jordan

Gundersheim #germany


Hello. I am looking for help finding info on David Gundersheim. The info I have is sparse. He died in 1828 possibly in Romsthal/Eckradroth I have burial info for the cemetery and he is not on it. He possibly was married to Hanche (Chai) Ochs or Orb.... I realize this is poor information. I cannot read German (I use translator) and I know name adoption makes things tricky. 

He had 2 sons

Salomon Gundersheim (1808-1856)

Lob Gundersheim (1811-1834)

I apologize for disturbing you but I would like to find more info and connect Gundersheim with Gundersheimers of Mittleson, Germany. Advice is welcomed. I hope you are healthy and safe. Best wishes, Adam Gundersheim

Re: Help Transcribe the Cairo Geniza Online #translation


Good morning,


I would love to see whether I can help with this but the information is not available – Requested page does not exist.

All the best, Malka Chosnek

Re: New Jersey Jewish Cemetaries #usa

A. E. Jordan

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From: Dahn Cukier v

I am searching for my grandmother's grave I only know she died in
October 1974, probably in the Bronx. I have been told she is buried in
Southern NJ, but that may be a reference to south of NYC.

QUESTION: Is there a complete list of Jewish cemeteries located
in New Jersey?


The IAJGS did a comprehensive listing

but it is long and sorted by town. 

If she was buried in New Jersey it could well be because she was part of a burial society that had its plot in New Jersey.  I ran into a similar situation a few months back when I was tracing someone and it turned out there was a Bronx Ladies Auxiliary that had a plot in a smaller cemetery in New Jersey.

Is she buried do you think with your grandfather?  Sometimes following other family members gets you to the right grave.

I believe under the NYC privacy laws you are entitled to a copy of your grandmother's death certificate.  It will have to wait till the current public health crisis is under control but then you can try ordering a copy of her death certificate as it should show the details on her burial.

Otherwise try the databases such as JOWBR on JewishGen, FindaGrave, BillionsGraves, etc. in hopes one of them captured the details.  I assume you already checked the newspapers to see if the family placed a death notice.

Funeral homes some times have the records but 1974 could be a challenge to find the funeral home to begin with.

Hope this helps and gives you a few ideas.

Allan Jordan

Morris Fogel going from Illinois to Poland 1921 #poland

Marilyn Levinson

My ancestor emigrated to the United States in 1913.  I have his passenger manifest.  In 1921, he returned to Poland to escort his wife, sister-in-law and brother's children to the U.S., and I have this manifest.
He returned to the States with these people in 1921.  I am unable to find a passport application on line.  It would be wonderful to discover because I could see a
picture of Morris.  If I am unable to find a passport online is there any agency I can write to to request a passport application.  It is unclear to me whether Morris was a U.S. citizen at the time of his second trip.  On the 1921 manifest he is listed as Moses Feigel, born about 1882, arriving NY March 23, 1921, on the SS Mount Clay (which is another fascinating story about how the ship was diverted from New York to Boston because of typhus concerns), so he may have disembarked in Boston rather than NYC.Thank you for your help.
Marilyn Levinson
Spring Lake NC

Re: How to learn if an immigrant received US citizenship? #usa


The date your mishbocha became naturalized can be significant. My grandparents immigrated in 1913 but in researching their history I discovered there did not become US citizens until 1942 — the year textbooks show the Einsatzgruppen burned their home village to the ground and murdered every one in it, 

Re: New Jersey Jewish Cemetaries #usa


You could also try contacting one of the Jewish genealogical societies in New Jersey for more information.

Jewish Historical Society of Central Jersey:
Jewish Genealogical Society of North Jersey:



Re: Seeking a book by Gabriela Mistral #france #germany #holocaust

Peter Lobbenberg

Hi Kira,
There is a copy available on Abebooks from a dealer in Chile for $200 plus $35 postage to USA (ouch) - but you might be able to persuade the dealer to photocopy you a few pages out of the kindness of his heart!
Stay well,
Best wishes
Peter Lobbenberg, London

Son apparently named after living father #names #germany

Peter Lobbenberg

I have just found on Ancestry the marriage record of Isaac Mayer and Barbara Strauss, born Simon, in Mainz in 1848.  Here's a loosely translated extract:
"On 19 January 1848 there appeared before me, etc ... Isaac Mayer, citizen of Mainz, hitherto living in Ingenheim, born in Kriegshaber in Bavaria on 31 January 1815, adult son of Joseph Mayer, teacher of religion, who died in Kriegshaber on 4 February 1818 and his wife Therese Bachmann who died in Kriegshaber on 15 April 1830.  The grandparents too are deceased: Joseph Mayer in Altenstadt on 24 January 1812, Rachele Landauer in Altenstadt on 2 June 1786, Elias Bachman [sic] in Altenstadt on 5 January 1803 and Fanny Bachman in the same locality [ebendaselbst] on 5 August 1840."
The record appears unusual in naming grandparents: I wonder if the explanation is that Isaac had no senior family members available to approve the marriage (the bride's mother, in contrast, is specifically recorded as living and present and as giving her approval). 
But I'm mainly posting about Isaac's father.  He is named Joseph Mayer - but so is the grandfather, who died only three years before Isaac's birth and must therefore have been living when Isaac's father Joseph was born.  I had thought there was a long-standing rule or custom among German Jews not to name children after living relatives, much less a living parent.  Can anyone suggest why that rule might have been breached in this case?  I'm aware that there has been recent discussion of this phenomenon on another thread, but that appears to centre largely around Eastern Jews and Sephardim, and I'm particularly focusing here on German Jewry.
Many thanks in advance,
Peter Lobbenberg in lockdown London, UK


Need help to decipher town name #austria-czech


I've posted an entry from the 1920 US Census showing a person's
birthplace. I can read "Austria", but not the town or city. To me it
appears to start with "Hosch....". Keeping in mind that this was post-WW
I, can someone do better?

Thank you


Re: How to learn if an immigrant received US citizenship? #usa


Are you asking for historical/genealogical reasons?

Currently:Noncitizens living in the United States may be eligible for Social Security if they: are permanent legal residents; have visas that allow them to work in the United States; or were allowed in the country under the Family Unity or Immediate Relative provisions of U.S. immigration law.Oct 10, 2018

Re: Oshman Moshe from Wilna Lithuania that married Miriam Goldzicher in Warsaw Poland, #lithuania #belarus #poland


You should check out LitvakSIG on Jewish Gen. There is a district called Oshmiany which is part of the wider Vilnius (Wilna) region. That may offer you some clues about the origin of Moshe Oshman. The All Lithuania Database should help too. 

NORDSCHILD Family of Niederwerrn, Bavaria #germany

Ralph Baer

I posted on GerSIG on August 11, 2009 asking about the NORDSCHILD family of Niederwerrn in the present-day Landkreis Schweinfurt in Bavaria. I think that this family has a common male-line ancestry with my ancestral NORDHEIMER family of Memmelsdorf in Unterfranken (Landkreis Haßberge, Bavaria) from when both lived in Nordheim vor der Rhön. I won’t go into detail about that here.


I have been assembling data on the NORDSCHILDs even though I am not sure about the connection.


In the interim, I have found several trees on Ancestry and Geni with contradictory information about some branches of the Niederwerrn NORDSCHILD family. I have written to a couple of the posters, but I have not received any responses. I am writing now to ask if anyone knows if there are vital records on-line for Niederwerrn or if anyone has access to 19th-century records for the town.


Ralph N. Baer     Washington, DC      RalphNBaer@...


Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Re: The Cholera Pandemic in Galicia #austria-czech #poland #galicia


Presumably Asriel Geller died of cholera in Galicia in October 1848.
In June 1848 three members of my ancestral Glazer family died within a week of each other in Lipcani, Bessarabia - two brothers and the wife of one of them. 
It was a world-wide pandemic that reached its zenith in 1848, the year of European revolutions.

Re: How to learn if an immigrant received US citizenship? #usa

Stephen Weinstein


No, citizenship is not needed to get a social security number.  Anyone eligible to work in the U.S., including legal permanent residents ("green card" holders) and those who are here on visas would qualify for a social security number.  Some others do as well; I'm not sure of the criteria, but I remember that they get social security cards that say "not valid for employment" or something like that.

2nd Great Grandfather Moshe Mordecai BARNETT found in Kutno, Lodz, Poland #poland

yvonne baines

Dear Geners, 
My DNA result shows my 2nd ggrandfather Moshe Mordecai BARNETT, lived in Kutno, Lodz.  The only information other than that wonderful finding is that His daughter Miriam, my ggreatgrandmother was born maybe there in 1842.  She married Israel (Joseph) COHEN, from Lomza, Poland.   The first source I have for them both is the 1881 Census for England & Wales, Living in Liverpool, England.   Does any of this information 'ring a bell with anyone'.   Does anyone have any BARNETT ancestors from Kutno or surrounding area?
Thank you,
Yvonne Tamtom

Re: New Jersey Jewish Cemetaries #usa


Researching the family of Auguste ZOBEL #general


Searching for the descendants of Auguste ZOBEL born 1888 in Pleschen daughter of Nossen ZOBEL and Helene WERNER died in November 1940 in the sinking of the SS Patria in Haifa Harbor. Her second husband Jacob BARASCH born 1880 in Lissa survived. 

Auguste had two daughters born 1918-1922. We believe Auguste’s first husband’s surname was ZOBEL as well. Daughter Leni>Helene Hahn living in Tel Aviv in 1940 and Elsa ZOBEL survived the war in Europe, but whereabouts after 1949 unknown. Jacob had a son Gerhard born 1919 in Berlin, naturalized and living in Palestine in 1940.

Auguste had other family members living in Israel through her two sisters Fredericka ZOBEL RUSCHIN and Tinka>Therese ZOBEL SALOMON both killed in Shoah. They include Fritz RUSCHIN (d) 1938, Fritz MEYER  (d) 1997, Heinz “Hillel” SALOMON (d) abt. 2000 and Elisabeta>Elsa SALOMON Rosenberg (d) 2004
Ann Adenbaum

Help Transcribe the Cairo Geniza Online (URL CORRECTION) #translation

Adam Cherson

The url provided earlier is now obsolete. The correct url is:


This is a wonderful way to donate small amounts of time to help recover a valuable segment of Jewish History.


I've done some of this and it is something almost anyone can do, a few minutes here and there. Knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary.


Adam Cherson, NY, NY


Oshman Moshe from Wilna Lithuania that married Miriam Goldzicher in Warsaw Poland, #lithuania #belarus #poland


Looking for maternal grandfather of Maria Gordon Kosfiszer.
Her maternal grandmother was Miriam Goldzicher, born on December 22, 1888 in Warsaw,Poland. Miriam had 5 siblings
Miriam Married around 1915 in Warsaw Poland Moshe Oshman from Wilna, Lithuania. We do not know the spelling of Oshman, the date of birth or the exact place he came from as Wilna may refer the the city, or a much larger area.
We have stories that the Oshmans had a fruit store and they were 3 brothers and one sister.
Miriam and Moshe had an only child, Leah Oshman, born Nov 8 1916.
When Leah was not yet one year old her father and mother developed typhus and Moshe past away. Miriam survived but died young in 1937.
Miriam remarried and moved from Warsaw to the Ukraine, and later on to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I would appreciate any help regarding Moshe's origins.