Re: U.S. Appeals Court Rules Spanish Museum May Keep Nazi Looted Art #announcements #holocaust

Dear all

In his long discussion Mr. Cherson writes that Camille Pissaro was of Danish-French descent. Wrong! Jacob Abraham Camille Pissarro was born Jewish, to a father of Portuguese marrano extraction who was an active member of the little Jewish community of the island and to a local Jewish mother. He came in conflict with the Jewish community because he married the widow of his uncle which for the strict orthodox then and now is utterly forbidden. This has of course nothing to do with the judicial Cassirer issue. But to the many solutions suggested by Mr. Cherson I would add, why not donating the Pissaro to the Israel's Museum in Jerusalem?


Prof. Isak Gath MD, DIC, DSc

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Berlin Jewish Museum reopens #germany

Yvonne Stern

 Berlin Jewish Museum reopens with totally revamped new Core Exhibit 

Berlin Jewish Museum has reopened with a totally revamped core exhibition that prioritizes Jewish life in Germany — including rebuilding Jewish life in the decades after the Shoah and then after the Berlin Wall came down — as well as Jewish history, art, traditions, and heritage.
Read more at:  

Yvonne Stern
Rio de Janeiro

Shlomo Boruch Tennenbaum #slovakia #austria-czech #rabbinic

Moishe Tanenbaum

I am some how related to R' Shlomo Boruch Tennenbaum, born in 1891 and married Chaya ?. He was a Dayin in Stropkov. I have names of his children (but I cannot verify that): Wolf, Eliezer, Binyomin and Avrohom from Szeborov, Checkoslovakia. He was a "Talmud Muvak" of the great Ropshitzer Rebbe. I am looking for any information . Thank you.

Moishe Tanenbaum

Hungarian Jewish BMD records #records #hungary

henry wellisch

These records from about 1835 to 1895 have been available on line from the Family History Library for years. However since recently they are now only available at the Family History Centres.This is a very large collection with many hundreds of microfilmed BMD records. Does anyone know why this change occurred ?
Henry Wellisch

New translated records for Volozhin #records #lithuania


All records from Volozhin...especially Revision Lists...have been translated under the auspices of the
LitvakSIG Oshmiany District Research Group (DRG). You can search them by surname/Town in
the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database or...even can browse and sort the Excel files of
the translated records on the DRG site.

Please write me privately to find out how you can gain access to this password-protected site
with thousands of records on it.

Judy Baston, Coordinator
LitvakSIG Oshmiany District Research Group

Re: Russian Website Jewish Roots #russia #general

Joel Ratner

By way of a map, see the attachment which shows the Pale of Settlement within the Russian Empire.
Map courtesy of YIVO
Joel Ratner
Newton, MA.

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List of Victims of Belzec #poland

Zev Cohen

Are there any comprehensive lists of Jews transported to and murdered at or on the way to Belzec?

Zev Cohen

Chaya HOROWITZ or Malka GREENSPAN, Zlochew post Holocaust #holocaust #poland

Yonatan Ben-Ari

My wife's aunts , Chaya HOROWITZ and Malka GREENSPAN (ne: EIZEN) were
thought to have perished in the holocaust. There now arose a
possibility that one of them may have survived and was seen begging
for food after the war (where ? unknown). The source of this rumour
is no longer alive.

Does anyone know of either of these two women who were born in Zlochew
(then Poland) or know for sure that either of them perished in the
holocaust. I presume that whoever entered their information in Yad
Vashem (they are no longer alive) may have based their input on a


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: US Naturalization questions (more or less general) #general #records

Herbert Lazerow

    Some women who were naturalized before 1922 by marrying husbands who were American citizens filed their own naturalization papers in th 1930s or 1940s.  It is worth checking because the naturalization petitions contain valuable genealogical information, as do the declarations of intent.
Herbert Lazerow
Professor of Law, University of San Diego
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Author: Mastering Art Law (Carolina Academic Press, 2d ed. 2020)

New Translation Uploaded #bessarabia #yizkorbooks

R Jaffer

I am pleased to announce that the first half of Volume A of The Jews in Bessarabia; Between the World Wars 1914-1940 has been generously translated by Sheli Fain and uploaded to the Yizkor Book translations at:

Sheli is working to complete Volume A. We are looking for a volunteer to translate Volume B. Please contact me privately if you are available to do so.

Roberta Jaffer

Bessarabia Research Division Yizkor Books Coordinator



WWII Evacuees LitvakSIG record #lithuania #records


I found a record on the LitvakSIG WWII evacuees list that may correspond to someone from my family. Is there a way to gain more information from that record.
The record I'm referring to is:

R10528 SLESERIS / [SHLESER], Yakov 
  Salomon b. 1907 
Communist party member 

WWII Evacuee to the USSR 
Served in the 16th division of the Red Army.

Birth/marriage/census records in Oberwart, Hungary #hungary


This town known as Oberwart or Felső Eőr in hungarian, i would like
to know if there is any birth/marriage records for the years of
1800-1825 or if any census records for this town.

M Lenzky

Re: Genealogy research leads to discovery of cousins thought to have died in the Holocaust #holocaust


Some 3 years ago, while browsing old family pictures, I found a picture of a young boy with his name written on the back - Herszel SZTARKMAN. I asked my grandmother who he was, but she didn't know. His surname - SZTARKMAN - was not in my family tree and she never heard of it in our family.

Some weeks later I was searching my great-grandmother`s surname in the Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony and I found some records with her surname and... SZTARKMAN. The pages were submited by a man called Herszel SZTARKMAN in 1990 in memory of his parents and siblings who perished in the Holocaust. His mother's name and surname were those of a sister of my great-grandmother - Rukhlia TKACZ - and his father's name was named Pinkus. They were from Rowne, Volhynia. My great-grandmother was from Vladimir Volynski, not far from there.

I asked for help in ViewMate (the page of testimony was in Russian). In resume: the man who submited the pages lived in Jalal Abad, Kyrgysztan. Again, I asked for help in this forum and someone googled for his name using the cyrillic alphabet. One of the results was an article from an online newspaper from Kyrgysztan about a blood hospital in Jalal Abad whose 1st director in the 1970's was... Gerschel Pinkusevitch SZTARKMAN. Bingo!

At the age of 86 my grandmother discovered she had a cousin she never knew about.

Flavio Baran

Sons in law's names Abramchik Yossel and Itzik Yossel. #names


I have the following information from a YiskorBook in Lithuania.
Rabbi Yosef Katz had 2 sons in laws , Abramchik Yossel and Itzik Yossel.
Now Abram(chik) was my great grandfather. He definitely did not have another name Yossel .His father was not Yossel.
I am wondering whether the Yossel in both sons in laws'  names  actually refers to their father in law Yossel.
Is this a known name usage ?
Thank you,
Ros Romem

Basic 1: Explore the Revamped JewishGen Website - Available Anytime, Any Device #announcements #general #education #JewishGenUpdates

Nancy Holden

Basic 1: Explore the Revamped JewishGen Website - Available Anytime,
Any Device

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downloaded workbook.

Want to learn to navigate your way through the maze of Jewish data
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and byways that make up the JewishGen massive website. You will visit
the links that connect the composite databases, projects, Research
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There is no requirement to receive this series of lessons; everyone is
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for JewishGen's Value Added Services (having made a $100 donation to
JewishGen's General Fund within the past 12 months). You are then
welcome to enroll at no additional charge (the system will recognize
you and will not ask for a credit card; if it doesn't, please email
the instructor).

Course Description:
Register for this class:

For questions, please email
Nancy Holden
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Looking for my family in Lowicz Piontek Sobota #poland


I am searching for family and looking for everyone that belong to the familys: Wolkowicz, Kalski, Jastrzembski
from the above towns.
Drori Yoel,
From Israel

Re: Help needed to decipher handwriting of the name of vessel on attached Petition for Naturalization #usa

Paul Silverstone

It is difficult to make out the second word, but I think the first word is not the name of a ship.   It is also difficult to determine the year
of passage although his second child was born in NY in 1902.    There were no ships on the North Atlantic run
with a short name like this beginning with F.   Bonsor's "North Atlantic Seaway" in the  index for F like this.

Paul Silverstone


Re: Lithuania / Russia city called "Mempsi #russia #lithuania

Alexander Sharon


Sounds like name of one of the Lithuanian towns "Naumestis" (NewTowns): Kudirkos Naumestis, Zemaiciu Numestis and Naujmiestis.

Alexander Sharon

Re: Jones Avenue / Goel Tzedec Cemetery, Toronto #canada

Neil Richler

Hi Adam,

Our cemetery project at JGS Toronto has been stalled for a few years. The late Allen Halberstadt did and amazing job of collecting data and took many photographs of most Toronto cemeteries. Since he passed away 6 years ago, we have made slower progress. We have photos for most of the cemeteries including Jones. Please contact me privately with what you are looking for and I'll check and will email what I have.

Neil Richler

Re: Graves in Belz, Ukraine, Jewish cemetery? #rabbinic #ukraine #records

Jeffrey B. Palmer, MD

I cannot answer your question but I can empathize because we have similar issues with my own family.

I want to mention the wonderful Yiddish song “Belz, mein Shtetele Belz.” I love that song!


Jeff Palmer
Researching PINKOWITZ (Bessarabia), DOKTOR (Bohemia), HARFENIST (Galicia), WEINSTEIN (Russia, New York, Baltimore)

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