labeling paper photographs

Myra Waddell

The best way to do this, as I was told many years ago is to write the
names on the back, using a soft pencil - 5B or 6B.

Myra Waddell.  South Australia.

BORKOVSKY - Lomza Gubernia, Poland; Irkutsk, Siberia; Hailar and Harbin,
China; Israel.
BORZIANSKY - Kamyanets-Podolskiy and Vinnitsa, Ukraine.
GOLDENBERG - Bucharest, Romania; Paris, France. England.
HOFFMAN - Braila and Bucharest, Romania.
UZNER/HAUSNER/OSNER/POSNER - Chotyn and Kishinev, Bessarabia/Romania.

Re: JewishGen Education DNA II class April 26-May 16 #dna

Lawrence Fagan

I wanted to clarify another question that came in about the DNA II course.  I referred to autosomal DNA testing in the brief description of the course.   The DNA tests that you see advertised by the various companies are testing the autosomal DNA and you will have the information needed for this course.  There are more specialized tests that are not a prerequisite for this course. Those additional tests look at the paternal line (Y chromosome analysis) or the maternal line (Mitochondrial DNA).  We will discuss those tests and how to interpret the results, but the main focus is on the standard (autosomal) DNA tests offered by all of the companies.

Thank you,
   Larry Fagan

Re: Scanning Documents and Photos - personal preferences #general

Dahn Cukier

Bob, Eva, Ari

I keep the originals that I have been given or are mine.
I return borrowed photos. Borrowed photos are not sually removed
from albums, especially old ones. I have begun testing taking
photos with a smartphone, but I want to buy/build a stand
for the phone.

Why not TIF. My first scanner was an HP5300C model C7690A. It was
purchased before 1994 (It was brought from the US before my last
visit in 1994), at that time TIF was not popular.

I work on copies of the original scans. If you are not computer literate,
ask someone to setup a folder/directory to hold originals and work
only on copies.

Backup both the originals and any work you have done, such as
crop,ping. I crop for including a person's face in Brother's Keeper
documents. If the original scan was received and I did not have
the original, a person can be identified by body build, haircut, and
who else in the photo, but the face is a blur.

BACKUP. Be sure to backup and disconnect the backup device when not
in use. A disconnected device cannot be encrypted with ransomeware.


When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Friday, April 3, 2020, 05:55:46 PM GMT+3, Bob Friedman <rjf@...> wrote:


Why scan to jpg or png, both lossy formats, rather than tif, which is lossless? Every edit, including cropping, degrades the quality of jpg and png images, defeating the purpose of scanning at the highest resolution. 

I also use Irfanview and it works just as well for tif images as it does for jpgs.  Generally speaking, I scan at 300 dpi and faces usually come out fine in crops and enlargements.  If necessary, I re-scan at 400 or 600 dpi.  Eventually I find there is a point of diminishing returns, where higher resolutions create images that are marginally better and don't justify the ever larger file sizes.
Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

Selecting, scanning, identifying and desicarding old paper photographs #general

Alberto Guido Chester

I wish to thank all and every one of the kind Jewishgenners who provided different ideas, commnents, technical suggestions, etc. to my question.
Sorry for not mentioning each person individually.
The suggestions were so wide, ample and diverse (and sometimes contradictory) that I do not think it would be fair on my part to try to summarize them.
I encourage interested persons to view the thread and draw your own conclusions.
However, there is ONE thing which I have learned and would like to share more than any other: write down who is in each picture NOW, dont wait. 
Thanks again and STAY AT HOME !
Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Re: Finding family in Hungary #hungary


All  Iknow is they came from Kaley (Bokony)

Taub or Bihari #hungary


looking for any Family Taub in or Bihari in  Hungary


moderated Re: "Unorthodox" - 2015 film about a college year spent in Israel and another, 2020 a wife, 19, flees to Berlin from Satmar Williamsburg #israel #germany #usa


When the book was released there was a wholesale assault (not physical!) on her by the Hassidic community.  The book is accurate according to her recollections, meaning it is an autobiography rather than a biography or history.  The community complains that some things could not have happened the way she writes them because of a historical time line, for example,  when certain buildings were constructed.  These types of memory re-arrangements are common in autobiographies, they are fabrications.  There were small changes, more for clarity, but they were not "lies" as the Hasidic community trolls stated.  For example, in the book she mentions that she watched the film, "Trembling Before G-d" and that she saw her mother in the film.  In fact, her mother, who has since come out as a lesbian, is interviewed in the in the extra reel.  I am guessing she changed this, as the "truth" would be needlessly clumsy to explain, and also some people were left out of the story (her younger sister) for privacy reasons. Fredel is correct, the scenes of her life in the community were as portrayed in the book, her live in Berlin are fictional.  Her mom lives in the US and is a science teacher, I believe.

Free online digital map collections #announcements


Some of these collections are world-wide but are located in the hashtag indicated country.
#Poland, #Portugal, #Canada 
#USA, #Germany, #Scotland, #UNESCO
#France, #Spain, #Britain, #Czech

Re: Validation of death date of Dachau prisoner #holocaust #rabbinic

Julia Trainor

Hello Moses
My grandfather Jakob Schmidl also died in a sub camp of Dachau, having been transported from Auschwitz to Dachau on transport Ek on 28 September 1944.  His transport card, which is indexed on JewishGen's Dachau Concentration Camp Records, gives his death date as 7 February 1945, but that is the date his death was notified to Dachau.   His actual death date was 5 January 1945 in one of the Kaufering sub camps.   I discovered this in a document supplied by the Arolsen Archives.  
With best wishes for your research
Julia Trainor
Canberra, Australia

Re: Polish Jewish Holocaust Survivors: Lübeck #holocaust #poland

Danielle Weiner


Can you make this list available to anyone who contacts you privately?

Thank you,
Danielle Weiner
Dallas, TX

Re: Scanning Documents and Photos - personal preferences #general

Eva Lawrence

I've copied down the very useful  technical hints, but here are some new views on what to keep.
It's important not to just crop faces, but also scan the whole picture. Clothes can be important for dating photos and show the atmosphere of the picture. Backgrounds show whether it's a studio portrait or not, may  help to identify the place of residence.. I think it is advisable not to destroy the original if at all possible, because you are never as completely informed as you think,  and when it's gone  completely unexpected questions that come up later which can't be answered.. This is most important for photos from the 19th and first half of the 20th century , when people were not as snap-happy as in digital times. The very existence of an early photograph shows that it is of importance. .And the people you don't recognise may be of interest to a new DNA contact or even to  a complete stranger seeing it in an archive, if thr picture provides clues which speak to them.
As an example, I received a box of old photographs from a second cousin on my father's side and discovered a great-uncle on my mother's side in a group photograph. It was the back of the picture which showed that it had been taken in an interment camp, and the great-uncle's only suit that clinched his identification..  For completeness of your records, the source of any unidentified  photograph will also be needed - which side of the family did it come from? 
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Marcia Brodsky #latvia


Close ties to Latvia, Lithuania Kanner/Kangiser, Long/Lant, Tischler, Dischler according to dna (2017) but not responsive.

Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names

Marilyn Silva

My great grandmother was also called Ida.  But her name on arrival to the U.S. was Chaje which was changed to Ida.

Re: Selling of Ukrainian Jewish Cemeteries and Mass Graves - Updated #ukraine



It is beyond distressing to learn that Ukraine wants to sell not only cemeteries but also massacre sites.  I looked at some of the files you attached and found it to be overwhelming, I could not read more than a little bit without getting lost. Is there a summary document? Is there something someone like myself, just an average person with family members in a massacre site, could do?  Someone to whom to write?  

Thanks for your concern about this.
Louise Goldstein

Researching GOLDSTEIN/GOLDSZTERN, BRANDT, WOLOCH, HERSZENFELD (Terespol, Piszczac, Poland; Brest, Belarus); RONEN (Kiyev, Fastov, Ukraine; Lyoev, Belarus); LOPUSHANSKIY; ROZENZUMEN/BEN-DOV (Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Poland; Israel); BATTALEN, POPKOV (Voronezh, Russia); CHALEWSKY/CHALLOV (Krive Ozero, Ukraine).

Phinehas ben Avraham Abba Shapiro aka Pinkas of Koretz #belarus #ukraine


I am researching Phinehas ben Avraham Abba Shapiro born 1726 in Belarus and died 14 Aug 1791 in Shepetovka Ukraine. It is family lore that he is the 6th (?) great-grandfather of my brother-in-law whose 3rd great-grandmother is Chai Sarah Shapiro. I cannot make the connection from Chai Sarah Shapiro born c. 1818 to Phinehas ben Avraham Abba Shapiro. I know that Chai Sarah Shapiro was married to Pincus Gidonsky and had a daughter Naomi Gidonsky born c. 1850 in Rovno Ukraine. I would appreciate any help. Thank you, Dawn Halvorsen (dferg17@...)

#germany Schnoder Plaque #germany


Dear Friends,
Today I received a copy of a document existing in the museum archives of the Kriegshaber Synagogue Museum of Augsburg Germany.
I was told that the document is called a "Schnoder Plaque" which lists the names of those permitted to be called to the Torah. I am told it dates to about 1930.
I have never heard of such a document, and wonder if anyone is familiar with the term? My grandfather's, father 's and uncle's names are listed on this document.
Thanks for any insight.
Richard Oppenheimer

HAASE Family of Frankfurt #germany #israel #holocaust

Carol Jean Weightman

I am looking for information on the children of Josef and Felicia HAASE.

Son Peter Joachim was born on 3 August 1922 in Frankfurt. Peter had to do forced labour at the Jüdisches Forsteinsatzlager Schönfelde (Jewish forest work camp) in Brandenburg. On 1 November 1941, he was deported to the Lodz ghetto and from there on 8 April 1942 to a forced labour camp in Posen (Poznan). His fate is uncertain: some documents say he was drowned on the way to Palestine when the refugee ship was sunk by the British. Perhaps he had been liberated and had tried to reach Israel on an illegal immigrant ship. If Peter was able to get to Israel, he may have descendants.

Daughter Ruth was born on 20 June 1915 in Fulda. Ruth may have married someone with surname SCHWERINER and immigrated to Brazil. She is thought to have died in Sao Paulo in 1937. I cannot find Brazilian documents that confirm this. I cannot find a record in Brazil or in Germany to confirm the marriage.

If anyone knows what happened to Peter Joachim and to Ruth, please contact me.

Thank you, Carol
Carol Jean Weightman <c.j.weightman@...>

Re: Selecting, scanning, identifying and desicarding old paper photographs #general

Sally Bruckheimer

Someone recommended "label the back of every picture now."
That is not a good practice, as it can harm the place where the label is, either indenting the letters or causing ink to perhaps bleed through. If you want to label a picture of one or two people, do it in the margin. 
For group photos, I use tracing paper and carefully make an outline of the people, so the tracing has all the heads and can be lined up with the photo. Then I label the tracing. I have only one picture of my father, in one of the group photos.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Scanning Documents and Photos - personal preferences #general


What a detailed and incredibly helpful explanation!
Thank you so much.
I do append a further question- what do you do
with the originals.  I shudder at the idea of
destroying them- but storage space is often
an issue.  All the best and again, thank you.
-Ari Dale, Israel

moderated Re: "Unorthodox" - 2015 film about a college year spent in Israel and another, 2020 a wife, 19, flees to Berlin from Satmar Williamsburg #israel #germany #usa


There are youtube videos with the author Deborah Feldman, who now lives in Germany.  This book does not at all seem to have been a hoax.  That rumor may have been started by members of the Chassidic group that she left.

As to the show on Netflix:  to the best of my understanding, the scenes that dealt with her time as a member of the community were based on the book, the scenes that deal with the time after she left that community are fictional.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA