EJDELMANN Family - Rakow Minsk Belarus, Bialystok Poland, and Quebec/Toronto Canada #belarus #poland

Colleen Fitzpatrick

Hi Listers,
Does anyone have information on the family of 
Hillel Ejelmann
b. 5 Nov 1902 in Rakow, Minsk, Ukraine
d. 19 Sep 1963 in Bialystok, Podlaski, Poland
He lost his first wife, son and daughter, in the Holocaust.  We don't know their names.  
He remarried
Maria Bunczuk
b. 3 Oct 1907 in Smorgan, Grodno, Belarus
d. 5 Nov 1982 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
and had a son and daughter:
Anna Ejdelmann (1945 Bialystok Poland - 2009 Toronto, Canada), m Benjamin Goldfajn, one child
Leon Ejdelmann (1948 Bialystok Poland - Living)
Maria was married two other times and had the following children with the following husbands:
----- Barkan
- Chaja Barkan (1928-1941)
- Grisha Barkan (1936-1941)
Noam Shostak
- Boryc Ejdelman Borka (1941-2008)
Please contact me if you recognize these names.  Thank you!
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Co-Executive Director, DNA Doe Project
Founder, Identifinders International

BIRSZTAJN and SHER/SZERMAN Families from Warsaw, Poland - 1940-1942 #poland

Colleen Fitzpatrick

Hi Listers,
I have been researching these families for the last few years. I have Warsaw city directories, have consulted the ITS, and have family photos from one of the descendants.  Please contact me if anyone has a connection to these two families.
Thank you!
Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD

Re: German SIG #Germany Re: Rothschild - Bielefeld or Paderborn, Germany #germany

James Rothschild

Dear Fritz,

I have come back here to an invite to the New groups forum and refound your reply :-)
I appear to have never replied to your generous reply and research? :-(
Sincere apologies.

So many extra stories and backgrounds here I was unaware of x

I am confused that Julia is also named as Adele?
Maybe this is a cultural re-naming after marriage? Forgive my ignorance.

Ultimately I am search for Karl's parents, siblings and perhaps his true place of origin as there is only one other Rothschild I can find in his birthplace listed as Paderborn.

Kind regards and with thanks,

James Rothschild

name search: ROTHSCHILD
location search: BIELEFELD, PADERBORN

re:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

James Rothschild asked about his ROTHSCHILD ancestors >from Bielefeld or Paderborn including:>

Moses ROTHSCHILD b. 03/04/1872, Abraham ROTHSCHILD b. 16/06/1874
Salomon ROTHSCHILD b. 16/05/1877, Bernhard ROTHSCHILD b. 13/09/1879
Feodor (Teodor?) ROTHSCHILD b. 06/02/1881 [my Great Grandfather]
Meta ROTHSCHILD b. 09/09/1885

Dear James,
I normally live in Bielefeld, in the sources accessible to me at this
point in time, I found some of your relatives:
ROTHSCHILD Abraham born 16-Jun-1874 survivor, dep. to
Theresienstadt on 12-May-1943, liberated in Theresienstadt, returned to
Bielefeld, where he died on
26-Aug-1954. Before the deportation he had worked for the old iron
collector Heine. He was married to Emma ROTHSCHILD, maiden name
QUAKERNACK, born 22-Aug-1877, who was not Jewish, they had a son Max
ROTHSCHILD, 18-Jun-1901, died 28-Oct-1934, and a daughter, Margarete

ROTHSCHILD, Bernhard 13.09.1879 lived in Bielefeld till 22-Jan-1941, he
had a butcher shop, which he had to hand over to his son Franz in 1934
(when Jews were no longer allowed to own shops). He died on 22-Jan-1941
in Bielefeld. He had been married to Elise ROTHSCHILD, maiden name
SCHOENSTEIN, born 03-Jul-1881 in Stolber/Rhineland, died 24-Dec-1947 in
Bielefeld, Catholic. They had two children, Franz ROTHSCHILD and
Katharina LEHMKUHL, maiden name ROTHSCHILD.

ROTHSCHILD, Franz, born 07-Jul1908 in Bielefeld, took over his father's
butcher shop in 1934. As a "half-Jew" on 19-Sep-1944 he was deported to
a forced labour camp. He returned to Bielefeld after the end of the war
and married Erna POSTEHER, born 14-Dec-1914, who he had not been allowed
to marry during Nazi rule. In 1968 he ran a furniture shop.

JOEPGEN, Meta, born 08-Sep-1885, widow, was deported to Theresienstadt
on 31-Jul-1942, she survived and returned to Bielefeld. She died in
Bielefeld on 18-Nov-1957.

ROTHSCHILD, Sally, born 16-May-1877 in Bielefeld, was a member of the
Social Democratic Party (SPD). His parents were Karl and Adele
ROTHSCHILD, maiden name GRUENEWALD. He died on 15-Nov-1952 in Bielefeld,
his wife, Adele ROTHSCHILD, maiden name UPHOFF, born 23-May-1882 in
Bielefeld, Protestant, died on 07-Mar-1954. Both had to give up their
restaurant "At the Lawn's Bank" after the Nuremberg Laws were issued. On
19-Sep-1944 Sally ROTHSCHILD was arrested in the course of a general
Jews action, but not deported, since of his severe diabetes condition.
With his wife Adele he had the children Meta JOEPGEN, maiden name
ROTHSCHILD, and Fritz, married to Luise ROTHSCHILD, maiden name SCHELP:

ROTHSCHILD, Fritz, born 06-Jan-1904, a brother of Meta JOEPGEN, was a
member of the Reichsbanner, a para-military group of the Social
Democratic Party. In 1933 he was forbidden to open a cinema in Rheine.
In 1935 he had to take over his father's restaurant in Bielefeld. In the
course of the general action against Jews he also was arrested and taken
to the forced labour camp Oberloquitz/Saalfeld. His wife, Luise
ROTHSCHILD, maiden name SCHELP, born 21-Oct-1904 in
Bielefeld-Schildesche, non-Jewish, moved to Baiersbrunn with their two
children Margot, born 29-Sep-1930 and Helmut, born 04-Jan-1938, where
they stayed till the end of the war. After the end of the war Fritz
ROTHSCHILD was Bielefeld police president till July 1945. 1968 the
ROTHSCHILD couple lived in Duesseldorf where Fritz owned several cinemas.

There may be further data available, but these above should give you
something to work on. Let me know what you are interested in,

with kind regards, Fritz Neubauer, North Germany fritz.neubauer@...

Re: Should maiden names be in CAPITALS? #general #JewishGenUpdates #names

Lisa Liel

Why do surnames need to be in capitals?  That seems unwieldy.



My lost uncle #israel

Tafuri, Diane

Searching to see if anyone knows of an Albert Hakim, who would’ve escaped from Salonica Greece, during the war, and emmigrated to Israel. He would have been about 40 years old, he had a motorcycle, and he was deaf. There is a record of someone with that name going through Turkey on his way to Israel Between 1943 and 1945.  He was my mother’s brother and I would like to know if he made it there and if I have relatives in Israel. I am not sure whether he was sent to Auschwitz with his parents or if he escaped and made it to Israel.
If anyone knows anything about him, please call me. 
Diane Tafuri 513-602-6610

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Re: Prohibition Bootleggers and Sacramental Wine "Fake Rabbis" #usa #general

Jeff Marx


If you haven't already, for additional names, look at Marni Davis' book, Jews and Booze, and also see Hannah Sprecher, "Let them Drink and Forget our Poverty,"  in American Jewish Archives XLIII, no.2 (Fall/Winter, 1991).
Jeff Marx

Ancestry Remote Access From Public Libraries #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen

For those who have a library card for a library with an existing ProQuest Ancestry subscription, ProQuest/Ancestry are making Ancestry available remotely.  It is best to check with your library it ( should be listed on their online list of databases)  if they have a subscription.

 I do not know if other genealogy databases are similarly available.  My information comes from ProQuest.

  Please do not ask me if your library has a subscription or how to sign in as every library has a different sign-in with your library card number process.

 Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: Updating the JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGenUpdates

Wendy Newman

I hope this reaches someone!. Yesterday, I posted a request for a translation and received one today.  I wanted to thank the translator and I hit “reply” and typed my message.  It got a mailer demon.  I always like to thank someone who volunteers to help me and have been able to do it in the past.  Any ideas how I can do this?  Thanks, Wendy

On Mar 25, 2020, at 8:06 AM, Avraham Groll <agroll@...> wrote:

Dear JewishGen Community,


As you know, our current/old Lyris discussion list platform is woefully antiquated. Among its many challenges are that it is not secure, and is no longer supported.  In addition, the platform’s archiving capabilities are limited, it requires messages to be sent in Plain Text, it does not support accented characters or languages other than English, it cannot display links or images, and it is not mobile-friendly, among other challenges.


This past Fall, our main JewishGen discussion group was migrated to and has permitted us to engage with new and current JewishGen members in more dynamic and engaging ways. Here are some of the exciting features on the JewishGen Discussion Group:


  • A simple, secure, and intuitive interface that is mobile friendly.
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What happens now?
We are in the process of retiring all SIG/Topical Discussion Groups. Beginning today (Wednesday  03/25/2020), the JewishGen German (GerSIG), Rabbinic, YizkorBooks, and Early American Discussion Groups will be retired. All messages to these groups will be re-routed to the main JewishGen Discussion Group. We will schedule the retirements of the other SIG/Topical Discussion Groups shortly and will notify members of those groups when these Discussion Groups will be closed.


When my SIG/Topical Discussion Group is retired, will I need to join the Main Discussion Group?
No. If you are not already a member of the Main Discussion Group, your account will be automatically migrated.


Will I be able to search the archives of old SIG/Topical Discussion Group messages?
Yes. As you may know, the archives have been broken since the fall of 2018 and inaccessible to most people. With our new system, we have made all the messages available and easily searchable. 


That’s great! How far back do the archives go?
All messages are available since 1998.


How Do I Search The Archives?
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Nancy Siegel
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מחפש אחר קשר משפחת ב שוייץ #israel


שמי ספי וייל.
אח של סבא שלי, נהרג במלחמת השחרור, בעת הכנסת מכונית תופת לבניין מוסדות הלאומיים, שמו יצחק וייל. 
גילינו להפתעתנו שבאותו יום בצפון הארץ, נהרג אדם בשם גרהרד וייל, שהגיע משוייץ, חשב שאינו יהודי , והתנדב להלחם יחד עם העם היהודי כדי שהעם היהודי יקבל מדינה עצמאית. בהתחלה הוא נחשד כמרגל אך לאחר מכן הפלמח קיבל אותו לשירות, כשבועיים לאחר מכן הוא נהרג בעת פירוק מוקש על יד מצודת ישע בצומת כח. 
אימו קיבלה הודעה על כך, ואמרה, " חבל שלא סיפרתי לו שהוא יהודי. "
הוא נקבר בתל אביב בנחלת יצחק
הוא מונצח באנדרטת מחל בשער הגיא. ( היחיד משוייץ)
הסיפור מאוד ריגש אותנו והמחשבה על כך ששני אנשים בעלי  השם וייל נהרגו באותו יום, גרמה לנו לחוש קירבה אליו ולתהות, האם יש לו קרובי משפחה אשר נמצאים בחיים? 
האם תוכלו לעזור לנו למצוא אותם?
תודה ספי וייל
052 6070583
קישורים - 

Re: #germany How do I access the GerSIG archives on JewishGen #germany

Renee Steinig

Hi Ellen,

To search the new archive, go to the main discussion group page
(, click Messages on the left,
then click Search.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Ellen Barnett Cleary <ellencleary@...> wrote:

<<I am on JewishGen and am trying to find the GerSIG archives. I don't
see a way to access them. Can someone help me locate them?>>

Re: Holocaust Survivors: Karlsruhe #holocaust #germany


My maternal family roots are in Schmieheim, near Karlsruhe.  My great-great-grandmother Karolina Hofmann (born Schnurmann) had two brothers Joseph (born 1821) and Joshua (born 1821) who emigrated and settled in Allentown PA.  They both died in Allentown and had children and grandchildren.  I was not aware of anyone returning to Germany.  But if the name of your unusual person is Schnurman(n) I'd be happy to check it out further.

Michael Braverman
East Hampton NY

Re: Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Looking for Zylberberg family from Dabrowa Gornica and Thau famil y from Zablotow #galicia

Dorcey Rose

I realize that you originally posted this inquiry 19 years ago, but I just came across it because of the search capabilities in the JewishGen Discussion Group. My second great grandmother was Rencie Thau and she was born in Zablotow around 1830. Her son, Hersch Isaac Halpern my great grandfather, lived in Zablotow with his wife, Freide Kessler. She had a sister, Hudel Reischer whose daughter Tema Reischer married Jankel Korn also of Zablotow. My grandfather, Joseph Isaac Halpern, was born in Zablotow in 1889 to Hersch and Freide. He had two sisters, Sura Rivke and Malke, who were born in Zablotow in 1880 and 1884 or 5. All three siblings ended up in NYC between 1904 and 1913. I would be happy to share my family tree. I was planning to travel to Zablotow in early May, but that trip has had to be canceled because of the covid-19 virus. Wpuld love to share information with you. Thanks, Dorcey 
Dorcey Rose
Florida US

Holocaust Research #holocaust


While sitting at home, you have an excellent opportunity to do your Holocaust family research.  Simply go to and then Search.  You can search by lists (locations) or individual names.  The names database you will be accessing contains about 6 million entries.  This does not mean that many individuals, since a single name might appear in more than one database and thus is entered more than once.  If a name entry is linked to a document, you will be prompted to submit a request for a digitized copy of the document, which will be delivered to your email.


Peter Lande

Washington, D.C.

Should maiden names be in CAPITALS? #general #JewishGenUpdates #names

JB Haber

I've see multiple messages about the standard way of using all CAPS for surnames. But what about Maiden names? Should they be in All CAPS, too?

I'm wondering how I should format my grandmother, et al. Sarah Raker HABER or Sarah RAKER HABER?


Jonathan HABER :)

Re: Lublin Jewish Registration #poland

Rose Blitzstein Elbaum

Are these records for the city of Lublin, or for Lublin gubernia? 
Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device


Rose Blitzstein Elbaum
Potomac, MD

#germany How do I access the GerSIG archives on JewishGen #germany

Ellen Barnett Cleary

I am on JewishGen and am trying to find the GerSIG archives.  I don't see a way to access them.  Can someone help me locate them?
Ellen Barnett Cleary
San Francisco CA

New Subcarpathia Vital Records! #subcarpathia

Lara Diamond

JewishGen is pleased to announce that nearly 19,000 new records have
been added to our Sub-Carpathia Vital Records collection. You can
search these records by visiting and select "Hungary/Slovakia"
as the region. The new records include:

13264 births
1557 marriages
3882 deaths

You can access JewishGen’s Hungary Database by clicking here:

To learn more about these records, please click here:

The addition of these records was made possible by the hard work of
many volunteers who translated, transcribed, and validated the
records. We greatly appreciate their dedication.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Are you at home, self-isolating? This is a great
time to help us by indexing records, so that we'll be able to get
another batch uploaded in the future. So long as you can read cursive
English, you will be able to read these records. I will send you
instructions and a sample book to get you started.

We can also use your financial help, which will go towards paying
local researchers for their time in photographing additional records.
You can donate to our project here:
and selecting the Sub-Carpathia SIG General Fund. Your donation is
tax deductible, if you are a US citizen.

Answers to some questions that come up after I send these sorts of
Q: Do you have records for my specific town? When do you expect to
get those records?
A: Unfortunately I cannot address each specific town/village. We plan
to get records for all towns in Subcarpathia. Even during the best of
times, it's difficult to predict what towns' records I'll be getting
when. Currently, Ukraine's archives are closed due to COVID-19, so I
definitely can't predict anything. However, you can assist in
indexing records we already have images for. And even if we don't
have records for your specific town just yet, you likely had relatives
who lived in towns across the region. I personally have indexed
records from towns for which I had no known family connection, only to
be surprised (and delighted) to find cousins.

Q: Can you send me digital images for a record that I found indexed on
A: At this time, we cannot do that. We hope to be able to work
someone out with the archives to be able to do that in the future.

Lara Diamond
Director of Subcarpathia Research

Re: Contact Details For David SILVERA? #general

David Silvera

Just saw your question from 2005.
if you are still there I am still here.

Re: Web Sites for Jewish Latin America & Caribbean #latinamerica #general


Desde Chile un saludo

Prohibition Bootleggers and Sacramental Wine "Fake Rabbis" #usa #general

Carl Kaplan

Looking for people whose ancestors may have been involved in the liquor business (legal or illegal) during the U.S. Prohibition period of 1920-1933, especially those who worked around the clause allowing for the sale of "sacramental wine", in some cases being "fake rabbis" (as they have been called) or greatly "increasing" the size of their local congregations for apportioning the wine. I am especially interested in the Boston area. Thank you. I believe this is an appropriate post, but if it's not, my apologies.