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My Israeli cousin has inherited German-Jewish family tree material going back to the 1550s for the “other side” of his family. Aside from the factual information, which he has already begun entering into a genealogical software program, this material includes dozens of pages written in German, describing the lives of many of the family members over the generations, going back to 1600. These “stories” relate to their professions, community life, restrictions by the authorities, and life during different periods of these German-Jewish communities. He has had about half of the material translated from German to English, but the person who had volunteered to translate can not continue.

He would like suggestions on finding someone else to continue the translation, which is too complex to do with GoogleTranslate. For his purposes, the translation need not be “perfect.” The purpose is to understand the stories and the historical environment of these ancestors.

Thanks for your suggestions. You may contact him personally: Yuval Bloch ( yuval_b1@... ).

All the best,

Ruth Nadelman Lynn
Lexington, MA

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general

Mark Halpern

Many Jewish immigrants during that period took jobs as a cutter. My father's first job was as a cutter in 1921. A cutter is a person who cuts fabric. I would refer to this business as the "Shmatah" or clothing business. 

Mark Halpern


On 2020-07-25 9:55 am, Phil Karlin wrote:

An ancestor was killed in a work-related accident in 1894, in New York City. I can't find anything specific about the accident, but city directories & his children's birth records give his occupation as "Cutter."
Anyone know what that is? What type of business would employ such a person? How might it be dangerous?

Phil K.

Re: How to obtain documents in France? #france

David Choukroun

@ Ilya,
this file can GR 16 P 375394 can be obtain physically at the SHD of Vincennes (Service Historique de la Défense)

Re: Hit a roadblock finding death certificate for NYC: names, certificate number, but no death year #general #usa #belarus

Marshall Lerner


I was a member of the team under of the leadership of John Martino of the Italian Genealogy Group that created the index which is used to find deaths, births, marriages, etc. at the NYC Archives. For the most part John's team worked from photocopies of microfilm images of varying quality over the course of many years.We did the best we could to interpret those source documents but team members were frequently required to make educated guesses about the spelling of names, certificate numbers, etc.from records that were barely legible. As a result I would subjectivity rate the accuracy of the index at 70-85% depending on the year. Please bear those limitations in mind when pursuing your research.


Re: mtDNA matches #dna

Jill Whitehead

You would ultimately have the same ancestral Eve. It depends how far back your common ancestor lived. Most DNA websites assess how far back your common ancestor lived, certainly on autosomal dna sites, if not on mtdna and ydna sites.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Let's Introduce Ourselves #bessarabia

Pablo Libedinsky

Do you have any more information about CHAMUDIS in your family? 
That's my mother's maiden name. Her line comes from TATARBUNAR in Bessarabia and spread to ARGENTINA, CHILE, BRAZIL and the US, where the name was changed to AIMIS.

Pablo Libedinsky

What's a Cutter? #usa #general

Phil Karlin

An ancestor was killed in a work-related accident in 1894, in New York City. I can't find anything specific about the accident, but city directories & his children's birth records give his occupation as "Cutter."
Anyone know what that is? What type of business would employ such a person? How might it be dangerous?

Phil K.

Re: Family Tree Maker Exposes Data on 60,000 Users #announcements #general


I urge everyone to take a moment and carefully read these valuable messages from folks like Jan Meisels Allen.  This was a very narrow “exposure” of data and as describe by Bruce Brown actually a report by someone who found a vulnerability, reported it to the company and confirmed the problem was corrected. 

Re: Post WWII relatives records in Brussels, Belgium - JAKUBOWICZ #general

JONES Etienne H.L.F.

I'm living in Belgium, I think I know the possibilities (I'm self searching for my ancestors since almost 20 y). However, please put some actual questions – what you're exactly wanting to learn – and I'll see what I can tell or even do. 
I can nowadays say that it's presently very difficult to do something  because the applying limitations (pandemic is maybe well restarting the last 2 weeks), especially also because I'm not living in BRUSSELS, well far from (at the North, close to the Dutch border).

Kind regards,
Etienne JONES

Antwerp, Belgium




(Denmark, England, Germany, The Netherlands, United States of America)

Re: Deportation from U.S. ports back to Eastern Europe #general

Judi Wagner

My great uncle, Miksa (Michael) HIRSCHFELD, son of Yosef, was turned back from Ellis Island 20 Jan 1922 because of a heart murmur and sent back to Hodod, now Romania.   He was in a labor battalion in Bucharest in Oct 1942.  He was able to get to Israel, I do not have any details of how or when, where he died 25 Apr 1976, buried Petach Tikvah, Segulah cemetery, Israel. 

He had two daughters by a first wife, unfortunately, no one is left that remembers their names.  They did come to visit and stayed with my grandparents when my mother and aunt were young, probably early 1930's.  I do have photographs of the girls with my mother and aunt in Astoria NYC and also at Rockaway Beach, NYC.  Would be awesome to somehow find out what happened to them.  


Florida and NYC




KLEIN Satoraljaujhely, Kis-Cigand,  GROSZMAN Satoraljaujhely, Ladmovce

RECHTER Bolekhov, Dolyna Ukraine, HALPERN Bolekhov, Cisow , WAGNER Warszawa, MILETSKY Shereshevo, Belarus


Maxwell BUKOFZER #names

David Lewin

  • The BUKOFZER name has appeared here several times recently.

Has anyone got a Maxwell BUKOFZER ( died after 1955) married to Klara Maria Luise Elisabeth  PIECHLERT    6 Oct 1891 Bremen died Dec 1955 Sarasota, Florida ?

David Lewin

At 18:08 24/07/2020, Sherri Bobish wrote:


Thank you for your concise explanation.  I did not realize the "view all messages in topic" was to be found there.  This is very helpful information since I still find the new discussion list format challenging to use.

Thank you!

Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Braila Romania cemetery #romania

Sam Wolff

Has anybody visited the Braila Jewish cemetery? If so, is it in
reasonably good shape? Let me know privately if you have family
members buried there.
Sam Wolff

Re: Kansas City Lithuania Jews #lithuania #usa

howard sachs

Milton Litvak's family?  I believe they came up from Galveston, when immigrants were diverted that way (Presumably "originally" from Lithuania}  Howard Sachs

Looking for Shmil Cioclea #romania

Ira Chioclea

Dear all geners,
My father , Shmil Cioclea born in Leova in 1912, married  Pesea Fixler (my mother )from Hotin in 1937.
They lived in Kishinev till the WW2 started. My father was drafted to the Soviet Armed Forces in 1941
and since then I don't have any information about him and nothing about his faith.
Does any of the geners can supply me with some information about Cioclea family in Leova?
It will help me very much about my research regarding my father and his family.
Best regards,
                     Jerucham Chioclea , Israel

Re: Looking for 19thC marriage record in NYC(?) #usa #austria-czech

Sally Bruckheimer

There aren't many NYC marriage records before 1900. There weren't required licenses.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Records of passport applications from Poland and trip to France #france #poland

David Choukroun

Dear Virginie,

There is a small hope using this path :

In France, there is what we call the "Fond de Moscou", because those files (more than 2 millions of files!) were stolen during the WW2 and then given back in 1990s to the French National Archives

In real those files are multiples -- and you may find several records (from a simple administrative letter, to much much more, including photo, passport (in real limited right to stay in France), etc..

Is Wengelenski the right name to search ?  Can you please share as well the first name ? 

Many thanks


Re: Second Home Cemetery, Greenfield, Wisconsin #photographs

EdrieAnne Broughton

Make a request at Find a Grave.  All you have to do is ask the photographer to take a clear picture of the reverse side of the stone.  I've done that several times.  Just go to the person's memorial. There should be a request photo on the left. Click that and a box should come up for special instructions.  Just give what you want and be sure to thank the photographer.   At least it's not knee deep in snow right now.
EdrieAnne Broughton
Vacaville, California, where it's never knee deep in snow

Re: Number next to my Great Grandfather's name on the ship manifest ? #general

Diane Jacobs

It is the Certificate of Arrival number used to prove date of emigration needed for the US Naturalization Petition. The date on the passenger gives you an idea of when the person naturalized.

Diane Jacobs

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What is the significance of the number written next to my Great Grandfather's name
on the ship manifest of 1911?
2-475862-10/13/30 or 31

Thank you,

Loren Greenberg
Los Angeles,California

Volpiansky - Balbieriskis and Kaunas, Lithuania
Milner-Smiltene, Latvia
Abelow-Meretz, Lithuania
Golub(ofsky), Perlow(sky)-Vasilishki, Ostryna Belarus
Shafir,Melamed,Agazim - Starokonstantinov, Ukraine
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Re: Searching for records of RUSSMAN from Pinsk #belarus #names


Good day, I had found the gravestone of Jacob Russman, which indicates his father as Aron. Will keep searching...

Re: Other names for Yitzchak? #names


My grandfather  was born in Warsaw in 1896 and his name was registered as ICCOK ANGIELCZYK  

His Hebrew name was יצחק

11741 - 11760 of 658779