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Michael Alfes

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Jan Meisels Allen

I tried the site before I post like I always do and did not have the problem you are experiencing. Are you looking at records not in the featured collection-the offer for free access is only for military records ? If you are that is why you are getting the request for subscribing.
This is the link I posted for military records and the one you should be using

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access monitoring Committee

Re: Need help to decode abbreviations & symbols on Detained Alien Passenger List #usa


If the destination address is a train ride away, I believe RR means RailRoad.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 5/21/2020 12:42 PM, Walter Rosett wrote:

1904 NY Detained Passenger list.

The name is given then 1dg. I presume that this means (&) one daughter which would be correct. Then Cause of Detention “to telgth”. From other records below it would seem to mean “to telegraph $ (money). The last confusing part is “Disposition” which states RR to Husb Ellias -address”. The name and address are correct although I believe that it should be son, not husband but RR is undefined. My only guess is something like “Remanded to Relative”.  Anyone with specific knowledge or a better thought?

 Please respond directly. Walter Rosett   <wrosett@...

Re: Burials in Arad County, Romania #hungary #romania

Valentin Lupu

Hi Diane,
The Romanian name of this place is Buteni (Buttyin in Hungarian). I have been there in 2010. The Jewish cemetery still exists in the northern part of this town. The synagogue was demolished during the communist regime (amazingly not by the Nazis and their local supporters!) in 1962. Only the Ten Commandments tablets, made from red marble and found on the synagogue frontispiece, were saved by a local and are kept in a small village museum. According to a paper published in 2017, the Jewish population achieved its peak around 1900 (210 people). In 1941, the whole Jewish population (48 people) were deported and no one returned back.
I will suggest to contact Buteni's mayor in order to find out if there are any registers  for the cemetery and for the local Jews.

Photo taken in Buteni local museum, 2010

Valentin Lupu

Need a translation of word in Hebrew letters in the last will of Salomon SCHLOSS, Mömlingen #germany #translation #yiddish

Ernst-Peter Winter

The notarial will of Solomon Schloß, Mömlingen, is accompanied by a sheet in which he addresses himself directly to his children. The text sometimes is understandable only with knowledge of the dialect.

Right at the beginning he uses a word in Hebrew. What is it and what does it mean?

I'm sorry, but I'm not able to upload the file to VieMate - it doesn't accept my email.
Ernst-Peter Winter, Münster, Hessen

The text:
Beilage zu meinem Testament
Da mein irdisches Dasein nicht mehr lange dauert, so befehle ich weider wan ich nicht mehr bei euch bin, habt .... miteinander, das ist der
Grund von allem.
Supplement to my will
Since my earthly existence does not take much longer, I continue to command, when I'm no longer with you, have .... together, that's the reason of everything.

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Lee Hover

There is a book, "My Father's Roses", published by Pegasus, written by Nancy Kohner regarding her paternal family.  They lived in a Czech town, Podersam or Podborany.  I cannot say whether there is any relationship but, since I had just recently read it, it remained fresh in my mind.

Re: Congregation Lechas Yosher in Brooklyn, N.Y. & Nesvizh Societies anywhere #usa #belarus

Steve Stein

Neilan Stern,  neilan1@...  wrote:
 I'm searching for any information, records, or photos, concerning Congregation Lechas Yosher of Brooklyn, N.Y., established in the early years of the 20th Century.  Information about Societies from Nesvizh Belarus.   

There is extensive information about the Nesvizh societies on the KehilaLinks page at , including

scans of their journals. A list of burial societies can be found there, as well as in the Burial Societies database on the website of the Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc. (NY) at .

Steve Stein, Highland Park, NJ   JGSNY President, and Nesvizh KehilaLinks page facilitator / webmaster

Re: Looking for Rivesaltes camp arrest record or other documentation for my grandfather Moses GOLDSTEIN #france #holocaust

Bernard Flam

 Hi from Paris,

Dear Melissa,
I have checked some French archives before answering you about Moses GOLDSTEIN's dramatic fate between Nice and Auschwitz and I will try to be clear for foreign researchers.
First of all, a common point of view from American persons is that France has forgotten its past because it was a past of "Collaboration" with nazis, especially concerning persecution and extermination of Jews.
Yes, almost 76.000 Jews have been deported to extermination, including 11.400 children under 15', rounded up mainly by French police and militia.
But always remember 75% of all Jews (80% French, 60% foreign Jews), ca 225.000 persons, survived in France, as my family did in Nice, Paris, Lyon and Grenoble. And this high ratio of surviving Jews among occupied European nations had been possible and achieved only with "Civil Resistance" of a large part of French population.
What we can find in French archives about this history?
At this moment, my second point is: you will be disappointed if you don't have learnt French at school!
It's a reason why our historical work appears outside to be so small, most of production (a
nd web sites) is in French, nobody is perfect...

A link to a full list of archives, "The Holocaust in France: A Resource Guide" established by Jean-Pierre Stroweis, IGRA, has been given by Elena Biegel Bases, IGRA in her post #555523 (2/08/19
) but I wish to focus on Moses Goldstein.

Concerning Shoah, main institution is Memorial de la Shoah in Paris (to be compared to USHMM)

You can find online a screen for any of these poor 76.000 deportees, always including digital copy of the page of deportation convoy including identity, job,
full last address (Nice for Moses). Families can add pictures and documents.
So I have found Moshe Goldstein as you did.
Each year, these lists of names are read during commemorations.
In Memorial, you have also free access to a very important research and documentation center (CDJC) : on Intranet and Library, you can learn everything which is known on Shoah.
Concerning individual fate of deportees after trains left France :

Search Arolsen Archives

and submit inquiry as only a little part of archives is online.

 Searching a deportee's file in France :

Archives of French state administration of deportees for official purposes (files opened after 1945), are kept by

 Concerning archives left by a Jew during his life in France (before 1945) :

National Archives have a "naturalization" file for persons who obtained French citizenship before 1939 (you must have reference of decree): there are a lot of documents in this file, including list of siblings, birth certificate, job, housing, etc.

As France is very sensitive about privacy, these files aren't not available online and you must fill a special inquiry.
From our Revolution, France is divided in 97 "departments", an administrative division.
Files are kept by these "Archives departementales" and you must contact each of them to find traces of persons if you guess they could have lived in places
within theirs "borders".
In Nice :

I have checked and "Finding Aid" for "History of WWII in Alpes-Maritimes" (Nice departement) has 412 pages.

Fond "0166W016" contain "Reports and individual files" of Jews for period August to November 1942.
With Google, I have found some very interesting papers concerning fate of Jews around Nice during WWII, in French.


Rivesaltes camp, there is a memorial :

but archives seem not to be there, they are kept in "Archives departementales" of "Pyrenees Orientales"

Last but not the least: lockdown is just left in France for some days and all these services aren't fully back to work. So you and we must wait to start new searches.
Take care of you, abi gezunt !
Bernard Flam
Archives and history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund / Workmen Circle) of France


Need help to decode abreviations & symbols on Detained Alien Passenger List #usa

Walter Rosett

1904 NY Detained Passenger list.

The name is given then 1dg. I presume that this means (&) one daughter which would be correct. Then Cause of Detention “to telgth”. From other records below it would seem to mean “to telegraph $ (money). The last confusing part is “Disposition” which states RR to Husb Ellias -address”. The name and address are correct although I believe that it should be son, not husband but RR is undefined. My only guess is something like “Remanded to Relative”.  Anyone with specific knowledge or a better thought?

 Please respond directly. Walter Rosett   <wrosett@...

Re: MyHeritage Offering Free Access to All Military Records May 20-26, 2020 #events

Hank Mishkoff

Do you know if there's some kind of trick to accessing the records? When I search for Mishkoff it shows me a list of 19 records, but when I click a record it asks me to buy a subscription.

New Research: Jews in Ramsgate #unitedkingdom

Diana da Costa

New Research: Jews in Ramsgate   UK  Montefiore Estate & Lady Judith Montefiore College


A new book titled “The Montefiore Estate and the Village of Hereson” has just been published by Gerald Tripp and Benedict Kelly which is the culmination of years of researching and delving into records hitherto unseen. This is the second book by the authors** who have already been an enormous help to any genealogist researching Jewish ancestors from Ramsgate.  The book delineates the history of the former village of Hereson, once a medieval hamlet, historically owned by a small number landowners which included Sir Moses Montefiore and which is where Sir Moses built his Synagogue.  East Cliff Lodge, home to Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore, is included in the research as part of the Montefiore Estate. The research is fully referenced and includes many historical photographs, plans and maps. For anyone with roots in this part of Ramsgate, Jewish or otherwise, or for scholars of the Montefiore narrative,  or who has historic connections with the Lady Judith Montefiore College - this is a “must read” as the book includes details of those who lived in this area from the 18th century onwards. 


Books can be purchased via the website:, which also gives details of other publications** by Benedict Kelly and Gerald Tripp of their researches into Ramsgate’s history.  Once life has returned to something resembling normality, books will be on sale in local shops and outlets.  In the meanwhile, queries and requests for further information can be addressed to the authors at g.e.w.tripp@....  I have no personal or financial interest in this publication.


** “Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery 1872-2016 – Burial Register & Map, Monumental Inscriptions and Selected Obituaries” was published in 2016.


Diana (Mohr) Gomes da Costa, Kent UK - formerly from London – Hon. Sec. Ramsgate Montefiore Heritage

Researcher number: 166938   email: dianadacosta@...


Researches all originally from Bavaria, mainly Furth, Nurnberg and Bamberg as listed in the JGFF database.


Jewish Migrants to South America #latinamerica


Jewish Migrants to South America

 When the Jewish Colonisation Society fostered migration to Argentina and Brazil many of its nominees passed through London, and the Society used the services of the Poor Jews’ Temporary Shelter.  As a result, there are a number of entries in the Registers of the Shelter’s Inmates.  These are accessible through the Kaplan Centre of the University of Cape Town.  They would normally give details of name, age, last place of residence, occupation and destination (either Argentina or Brazil).  It should be possible to identify them from other inmates by listing them by ‘destination’.

 Similarly, at about the same time, a number of the Romanian ‘Fussgeyers’ passed through the Shelter, and their details are also recorded in the Shelter’s Registers.  They can be recognised through their stated destination (either Canada or Winnipeg)


Wajcman Recherche généalogique #poland


I am Looking for family related to WAJCMAN (or WAJSMAN) who lived at Kozienice. My grand father NUTA WAJSMAN, (son of Lejzor and Pesa) and married to Malka Hitmachr (daughter of Symcha and Lai SZNAIDER) , is coming to France en 1924-1925, but he had a brother who went to Argentina. I am looking for information about this family in Argentina, but I have no other information.

Thank you.
I am Dany RAJSWING from Paris France

Re: Translation request: Russian to English #russia #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

In Warshaw, recorded on Dec24/Jan 5 1874/5,
Father David Mordka KLEJPFISH, privat teacher, 31 yo
Mother Enta Lea nee GUDA, 28 yo
daughter born on Sept. 15/27  1874 at 2 am, in the house #102
Named Gitlya

Josef ASH, Israel

#germany #translation Translation needed - Old written German birth register entries #translation #germany


I've posted 2 birth records in old handwritten German for which I need translations. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...


Please respond via the form 
provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Re: Davidic Ancestry in the First Century? #general

Louis Kessler

Check out:

Louis Kessler

"I'm doing a personal research project to see if I can find a reasonable estimate for the number or percentage of Jews at the beginning of the first century who could trace their lineage to King David. Given that King David was born some 1,000 years prior to the first century, I would imagine that it would be a somewhat significant portion of the population at the time (speaking of, what is also a reasonable estimate of the total Jewish population around that time?). One relevant factor which I would think needs to be considered is that not every child born would survive to adulthood, but I'm not sure how to estimate how many childbearing people that would result in for each generation. Another relevant factor would be that it was much more common in ancient times for people to marry within their own family lines, such as to first or second cousins, so that would somewhat narrow the branching of the genealogy as opposed to each generation continually marrying outside of their family line, but again I'm not sure exactly how much that would narrow the numbers by.
I don't need specific names for any of this, just a general estimate if the information is accessible, or otherwise some advice for how I might go calculating the number on my own. "Thanks!

Re: help with translation #bessarabia #yiddish

Dr.Josef ASH

I don't see in these cards any connection to Calarash
1 (black): It is a "poem" in Russian.( she was not Pushkin, so I'll write without rhymes...)
for a long memory to dear mother from her youngest daughter Raja. If we shall never meet, let my picture be with you.
St(ation) Iset'
May 12, 1952
2 (violet): for the long memory to the brother and daughter-in-law from syster Raja
If after years I'll be forgotten by you, let the picture will leave the track of what we passed together.
St. Iset' Dec. 26, 1954
3 (green): she knew yiddish: "for (something good - ja) from your sister Dvora.
Aug 8 1936
Bet of Av "

If you want some explanation, write me,
Josef ASH, Israel

Goldin family from Parichi and Rogachov (Belarus) #belarus


Searching for information on Goldin (Гольдин) family from Parichi (Паричи) and Rogachov (Рогачёв), Belarus. My grandfather, Yeshiya/Евсей, son of Shlioma (Шлёма), the youngest of ten children, orphaned at age six, emigrated to the US in 1905, as did also two of his brothers, Barukh/Борис, later Barnett (in USA) and Chaim, later Hyman (in USA). The rest remained in Russia. An elder sister, aged 95, was living in Горький/Нижний Новгород ca. 1959-1960.

Re: Suwalki-Lomza Landsmen Journal #poland

evelyne Primack

Hello!Je cherche Les traces ma famille,qui a,quitté Suwalki,autour de 1868, pour Paris.
Sarah Marcus(ou Markus) , fillede Abraham et Mina,Gorfunkel, veuve de Nison, oùMax Mardoche Marcus . 
Quels,conseils pouvez vous me donner?
il y a t il un groupe pour Suwalki?
Merci Beaucoup. 

Evelyne Primack-Molko

Re: Please translate the Russian (I think) on the back of this photo #translation #lithuania

Elise Cundiff

Thank you all!
Since I have two similar portraits, one of appears to have been  taken when he was younger (mustache and clothing a bit different)  this confirms that he was in or near Shavli for some time.  I still don't know if that is where he was born but this gives me some direction for my searches. 
Thank you Shlomo Gurevich for the information about the photographer!
I wonder how common it was to have more than one portrait done in that era (1884-1894?)   
Family lore has it that this gentleman left home because he didn't want the religious life that was intended for him.  

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