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Jan Meisels Allen




I usually do not post about new data collections by the various genealogy firms or I would be posting non-stop. However, the Greek collection by MyHeritage is unique and if you are researching Greek heritage these record collections may be of great genealogical value.


For those researching Greece, the three new collections by MyHeritage may be of interest: Greece, Electoral Rolls (1863–1924), Corfu Vital Records (1841–1932), and Sparta Marriages (1835–1935), comprising 1.8 million historical records. All three collections have been indexed by MyHeritage and for the first time are now searchable in English, as well as in Greek.  The communities documented were shaped by Greek, Italian, French, and Russian influences, have been home to significant Catholic and Jewish communities, and represent some of the world's most progressive systems of governance.

The new collections are available on SuperSearch™, MyHeritage’s search engine. Searching the Greek record collections is free. A subscription is required to view the full records and to access Record Matches.  To search the Greek record collection go to:


In Greece, a woman's last name is the genitive form of her father's surname, or when she marries, of her husband's surname. The new Greek collections on MyHeritage have been made gender-agnostic so that searches and matches will work to the fullest extent. For example, a search for the Jewish surname “Velleli” in the new collections on MyHeritage will also locate people named “Vellelis”. It is also possible to find these surnames by searching for “Belleli”, because the Greek letter beta is pronounced like the English letter V, but in some countries this distinction has been lost and Greek surnames are sometimes pronounced with the letter B, the way they are written in modern English. MyHeritage’s Global Name Translation Technology further ensures that when searching on MyHeritage in other languages, such as Hebrew and Russian, the results will also include names in the new Greek collections. These collections are unique to MyHeritage.

The Greece Electoral Rolls (1863–1924) consist of 1,006,594 records and provide nationwide coverage of males ages 21 and up who were eligible to vote. They list the voter’s given name, surname, father’s name, age, and occupation. Each record includes the individual’s name in Greek, and a Latinized transliteration of the name that follows the standard adopted by the Greek government. MyHeritage translated many of the occupations from Greek to English and expanded many given names, which are often abbreviated in the original records. This new collection includes scans of the original documents and is the most extensive index of Greek electoral rolls currently available anywhere.  

The Corfu Vital Records (1841–1932) consist of 646,807 birth, marriage, and death records. The records were collected by the civil authorities in Corfu and document the life events of all residents of the island regardless of their ethnicity or religion. Birth records from this collection may contain the child’s given name and surname, birthdate and place of birth, name and age of both parents, and the given names of the child’s grandfathers. A marriage record from this collection may include the date of marriage, groom’s given name and surname, age, place of birth, residence, and his father’s name. Similar information is recorded about the bride and her father. Death records in this collection may include the name of the deceased, date of death, age at death, place of birth, residence, and parents’ names. The indexed collection of Corfu Vital Records includes scans of the original documents and is available exclusively on MyHeritage.

The Sparta Marriages collection (1835–1935) consists of 179,411 records which include images of the couple’s marriage license and their listing in the marriage register. The records in this collection list the full names of the bride and groom, the date of marriage, their fathers’ names, the birthplace of the bride and groom, and occasionally the names of witnesses to the marriage. The images in this collection were photographed, digitized, and indexed by MyHeritage from the original paper documents, in cooperation with the Metropolis of Monemvasia and Sparta.

I have no affiliation with MyHeritage and am posting this solely for the information of the reader.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Please help me find any death and burial information for my Great Aunt, Elsa (Elsie) KNEDEL-KENDALL born on April 14, 1892 in Vienna #austria-czech #usa


Please help me find any death and burial information for my Great Aunt, Elsa Elbogen Knedel born on April 14, 1892 in Vienna. She married Julius Knedel on September 9, 1917. They had one child, Robert. She and Juius divorced on 27 Feb 1927. Her son Robert preceded her arrival in the U.S. and served in the U.S. Army during WW II. I believe that Elsa was a hidden Jew in Vienna during the 1938-1944 period, either in the city or elsewhere. She returned to Vienna in 1944/5 and then immigrated, via London, to be with her son in the US. She became Elsa KENDALL. (U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992 (Indexed in World Archives Project) Name: Elsa Knedel [Elsa Kendall], Court District: New York, Date of Action: 17 Nov 1952. Elsa was living at 624 Delavan Avenue in the 1953-1957 city directories for Buffalo NY and as Elsie Kendall in the 1950 census. The most recent Buffalo city directory is for 1960. Elsa Kendall is listed as a baby sitter living at 624 Delavan Av. What happened to her? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas Anders,  South Dartmouth MA   <tfanders@...>

Re: Brief Translation Request from German #hungary #germany

Peter Lobbenberg

 jzeisler@...  Jerry Zeisler asked for a translation of the entry on his cousin's ITS card after the war.  =============>

What an amazing story!

A couple of translation points:

I don't think "Renforter" is proper German, I assume it must be a corruption of some other word; but the sense seems clearly to be "confrontation".

As to Stadtwäldchen, this shouldn't be translated literally, as it's the name of a locality.  Several European cities have one, but to judge by the Reserveoberleutnant's name this seems likely to be the one in Budapest.  English Wikipedia calls it Városliget in Hungarian and City Park in English.  German Wikipedia duly has it as Stadtwäldchen.

Lastly, Parkett means "ballroom floor" - so Parketttänzer means "ballroom dancer".  As demonstrated by the wonderful postcard.

Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

Where is Spezlia, Russian Poland #poland #russia

Julian & Sharon Peerutin

Please send replies by private Email or use the "reply to sender" link.



I have a birth record stating that the parents were married in what looks like Spezlia, Russian Poland (see attached image).



I would greatly appreciate  knowing where this is?




Julian Peerutin,  Kfar Saba, Israel


Researching: VELER/WELLER | SARFINOVICH/SHARFINOWITZ (Linkuva/Kupiskis, Lithuania); CINDEL/TSINDEL (Kupiskis, Lithuania); LEVIN (Rokiskis/Kupiskis, Lithuania); PICK/PINK/PEEK | CHAIT (Birz, Lithuania); DIAMOND/DIAMANT | OLESKY (Siluva, Lithuania); DRUKER | PENN (Dvinsk, Latvia); HIRSCHSOHN | LEVENBERG | LEVINSOHN | MANDELSTAMM (Kuldiga/Pilten/Liepaja, Latvia); TAL (Rokiskis, Lithuania; Jaunjelgava (Friedirichstadt),  Latvia); NYMAN/NEIMAN | JACOBS | LEVY | GOLDBERG | MORRIS | MYERS (Glasgow, Scotland; Leeds, England; Poland); PEERUTIN/PIRUTIN/PIRUTINSKY (Kraslava/Dvinsk, Latvia; Vitebsk, Belarus)


Re: Jewish gauchos Argentina #latinamerica

barbara hershey <barbara.hershey@...>

I have not seen this entire thread so am not sure if this is what you are looking for.  I volunteered and transcribed records that were about colonists in Argentina in places like Moisesville.  I seem to have my spreadsheets but not my email messages.  I do not recall who was leading this initiative. Based on the properties of the spreadsheet, this was done in the summer of 2014.   It’s likely I read about it on the Jewishgen Discussion list, so perhaps searching that archive might find something.  I know this was just one of the locations in Argentina were eastern European Jews were settled.  I don’t off-hand know the other names.


Perhaps the person that worked on these records might read this and respond. 


When I googled “Moisesville” I found that it is now known as Moíses Ville.  There is a Kehillalinks page:

This link is to a Wiki page about the place:   There were many other sites listed when I googled.


By the way, I have no personal interest in this place but just chose to do this transcribing because I could connect to using Spanish.


 Barbara Hershey, Portland, Oregon, USA

"Stein-Augs gard" or "St. Augord or Augord" - Where is this town? #general


Has anyone ever heard of a town call Stein-Augs gard or something close to that. I have a great uncle who was supposedly born there, but I can't find anything on the web that's even close. Other spellings appear to be St. Augord or Augord. I find it in several places -- marriage license and entry in family bible -- so it must be somewhere. Can anyone help?

Mike Samson  <mikesammy1944@...>

Home Town of Harry Dorf #ukraine #galicia #austria-czech

Brucce Wexler

I have been researching family information for fifty years. I have never been able to find the home town of my grandfather, Harry (Chiam) DORF. He came to America in October 1907 from Czernowitz, which was then in the province of Bukovina, Austria-Hungary.  It is now in the southwest of Ukraine.
He was born in  July, 1882, as far as I know. 
I have been told by his cousin, now deceased, that he grew up on a farm. 
In 1915 he prepared a paper called Intention to Become a Citizen. On that paper it was stated that he was born in Galicia.  His older brother, Aaron DORF, may have been  born in Zaleszczyki, Galicia. Aaron is buried  in a plot for that town. However, Aaron was 16 years older then my grandfather, so there is no guaranty that my grandfather was born there.
Any help in finding the birthplace of Harry (Chiam) DORF, would be greatly appreciated.

Brucce Wexler     <AJS1PRES@...>

Ginzburg Pessach #belarus #holocaust #russia


Looking for Pessach Ginzburg. His wife Genia Zavesova from Esmony, Borisov, Belarus.
They believed to be killed in WW2

Eisenstsdt/ Chait Family search #belarus


Searching for Eisenstadt/ Chait families

Re: Brief Translation Request from German #hungary #germany


Dear Jerry

Henry Viglia is my grandfather. He was imprisoned in Mathausen for anti-fascist activities. His wife, my grandmother was also interned in Lanciano (Italy), she was of Polish/Jewish ancestry and lucky that the fascists did not discover it.
I would be very grateful if you can send me a picture of that letter that you have.



Re: Werner and Eisenhandler families. #poland #ukraine

Peter Lobbenberg


I found a detailed and affectionate biography of [Siegfried} Sacher Werner here, complete with good photos and lively anecdotes:,%20full%20book%20w.%20covers,%201-30-09.pdf
(scroll down to printed page 64, PDF page 71 of 91)


Re: Simplest & Best Way For Extended Family To View/Comment On Digital Photos? #general

Martin Kaminer

Three questions re Google Photos:
(1) any way to import metadata (descriptions, etc.) from an existing source or does it all have to be reentered by hand?
(2) Any tips on structuring descriptions so as to be able to search accurately (eg "Bella Poland 1920s" etc.)?
(3) I read that there are issues with exporting comments should we ever want to move to a different platform. Any thoughts?
Thanks so much....

Re: Werner and Eisenhandler families. #poland #ukraine

Peter Lobbenberg

PS - There's a detailed and affectionate biography of [Siegfried] Sacher Werner here, with good anecdotes and photos (scroll to printed page 64 / PDF page 71 of 91):,%20full%20book%20w.%20covers,%201-30-09.pdf


family tree template #general

Carole Brewster

Can anyone suggest where to get a large multigenerational family tree template? I have over 200 family members and would like to record all of them on paper. 
Thank you.

Carole Bfrewster, Delray Beach, Florida.

Re: Werner and Eisenhandler families. #poland #ukraine

Peter Lobbenberg


I recommend - excellent for Austrian genealogy.  Membership is free, although my personal experience was that it was a bit of a hassle to join.  It has some more details for Tobias which you appear not to have: 

1). He and Leah divorced in Vienna on 24 Dec 1918
2). On 3 May 1920 he married Lotti Reinisch, also in Vienna.
3). That certainly didn't last - they divorced on 15 July 1920, again in Vienna
4). Still in Vienna, he then married a third time, to Frieda Zahler in 1924.

Then, Siegfried Sacher Werner:  Ancestry has a Sacher Siegfried Werner, born 29 Dec 1898, being naturalised in the state of New York on 5 Dec 1949.  And a Sigfried [sic] Sacher Werner,  same DOB, died in Dade County, Florida on 28 July 1983, aged 85.  I'm pretty sure he is the same Sacher Werner who gained a certain fame as a driver in the New York harness racing world:
Sacher S. Werner.
Born in Austria on December 29, 1898.
Sacher Werner's harness racing career spanned over 50 years and two continents.
In his native Austria, Sacher was employed in the perfume business.
He was at the same time, as he described it, "horse crazy", lending him in 1914 to train trotters and pacers as a hobby.
Six years, and a world War later, he made his first pari-mutual track start at a raceway in Vienna.
It still was to be two more years before that first win, scored with "Arnried" at Saint Poelten Austria.
His initial start in this Country in 1945 at Roosevelt, came close to finding him watching the race from the first aid station rather than in the sulky. Paddock gate guards, not knowing him, and unable to understand him, enlisted the aid of a German speaking bystander as an interpreter, as Werner tried to enter the grounds. After a few exchanges, they rushed him to the first aid room, as the interpreter told the guards that Sacher claimed to be a driver, but must have gone crazy after losing all his money. Moments before the race, Paul Keim, assistant race secretary came to his rescue, and by the way, Sacher won the race.
Leading driver at Saratoga in 1955.
Held the world record in 1945 with "tru Single G." at 1 1/8 miles in 2:24

If you have access to or a similar newspaper archive, there are some interesting articles about him.  Otherwise I can gladly send privately if you're interested.

Apart from Berta Bluma you don't give the names of the other siblings; and whilst Tobias and Siegfried feature on maggiej78360's tree on Ancestry (would that be you by any chance??), that tree is set to "Private" so I can't access more detail. However, the Sydney Morning Herald for 11 May 1978 (source: carried an advertisement following the death of one Jakob Kurt Werner.  His executors are named as Robert Sacher Werner (aka David Sacher Werner) and Robert William Tobias, with a third executor Leah Susan Rebecca Werner in reserve.   Given the similarity of names, could it be that some of the family settled in Australia?  It's a long shot, but I thought it worth mentioning!

Best wishes
Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

Best wishes
Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

Re: Jewish gauchos Argentina #latinamerica

Susana Rubin

Hi Michael,
     You could write to Estela Rapoport at consultas.agja@.... AGJA is the Argentinean Genealogic Jewish association.
The JCA files and the 1912 census of the colonies may shed some light. Estela has access to them.
The "sepelios" files from the AMIA are difficult to search because they do not have SOUNDEX.
But the same information is in JOWBR JewishGen database with SOUNDEX. I could not find my great-grandfather in the AMIA files, but I did find him in JOWBR with the command "sounds like".
Good search,
Susana Rubin
Ottawa, Canada

May 19: genealogy webinar from the Center for Jewish History #events #sephardic

Moriah Amit

Every Tuesday at 3:30 pm ET, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for Genealogy Coffee Break, a short talk on a specific topic with one of our genealogy librarians. Discover recommended resources and strategies for online research, and have your questions answered live. This Tuesday (May 19), join us as we discuss how to find records from communities across the Sephardi and Mizrahi diaspora. If you have a topic you'd like us to cover, write to us at gi@.... Catch up on the entire series here

Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian at the Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

Re: Jewish gauchos Argentina #latinamerica


Can you tell me what years of colonization were submitted to JewishGen ?

Re: Missing records from Dunajow #austria-czech #poland #galicia

Mark Halpern


The only Jewish vital records that have survived for Dunajow are 1924-1934 births, marriages and deaths. JRI-Poland has indexed the marriage and death records and those indices are contained in the JRI-Poland online database. The births are not available for public use until all the records in this birth register are over 100 years old. 

To find other relevant records in the Archives of Ukraine and Poland, refer to Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots Foundation inventory of archival documents at

Mark Halpern
Conshohocken, PA, USA

PS: I like to know to whom I am responding. In the future, please provide your name and where you live.


On 2020-05-18 12:52 am, micahtd9 via wrote:

I'm researching the Schwartz family from Dunajow (also known as Dunajewer, now called Dunayiv in Ukraine). I can't find a single family record from Dunajow, and there are only a handful of Schwartz records from there in general. Were some names, births, deaths, etc. simply not recorded? or have there been issues with indexing and publishing records from certain towns?

Ursula Wyss FREY, 16th century religious crossover? #general

howard sachs

My earlier inquiry relating to "mixed marriages" may have been unduly polite.  Many researchers (or family history copiers) refer to Ursula Wyss Frey, apparently from a Swiss Jewish family in the 16th century, as the mother of various children with a Frey surname, presumably not Jewish.  If accurate there is Interesting ancestry from a prominent Rabbi Weil and descendants, including Vice President Pence (according to a Geni reconstruction).  Comments have been made that Endingen and Legnau were safe home-sites for Jews in Switzerland at that time and that Mennonite conversions of Jews occasionally occurred in the 17th century--resulting in some  Jewish ancestry among the "Pennsylvania Dutch".  I would be interested in comment on this alleged  family linkage and also the material crossover theory, by early day conversion or otherwise.

Howard Sachs   <hfsachs@...>

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