Re: Yizkor Book Project Update - March 2020 #yizkorbooks


What I am looking for is the book in English for purchase similar to the other yizkor books on Jewishgen. 

Herb siegel

Vital Records in Detroit, Michigan

Joan Rimmon

I want to find the cause of death for my grandmother, Esther Knoppow Glanz, and would appreciate it if someone could check it for me.  She died October 7, 1944 in Detroit.

If not, does anyone know how much a copy costs and how to obtain a copy of the certificate?

Re: (US( 2020 Census Goes Digital-Invitations in Mail Starting March 12


I would like to add that not only is the decennial census important for drawing voting districts, redistributing Congressional seats, and allocating federal spending, it is also a <i>critical</i> resource for those of us who regularly use Census data to analyze demographic, socioeconomic, and housing characteristics and trends. 

I hope people will participate.


Re: Locate grave in Germany after Holocaust #germany

Steve Stein

A few years ago, I was searching for the death of an infant, born to parents who resided in Foerenwald DP Camp in Wolfratshausen, who died before leaving the Munich hospital where he was born. Bad Arolsen had nothing on his life or death; it was recorded with the local civil authorities in the city of his death. I would recommend writing to the municipal authorities in the candidate cities with as much detail as you have.

Steve Stein

Help with Yidish translation, please

Jugend Gilberto

Appreciate your help in translating this short text at the back of a photography from my ggmother.

Seeking for descendants of my aunt Hanna Lukaschevski (maiden name Casulkin) in Israel

Roni Keini

My aunt moved to Israel from Finland 1929-30. Known to have lived in Havatzelet and had two children Jigal and Ilana. Husband´s first name is not known. Going to visit Israel next week March -20. Would be grateful of any hint or lead of information about the family. Thank you.

Re: Locate grave in Germany after Holocaust #germany

David Seldner

Hi Solomon,

sorry, I thought it was obvious since I had replied to Bernard Flam's message who had recommended Arolsen. So, I had meant the Arolsen Archives (formerly International Tracing Service, ITS). Gold luck!
David Seldner, Karlsruhe, Germany




pouvez vous me conseiller pour obtenir le certificat de décès de mes arr gd parents Rachel DAYAN et Messaoud AMAR enterés en Israel (Haifa).
je n'ai pas leur n° identifiant.

Re: Military records Canada

Andrew Radgick

Re: Yizkor Book Project Update - March 2020 #yizkorbooks

Ida & Joseph Schwarcz

I translated the Suwalki yizker bukh many years ago and it is avaiabele from the New York Public Library.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz

Re: question on burial record


Hi Molly,

My guess is that the name Paderier or Paderiver comes from the village Pader near Slutzk in Belarus. The ending -er is yiddish. The slavic ending -ski gave the names Paderski and Paderevski. Look A. Beider, A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire, Avotaynu, 2008. The passenger manifest for the Mishelov family in 1919 shows that they came from Uzda, which is between Slutzk and Minsk. It fits with an earlier origin from Pader. 

Hope this helps,

Max Polonovski
CGJ, Paris

Re: Divorce

A. E. Jordan

-----Original Message-----
From: Ellen Gottfried <ellen@...>
marriage certificate indicates that she was divorced.
I am unable to find a record of the divorce. I checked all the
boroughs of New York City, New Jersey and Nevada (Reno County).

In New York City the marriage license contains details of the prior divorce and in some cases even has a copy of the decree.  If they divorced generally it would have been in the borough where they were living but in New York City the divorce cases are sealed for 100 years and most of the indexes are not online or available so I am not sure where you checked.  Brooklyn is the one borough which seems willing to let people see the index.

But since divorce was not as easy to get as it is today a lot of people went elsewhere be in Reno or even out of the USA.

The only hope I think you have is to look to see if New Jersey preserved files similar to New York since she admitted she was married previously you assume she had to show proof of the divorce to get a license to remarry.

Allan Jordan


Ellen Gottfried

My grandmother married HF in 1923 in Manhattan. They lived in
Manhattan. She married my grandfather Abe SOLOMON in 1928, in New
Jersey and the marriage certificate indicates that she was divorced.
I am unable to find a record of the divorce. I checked all the
boroughs of New York City, New Jersey and Nevada (Reno County). Does
anyone have any ideas as to where else I could look?
Ellen GOTTFRIED, Plainview, New York

ViewMate translation request - German

Deborah Schultz

Hello. I've posted on ViewMate part of a birth record for which I need a translation, and I hope a kind volunteer may be able to help.

This is from the birth record of Rebekah Spiegel, born in 1892, in Plavie, near Skole, Ukraine (formerly in Galicia, Austria-Hungary). 
Her mother was Feige Raeder of Plavie, and her father was Szulim Spiegel of Dolina. 

I think the record is in German, but please let me know if it's not, and I'll update ViewMate. It's on ViewMate (in 3 parts), at the following:

1) Column with mother's information only: 

2) Column with notes, perhaps about the parents' marriage: 

3) More from the notes column, which may be signatures:

Please reply via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

This is for Rebekah's family. She unfortunately did not survive the Shoah, and it would mean a lot to them, to have this information. 
Thanks so much!

Deborah Schultz, Michigan, USA

Problems with JewishGen

Neil Rosenstein

The system seems to be having problems.
When I do a search for surname and town, it comes up with a blank screen when before I could find the same records.
Does anyone else have the same situation?


Talks at Highlands House, Cape Town

Eli Rabinowitz




Talk by Marlene Silbert

Topic: Isolation of Jewish Children in the broader community


Date: Thursday 5th March ‘20

Time: 10h30 am


Talk by Eli Rabinowitz

TopicWE ARE HERE! Eli Rabinowitz talks about the commemorations he attended in Europe in 2019.


A video, slide and music presentation is included.

Eli will include the commemorations in Birzh and Keidaniai in Lithuania, and the Bielski Partisans Reunion in Naliboki, Belarus.


Date: Thursday 5th March ‘20

Time: 14h30 pm


Presentation at Beyachad, Johannesburg

Eli Rabinowitz



Perth Modern.jpg 

On Friday 13 March 2020, the South African Friends of Beth Hatefutsoth will be hosting a presentation by Eli Rabinowitz, from Perth.


Eli, who is the founder of the education project the We Are Here Foundation, will be giving a talk accompanied by video footage about the programme for youth across the globe. The foundation focuses on the importance of educating Jewish youth about the Jewish partisans during the World War II. He will be giving an update on the success of this project, which is funded by the US government.


The project which started at schools in Australia is now functioning in Belarus, Lithuania, Israel and the USA.  Communities across the globe have been taught to sing the famous Partisans Song (Shir HaPartizanim).


His message is loud and clear: WE MUST NEVER FORGET!


If you would like to attend please email us at museum@...


For more information please visit the website:


WE ARE HERE! An Education Program That Inspires Upstanders


Hope to see you.


Military records Canada

Gayle Schlissel Riley

Years ago I got my grandfather's military records from Canada but I did not get the full file, He was gassed and got two medals. I would like to get more info but I forgot where to write. Can someone tell me where to write again? Thanks Gayle
Sam Levine from Durham and Mt Forest. Ontario

Researching Klaus Manfred ROSENTHAL (1929 Berlin - Auschwitz 1943) Lili WECHSELMANN (1929 Berlin - Auschwitz 1943) Ruth SCHWERSENZ (born 1930 Berlin)

George Fogelson

Seeking contact with families of

Klaus Manfred ROSENTHAL (1929 Berlin - Auschwitz 1943)
Lili WECHSELMANN (1929 Berlin - Auschwitz 1943)
Ruth SCHWERSENZ (born 1930 Berlin)

They were friends of my cousin Eva-Ruth LOHDE (1929 - Auschwitz 1943)
in Berlin during the war.

Please reply to:

Los Angeles

Re: Locate grave in Germany after Holocaust #germany

Hello David,

Thank You Very Much. You don't mention who is the agency that you send the inquiry.


Solomon Schlussel



On 03/04/20 06:54 AM, David Seldner wrote:

I sent them 3 inquiries and it took almost a year to get an answer (well, 25 years ago it took 6 years to find out abouot my Grandfather's fate) - I was fascinated what they had about my Grandmother, until she left for the US in 1949. I agree that they probably have the information about his death, if he died in a DP camp. It can only take a while. You could also try using JOWBR or other search enginges for cemeteries.
David Seldner, Karlsruhe, Germany

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