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David Choukroun

@ GayleCannon70

Here is the Decret Number of Henri Felman : 12208 x 36

For the similar request, please check Bernard Flam guidelines : 

1st step is to look at the "Journal officiel de la Republique Francaise" under (



Wood Street Shul Stein family in Chicago. #usa

Stuart Kaufer

My grandparents and my mother talked about walking to the Wood St Shul in Chicago from their home on Grand and Damen in Chicago.   Does anyone know the real name as it was always referred to as Wood St Shul?

Jewish soldier in Boer War #general


I have seen some clever approaches to difficult problems here, so I thought I'd give it a try:
My grandmother reported that her oldest brother (by about 20 years) left Lithuania to fight in the Boer War in the British army.  He didn't come home, but she did not report that he had been killed.

Some years ago, I contacted the local British consulate and explained that my great uncle had served in Her Majesty's army in the Boer War.  After explaining that I was referring to Queen Victoria rather than Elizabeth II, I was invited to go to London and work through their collection of index cards for the soldiers who had fought in that war.  Apparently, there are several million, which makes this a serious non-starter.  What's more, I know what his name was in Lithuania, but not what he might have been using in the army.
Any suggestions?
Yale Zussman

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David Choukroun

Hello Judi,

you can probably find them with the Birth civil acts of Paris here :

Start with the Decennale files to get their exact dates/reference : below are the range of years covered by those Decennale tables

Tables des naissances, mariages et décès (1860-1932), tables des mariages (1955-1974) et tables des décès (1955-1984)

Without the address (that gives you the "arrondissement"),  you will have to search into the 20 files of the 20 "arrondissement" of Paris

I did it for the #4 "arrondissment" and get a Richard H. 

only 19 other arrondissement to check :)  -- good luck !

Then to get the act itself (to check the parents, and the address), only the following periods are online

Actes de naissance (1860-1924), mariage (1860-1944) et décès (1860-1986)

Once you have them in the Decennale tables, and if they are outside of the previous ranges (i.e. 1929/1930) 
you can request the acts (but you need all the info) via :



Re: surnames Szczepanski or Mrozowska from Lviv, Poland #galicia #poland


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Can anyone recognise the surnames Szczepanski  or Mrozowska from Lviv, Poland before 1940's.
These were my grandparents who were arrested in 1940 and disappeared. Maybe they were Roman Catholic or maybe Jewish (my DNA indicates this to be a possibility). I've tried many avenues already. Thank you

 There is a Rabbi Jeremy Szczepanski in Manchester NH. His story is interesting in that he was born and raised Catholic, chose to become Jewish and went on to become a conservative Rabbi.
Arthur Feinberg
Kalamazoo MI

Yiddish: Letter from David SPAIN to Hirsch Ephraim BLOCH [2 pages]#translation #yiddish


I would most appreciate if someone could either transcribe or translate the letter below.

With many thanks

Shulamit Spain, Scotland


Isaac LAZAROFF-, USA/ England/Jerusalem-Begin. 20th cent., #israel #usa #unitedkingdom

Yonatan Ben-Ari

In order to confirm family lore I am researching an individual by the
name of Isaac LAZAROFF ( spelling may be variant) who was supposedly
married to my great great great grandmother, a second marriage for

This story was told to my second cousin who heard it from his
grandmother. According to my cousin , his grandmother said that
LAZAROFF was a wealthy, orthodox Londoner, who had some 10 children
from his first wife (in England) and came to Jerusalem to find a
shidduch (a new wife). Supposedly they lived in the Mea Shearim
neighborhood in Jerusalem. Then it was a very fancy area.

My guess is that this gentleman may have been an American rather than
British (or a Britisher who had lived in the States) as there are
several discrepancies (and no official records,) for the family
history of that period. What is pretty sure, but again no records,
that this maternal ancestress had lived for years in New Haven, Ct.
before coming (or returning) to Jerusalem.

Is the above Isaac (Yitzchak) LAZAROFF, familiar to anyone ?


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: NYC Municipal Death Records Archive #usa

June Genis

Thanks for this.  I have been unable to get the death certificate for my father who died in Dec 1949.  Most of the Vital Records retrieval data files seem to be labeled as before 1940 or after 1949.  I was beginning to think that 1949 had just been lost.  If this suit succeeds perhaps I will now be able to get it.

Hemet, CA

given name "Slawa"? #names #poland

Lee Jaffe

I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on the given name "Slawa."  In particular I'm wondering if it is a nickname for another name, say a Polish equivalent for a Jewish name. 

I'm researching my 3x great-grandmother Slawa Brodowicz Ludwinowska (b. 1800?, Wizajny, Suwalki, Poland), exploring any and all avenues to identify her parents.  We find many records for her under this name in JRI-Poland databases, most associated with births and marriages of her 9 children.  Three of these records identify a possible father, and these are contradictory.  I thought we might be able to expand our search options if we could identify other possible names she may have used and allow us to find a birth or marriage record with further information about her parents.

Red herrings: We know there is a town Slawa about 200 miles away, but we have no indication that's where the family originated (nor does it seem likely she'd be named for the town).  We also understand that the w would be pronounced as a v and that Slava is a common nickname in Eastern Europe and Russia, almost exclusively shortening masculine names (e.g. Stanislav).  One exception is a musician whose real given name is Anastasia.  There is also an "deviant" (her term)  artist called Slawa, but I cannot determine her actual name. 

Instead, we're hoping the wisdom of the list can help us identify a Polish-derivation of a Hebrew or Yiddish name (e.g. Yitzhak > Ick).  Perhaps members have family members called "Slawa" where it was a nickname for another name you can share with us.  

Thank you for your assistance,

Lee Jaffe
Sadye Stein < Ella Braun < Rywka Ludwinowka < Slawa Brodowicz?

Re: Researching meaning of surname from Ukraine #ukraine #names


Thank you to those who responded privately. So far, there is no listing of Meschmar in the book and no Russian translation. I appreciate all the efforts!
Denise Suttle 

View Mate Translation Request - Russian #translation

Fanny Levy

I've posted a vital record in Russian for which I need a translation.  It is on ViewMate at the following address:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate impage page.
Thank you very much.

Fanny Levy

Bronx synagogue #usa

Arlene Sandler

Looking for any information about my grandfather, David Greenberg, who was cantor at Temple Hand-In-Hand on East 145th Street in the Bronx. He arrived in New York in 1896 and died in 1909, leaving a wife and 2 children.

Arlene Sandler

Re: Equivalent Name for Rose #names

Susan Lubow

I'm not sure that "translation" is the right word.   A European Rose/Rosa/Rosalia might become an American Rose/Rosa.  But then Rose/Rosa might decide that Ruth is more "American".  In the same way, a European Rivka or Ruchl might become an American Rebecca/Rachel/Regina and then might prefer a more American-sounding name such as Ruth - always keeping the first initial. What is more important is if there is a specific person for whom a child is being named.  Then, using the first initial with a name that is more in keeping with the country where it is being used became a popular way to honor someone.
Susan Lubow
Morristown, NJ

Re: surnames Szczepanski or Mrozowska from Lviv, Poland #galicia #poland


There is a known Rabbi in Brooklyn, NY called Rabbi Reuven Schepansky. Try your luck and contact him (Google his name).. I believe his father was from Poland.

Re: Town of ROSOW or REZOWO in Grodno gubernia #belarus


Google "Rozov, Belarus". That's what you're looking for. 

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Dahn Cukier

The language is set by country. France = French, Israel =Hebrew.

This happens with many applications. Help in Google comes up in Hebrew,
but the the help I wanted was "how to set the page to English."

It would be nice if instead of "ivrit" in Hebrew
they showed a flag.


When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

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Check your settings as my subscription has never switched from English to anything else

Re: Jewish Legion WW1 #canada

Dahn Cukier


You are looking for soldiers of the 39th battalion. Volunteers from
US and Canada.

I do not have full access via Ancestry, but from time to time
they open UK or full access for free. I do not remember where I
found a card for my grandfather, but when ancestry last opened
(or familysearch) free access, I found more documents.

There is a museum at Avihayl, (north of Netanya) but if no one supplied information
of the person-they have nothing. They had nothing for me
when I was there, not even my grandfather's name.


When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Thursday, July 30, 2020, 03:42:27 PM GMT+3, <nsb@...> wrote:

Looking for further information about my grandfather Harry Boyarsky who joined the 38th Royal Fusiliers in September 2018. Born in Lida nr Grodno he emigrated to Montreal after the war. 
Nicholas Boyarsky


rv Kaplan

Looking for information about any descendants of 4 first cousins of my grandmother.  Their parents were Millie and Isaac Kammonowitz (various spelling used in the family!) and they lived in London.




Harvey Kaplan

Glasgow, Scotland



Fanny (Fay) Kamanovitz, b. 1892 in London.  She married Joseph (Joe) Singer, 1927 in London.


Mark (Marks) Kammonowitz/Kaminovits (Kaman), b. 1894 in Whitechapel, London, d. 1972 in Kensington, London.  He married Fay Bessie, 1923 in London.


Blumah (Blanche) Kammonowitz/Kaminovitch, b. 1897 in London.  She married Samuel Rabinowitch, 1932 in London, b. 1893?


Abraham (Alf) Kammonowitz/Kamonovitch, b. 1898? in London.  He married (1) Annie  Zawatsky, 1935 in Poplar, London.  He married (2) Rose Aaronson, 1952 in Poplar, London.

Re: Research individuals in France #france

Fran Stark-Hundiak

On Filae I was able to find the following,

Naturalization: Originally this person was of foreign nationality, she became French by benefiting from a decree of NATURALIZATION. The first text concerning the naturalizations of foreigners in France is a judgment of the Parliament of Paris dated 1515: "The child born in France of foreign parents is French if he chooses to settle permanently in France", The 25th of June 1948, at France (Republic Of France)

Birth: The 14th of October 1909, at Chmielnik (Chmielnik, Powiat Koniński, Województwo Wielkopolskie, Republic Of Poland)


Since he Naturalized June 25 1948 you should be able to follow the instructions of Bernard Flam on using Gallica to find more information.


Hope this helps.

Fran Stark-Hundiak

Michigan USA

Re: Naturalization Index card states "Missing Record"...lost cause? #records #usa

David Oseas

Apparently, the court misplaced several files before they could be microfilmed.  You can see from this microfilm image -- there is a placeholder for your great-grandfather's file: .  If you change to thumbnail view, you will then see many placeholders for missing folders.

David Oseas

14481 - 14500 of 662020