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Chuck Weinstein

My talk is one of the library talks.  It is available on demand.

Chuck Weinstein

Re: Equivalent Name for Rose #names

Alyssa Freeman

I've often found Reize as an equivalent for Rose among my own family. 

Alyssa Freeman
Richmond, Va

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Alyssa Freeman

Although there are times when I've found incorrect trees, overall I have found My Heritage to be very helpful. 99% of the time the record matches I find are correct. Rarely do I get records from Family Tree (the Mormon site). Most of the records I've found are ones that I would not be able to get for free. Using My Heritage, I've contacted several cousins who did extensive research before me and were able to pass that information along to me. I would have a lot more brick walls than I currently have if it wasn't for them. I've also found a lot of photos of family members and historical information about some well-known ones. My mom and I have been doing this together - she longer than I have - and I find a lot more information that she does. She's always asking me, "Where did you find this?" and most of the time I've found it from records on My Heritage. She uses Ancestry.
Alyssa Freeman
Richmond, VA

Re: Post WWII relatives records in Brussels, Belgium - JAKUBOWICZ #general

Marcel Apsel

For Antwerpen  felixarchief and search for vreemdelingenpolitie.  This goes until 1930.

You can also make a search through

Marcel Apsel

Antwerp, Belgium

Re: NYC Municipal Death Records Archive #usa

A. E. Jordan

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From: Adam Cherson <adam.cherson@...>
One more question: is there an index of NYC Death Certificates for the years 1949-1968 (or any sub-period within that time frame)?

Currently only the limited things you find online at Ancestry for example.  Can try looking for obits in The New York Times or other newspapers as a substitute.

The index existed in paper form at the NY Public Library but the Health Department actually went to the library and physically demanded the return of the index saying it was a privacy issue.  The library had been resisting requests for a while hence they went there and took possession of the books!

Allan Jordan

Re: Weinstock from Hungary #general #hungary #slovakia


The reason I'm automatically wary of "spouse's name is the same, must be the same couple" is that I have ancestors who shared their exact names with another couple in the same small village (population 122). Also, Jewish surnames draw from a pretty limited pool all over Hungary, and the choices of given names came from a rather homogenous short list, too, so name repeats are bound to happen.

If the occupation matches (especially if it's something fairly specialized, rather than a generic "merchant"), it may be enough to tip the scale in favor. (That Dratted Handwriting is getting the best of me on the marriage record, so I don't know what it says for the occupation of Jonas.)

(Bodrog-)Szentes versus Nagygéres as birthplace is a minor difference in terms of geography (3 miles), but one wonders why the difference in reported names. Did they actually live on an outlying farm somewhere, and someone got confused about which municipality it belonged to?

./\ /\

Naturalization Index card states "Missing Record"...lost cause? #records #usa

Ryan Cramer

I've found my 2nd great-grandfather (Abraham Kaslick)'s naturalization index card however in the certificate (attached photo) it states "missing record."  
Is this common?  What would be the reason for this record to be missing?
Are there other avenues to pursue where I can find this "missing record"?  Abraham Leib Kaslick was born in Odessa, Russia in May 1858.  According to various census records he arrived in the US between 1886-1889 and settled in East Boston.  Thx

Re: NYC Municipal Death Records Archive #usa

David Oseas


Reclaim the Records is working on getting the info released to the public.

In the mean time, Ancestry has an index for 1949-1965, based on VitalSearch:

David Oseas

New ViewMate Listing #translation

Wendy Packer

Subject: ViewMate Translation Request - Yiddish


I would be very grateful for a translation of the Yiddish text on a family postcard. It is on ViewMate at the following address

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.


Thank you so much!


Wendy Packer

Re: Equivalent Name for Rose #names

Ittai Hershman

Just to note that while the proper Hebrew translation of a rose is Vered (ורד) a word already used in the 2nd Century Mishnah, the much more common, albeit technically incorrect, Hebrew translation is Shoshana (שושנה).

Of course, as noted by others, naming often is not a matter of mere translation.  I still thought it worthwhile to make the connection between Rose and Shoshana (and Vered) explicit.

Ittai Hershman
New York City

Family of Samuel (Simon) Brandt #latvia

Rosalind Finkelstein

I am looking for any descendents of Samuel (Simon) Brandt who emigrated from Latvia to New York City. He was married and had 10-12 children.  He passed away in 1936. He was my great uncle and I would be thrilled to find some new cousins. Please reply privately.
Rosalind Brandt Finkelstein

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Neil Kominsky

Ancestry no longer owns Family Tree Maker.  I has been acquired and is maintained by MacKiev. FTM can, however, still be synced to Ancestry.

Neil Kominsky
Brookline, MA

researching Blitstein (Vitebsk), Rothstein (Obruch?), Samson (Iasi), Chalit (Odessa), Kominsky (Aleksandriya, Ukraine), Medvedovsky (Nikolaev, Ukraine), Frank (Altenschoenbach, Lower Franconia), Rosenbaum (Kunreuth, Bavaria), Pentlarz/ Pentlarge (Hostacov, Bohemia), Kleemann (Werneck, Bavaria), May (Wolfisheim, Alsace)

Gittle ABRAMOWITZ's (19th cent. Novarodok) maiden name-HOROWITZ? #names

Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am researching my great great grandmother's maiden name. Gittle
ABRAMOWITZ, widowed from Yitzchak in Novarodok during the second half
of the 19th cent.and came to the USA (New Haven 1870-1880, I have no
records only family lore).

There is a HOROWITZ family who also left Novarodok ,one branch
(including Rabbi I.S. ) came to Hartford, Ct. (USA) another to Israel
(Petach Tikva -Reb. Shimon "Shoichet") and they all "know" we are
cousins but no one alive today seems to know the exact connection.
Both Rabbi I.S. and Simon "Shoichet" passed away many years ago.

One family note (again no records) that one of my ABRAMOWITZ
forefathers from Novarodok was the brother of the Rabbi of the city in
the mid 19th cent.-a certain Rav David (family name unknown to me-one
suggestion was TCHERMINSKY- but researching that name couldn't make a
connection), also known as the "Galia Mesechta" as per his book which
he authored, whose son married a daughter of a HOROWITZ from Minsk.
The son adopted the family name HOROWITZ as his own.

A friend of mine, who is a member of the USA HOROWITZ clan said to me
years ago that he had seen a family tree (his) in which our family
appears but didn't remember where and when he saw it. My parents
(KATZOFF) generation were friends with school mates (HOROWITZ) who
later lived in the New York area.

Its been suggested that I do dna testing. Its problematic here in
Israel so I prefer not to go in that direction. I should mention that
I am not sure if the spelling is HOROWITZ or HURWITZ.

If anyone knows a connection between ABRAMOWITZ and HOROWITZ both of
Novarodok , I'd appreciate hearing from you.


Yoni Ben-Ari (Katzoff), Jerusalem

Re: Research individuals in France #france

Gayle Cannon

If your account is still active, I’m interested in finding info about my aunt’s brother, Henri Felman. I don’t know his original first name—I doubt it was Henri.   He was born in Chmielnik Poland, studied in Belgium, fled from Paris to London during WWII where I was told he was active in the resistance.  He lived in Paris after the war and practiced law there.  His niece told me that she wasn’t sure he was legally doing so.  She also believed he remarried and had a family after the war.  I can’t find him in any French cemeteries.  

Re: Housing Family Trees for FREE #general



Build your family tree on Family Search's Family Tree site. This LDS collaboartive tree site is totally free and claims it's the largest family tree and still growing.

James Castellan
Rose Valley, PA

Re: Let's Introduce Ourselves #bessarabia

Pablo Libedinsky

I'm making a bigger effort in researching CHAMUDIS because I think it's an unusual name.   On the other hand, I've been told by Russians I know that LIBEDINSKY is a common surname. 
There are many Libedinsky in Argentina. I met one of them who has an extended family tree and I've been trying to find the connection to my family but without success, yet.
My grandfather Paltiel Libedinsky came from somewhere near Odessa.  He migrated to Argentina, where Paltiel became Pablo and from there moved to Chile.

Thank you.

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

INCORRECT:   McKiev bought FTM four years ago and supports it. 

Older versions (pre 2017) are not able to sync with Ancestry.  

Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

On Jul 30, 2020, at 5:48 AM, sonialipham368@... wrote:

Ancestry owns Family Tree Maker and no longer supports any problems_,_._,_

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Re: Post WWII relatives records in Brussels, Belgium - JAKUBOWICZ #general


Hi Etienne,

The information you have provided seems to be very helpful. I will give it a try indeed.

I have already contacted the mentioned archive in Brussels and I'm on a progress to reproduce a file regarding a family relative. Do you know if it can be sent by e-mail or just in hard copy?
In addition, I found on FamilySearch an immigration documents from Antwerpen, 1926, that with a careful guess I belive it also related to my family. What databases do you recommend for such documents?

Best regards,

Quick Translation from German to English Please #translation

Carol Zinter

Just found this marriage certificate on Ancestry yesterday.  It contains the names of our 3rd great grandparents, Marcus Liebermann and his wife Rosalie Espen.  It also seems to contain the names of each of their parents, who have been unknown to us until now.  Would appreciate a full translation to include any and all names mentioned.  Thank you so very much!!


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Sad news #general

Bruce Drake

The husband of Ala Gamulka, who has translated many Yizkor books for JewishGen, has passed away. He was born in Kovel, grew up in Rokitno, and survived the war by hiding out in the forest with his mother.
I came to know Ala because she volunteered her help to translate the now-completed Kovel Yizkor book. Because of her husband's heritage, she did it as "a labor of love."
Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD 

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