Re: Buying false papers

Helen Krag

Grandmother with 2 fake birth certificates

My grandmother Elke, no surname given – she had 6 of them – had two fake
birth certificates. She didn't buy them though. She first needed one
when she had fled to Vienna in 1914 and wanted to marry. Her mother in
Tarnopol, Austrian Galicia, went to Russia to get one from her niece,
who was appr. of the same age. As Elke said: In Russia one didn't need
papers. The second birth certificate was also fake, some rabbi in Poland
wrote one in 1938 so my grandmother could make it into exile in Great
Britain. This one had the correct date and name but wrong place of birth.


Helen Krag, Copenhagen

KÖNIGSBERG, all in Galicia and Vienna

Re: Maiming to Avoid the Russian Draft?


My paternal GF was from Austria (he always said Vienna). My father always said that his father was deaf in one ear because he punctured his ear drum to avoid being drafted into the Russian army.

Re: Maiming to Avoid the Russian Draft?

Joseph Laden

Yes, my great grandfather injured one of his eyes to avoid the Russian Army draft during the Russo-Japanese War which started in 1905. He eventually emigrated to the USA in 1925.
Joseph Laden
Ladyzhinski from Geisin

Re: Maiming to Avoid the Russian Draft?


My husband's family has written stories about people cutting off a finger.   I think is was the pointer finger, not the thumb.   There was also a story of them making themselves weak and sick by drinking something bad.  

Re: Tracking a passenger across the Atlantic through England

N. Summers

In response to your question about tracking a relative’s journey from Hull to the US, i’d like to share a few resources that I found for a similar search. 

In addition, I found the following pages mentioning the ship Flamingo: 

(it looks like the Flamingo was  named the Reiher when it was built in 1909 and was renamed in 1938. In 1939 it was requisitioned by the German Navy. It was sunk in 1945. )

Other resources:

The British Board of Trade outbound passenger lists

Transmigration via England

Germans to America/using Hamburg passenger lists:
(Also on

The only mention I could find of the passenger ship Flamingo was on this page discussing ships traveling from Britain to South Africa :

Hope some of this helps in your search. 

Nancy S
Maryland USA


Re: #chicago #illinois #Belarus #belarus

Pat Westfall

Dear Linda, does it look to you as if these heads are out of proportion
to the bodies?  That was my first thought.
Could someone have glued on photos of someone else?
Pat Westfall

Re: Maiming to Avoid the Russian Draft?

sharon yampell

My grandfather’s step-grandfather actually DID cut off one of his fingers and when he was buried in the US, the finger was buried with him…



Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, NJ USA/ suburb of Philadelphia PA


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Similarly, in my maternal line, the story is one of the sons changed his surname from Markell to Marget to avoid the draft. I am descended from Marget.


Harry Auerbach

Searching Marget (Vilna)

Rice/Grynfeld/Lewkowicz (Poland)

Korobov/Nahinsky (Ukraine, Belarus)



Buying false papers

JoAnne Goldberg

I'm interested in Sarah's story about buying false papers, as my family has a similar origin story vis a vis our Goldberg surname, and I've never been clear about how it worked.  Whose papers were sold, and what happened to those people -- without their own papers? Did they have to buy papers from another person, or could most people get by day-to-day without papers? What were papers used for anyway? My understanding was that you did not need papers to immigrate to the United States in the 1800s.

Seems like these questions should have obvious answers but it's all kind of murky.

JoAnne Goldberg
Menlo Park, California USA

Re: Tracking a passenger across the Atlantic through England

David Ellis

I don't know about Hull.  My g-gf Abram IOELS also is documented in the Hamburg departure lists, but I don't see him in the manifests from England or New York.  His naturalization record shows an arrival date in New York as 10 April 1888.  Eight ships arrived in New York that day, and manifests are extant for only four of them.  As one researcher put it, I lost the coin toss.  Go for Jacob's naturalization record; maybe you'll have better luck than I did.

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Re: Maiming to Avoid the Russian Draft?

Harry Auerbach

Similarly, in my maternal line, the story is one of the sons changed his surname from Markell to Marget to avoid the draft. I am descended from Marget.

Harry Auerbach
Searching Marget (Vilna)
Rice/Grynfeld/Lewkowicz (Poland)
Korobov/Nahinsky (Ukraine, Belarus)

Re: Heves Madja

Beth Long

Heves megye is Heves county, Hungary. Though it's hard to see where that would connect to the two places you mentioned. Movement was generally from Galicia to Hungary, not the other way around.

Re: The Zamosc Memorial Book is now On Line

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

Whatever are you referring to? Such a cryptic reply is of no use.

Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

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From Detroit, I presume?

Trying to get a picture of a gravestone in Oakridge Cemetery, Chicago

Roy Ogus

I am trying to find someone who would be willing to visit the Oakridge Jewish Cemetery in the Chicago area to take a picture of two gravestones of my family members.  The exact address of the cemetery is 4301 Roosevelt Rd, Hillside, IL 60162. 

I can supply more details of the names of the deceased individuals and the gravestone location if you are able to help me.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone would would be able to do this for me.  I will be glad to reimburse you for any expenses involved.  Please reply to me privately.

Many thanks!

Roy Ogus
Palo Alto, California

Heves Madja

Karol Swanson

My father often mentioned a town called Heves Madja (sp?) that he thought his grandfather came from.  My father was born in Bolechow.  I know there is a Heves Mountain in Hungary but I do not think it has anything to do with that. Can anyone shed light on this mystery? 
Also, I am researching the town of Koniuszkow (just to the north-west of Brody) at the turn of the last century.  Does anyone know where I might find birth or death records from there?

Thank you,
Karol Schlosser
Kinross, UK

Re: Tracking a passenger across the Atlantic through England

Sheila Toffell

One comment, Hull is on the East Coast of England and Liverpool on the West Coast. There was some kind of requirement to stay in the UK before passengers could get on a ship to the US. Some cities had places where emigrants could stay. 

Sheila Toffell
Glen Rock NJ
From Ukriane: KORSUNSKY,from the Tarasche area,  BERESNOV from Yelisavetograd or Rivne (near Yelisavetograd) 

From Poland: LAKUMSKI from Skulsk, RACHWALSKI from Slesin, LAZARUS from Kobryn Bialystok, TOFEL, TOFFEL from Josefow nad Wisla 

#chicago #illinois #Belarus #belarus

Linda Kelley

Please help identify these ladies. They lived in Chicago about 1910. The photos were taken by G.L. Simons.
The families lived in Bobruisk and Gomel, Belarus. Associated families were Bereskin, Shcolnik and Duboff.
The photos are posted here and will be in ViewMate.
Thank you!
Linda Wolfe Kelley

Re: Tracking a passenger across the Atlantic through England

David Oseas


According to Steve Morse's & The Ships List websites, there were 4 liners with ships called "Flamingo" through the years.  There are only 2 recorded landings in the US and those were in Boston, not NY, and were much earlier than the dates you are interested in.  It is likely that your relative sailed on the Flamingo to reach Liverpool, then departed on a different ship for the US.

Also, note that naturalization papers of that era contained very little information -- only the name, city of residence & signature of the petitioner and the signature of a witness.

David Oseas

KLEIN: Satoraljaujhely (Ujhely), Hungary > New York > Los Angeles
OSEAS/OSIAS/OSIASI/OZIAS: Iasi, Romania > Chicago > Milwaukee > Los Angeles;  STRUL: : Iasi, Romania > Haifa, Israel
SCHECHTER/SHEKTER: Kishinev, Bessarabia > New York;    SHERMAN: Iasi, Romania > New York > Los Angeles
WICHMAN: Syczkowo (Bobruisk), Belarus > Milwaukee > Los Angeles;   STECKER: New York > Florida

Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....

Vivian Kahn

When moderating I always added name, when it was apparent from message header, or rejected with message advising that including full name and location can help to ensure more useful responses. Very likely that omission of name is usually unintentional and not because sender wants to be anonymous.

Vivian Kahn, Santa Rosa, California

Re: Looking for help please - searching great grandparents

Susan Millar

Thank you Carole,
pm’d you


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