Re: Help with gravestone artwork and translation for Sarah P. Weiner #translation #usa


Hi Corey
The artwork depicts a candelabra which is a common symbol on womens' gravestones. It signifies the lighting of Shabbat candles which is a special mitzvah for a woman and also seems to connote motherhood (I am guessing here but maybe as she is the light to her family, or based on the Talmud that connects lighting Shabbat candles to meriting upright children). The candelabra is flanked by 
the letters of an acronym meaning "here is buried". The acronym at the bottom means "May her soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life".
The first line says "A beloved mother from an upright (important) lineage."
So to answer your question, yes, it is clear that she was a mother despite dying young. I would not have concluded that from the artwork alone but the inscription settles it.
Just to make sure you are not misunderstanding the name, it doesn't list a maiden surname (resembling Peshevar), rather it is her full name and father's name. Sarah Pesha bat Reb (abbreviation) Yaakov Moshe. I wonder what her middle name in English was with the initial H and if it had any connection to Pesha.
Good luck,
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

Re: Understanding Yizkor Book Master Name Index search #yizkorbooks


Soda water (Zeltser) refers to the profession of the person. People would mix CO2 with water, fill  bottles and deliver to homes. The 1939 business census of Poland available in Jewishgen lists that kind of business and the name of the person/s that did it.

Re: Shklyar, Pinkhasik and Reznik from Slutsk and Kletsk #belarus


Not sure how to open family tree?
My family is from Slutsk and Kletsk --- came to USA around 1900.
The family name is Kronick.

Re: searching Austro-Hungary for family #austria-czech #hungary

Michael Hoffman

Do a search on the website of the Australian National Archives, you should be able to find Military and Immigration records, and if you are lucky
you will be able to download them to your computer.

Michael Hoffman

Re: 1875 Revision List Review/Translation Assistance #translation #ukraine

Gary Pokrassa

There is a listing of surnames attached to the Fastov/Bela Tservka revision list at:

This is posted by Boris Finkelstein but it is in Cyrillic.  It is not a true index since it unfortunately does not include record numbers to identify which record is of interest but it will tell you if surnames of interest are included and it does narrow it down to specific sections for that town.  You can get these names transliterated using the Steve Morse website at

I do not see such a listing posted for the Bratislav 1875 listing.

Hope this helps
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Group

Seeking family of Goldie Bass from Derevna, Derewna, Derevne , Derevnaya #russia #belarus #poland


Goldie Bass married Samuel Kivovitz.  The had three children--Tema (might have been known as Rose in USA), Irving and Faigie.  Tema, my grandmother, and her husband Hyman Kumok immigrated in 1899 and changed their name to Cohen.  Irving immigrated around 1902 and changed his name to Cannon; he was married to Lena and was an architect and, I think, a professor at Antioch.  All I know about Faigie is that she immigrated to the USA, married and lived in the state of Washington.  Am very eager to learn more about my grandmother's family.

Unknown couple from Reading, PA ca 1885 #usa


Possibly related to the LOEB family of Reading, PA

Possibly Solomon Weil and Rose Levy Weil from Reading, PA ca. 1860.
Edward Steiner
Washington DC

Re: World War II Enlistment -- strange civil occupation #usa

David Oseas

The table of occupation codes is available here:

David Oseas

KLEIN: Satoraljaujhely (Ujhely), Hungary > New York > Los Angeles
Hungary > New York
OSEAS/OSIAS/OSIASI/OZIAS: Iasi, Romania > Chicago > Milwaukee > Los Angeles
SCHECHTER/SHEKTER: Kishinev, Bessarabia > New York  
SHERMAN: Iasi, Romania > New York > Los Angeles
STRUL:  Iasi, Romania > Haifa, Israel
WICHMAN: Syczkowo (Bobruisk), Belarus > Milwaukee > Los Angeles

Re: Suwalki Lomza Journal #poland

Sally Bruckheimer

Most of the records that appeared in the Journal have been digitized and put on JRI-PP. There were articles about the history of one town or another and perhaps some records, like the marriages in Paris of Suwalki and Lomza people, which haven't, to my knowledge, been published elsewhere.
It was a wonderful resource for those with ancestors from the area.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Unusual Polish (?) surname - RUSZDIZAN #names #poland #unitedkingdom


Has anybody come across the surname RUSZDIZAN? I discovered an ancestor with that name - Hykee RUSZDIZAN, specifically. Born ca. 1800. Wife Tannie (sic). Daughter Ethel/Esther COHEN b. about 1825 in Russia-Poland. Ethel's surname is also listed as "Jurdica" on the death certificate of her daughter - Rosie Fanny GOLDBERG, nee JOSEPH. This may not have been Ethel's surname but rather, possibly, her birthplace, i.e. Juryzdyka, Podlaskie, Poland.  Ethel married Isaac JOSEPH in Russia-Poland, immigrated to England then to the United States. She died in 1895 in New York City and is buried in Bayside Cemetery in the Congregation Kol Israel Anshe Polen 2 (an indication of her origin?). Thank you for your insight. I've hit a wall with this family.
Edward Steiner
Washington DC

Translation of Hebrew and Yiddish phrases #yiddish #translation

Bob Silverstein

I am working on a letter having a number of phrases in Hebrew and Yiddish.  The list is long but I would still appreciate getting it translated.  Thanks for your help and patience.

Bob Silverstein

  1. niftar bishnat 1932 be Lodz, sham huva lekvura
  2. Josele , az dy sehst epes ys green, sollst dy glajben dane ojgen, yn nisht sugen efsher ys es blu
  3. twiat ajin
  4. bejn kolshear bnei jisrael
  5. ptira
  6. simon ( the bchor)  Simon the boy?
  7. beezrat hashem
  8. meharishonim bewet hakwarot hajashan be Tomasz ow- Mazowiecki
  9. the privilege of commemorating her name on my maceiva and thus hold on to her Jiskor
  10. The following "toldot" of our family
  11. for lack of a breira, two of our great-great-great grandmother were already emancipated women
  12. huva lekvura bewet hakvarot hechadash be Lodz
  13. huva lekvura bewet hakwarot hajashan be Lodz
  14. niftar bishnat 1932 be Lodz vehuva lekvura sham bewet hakvarot hechadash
  15. the Germans, jemach shmam, destroyed everybody and everything
  16. ad meaveesrim
  17. dus kleine bubele
  18. niftar bishnat 1932 be Lodz vehuva lekvura sham bewet hakvarot hechadash
  19. Is the man’s name Cwi the same as Tvi?
  20. What do these mean and what are the appropriate abbreviations using Roman letters?

Re: Shklyar, Pinkhasik and Reznik from Slutsk and Kletsk #belarus


My Schklar family (Sklar now) was from Krupki in Belarus.   My great-grandfather was Leibusch (Louis in the US) and his brother was Mendel (stayed and died in Belarus in the Holocaust).  Their parents were Meyer and Sarah.  

Any possible connection?

Seeking relatives of Erna EICHMANN of Bad Salzuflen and Cape Town #southafrica

Anne Webber

I'm seeking information on, or descendants/ relatives of Erna EICHMANN, born on 10 April 1903 in Bad Salzuflen, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. She fled from Germany to Cape Town on 25 February 1937. 

She was the daughter of Julius Jonas EICHMANN, a manufacturer born on 28 October 1865 in Bad Salzuflen who died on 14 May 1952 aged 86 in the Cape Jewish Aged Home, Highlands House. Erna's mother was Bertha EICHMANN, born in Germany on 5 September 1871 and who died on 26 May 1941 in Cape Town aged 69. In August 1939, Jonas and Bertha Eichmann had followed their daughter Erna in fleeing to South Africa.

Does anyone know if Erna EICHMANN married and had children, and if so what her married name was? If not, does anyone know when and where she died? If anyone can help connect me with Erna EICHMANN and her family, please let me know. Thanks very much.

Anne Webber
London, UK

calling card # translation #yiddish #translation

Aline Petzold

Hello All;
I have been told that the calling card I posted  from Rabbi Rabinovici of Congreation Sh'arit Israel in Minneapolis is actually Yiddish- not Hebrew..   I now know what the Hebrew on the front of the card means. Can anyone help me translate the Yiddish writing on the back of the card ?
Aline P.

Privis / Prewys and Bartik / Vartek #bessarabia


Looking for the surnames
Privis / Prewys
Bartik / Vartek

from the Skuleini / Ungeni area


Rainer Borsdorf


if you got also a photo of the table header, I'd try it.

Best regards -


Re: Suwalki Lomza Journal #poland

evelyne Primack

I look for informations about Suwalki before 1868 Markus, Marcus Gorfunkel Dorn.
Please tell me,what is possible to make researchers.
Thank you.
Evelyne Primack-Molko

Jablonski family #poland

Esther Brill

Looking for information about my paternal grandparents and great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins Note: I have  come across different spellings for Jablonski

gf - Mortchaj (Mordechai) Jablonski - son of ? Dan and Cywia died before 1888 as noted in translation of son's marriage registration 
married ?1846 to Leja (leia) Grossman daughter of Leybka Grosman and Basia Mendelsohn  b. ?1828 died before 1888, lived in Szczuczyn.

=Jankiel (Yankel) Jablonsky -- Elchanan David -- 
1863-1913)   Emigrated to NYC 1911 as Davidd Levin/e -- killed in shootout between a policeman and gang members (caught in crossfire 
  married 12 Dec 1888 to Estera Goldberg daughter of Szlema (Solomon) Goldberg and Branna  Trcianska daughter of Aron  in Grajewo

Have found a reference to a Chaja Jablonski - sister of Yankel and a sister of Ester;s named Zlate but  no supporting evidence
Ester came to NY in 1917 with 4 of her 5 children. (Sarah, Saul (my father) Willie and Dinah)   She died in*1932.  I have visited her grave and have pictures of it but in visit to cemetery last year, I was told they didn't have a record for her.  I visited the NYC Municipal archives but couldn't find a death certificate either either 
Both Ester and Yankel//David going to a relative Isak Levin in NYC -- unclear if its brother, brother in law or what.
No record for Ester after going to Isaac's at 52 Suffolk St (had moved from Broome St where David went to and lived according to newspaper accounts, although I know she lived in the lower East Side.

- Isaac lived with his wife Rebecca and children 
Joseph   Max  and Emmaniel .  Emaniel/Emanual was born in the US.  Have been unable to find documents for their emigration to NY but do know Isaac came seperately and Rebecca came with children several years later.  - Is it possible that Zlate's name was Americanized eto Rebecca?

Re: Need help translating Hebrew writing on a card from Rabbi RABINOVICI of Minneapolis Congreation Sh'arit Israel (defunct) #translation


Both are Yiddisch. 

Re: Shklyar, Pinkhasik and Reznik from Slutsk and Kletsk #belarus

Bob Silverstein

I am researching Syklawer from Poland, Cuba and the United States.  Does this interest you?

18161 - 18180 of 660720