Re: Emil Salomon Schnitzer from Szollosgyorok, Hungary #hungary



Szollosgyorok Jews were recorded by the rabbinate in Lengyeltoti, so you sh=
ould search for this town in the database of familysearch and find the resp=
ective birth record.
Good luck,


Karesz Vandor
genealogist/historian/private tour guide

Hungarian Roots
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Hungary SIG #Hungary RE: Emil Salomon Schnitzer from Szollosgyorok, Hungary #hungary



Szollosgyorok Jews were recorded by the rabbinate in Lengyeltoti, so you sh=
ould search for this town in the database of familysearch and find the resp=
ective birth record.
Good luck,


Karesz Vandor
genealogist/historian/private tour guide

Hungarian Roots
cell (international format): +36-30-546-6950

Question to Judith Diamond


Judith, are you the daughter of Samuel and Sophie Diamond, or of Herman and Freda Diamond?

And sorry if this has gone out to the whole group; I could not see how to respond just to Judith, who wrote the message. If that is not a feature of the platform, it should be.

Sherry Diamond

Jews in Germany: Reichsvereinigung: Letter S


Continuing the project to index the card collection, Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland (Association of Jews in Germany) I have added 4,979 entries whose family names begin with the letter S.  As is the case with the previous letters, this index may be viewed on Steve Morse’s One Step Webpages, Holocaust material, German Jewish Roof Card Collection.
Beginning in the late 1930s, all Jews, whether or not German citizens, resident in Germany were required to register and these card registration forms were collected in Berlin.  Only about 30,000 of these cards have been found and they are held at the International Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen, where they can be viewed under the heading Reichsvereinigung. The scope of the information on each card varies, from as little as a name, to extensive information on profession, schooling and ultimate fate.
I am gradually indexing these cars, so far A-S, and the index is searchable by family and maiden name, places of birth and death, as well as such information as deportation, survival and country of emigration.  While this is a German collection, many of the registrants were born elsewhere, especially in Western Poland.  I have entered these places in English, e.g. Lodz, not Litzmannstadt.  Place of emigration is also given, when known, so one can identify all whose destination was e.g. Argentina.  Using additional information available at the USHMM, I have also added information which does not appear on the cards, e.g. while an individual was deported, he may have survived.
If you find names of interest, first examine the cards on the Bad Arolsen website under Reichsvereinigung, making sure to look at both sides of each card.  Only then, if you still have questions, please free to contact me and I shall try to help
Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Murray Sperber

As a retired optometrist research has shown that black on white, i.e., greater contrast, improves visualization of text.  Additionally, as we age a larger font would also make it easier to read the text.
Murray S. Sperber, O. D.
Los Angeles, CA

new interface on IPad

Sheila Toffell

This seems to be working OK  in a W10 format in Outlook, but not on my Ipad, where if I click on a live hyperlink in the topic list to does nothing, but in Outlook it takes me right to the message I wanted to read. 

Sheila Toffell
Glen Rock NJ

Re: SS5 Question for Immigrants #usa #poland

Sheila Toffell

We immigrated here in 1978 when my husband was asked to open an office for his company in the US.  We had to get SSNs for the two of us and our toddler daughter to be able to rent, get health insurance, establish credit, pay taxes  etc. Just as an FYI  - a credit history from one country does not transfer to another country – at least it didn’t back then. We were starting from scratch!


Sheila Toffell

Glen Rock NJ



Re: SIG emails

Davida Handler

  I also have not been receiving any SIG emails since the new Digest was formed.  What is going wrong?  It also doesn't want to accept my JewishGen password, which I have used since approximately since 1990.  Davida Noyek Handler - co-founder of LitvakSIG in 1997.

Re: Multiple digests

Mike Posnick

I agree with Dick Plotz about the digest. In addition, for those of us with some degree of visual impairment, the text of the new system is a problem, as it permits messages to be sent to the group in very small sizes and fonts that are difficult to read.

The new system appears to be a solution in search of a problem. While some of the new features are desirable, others are not. More thought should have been given to the changes before they were introduced. I would suggest a return to the old system until a system can be found that will permit the gradual introduction of new features without destroying what participants liked about the old system.

Finally, I believe the JewishGen rules require messages to be signed with the sender’s name, e-mail address, and location. I wish JewishGen would enforce that policy.

Mike Posnick
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Re: Multiple digests


 A true daily digest -- one e-mail each
morning with the full text of every post from the previous day and the
name and e-mail address of the sender to allow private replies --
would be a good start.

Above qoute from Dick Plotz makes sense to me; this is the only suggestion that could make me stay in this group.

When this new rejuvinated group started up it was so user-ufriendly and confusing with many daily digests that I thought it must be because my advanced years. But as the  days go by I see more and more complaints telling me that I am not alone.
And though a member of the JRI-Poland mail group I have not received any mails from that group/SIG since 7 Oct., is that only due to the holidays??

This discussion group was made for and by genealogists, but now it seems to be mainly for computer nerds.

Kirsten Gradel

Training on the New Email System

Kathleen Craine

In general the digests are cleaner.  It's obvious that it is made to be easier to read on phones and smaller devices, so for those users who read their email that way, I'm sure this is a vast improvement.  However, it doesn't seem like this system is particularly intuitive.  It takes a lot to figure out.  For example, it's not clear to me why some messages have the user's name as "From", and other messages include the user's email address in the "From" spot.  Including the email address on every message would be optimal, and make it so much easier to "Reply Privately."

I too am annoyed with the zillion of digests each day. I agree with Dick Plotz that the Summary option is not a satisfactory answer--there should be 1 digest per day--period. A Daily Digest is a Daily digest.

Additionally I would like to suggest that a YouTube-like training video (or series of videos) be made available that demonstrates to users, screen by screen, how to navigate this new system.  I think that it would be easier to follow and more effective for many people, rather than written instructions, which can be confusing.

Kathleen Craine

Digests vs Daily Summary

Jeff at SG

Like many others, I too am annoyed with the multiple 'digests' per day. Having figured out how to solve it here's what I did. Hopefully it will help others.

To change the mailing frequency you need to first login to jewishgen. Despite belonging to JewishGen for decades, it turns out (so Jewishgen told me) I do not have a password to login! At least that is what I finally discovered.

By going to jewishgen's main website in a browser it finally told me (somewhere) that I did not have a password. JG then sent me from that webpage a special link to my 'profile' which (without needing to log in!!) allowed me to set a password. Needed to be 6 characters at least. Once done I could change the digest frequency from digest to 'Daily Summary'. Hallelujah!

1. The 'default' subscription for everyone who had previously subscribed to 'digest' under the old system should be 'Daily Summary' — NOT the current multiple daily digests — because that's what they had previously subscribed to.

This would result in less people annoyed and in time unsubscribing in frustration,

2. There should be a link at the bottom to go to the subscriber's PROFILE (which if the subscriber has no password or an inadequate password, as was my case) will send the subscriber to where he can set a password.

The current multiple daily 'digests' is ridiculous and contrary to what the word digest currently implies. Otherwise the format is an improvement. What is wrong is defaulting subscribers previously subscribed to daily digest to something other than the logical equivalent DAILY SUMMARY .

Jeff Malka

Re: Stop the daily digests

Diane Jacobs

I have always received discussion group email individually and now I am receiving
them as a digest.  This is not what i want.
How do I change it to single posts??
Diane Jacobs

Moderator Note: go to your profile and change your delivery option to individual. See example below

Email Delivery

Individual Messages You will receive each message in an individual email. Full Featured Digest Group up to 12 messages together as one email instead of being sent individually (rich formatting). Daily Summary A daily summary, delivered in the morning, of the group's messages from the previous day. Special Notices Only You will only receive special notices from the moderators.
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All of my hashtags are locked,

Fran Cohen

If I go into my hashtags, I find that they are all muted. I am attaching a picture of what I see. Could this be why I am not receiving daily messages from my groups? If not, does anyone know how to get the daily messages from our other groups?
Thank you,
Fran Boss Cohen

Re: #Digest - Solved!

Fran Cohen

Thank you Peggy Mosinger Freedman for posting the solution to getting so many messages. I followed your directions and found the link. I then found edit your subscription on the home page and updated my preference to receiving only daily messages. I feel the new site will work great once we all figure it out. We need to help each other, just like you did. Thank you again. Now, if I can or anyone else can figure out how to get our daily postings from our other groups that would be great! 


I'm still confused (but at a much higher level now!)

Susan Fifer

Like many subscribers I have been trying to understand how the new system
works. Rather than post to the group, I thought I would just query a couple
of things. I used to get digests most days from the following: Jewishgen,
JRI Poland, JGSGB, Gesher Galicia. Others have mentioned that they have
received nothing from these other groups since the new system went live and
I am in the same position. I do not believe the post which said that it was
usual not to have postings in the high holydays period. Have I misunderstood
something? Do I need to sign up elsewhere to get these groups again - I
can't find them after I have logged in. Have they been incorporated in the
main group?

I have changed from having multiple digests per day to having a single
summary but this also doesn't feel comfortable. I download my email from my
server onto Windows Live Mail and am then in a position to read offline if I
wish. Now, if I want to read a topic I have to click on it and then go back
into the main page which is online. My ability/willingness to scan and
process all this is limited. I appreciate all the reasons you gave for
wanting to make the changes. However, while you and your team will have
debated and discussed these in great detail and grown used to them over the
period of development, it suddenly feels like a lot of new learning
"opportunities" have been dumped on me from a great height. One of the
reasons that I don't like Facebook discussions very much is because they
seem so random. If someone responds to an earlier posting one has to go back
and read through the thread. I may be simple or just "an old codger" as
someone put it rather impolitely (I thought) in the main group but I think I
prefer the linear/plain vanilla approach. There were always lots of message
that I could scan and pass over quickly - now I feel controlled by the new
system and the large number of help notes and requirements that are on the
site. Is all this because the site itself is a managed groups site rather
than your own site?

I have no doubt that this will settle down at some point - those who can't
or don't want to deal with the new system will drop out from it. Others will
learn (reluctantly or enthusiastically) and then it will seem as if everyone
loves the new system. At the moment I do not. I will give it another week
but I'm not particularly happy at the moment.

Susan Fifer, Cambridge, England

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1


Given the large number of people who have complained about the new system  without giving specific feedback, I’d like to say this: yes there are glitches, but any new large project such as this one can be expected to have several updates before it operates the ways it was conceived. And in my opinion, it is doing very well considering its very recent launch. Kudos to the people who are putting it together! 🥇It is an enormous task and you are doing an amazing job. 

To the people who are dissatisfied, I’d like to say: please be patient and please do your part: send SPECIFIC feedback, give details of what is not working the way it it supposed to without complaining. Be part of the quality control team that brings the project to completion. Yes you can greatly contribute, even if you know zip about computers! 

This organization is made entirely of people who know what they’re doing, they’ve demonstrated it again and again. Don’t doubt them, don’t be critical, don’t add to the aggravation. When you run into one of the infamous glitches, grind your teeth and/or swear if you have to (I do!), get yourself a cup of your favorite coffee and/or a cookie, send your feedback to this team of magicians and sit tight. They will deliver the goods! In the meantime, let’s give them a hand!! 👏👏👏

Dominique Anderson

Re: Digest

Nancy Holden

How do I search the old archived messages? And the old archived Sig messages?


Nancy Holden


Sent from Mail for Windows 10


New format

Stephen Katz

The new format is not an improvement. It is too complicated to be useful. The ultimate objective of users is to do genealogical research, and the digest should be merely a tool to facilitate research. Users should not have to spend their time grappling with and navigating around its many idiosyncrasies. One example: like others, I was receiving each day a frankly ridiculous number of emails containing messages posted to the digest, until I figured out how to opt to receive only the daily summary. But now, in order to read posts listed on the daily summary, I have to click on a posts's heading, which takes me to a different page, and then, after I've read the post, I have to navigate back to the daily digest to see what other posts I might be interest, and then repeat the process. This is definitely far too cumbersome to be useful.

Stephen Katz

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1


I can’t say that I agree with most of these recent complaints - with the exception of the graphic layout (top and bottom of each digest). An ugly, sickly looking green is not the colour we usually associate with anything pertaining to Jewish matters: a light blue is visually the colour that makes sense for us, pleasing not only to the eye - just saying...

Peter Simonstein Cullman

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