I am trying to trace the burial place of my late Uncle in the hope that someone will be kind enough to photograph his matzevah for me.

His name was Edward Rosendahl and he passed away in June 1966 in NYC. The notices in the New York Times show he was a member of the Conservative Synagogue of Fifth Avenue and that services were held at Riverside, 76th St/Amsterdam Avenue. 

Unfortunately my emails to the shul remain unanswered and Riverside no longer hold records from the 60's. He does not appear in any of the online databases for cemeteries in NY.

I appreciate this was quite a while ago but if there is anyone who knew him and knows where he's buried I'd be very grateful if they could contact me.

Many thanks,

Judith Williams, 
Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

Jewish Families from Vyshnivchyk, Galicia


It is a long time since I have posted a messsage. My husband’s family came from Vyshnivchyk/Wisniowcyk, Podhajce district, Tarnopol Woj. According to Rabbi Israel SHOR, a distant cousin of a cousin, there were about 200 Jews with three shuls in the village.

In 1901 seven men formed the Erste Wisniowczyker Kranken Interstuetzungs Verein and incorporated it in NYC. The men were Isak BELLNER, Sigmund DUNAJER, Nathan BUCHWALDER, Hersch HAMMER, Aaron Leib SCHECHTER, Moses HAKEN, Pinchus KESSLER. The society’s first HACKEN burial was in Mt. Hebron in 1919.

I am always glad to exchange information and answer questions about my research or an old hand-written HACKEN-SUHL Tree. Listed below are some of the early names on the tree.


Georgia Haken JFF# 3847
Danbury, Connecticut, USA
Researching: ROSENBLATT--Wehrda, Germany, Ohio, Connecticut and Georgia (state) ; HEPPENHEIMER--Eichtersheim, Baden; HACKEN/HAKEN/HACKENA, SUHL, BUCHWALD, KORNWEITZ--Galicia; PROBE/PROBER, GOLD, HERMAN--Galicia; 




Your questions are too broad. There must be dozens, if not hundreds, of articles on the web on the subject of archival preservation. I would read five-ten and select an approach most suitable for you.

Boris Feldblyum

cemetery photo's

mike yesnes


Jewish Discussion group,

In the website page per the Pogrebishche city in Ukraine the Pogrebishche Cemetery on Kotsiubvnskho Street, it states there 598 photos.
Are the photos available for viewing?
Is there an index of names?
How do you view the Pogrebishche Jewish Cemetery Project information?Would appreciate your experiences/knowkledge.
Thank you.


Re: Chevre B'nai Abraham Samuel Anshei Ashisker

Avrohom Krauss

YIVO Landsmanshafn collection has records for Chevra anshei bnei Abraham anshei eishisker. You may access at Center for Jewish history in NY.
Avrohom KRAUSS
Telzstone israel

Re: Can't "identify" name of Galician ancestral town

Odeda Zlotnick

If you can, scan that part of the family tree and upload it to ViewMate - maybe there's another interpretation of the written text.

A search for communities containing "menitz" showed, among others a "Nemenitz" in LIthuania - which in my opinion could be misread as Vchmenitz


what is a "personal marriage certificate"?

Milton Koch

I have just reviewed a translation of a birth entry from Dabrowa Rarnowska, which states under father’s column, that there is a “personal marriage certificate”, along with detailed numbers and dates.
What does this term mean and where can these records be found?
Thank you.
Milton Koch

Can't "identify" name of Galician ancestral town


On an old family tree it states that one family came from the town of "Vchmenitz" . I am unable to identify this town using "Town Finder" , JewishGen Gazetteer ,searches in JRI Poland and . Does anyone have an idea where might be the Galician town of "Vchmenitz"

Thanks so much
Howard Murl Gold , Los Angeles

Reichsvereinigung der Juden Database: Letter V


The names of 194 registrants whose family names begin with the letter V have been added to the Reichsvereinigung der Juden collection.  This collection (now A-V) may be accessed at the Steve Morse website under Holocaust Jewish Roof Organization.
The data include and may be searched by date and place of birth and death, maiden name and, in some cases, additional information such as country of emigration.  The cards, from which this information was drawn, may be accessed at the Bad Arolsen website and often contain additional information such as address and profession.
Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

Re: Searching

Renee Steinig


Have you found the family on the 1910 census? (I couldn't.) That would help narrow down Harry's likely date of death -- assuming that he died, which of course isn't necessarily the case. 

Are there any family stories that indicate whether he died or he and Fannie divorced? Do you know the names of Lillian's children? If she had sons and none were named for Harry, that could be meaningful.

In case you haven't seen, Lily Goldstein's birth record is transcribed on FamilySearch. It says that Harry was born in "Lazy Bei Boehmia Galizie." There were five towns named Lazy in Galicia. (See Gesher Galicia's Galician Town Locator at ) It's likely that the Lazy near Bochnia is the place (i.e. "Boehmia" was a transcriber's misreading of Bochnia). This Lazy was in the Jewish Administrative District of Nowy Wisnicz. Jewish Records Indexing - Poland ( has a number of Goldstein records from that district. I didn't see a match to Harry, but perhaps he was related to or even named for the Hersch Goldstein who died in 1880.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Stuart Kaufer <stuartkaufer@...> wrote:

I am trying to locate information on Harry Goldstein. He lived in
Chicago. He was born in 1882 but I have no information where he was
born. All I know about him is that he married my Grandmother
Fannie Lebovitz and they had a child Lillian who was born in 1904.
He was her first husband. In 1912 she married my GF Edward Kaufer and
they had a son Ernest, my father. Lillian's name was changed to
Lillian Kaufer in 1920 census records. I do not know if my GF adopted
her. I realize this is sketchy information at best but it is all the
information I have. Thank you.

Re: who are or where is Bialostoker #Poland

xan madera

hi , do you know our project?
we have a lot of infos! tomorrow i will met our guys near boston!
saludos from brooklyn (normally frankfurt/m)

Re: Jewishgen Offer


I'm wondering why an offer like this is sent through the digest and is
only valid for ONE day.

Those people who don't read digests on a strict daily basis have no
opportunity to benefit from this offer such as this and miss out.

But Jewishgen also misses out by not making this offer more "apparent" and
reaping the support of its members.

I too am not happy with this digest format.

Bev Potter


Stuart Kaufer

I am trying to locate information on Harry Goldstein. He lived in
Chicago. He was born in 1882 but I have no information where he was
born. All I know about him is that he married my Grandmother
Fannie Lebovitz and they had a child Lillian who was born in 1904.
He was her first husband. In 1912 she married my GF Edward Kaufer and
they had a son Ernest, my father. Lillian's name was changed to
Lillian Kaufer in 1920 census records. I do not know if my GF adopted
her. I realize this is sketchy information at best but it is all the
information I have. Thank you.

Seminar : Remote Access to the Arolsen Archives

Yvonne Stern

Seminar to introduce remote access to the Arolsen Archives -
Researching Nazi Persecution, Forced Labour and Displaced Persons -

Arolsen Archives & NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies
29.01.2020-31.01.2020, Amsterdam, NIOD
Deadline: 16.12.2019

The Arolsen Archives - International Center on Nazi Persecution
(formerly the International Tracing Service, ITS) - hold the world's
most comprehensive archive on the victims and survivors of National
Socialism. Part of the institution's mission is to continually improve
access to its collections, which are made up of well over 30 million
documents pertaining to the Holocaust, Nazi concentration camps, forced
labour during World War II, and the registration and care of Displaced
Persons (DPs) in the post-war period. Furthermore, the archive holds
more than three million post-war case files documenting the fates of
individual Nazi victims (mainly correspondence with enquirers). By now,
over 85 per cent of the records have been digitised. Users can access a
growing number of documents (albeit not the collections in their
entirety) in a new online archive that the Arolsen Archives launched in
May 2019. For more information about the institution and its holdings,
please refer to the website of the Arolsen Archives at

The NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies is a
research, knowledge and information centre about war, the Holocaust and
genocide and is part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and
Sciences (KNAW). Founded on 8 May 1945 with the goal of writing the
history of the Second World War in the Netherlands and in the former
Dutch East Indies, the area of work today covers the 20th and 21th
century. The focus thereby lies on research into the effects of wars,
the Holocaust and other genocides on individuals and society. The
ambition of the NIOD is to make links with war violence visible
elsewhere in the world through independent research with a strong civic
focus and to show that the long-lasting consequences of violence do not
stop at national borders. For more information about the institution and
its holdings, please refer to the website of the NIOD at

As part of a broader strategy to enable and improve access to the entire
digital collections, the Arolsen Archives and the NIOD Institute for
War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies are co-organising an international
three-day research seminar for scholars from the Netherlands and
neighbouring countries. The event will take place at the NIOD in
Amsterdam from 29 January through 31 January 2020. At its core, the
seminar will enable participants to carry out their own research in the
digital collections of the Arolsen Archives through a recently
established "remote access" solution. Competent staff on site will
provide guidance in exploring the depths of the digital archive. For
this, participants will have to bring along their personal (portable)
computers. Please note that remote access will only be possible on
devices running Microsoft Windows. Participants will be able to save
selected documents of interest free of charge.

Over the course of the event, there will be room for joint discussions
about the pros and cons of working with the documents in their current
digital environment. Participants are also encouraged to exchange ideas
on both methodological approaches in general as well as their individual
research projects. How can varying scholarly needs - for instance with
regard to research on individual persons, but also larger groups,
places, or specific thematic aspects of Nazi persecution - be met
through the current structure of and search engine navigating the
digital collections of the Arolsen Archives? Where do their limitations
lie? And which future activities in processing the collections (e.g.
through specific metadata indexing) have the potential to enhance
researchers' experience and enable them to engage in innovative methods
and topics?

The seminar will take place at the NIOD in Amsterdam, 29 January through
31 January 2020. The event language will be English. Participants will
arrive in Amsterdam on 28 January 2020.

Interested candidates from The Netherlands and neighbouring countries
are encouraged to send their application via e-mail to
requests-rs@.... Applications should consist of a short
letter of motivation, a brief biographical note, and an overview of the
project for which you intend to explore the digital collections of the
Arolsen Archives (1-2 pages in total). The deadline for applications is
16 December 2019. Participants will be chosen and notified by 20
December 2019.

The organisers will cover the costs of accommodation (three nights at a
hotel in Amsterdam), organise the hotel bookings, and provide two
lunches and two dinners. Participants, on the other hand, will have to
pay for and book their own transportation to and from Amsterdam.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at
requests-rs@.... We look forward to many interesting
Homepage <>
Yvonne Stern
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Re: Special JewishGen Deal - Today Only!🤩 #JewishGenNews

Beverley Davis

I'm still waiting to see a reply to several queries re extension of current membership to Value Added contributions.

Beverley Davis, Melbourne Australia

Reclaim The Records publishes the Mississippi state death index (1912-1943) for free public use


Reclaim The Records is excited to introduce the first-ever freely-available publication, online or otherwise, of the Mississippi Statewide Death Index! This record set covers deaths in the state of Mississippi from about November 1912 (although a few counties were slow to join in) through 1943.

Up until, oh, right now, the only place anyone could see or use this index was by visiting the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson, Mississippi in person, then tediously cranking through the faded and scratched microfilm rolls, or shuffling around microfiche sheets for some of the years. But now it's all scanned and online and free to use from your own home, without restrictions or copyrights, forever!

And we at Reclaim The Records couldn't have done this without teamwork: a dedicated young genealogist named Christopher Smothers who knew about the records and about his rights and reached out to us for help; two generous genealogy non-profits that helped us digitize and host these new materials; and a pool of awesome supporters and donors that enabled our work on this project.

To learn more about the Mississippi state death index, how we got it, and to get the direct link right to the new images, please read our latest newsletter:

Happy searching!

- Brooke Schreier Ganz
President and Founder, Reclaim The Records
Mill Valley, California

Re: Chevre B'nai Abraham Samuel Anshei Ashisker


If I remember correctly Center for Jewish History in Manhattan

has about 4000 incorporation papers for NYC Benevolent Societies

which basically gives the names and address of the original officers.


Diane Jacobs



From: main@... [mailto:main@...] On Behalf Of Laurie
Sent: Monday, December 2, 2019 1:18 PM
To: main@...
Subject: [] Chevre B'nai Abraham Samuel Anshei Ashisker


Hello group,
My great great grandfather Josef Duchowny was buried in 1896 in a plot
at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn owned by the Mutual Benevolent
Society of Chevre B'nai Abraham Samuel Anshei Ashisker of Manhattan. I
found a listing for them on the Ackman and Ziff Institute website
which indicates that this burial society was attached to a
congregation for immigrants from Eisiskes, Lithuania. I have two
questions for you all about Chevre B'nai Abraham Samuel Anshei

1. Does anyone have any information about this congregation?

2. I am new to researching burial societies and landsmanshaftn, so
please forgive my simplistic question. My question is, did all people
buried in plots owned by organizations like these come from the town
they were associated with? In other words, can I assume from this that
my great great grandfather came from Eisiskes?

Thank you all so much!
Laurie Duchowny

Diane Jacobs



Are there websites and/or suppliers we can go to learn and/or purchase materials?


Should the individual documents be separated in storage boxes?


Stephen Denker

Brookline, MA

Re: JEWISH FAMILIES IN SOUTH WALES frederick howard hewson #UnitedKingdom #liverpool #commercial #Names


many thanks one and all for some excellent leads which i would not have found without you.

at the moment, my jewish heritage is speculation based on a direct comment from an elderly, now deceased relative and other bits and pieces.

it has been wisely suggested that i start with a dna test which i am arranging [a black friday deal too] and will go from there.

on some forums my family would seem rather daring, teenage elopements etc [and my grandmother in WW1 not only faced down a hostile mob but went to the warzone in france and brought back my underage uncle] but i am frankly humbled by the stories revealed in your forum and databases.

dick fowler

KRASOVSKY and KARPOV - Troskunai, Lithuania to Brazil

Jules Feldman

Nechoma KRASOVSKY was born in Troskunai, (Trashkun) Lithuania in 1908. She
married a Mr KARPOV and migrated to Brazil before WW2.
She had a son and daughter who visited her sister in Israel in the 1950's or
I would like to make contact with the family of Nechoma Thanks,
Jules Feldman
Kibbutz Yizreel