The DNA Testing Companies Reply to Warrant Permitting Police Full Access to GEDmatch Database #DNA

Jan Meisels Allen



Earlier this week I posted about a Florida judge granting a warrant to law enforcement to search GEDmatch’s full database. The court basically overruled the public DNA company’s policy on privacy. Since then both Ancestry and 23andMe—both private DNA testing companies,  have issued statements.



Ancestry believes GEDmatch could have done more to protect the privacy of its users by challenging the warrant in court or at least pushing back on the warrant.  Ancestry has emphasized that their customer’s privacy and being good stewards of their data is their highest priority. They also have a transparency report that outlines law enforcement requests for member data. They say they received no valid requests for information related to genetic information. To read their statement in full including the Coalition for Genetic Data Protection’s comments, of which Ancestry is a member see:




23andme also issued a statement commenting on how troubling they find GEDmatch’s lack of challenging the warrant. They question as a private database whether the Florida court’s warrant impacts them. 23andMe also has a transparency report and they have received 10 requests out of their 10 million customers and successfully challenged each one. They are also a member of the Coalition for Genetic Data Protection.

Their statement may be found at:


I have no affiliation with either Ancestry or 23andMe ad am reporting on this solely for the information of the reader.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



American Ancestors Free Access to Their Databases 12 November Through 19 November #United States #united #archives

Jan Meisels Allen


American Ancestors is offering free access to their 1.4 billion names covering 18 countries from 12 November 12:00AM ET to 19 November 11:59 PM ET. You will be required to register for a guest account in order to have access.  If you try to access the database before or after the time of the free offer, you will be  limited in which data you will have access to unless you pay for a subscription.


Go to:


You will need to create a guest account to see the images.

Click on sign up for account:

The information requested is email address; password; first and last name. No credit card information is required.


You can also download a free guide to getting started on your genealogy from this site as the window pops up middle of page. When you click on download button it asks for your email address and it will be sent to your email inbox.


To browse the database which is far more than New England records see:


There is a free video in YouTube on how to search  the indexes on American which is viewable at:


I have no affiliation with American Ancestors and am posting this solely for the information of the reader.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee






Jewish man from Volyn, Ukraine in which Russian army? #Ukraine #military

N. Summers

My grandfather (Sol Finkelstein) was from Radziwillow, Ukraine. He served (voluntarily, I think) in the Russian army during WWI. Apparently he spoke several languages and served as a translator. He was injured and sent to a POW camp, which I think was in/near Vienna. He must have been treated well there as i have a photo of him with two other men, all dressed in military-style uniforms. Will try to post it in ViewMate.
1. Does anyone know which army he would have joined and where?
2. Are there any records which might help?

Nancy S
Maryland USA

Finkelstein, Bookstein, Liss/Alper, Lifshitz/Leaf

Radomsk Chasidim In Sosnowiec

Derek Stavrou

Shalom to the Discussion Group
I have been researching my wife's TUCHSCHNEIDER and BRONSTEIN families in Sosnowiec, Poland for quite a while now.  The town was a centre for Radomsk Chasidut until its virtual annihilation during the Holocaust.
I believe  that Susan's great-grandfather Leib TUCHSCHNEIDER (1871-1942) may have been a Radomsk chasid, and I want to learn more about the movement's connection with Sosnowiec: addresses of their steiblach and synagogues, lists of rabbis, officials and congregants, and so on.  

Apparently there is a strong Radomsk presence in Bnei Brak today,  but I can't find a link to them. I will be visiting Sosnowiec later this month and would like to have some basic information about the movement's  history there before I leave.

With thanks in advance for any guidance anyone can give

Derek Stavrou
Kfar Sava, Israel

Re: Rabbinic SIG

Carol Lieberman

Where is digest. Does it exist.

Dr. Carol Lieberman

Re: Surnames: Palumbo - SIcily/ Homer - Poland

Louis Zetler

My cousin's machatenister's maiden name was PALOMBO. She comes from Boltiere, Lombardia, Italy.

Re: Jewish man from Volyn, Ukraine in which Russian army? #Ukraine #military

Ava (Sherlock) Cohn

The uniform will help you find out which country and the date of the photograph will help also because the Russian army only participated formally in the war until the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Request- Information about Rafi/Rafael Mi(e)ller


A friend of mine is looking for information about  Rafi/Rafael Mi(e)ller. He was a member of the Religious Pioneer Movement (Brit HaChalutzim HaDatiim), in Germany in the 1930's. Thank you

CORRECTION: UK General Register Office Added Death Records Index From 1984-2019 #United Kingdom #Archives #Records Access #records #united #archives

Jan Meisels Allen




In my November 8 posting on the addition of deaths to the index from 1984 to 2019 for England and Wales, the part about the death indices was correct. Where I erred, was my comment on birth records. I said they were only available to 1918.  I have been informed they are available after 1918 but are not searchable on the General Register Office (GRO) website. They are however, available up to 2007 on subscription sites such as Ancestry and Findmypast.  Additionally, the free site, ( currently has records up to 1992.


It is possible to order copies of all birth certificates where they are listed on indexes. In addition, there are copies of birth and marriage indexes up to 2019 on microfiche in a small number of Archives and Libraries around England and Wales. The limit of 1918 on the GRO search facility is related to the PDF copies of birth certificates only being available up to and including 1918.

Restrictions on ordering Birth and Death Certificates issued within the last 50 years and restrictions on ordering copies of recently issued certificates


From the GRO website:


"You will be prompted to supply further details for more recent births and deaths (within the last 50 years) when you complete the online application form. - If you are unable to complete the mandatory fields, then you will not be able to apply online and you will need to follow our telephone ordering process. Please contact us on +44(0) 300 123 1837 for further information."


"Records we are not able to provide - GRO is not able to issue certificates for events that have taken place within the last six months (for marriages this period is extended to eighteen months) and you may wish to obtain a certificate from the register office or church where the event was registered. This information excludes adoption certificates, as the local register office does not hold a copy of the Adopted Children Register. If you require further information please call 0300 123 1837 to talk to our customer service team."


My apologies for the error in the original posting. 

Thank you to Mark Nicholls and Jeanette Rosenberg, both from JGS Great Britain  for advising me of the correct information.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: Rabbinic SIG

Dick Plotz

Carol, you should have received two RavSIG digests this week. If you
did not, write to support@... and someone will respond. The
support system can sometimes take a couple of days to respond, so be
patient. But first, check your spam folder.

In general, the address support@... is the place to write if
you have any questions about the SIG lists, which have not been
switched over to the new platform and are still active. They have
mostly been less active than in the past, though, as some people have
chosen to write to the new group instead. It may be that JewishGen was
not a clear as it might have been about what was changing and what was

Use support@... for any questions about JewishGen
operations. Those questions can usually be answered only by people
within JewishGen. Send messages about genealogy to
main@..., so everyone can read them.

Bottom line: the main list was switched to main@....
The SIG lists were not, and remain at {},
where they have always been.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 11:07 AM Carol Lieberman <carolliebs@...> wrote:

Where is digest. Does it exist.

Dr. Carol Lieberman

Re: Jewish man from Volyn, Ukraine in which Russian army? #Ukraine #military

N. Summers

Re identifying the uniform: I showed the photo to an expert in military uniforms of the era and he thought they were POW uniforms. They don’t match any military uniform of which he was aware. Before I even learned that my grandfather had been a POW, he suggested that it was a POW uniform. It is similar to an Austrian uniform, I think, but I have to double check that.

Does anyone know whether there was a POW camp in or near Vienna during WWI?

Thanks again,

Nancy in Maryland

On Nov 9, 2019, at 5:36 PM, Ava Cohn <sherlock.cohn@...> wrote:

The uniform will help you find out which country and the date of the photograph will help also because the Russian army only participated formally in the war until the Russian Revolution of 1917.

JGAS of Greater Philadelphia Meeting Sunday Nov 17, 2019

Lois Sernoff

Date:  Sunday, November 17, 2019

Time: 1:30PM

Location: Main Line Reform Temple

                410 Montgomery Ave.,

                Wynnewood, PA 19096

Speaker: Deborah Long, Author and Educator

Topic: Out of the Whirlwind: Finding Your Family Lost in the Holocaust


Deborah Long has been researching her family’s Holocaust history and looking for surviving family members for more than 50 years.

Her research in 2009 led to the discovery of surviving cousins in Sweden, Hungary, Canada, and most recently in Israel. Deborah is a

professional educator, though typically her audiences are licensed professionals. She has written more than 20 books, including a memoir

about growing up as a child of survivors titled “First Hitler, Then Your Father, and Now You.” She is the founder of the Triangle JGS in

Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The daughter of two Holocaust survivors, Deborah Long reviews the best (as well as some of the obscure) resources and methods for

determining the fate of those involved in the Holocaust, including survivors and victims. Deborah will use examples from her own research 

to demonstrate the documents and artifacts she discovered.


Mentors will also be available from 1:00 PM until the start of the meeting to help with your research efforts.

JGASGP website is now available with latest news,upcoming meeting notices, and links to Philadelphia resources.

We can also be found on Facebook.

Member are welcome without charge

Guest fee of $5 can be applied toward membership

Lois Sernoff [[JGASGP]

Re: Surnames: Palumbo - SIcily/ Homer - Poland

Diane De Milt

My sister in laws family were the Palumbos from Sicily. She was not a fan of Jewish people.  I lived in New York then.  After moving to Tucson and begnning my teaching career I was researching Sicily and discovered that the Palumbos of Sicily were a family of wealthy Jews and that the early settlers of Sicily were Jewish families.

Jews of Czernowitz in 1941

Zev Cohen

In July 1941 the Romanian army captured Czernowitz from the Red Army as part of the German offensive against the Soviet Union. My maternal aunt Chana left Czernowitz with a unit of the Komsomol headed in the direction of Vinitsa.
My maternal uncle Jascha had previously, during the Soviet occupation of the city, been exiled to Siberia.
The family surname was Variten or Veretena.
Neither was heard from again.
I would appreciate any information relevant to the above-described events.

Re: Request- Information about Rafi/Rafael Mi(e)ller

Flavio Baran

Hi Esther,
If Rafael Miller made Aliyah and went to live in a religious Kibbutz, as some of those young people did, maybe the archive of the Religious Kibbutzim Movement can be of help. It's not digitized but you can try and write to them. According to their (Hebrew) website, the email address is:  hadararchives@...
Vered Dayan

Servant of the Baron Hirsch School #Galicia

Barbara Krasner

Through the JRI-Poland database, I recently found in the Kozlow (Galicia) birth records of my great-aunts an interesting description for my great-grandfather: He was a servant of the Baron Hirsch School in Kozlow. His occupation was a butcher. Has anyone else ever come across a Baron Hirsch affiliation in metrical records? Has anyone suggestions for resources about Baron Hirsch schools and initiatives in eastern Galicia?
Barbara Krasner
Somerset, NJ
Researching in Kozlow: Seife, Sass, Zuckerkandel, Amildank/Himeldank/Hameldank/Nachmicz

Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island Meetiing #JGSNews #jgsli

Jackie Wasserstein


Next Meeting Topic Is:


Transcarpathia: Eastern Slovak

and Ukrainian Jewish Research

with Jordan Ausländer


Jordan will discuss the genealogically relevant records that are available in and outside the Slovak Republic and Ukraine from a region that was in the 20th century Hungary, Czechoslovakia, USSR, and Ukraine.  He will share advice, based on his own visits to the region on how to focus your search to minimize opportunities for bureaucratic errors.


Jordan is a professional genealogical researcher, lecturer and expert witness.  His publications include a Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Index to Vital Records in the Slovak State Archive System, and articles in Avotaynu and other periodicals.



  Sunday, November 24, 2019, at 2:00 pm






Admission is free and all are Welcome.  Our “Mavens” are available at 1:30 PM to take your genealogy questions.


Jackie Wasserstein

 Past President


Joan Parker

Hello. I have a four-page petition for DAVID GOLDBERG, US District
Court, Brooklyn, NY. . DoB: Dec 5, 1870; Tailor; address is on
Delancy Street; ETA Dec 25, 1890. Witness Morris Saphirstein. David
was naturalized on Apr 3,1899.
If this is your David I'll mail it to you as it is too big to scan on
my home printer.

Joan Parker
Past President/Archivist
JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
Plock,Poland-Russia; Warsaw, Poland-Russia; Galveston, TX; Bronx and
Brooklyn, NY.
(Litovsk), Belarus; Grodno, Russia; Bronx and Brooklyn, NY. WEISS,
NEIKRUG, DEL PINO--Brooklyn, NY. RABWIN--Hollywood, CA, Salt Lake
City, UT..
3) GELFAND, KRITZOFF, KATZ, TROCK --Berezin/Bresin, Kodima, Minsk,
Belarus, Bronx, NY, Miami and Miami Beach, FL.

Translation request - Hebrew - Avraham Zvi Hersch BEUTEL gravestone #Translations

Selma Sheridan

A photo of the gravestone of my great-grandfather, Avraham Zvi Hersch
BEUTEL, in Hebrew, is posted at the following address:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. Please
provide a translation of every word, as we know so little about him and are
searching for clues. Is there a notation of the names of his parents or
other family members, or his place of birth?
Many thanks in advance,
Selma Sigal Sheridan
Oswego NY

Looking for a HERSZKOWICZ family from Rawa Mazowiecka, Lodz (names covering 1820-1874)

Avraham Y. Kahana

Hello all,
I am searching (again) for a Herszkowicz family, this time with added info, assembled by me making "reliable guesses" using JRI search.
Here are the family details:
Place: Rawa Mazowiecka, Lodz, Poland
Moshe Michael HERSZKOWICZ, married to Chana nee BIRENCWAJG/BIRENTZWEIG) (daughter of Nossen) - both must have been born around 1820.

Perla Laja (1845)
Wolf Hersz (1845)
Izrael Aron (1846-1852)
Blima Ryfka (1852)
Nusen Abram married to Tz*** Feige nee Krel
Son: Mendel Majer, married to Chaja Necha nee Kano/Kahana (1874) - my family
If any of you relate to any of the names above, please reply back.
Thank you,
Avraham Yehoshua Kahana