Belarus SIG #Belarus Postever Benevolent Society #Belarus

Stephanie Weiner <laguna@...>

Dear GENers and SIGers,

I am trying to determine what town is connected to the POSTEVER
BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. This society has burials at both Mt. Carmel
and Mt. Hebron Cemeteries in NY. I find that there are a number of
burials for two of my family surnames, GORDON and WEXLER, in
these society plots.

My families originated in POSTAVY, now in Belarus. Postavy was
also in the Vilna guberniya and so also in what-was-once Lithuania.
So, I am posting to the general list, the Belarus list, and the LitvakSIG

I have already "googled" and "google-booked" the Society, checked
the JGSNY landsmannschaft list, and contacted the Center for Jewish

Stephanie Weiner
San Diego, CA, USA

Belarus SIG #Belarus LUNNA webpage is expanded #Belarus

Ruth M

Hello all,
I am happy to announce that the Lunna shtetlink page has been expanded and
it is now on-line. Four new pages have been posted, including: Jewish
Ceremonies, Family Albums, Memoirs, and Visits to Lunna. In addition,
several old pages, such as: Under the Polish rule/Educational institutions,
Under the Polish rule/Religious institutions, Letters and Postcards, Jewish
Cemeteries, have been updated. To see the new, expanded Lunna website,
please follow this link: and click
the pictures to enlarge. Note that the page Family Albums/photographers
provides information about the photographers >from Grodno who took photos of
Lunna Jews. This page might be of interest to researchers of other towns in
the Grodno region, as well. To see this page, please follow the link:

I am grateful to all Lunna descendants who have searched in their boxes,
drawers, and attics and shared with me their old family photos and documents
from Lunna. Many thanks to those of you who responded to my messages during
the course of my research and, in particular, they assisted me in tracing
several Lunna descendants in the U.S.
I would be grateful for your feedback and for any comments.
Best regards,
Ruth Marcus
Tel Aviv, Israel

Belarus SIG #Belarus Zolty/Zhelty family in Minsk Area #Belarus



My ancestor became >from Minsk area. Also, I would like to know
if there is Zolty or Zhelty's family in Minsk's area ?

Best regards,

Franck d'Almeida-Zolty


MODERATOR'S NOTE; Private replies requested

Belarus SIG #Belarus Borisov, Belarus #Belarus

Susana Leistner Bloch

Are you interested in Borisov in Belarus? We are looking for someone
with family roots in Borisov to "adopt" the ShtetLinks webpage:

If you are interested, a lack of technical skills should not be a
problem as we have volunteers who will help.

ShtetLinks webpages are Cyberspace Yizkor Books: memorials that
commemorate the Jewish communities that once lived in a particular
shtetl or city and provide a valuable resource for future
generations. Making sure the webpages are maintained and updated is
an important project. If you are willing to take over the Borisov
webpage please contact me at >bloch@...>

Susana Leistner Bloch, Coordinator
JewishGen ShtetLinks Project

Belarus SIG #Belarus A Message from JewishGen's Founder #Belarus

Susan E. King <susan.king@...>

There are times when it's almost impossible to find the right words, and
perhaps this is one of those times.

Twenty-two years ago (seems like eons), I had an idea that grew up to be
JewishGen. Over the years you may have been one of those wonderful people
who offered help and together we nurtured that brainchild of mine. Together
we loved it and lived it.

It has been an extraordinary ride and looking back >from where we have come,
we can all take enormous pride in what we have established collectively. It
is a legacy that I know will follow me wherever I go for the rest of my
life. There is nothing better than knowing that you have fulfilled a dream
and to know you have made a difference in so many lives. I will cherish
these years forever.

I am ever so grateful for the true friendships I've developed along the way,
ever so grateful for the spirit of the volunteers who have worked with so
much dedication over these many years creating and building a real
grassroots effort that was at the core of my vision and so grateful that
JewishGen has been at the center of my life for so many years.

I can't thank everyone enough for lending their talents, their skills, their
hearts, their ideas and their time. Effective Monday, March 31st, I will no
longer be associated with JewishGen either as an employee or as a director.
Even though I may be moving forward and perhaps defining yet another life
purpose, please know that JewishGen and all of you who walked the walk with
me, nurturing my dream along with yours, will remain in my heart forever.


Susan E. King
JewishGen Founder

Belarus SIG #Belarus researching SZEPSENWOL #Belarus

Stephanie Schamess <skschamess@...>

Dear Jewish Genners,
I am researching my paternal great-grandparents whose last name was
SZEPSENWOL. I don't know their first names. As far as anyone in the family
knows, they were >from Minsk. Their daughter, my grandmother, came to
Hartford, CT in 1907 on the ship Noordam, leaving >from Rotterdam. She is
listed on her passenger record as Sora Szepsenwol, although once in
America she used the name Sarah Wohl. The ship record gives her last place
of residence as Barischew. I am wondering if this is a misspelling of
Sarah married Harry Krasnow and lived in Hartford until her death in
The only other information I have about the family is that Sarah had
four sisters who also settled in the Hartford, CT area. One sister, Anna,
was married to Max Mindell before coming to Hartford in 1922 with her
9-year-old son, Abram. Her last place of residence is listed on the
ship's passenger record as Hartford (a bit puzzling) but her son's is
listed as Sombin, Russia. Her husband Max came later. Anna was called
Helen by the family: I don't know how to account for the change of name.
I would appreciate any information that would help me take further
steps in researching my great-grandparents.
Thank you,
Stephanie Schamess
Florence, MA 01062
MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please reply privately with specific information.
General research may be posted to the list.

Belarus SIG #Belarus FW: HARRY WILSON/WOOLFSON #Belarus

a1steve's rubbish removals <a1steve@...>

Dear All

I have been told that the WOOLFSON/WILSON and RUBINSTEIN(sp) families
came >from Babruysk, Minsk, were cousins and shared the same tutor.

I am searching for Harry WILSON (Hirsch/Hertz WOOLFSON) who was closely
connected to the RUBINSTEIN(sp)/RANDALL and MULLISH family who lived at
Rutland St and Jamaica St in the East End of London and then Gladesmore
South Tottenham, until the 1950's. Harry was Chairman/MD of Wilson Bros
Greeting Cards before Sam WILSON took over and subsequently Ellis BIRK who
had married (Dame)Alma WILSON, the daughter of Barnett WOOLFSON(1886-1932)
who set up the business possibly with his brother Abraham and Harry.

Please contact me privately on a1steve@... if you feel there is a

Naomi Ogin
Brisbane, Australia




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Belarus SIG #Belarus Yizkor Book Report for March 2008 #Belarus

Joyce Field

The Yizkor Book Report for March 2008 is dedicated to Susan King,
JewishGen Founder, who was a fervent supporter of the Yizkor Book
Translation Project, and without whose dedication this project
would not have prospered.

For the month of March 2008, 16 updates went online.
All translations are accessed at
< >.
Additions for the month are flagged.


-Bedzin, Poland
-Belchatow, Poland
-Belzec, Stepping Stone to Genocide
-Chelm, Poland
-Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland
-Derechin, Belarus
-Dusetos, Lithuania
-Goniadz, Poland
-Kalusz, Ukraine
-Krasnik, Poland
-Nowy Sacz, Poland
-Rejowiec, Poland
-Svencionys, Lithuania
-Zaglembia, Poland
-Zambrow, Poland
-Zuromin, Poland

Other Yizkor resources should be consulted:


Joyce Field
JewishGen VP, Data Acquisition

Belarus SIG #Belarus Lunna Webpage #Belarus

Lin Mor

I want to congratulate Ruth Marcus on the superb job
she did in putting together the extensive Lunna
Shtetlpage. As a (small) contributor to her efforts,
I am truly amazed at how she has compiled the
information she received >from so many people and
organized it into a well-organized and valuable
resource. I believe that there are others who trace
their families to this general area and if they take
the time to look at the link they may find family
connections. Thank you, Ruth.

Linda Morzillo
Saratoga Springs, NY

PRESS and SCHNEIDER in Vidukle and other Raseiniai
towns AMCHISLAVSKY and ERLICHMAN in Rostov-on-Don and
previously Kozelsk and Oster, Chernigov Gubernia
COHEN/KAGAN and BORNSTEIN in Oshmiany and France
KOSOFSKY in Stuchin/Szczuczyn/Shchuchyn/Scucyn
SWOTINSKY in Grodno Gubernia Poland/Russia/Belarus

Belarus SIG #Belarus FW: Szeklender Chaja,Brest ghetto,Belarus #Belarus

Mari-Tuulia Siklander <oceanwindssky@...>

From: oceanwindssky@...
To: belarus@...
Subject: Szeklender Chaja,Brest ghetto,Belarus
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 16:06:29 +0000

I am gentile finnish woman who would very much like to have Jewish ancestry
and I made Jewish genealogy search >from link:
I searched also >from Holocaust archives with my surname:
and computer found woman:
Szeklender,Chaja b.1889.
She was >from Brest ghetto and her parents were:Chaim and Tamara.
Her passport was issued:24.11.1941( I do not know what this means?Issued?)
and digitized archive is:7613.
So I would like you to help to find out if my family Siklander is related to
her and if we originally come >from Brest,Belarus.
Did Chaja Szeklender survive?
And does she have living relatives somewhere in world?
Is name Szeklender an Yiddishes name and what does it mean?
If I am related to Szeklenders,I would very much like to unite with them.
Thank you very much for your kind help,lehitraot:

Mari-Tuulia Siklander
MODERATORS NOTE: You may want to look at:
as part of your research also.

Belarus SIG #Belarus Greetings from JewishGen #Belarus

Warren Blatt

As you are aware, Susan King has stepped down as the Managing
Director of JewishGen, after 20 years of dedicated service.
In addition to founding JewishGen, Susan has been an
inspiration and motivating force for all of us, and will be
greatly missed. We at JewishGen and the Museum of Jewish
Heritage wish Susan all the best, and will continue to
embrace her spirit and dream as we move forward.

As I assume the post of Managing Director, I want to send
greetings to those who already know me, and introduce
myself to what I hope will be new friends and colleagues.
I have been part of JewishGen since 1990, and been its
Editor-in-Chief for many years.

As JewishGen moves into this new phase, we will be integrating
more fully with our parent organization, the Museum of Jewish
Heritage. As of April 1, 2008, the offices of JewishGen have
been relocated >from League City, Texas to the Museum of Jewish
Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, located in
Manhattan's Battery Park. JewishGen has been an affiliate of
the Museum since 2003, and this move was initiated in order to
better integrate JewishGen's functions with Museum programs
and provide a seamless delivery of services to the JewishGen

The mailing address of JewishGen is now:
JewishGen, Inc., Museum of Jewish Heritage, 36 Battery Place,
New York, NY 10280. Phone: (646) 437-4326. Fax: (646) 437-4328.

One of the unfortunate consequences of this transition is that
two of our dedicated employees were not able to join us in the
new location. The entire JewishGen community joins to acknowledge
the work of Joanna Fletcher and Becky Rogers, who have served
JewishGen for over 8 years.

Over the next few months, in addition to becoming more fully
integrated with the Museum, we will be announcing several
new projects, as well as giving you a glimpse into our plans
for the future of JewishGen.

Michael Tobias and I continue Susan's tradition, by striving to
grow JewishGen and take it to the next level. But be assured
that we will not venture too far >from our roots; we are built
on our volunteers. JewishGen's volunteers are our wealth and
strength, and that will always remain. We are always looking
for enthusiastic volunteers to join our family. Both Michael
and I hope to see many of you at the IAJGS Conference in
Chicago this summer.

I look forward to working with all of you over the months and
years ahead, as JewishGen continues to be the leading internet
resource for Jewish genealogy.

Again, I wish to greet all of you, and as we move into this
holiday season, wish you and your family a Chag Sameach and
Happy Pesach, >from me and my family.


Warren Blatt
Managing Director,
< wblatt@... >

Belarus SIG #Belarus an index of the publication Lakarov V'larahok #Belarus

Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

The Israel Genealogical Society has just posted an index of the publication
Lakarov V'larahok, which appeared between 1945 and 1947. The publication
contains hundreds of lists of Holocaust survivors. The index, which covers
the 73 issues of the publication, is not an index of names but is a listing
of articles and places where Holocaust survivors were located. To get a
better understanding of what it contains, see the Avotaynu article as it
provides a detailed description with examples. At some future date, Lakarov
V'larahok will be scanned making the index a useful tool in navigating the
publication. To view the index and a reprint of the article on Lakarov
V'larahok that appeared in Avotaynu vol. XIV, No. 2 Summer 1998 go to the
IGS website
On 30 April the IGS-Negev Branch will devote its meeting to a lecture by
Rabbi Shalom Bronstein and a discussion of Lakarov V'larahok. You are all
cordially invited to attend.
Rose Feldman
Secretary, Tel-Aviv Branch of the Israel Genealogical Society & webmaster

Belarus SIG #Belarus Chicago conference updates #Belarus

ANNE LEE <information@...>

We are very pleased to let you all know that the Chicago 2008 program is now
available on the conference website. Go to and click on
the "Program" button on the left side of the home page. We believe that
this is a strong program with quite a number of new speakers and topics plus
many of those you have enjoyed and learned >from at past conferences. Just a
few of the areas to be covered include Midwestern Jewish genealogy research,
genetics and DNA, the newly available ITS records, Latin American research,
very remarkable SIG programming (including experts >from European archives)
and much more. We do expect some additional programs to be included in the
coming weeks -- so stay tuned. Please note that dates and times of some
sessions may change.

On March 28, during the IAJGS board meeting in Philadelphia (March 28-29), a
drawing was held to determine the winner of the free hotel room during the
conference. We thank all who registered for both the conference and hotel
room by March 15 in order to qualify; we thank the Chicago Marriott Downtown
Magnificent Mile for contributing this great prize. And, the winner is....
Barbara Freedman of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This will be
Barbara's sixth IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy. We know
that you all join us in congratulating Barbara.

And, finally, just a reminder: early-bird registration ends on April 30.
Don't forget to register before then in order to enjoy the savings.

See you all in Chicago.
On behalf of the IAJGS and our co-hosts, JGS of Illinois and Illiana JGS,
Anne Feder Lee
Mike Posnick
Joel Spector
Conference Co-Chairs

Belarus SIG #Belarus MENDELEWICZ family from Slonim and Byten #Belarus

Alan Tapper <sabaalan@...>

Shmuel Meyer MENDELEWICZ , son of Moshe, married Chaya SHERSHEVSKY
and they had five sons, Gabriel, Michael,Benjamin,Naphtali and
Nachum. He was about 50 when he married Chaya so I don't know if he
had a previous marriage. These children were born around 1850-1870.

Naphtali's children emigrated to Israel and took on the name Ben
Michael had no children.
Benjamin's children emigrated to the US and took on the name Mandel.
Nachum's family either survived the Holocaust and went to Israel or
left before WWII and settled in the US. My wife is the great
granddaughter of Nachum

I am looking for the family of Gabriel some of whom perished in the

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Alan Tapper
Ashburn, VA


TAPPER >from Snitkov
NEMIROVSKY >from Lipovits
BURDMAN and FAHRER >from Tulchin
HOCHBERG >from Iasi

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please reply privately with family information

Belarus SIG #Belarus Photo Identification on Viewmate #Belarus

Rachel Poole <rachel.poole3@...>

Dear all

I have posted a photograph >from the family album for identification on


It is possible that it is a photo of my ggparents. If it is they left
"Russia" and emigrated to England (Liverpool and London) somewhere in the
late 1890's,
I would also be grateful if anyone can identify where and when it may have
been taken - they are obviously on steps to a beach somewhere and there look
to be what could be fortress wall behind them.


Rachel Poole

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please reply privately with family information

Belarus SIG #Belarus Bialystoker-Grodno Society in NYC #Belarus

Ruth M

Hello all,
One of my colleagues has recently told me that there is (or was) a
Bialystoker-Grodno society in NYC several years ago and they had meetings at
the Bialystoker Synagogue in Manhattan once in a while. A woman named Dora
Rutchek (the spelling of her last name might be incorrect) was the head of
the group and several people >from the town of Lunna were in the group.
Does anyone have info about that society? I am especially interested to get
in contact with Ms. Dora Rutchek (?) and to find out who were the people
from Lunna in that group.
Thank you for your attention.
Best regards,
Ruth Marcus

Belarus SIG #Belarus RE: Searching: DANETZ- Kamenetz-Litovsk #Belarus

Tita Zeffren <mimizeff@...>

I am looking for data for Kamenetz-Litovsk, Belarus. I am searching for the
DANETZ family. Can anyone help me?

Tita Zeffren
Chicago, IL

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please reply privately

Belarus SIG #Belarus Volunteer Opportunity at Disna Uyezd #Belarus

Research coordinator <rescoord@...>

Dear All,
Batya Olsen has been running the Disna Uyezd for the last eight years and
now would like to hand over to someone else.

Does anyone wish to volunteer?

If you wish to know what is involved, please contact Batya (batyaolsen@...).

If no-one comes forward, this group will have to fold.

Best wishes
Ruth Silver
Research Coordinator

Belarus SIG #Belarus Volunteers needed for Belarus SIG Lunch at August Conference #Belarus


If you are attending the Jewish Genealogy conference
in Chicago in August, please continue reading.

David Feldman and I will not be able to attend the
conference this year. We were wondering if anyone
else >from the Belarus SIG who is attending would like
to volunteer to organize the Belarus SIG lunch
program. If you are interested, please let me know.
David and I will help you. Multiple volunteers are

Please respond directly to me at


Sharon Fingold
Co-Leader, Belarus SIG

Belarus SIG #Belarus Lyakhovichi Katz Family Holocaust Story - You can help! #Belarus

Family Tree Expert <Expert@...>

Dear Belarus SIG

The Lyakhovichi website has scheduled a large update in May 2008 but there
is something too important to wait until then.

A few weeks ago, a gentleman wrote to the Lyakhovichi shtetl website asking
for our help. In October 1939 his mother made her way >from German occupied
Poland, to Soviet territory in the town of Lyakhovichi . She was not in good
health, her husband was presumed murdered, and she had seven children
ranging in age >from fourteen to three. By Spring 1940 she was not able to
care for the children and the Soviet government placed the children in
orphanages and trade school. One was allowed to stay and take care of her.
The next oldest was sent to a state trade school in Grodno . The next three
children were sent to an orphanage in Berezhno near Mir. The youngest two
were sent to an orphanage for toddlers in Grodno . Later, one of the
toddlers was old enough to be sent to a Bialystok orphanage. One of the
Berezhno children survived when he was chosen to go to a summer camp, later
evacuated into the Russian interior. In 1945, at age seventeen, that same
boy was able to get back to Lyakhovichi, only to be told by his mother's
landlady that all the Jews were killed when the Germans came. But Wilfred
Kay (ne Shlomo Katz) had some reason to hope that some of his brothers and
sisters might have not been in Lyakhovichi when the horror happened. The
landlady didn't remember very small children, she couldn't remember all the
names, and she wasn't sure if even all of the older children had been
allowed by authorities to stay.

Please go to our page to
learn more about his search. Help us learn what happened to Sholom Katz
(born Mlawa 1925); Szymon Katz (born Pultusk 1926); Sima Katz; Leah Katz;
Rachel Katz (born 1934), and Benjamin Katz (born 1936).

You will also see there an eyewitness account of Nazi murders in Lyakhovichi
and another article with important new information that we have learned
about the records of Russian orphanages.

Our scheduled update in May will make another big jump in the kind of
content that has proven so valuable for many. We will include many new
names, many new records, and take hundreds of families back into the
eighteenth century as we post our findings >from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Census of 1784. We will also include the name-by-name comparison across
multiple records that has proved so valuable as a research technique. We
have local histories, biographies, and many new documents on tap. But don't
wait. Look now, to see if you can help in this search for people who may
still be alive, and then come back to see what we've added in May. And if
you have information on Wilfred Kay's search, or want information on any of
our projects, click contact anywhere on our website to be in touch with Gary
Palgon who is our point man!

Deborah Glassman
Webmaster of the Lyakhovichi shtetl website

Please send inquiries to Gary Palgon at Expert@...