Servant of the Baron Hirsch School #Galicia

Barbara Krasner

Through the JRI-Poland database, I recently found in the Kozlow (Galicia) birth records of my great-aunts an interesting description for my great-grandfather: He was a servant of the Baron Hirsch School in Kozlow. His occupation was a butcher. Has anyone else ever come across a Baron Hirsch affiliation in metrical records? Has anyone suggestions for resources about Baron Hirsch schools and initiatives in eastern Galicia?
Barbara Krasner
Somerset, NJ
Researching in Kozlow: Seife, Sass, Zuckerkandel, Amildank/Himeldank/Hameldank/Nachmicz

Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island Meetiing #JGSNews #jgsli

Jackie Wasserstein


Next Meeting Topic Is:


Transcarpathia: Eastern Slovak

and Ukrainian Jewish Research

with Jordan Ausländer


Jordan will discuss the genealogically relevant records that are available in and outside the Slovak Republic and Ukraine from a region that was in the 20th century Hungary, Czechoslovakia, USSR, and Ukraine.  He will share advice, based on his own visits to the region on how to focus your search to minimize opportunities for bureaucratic errors.


Jordan is a professional genealogical researcher, lecturer and expert witness.  His publications include a Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Index to Vital Records in the Slovak State Archive System, and articles in Avotaynu and other periodicals.



  Sunday, November 24, 2019, at 2:00 pm






Admission is free and all are Welcome.  Our “Mavens” are available at 1:30 PM to take your genealogy questions.


Jackie Wasserstein

 Past President


Joan Parker

Hello. I have a four-page petition for DAVID GOLDBERG, US District
Court, Brooklyn, NY. . DoB: Dec 5, 1870; Tailor; address is on
Delancy Street; ETA Dec 25, 1890. Witness Morris Saphirstein. David
was naturalized on Apr 3,1899.
If this is your David I'll mail it to you as it is too big to scan on
my home printer.

Joan Parker
Past President/Archivist
JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
Plock,Poland-Russia; Warsaw, Poland-Russia; Galveston, TX; Bronx and
Brooklyn, NY.
(Litovsk), Belarus; Grodno, Russia; Bronx and Brooklyn, NY. WEISS,
NEIKRUG, DEL PINO--Brooklyn, NY. RABWIN--Hollywood, CA, Salt Lake
City, UT..
3) GELFAND, KRITZOFF, KATZ, TROCK --Berezin/Bresin, Kodima, Minsk,
Belarus, Bronx, NY, Miami and Miami Beach, FL.

Translation request - Hebrew - Avraham Zvi Hersch BEUTEL gravestone #Translations

Selma Sheridan

A photo of the gravestone of my great-grandfather, Avraham Zvi Hersch
BEUTEL, in Hebrew, is posted at the following address:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. Please
provide a translation of every word, as we know so little about him and are
searching for clues. Is there a notation of the names of his parents or
other family members, or his place of birth?
Many thanks in advance,
Selma Sigal Sheridan
Oswego NY

Looking for a HERSZKOWICZ family from Rawa Mazowiecka, Lodz (names covering 1820-1874)

Avraham Y. Kahana

Hello all,
I am searching (again) for a Herszkowicz family, this time with added info, assembled by me making "reliable guesses" using JRI search.
Here are the family details:
Place: Rawa Mazowiecka, Lodz, Poland
Moshe Michael HERSZKOWICZ, married to Chana nee BIRENCWAJG/BIRENTZWEIG) (daughter of Nossen) - both must have been born around 1820.

Perla Laja (1845)
Wolf Hersz (1845)
Izrael Aron (1846-1852)
Blima Ryfka (1852)
Nusen Abram married to Tz*** Feige nee Krel
Son: Mendel Majer, married to Chaja Necha nee Kano/Kahana (1874) - my family
If any of you relate to any of the names above, please reply back.
Thank you,
Avraham Yehoshua Kahana

France to be First County in EU to Introduce Facial Recognition Software for Government Services #France

Jan Meisels Allen



Facial recognition technology, especially when used by government agencies is controversial. France has announced it will be the first European Union country to introduce facial recognition software for government services.  Once implemented it will give users access to approximately 500 government websites.  France says the program will not keep tabs on its residents, as it won’t be integrating the facial recognition biometric into citizens’ identity databases.


How it works


A new government app, Alicem,  is based on facial recognition software. One takes a video of their face on their smart phone and uploads the video to a government server. This server has the information collected from the person’s data from their biometric passports or electronic residence permit.  This is in Beta testing now but expected to go live by later this year.


Not All Agree Its Legal


Some believe this is a violation of the General Data Protection Regulation which bans facial recognition systems with some exceptions—such as when the person gives consent for use of the software. Frances’ data regulator, CNIL says the GDPR makes free choice mandatory is very concerned over this program.


Concerns range from proper lighting, use of makeup and position of the person in relationship to the camera compared with the photograph used to against it—especially if the photograph is an older one.


Martin Drago, a legal expert at La Quadrature du Net, a group that defends digital rights and civil liberties and which is suing the government at France's highest court of appeals, Conseil d’Etat.  That decision is expected in a few months. Bloomberg News reported that a hacker was able to break into the government app in just over one hour.


There is legislation in the French Parliament to create a framework for wide-ranging tests of facial recognition technology.

To read more see:




Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Germany Easing of Restoration of German Citizenship for Descendants of Nazi Persecution #Germany

Jan Meisels Allen

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior eased the rules regarding restoration of citizenship for descendants of victims of National Socialist persecution. Under certain circumstances some individuals may more easily acquire German citizenship.  The edict was dated August 30, 2019.


Those who stand to benefit include:


  • children born in wedlock before April 1, 1953, to German mothers whose citizenship had been revoked and foreign fathers;
  • children born out of wedlock before July 1, 1993, to German fathers whose citizenship had been revoked and foreign mothers, provided the paternity of those children was recognized and determined under German law prior to their reaching the age of 23; and
  • children whose German parent had acquired foreign citizenship and lost their German citizenship amid National Socialist persecution, including children whose mothers emigrated as a result of persecution and lost their German citizenship prior to April 1, 1953, through marriage to a foreign man;


            and, in most cases, their descendants.


The edict may be read at:

It is in German. However, if you use Chrome as your browser it will translate it, or use a translation service such as


You may also read a release from the German Missions in the United States which explains the existing law and information on obtaining German citizenship. It also has a link for the application for naturalization. See:

This is available in both English and German which you can chose at the upper right of the page.

An article about this may be read at:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: An Article About The Old Cemetery in Brody


Where did you see reference to this article? I am interested in knowing more about my Weintraub and Rohr family from Brody. 

Thank you,
Lynda Schnier



This could be my great grandfather.  Was he married at the time to a Lena weingard?

Looking for descendants of one Tzipora Rosner that lived at Kiriat Amal, Borochov street, Israel - on 1955

Avraham Y. Kahana

Hi, if any of the israeli genners can easily trace descendants of one Tzipora Rosner that lived at Kiriat Amal, Borochov street, on 1955
please reply back.

Thank you in advance,
Avraham Yehoshua Kahana

JOWBR & Memorial Plaques Databases Year-End Update Reminder

Nolan Altman

The review process for the semi-annual update for JewishGen’s JOWBR ( and Memorial Plaques ( databases has begun.  The year-end update will include submissions received by November 30th and should go live in December.


The following update will include all submissions received by May 31, 2020 and will be uploaded in June, prior to the summer IAJGS Conference in San Diego.


If you have any complete cemeteries or cemetery sections to submit, please contact me directly at NAltman@...





MILLER family from Lowicz, Poland

Avraham Y. Kahana

I am looking for the following family Miller family from Lowicz:
Israel Miller married to Chana nee Faust(?)
Rivka Miriam (1860)
Avraham Yonah (Abram Janas) (1864)
Suea Szprinca (1865)
Specifically, I am interested in the descendants of Rivka Miriam, who married to Shmuel Wolf Sczuciner, from my family.
If this relates to you, please reply back.
Thank you in advance,
Avraham Yehoshua Kahana

Searching for Switzerland 1938 information about Bernhard SIGAL

Selma Sheridan

Please help me to find information about my father's stay in Switzerland in
summer 1938. Bernhard SIGAL was a medical student at University of Vienna.
On 11 July 1938, the day before he was to be sent to Dachau, he fled from
Vienna to German- speaking St. Gallen in neutral Switzerland, although he
knew no one there. (He could not convince his parents to leave, and they
perished in 1941.)

Here is what my father told me about his stay in Switzerland. He crawled
over a bridge near the border, bullets flying overhead. He stayed in the
"bridal suite" of a hotel in St. Gallen on the first night, as all other
rooms were occupied, and the hotel owner took pity on him. He was
penniless, and received some money from "the Rothschilds". After about 2
weeks somewhere in Switzerland, he received a letter from his parents,
saying the SA had come to arrest him the day after he fled; he did not say
if he wrote back to them. He crossed from Switzerland into France, and
reached the home of his cousins in Lens, Nord Pas-de-Calais.

This is how I have searched so far, in 2002: Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv,
Bern - they had only his name, and that he arrived and left in 1938, so he
must have reported twice to an official organization. Staatsarchiv, St.
Gallen - no documents. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich - no
information. I have not read Henry Spira's 2010 book, "Daily Events at the
Jurassic frontier 1939-1945", since it seems to exclude 1938.

Questions: How and where would Jewish refugees seek financial aid from the
Rothchilds in Switzerland? Does the Swiss Rothschild family have contact
information, or historical records? Or was it the Montefiore family, or
another charitable organization? Were there transit camps for refugees?
How could my father receive mail from his parents, since they did not know
his address? Were there organizations which helped refugees to exchange
mail? What is the likeliest place where my father could have crossed the
border illegally from Switzerland into France?

Is it worth contacting the 3 Swiss organizations above for updates? Are
there other organizations which have kept records about Jewish refugees to
Switzerland in 1938? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,

Selma Sigal Sheridan
Oswego NY

name translation help

Trudy Barch

Jankiel and Srzwa Rosenbaum and their children Sonia, Klara, Filda immigrated from Poland around 1920 to New York.

Any suggestions what SRZWA AND FILDA could be in America?

Where could I possibly look to find a Polish or Russia translation of names?

Thank you,   Trudy Barch,  FLorida

Re: name translation help

Barbara Mannlein

It’s a good idea to include the link to the document to which you refer (or a screen shot). I checked for a manifest and located this one on A. 


I do not see a wife named Srzwa. However, I do see SZYWA, which might be Sheva.  
Searching for the family in census records, I find them on the 1925 NY State Census:
      Jacob, wife Shewa,, dtrs Sonia and Klara (Shewa mistranscribed as Iowa, Sonia as Lonio!!

The third child is on not the 1925 census…  and I have no idea what FIRLA or FIKLA might be.

Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

On Nov 11, 2019, at 11:23 AM, Trudy Barch <cousintrudy@...> wrote:
Jankiel and Srzwa Rosenbaum and their children Sonia, Klara, Filda immigrated from Poland around 1920 to New York.
Any suggestions what SRZWA AND FILDA could be in America?
Where could I possibly look to find a Polish or Russia translation of names?

Re: name translation help

Deanna Levinsky

Not a Polish first name, maybe Russian 

Re: name translation help


Szywa  could be the Polish/Jewish name: Cywia?

Malka (London, UK)

Re: name translation help

Eleanor Richmond

Deanna Levinsky:
Yiddish-German name=   
Ella    Elka      English might be Elsie or mine is Eleanor

Searching for SCHLIESZER in Sombor

Amit N

Hello all,

I am trying to find information regarding a SCHLIESZER family from
Sombor, present day Serbia.
Specifically I am interested in the family of Sandor SCHLIESZER who
married at one time Berta SINGER (b. 1877). In an uncommon step for
that time, they divorced - were there records for such an act? They
apparently had two children together: Erzsebet and Imre.
If anyone has some information about them I would be very grateful.

Best regards,
Amit Naor

Descendants of SCHLAMA/SHLOMO/SALOMON TEICHER #Galicia #advice #Help #Poland #Austria-Czech

Leah and Eli Teicher

Dear Genners,
SCHLAMA TEICHER/SCHLOMO/SALOMON TEICHER (1870-1932) lived and died in RUDNIK nad Sanem 
or in ZALUCE both  in Galicia, Poland.His parents CHUNE TEICHER and GITTEL KRAMER .
All this data is from JRI Poland. CHUNE and GITTEL  were also the parents of my husband's paternal grandfather.

It will be braking a wall finding his descendants.

The main Holocaust archives were searched carefully, so a the data provided in JG, Gesher Galicia and Bad Arolsen Archive.
If there are descendants they might be 2nd cousins to my husband, since there is no extended family.

Any idea what to do? How to find them?
Leah Teicher