Belarus SIG #Belarus IAJGS Conference in Los Angeles - Early Bird Deadline & Updates! #Belarus


Calling All Early Birds to the IAJGS Conference in Los Angeles!

Tick, tock, tick, tock. The Friday, April 30th deadline for the early
bird registration rate for the IAJGS International Conference on
Jewish Genealogy is fast approaching! Don't delay in registering or
you might forget before midnight Pacific Daylight Time when the
discount expires. The conference is taking place >from 11-16 July at
the JW Marriott at L.A. Live in downtown's newest cultural and museum

Programs, films, workshops and classes are still being added, but here
are a few of our newest entries:

We're honored to add Dr. Stephen Smith, new executive director of the
USC Shoah Foundation Institute, to our speaking roster. Smith
was the founding director of The UK Holocaust Centre, Britain's first
dedicated Holocaust memorial and education center. For his work in
establishing this center he became a Member of the Order of the
British Empire (M.B.E.). He also co-founded the Aegis Trust, an agency
engaged in the prevention of crimes against humanity and genocide.
Smith also chairs the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, the body that runs
the national Holocaust commemoration in the United Kingdom. Smith will
also participate in a "Breakfast With the Experts," entitled: "No
Stone Unturned: Furthering Your Holocaust Research," on Thursday, July
15 at 7:00 AM.

Smith is a dynamic speaker, dedicated to bringing the Shoah
Foundation's survivor testimonies into the 21st century by making them
accessible to a worldwide audience -- a topic he will address in his
lecture on Wednesday evening, July 14 at 7:30 PM. The conference will
have a dedicated section of the resource room for attendees to view
the streaming Shoah Foundation survivor interviews daily during the
conference week, beginning on Sunday at 10AM.

Professor Delores Sloane will be discussing her new book, "The
Sephardic Jews of Spain and Portugal: Survival of an Imperiled Culture
in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries," a storyteller's account of
what happened to the Spanish Jews who were expelled and built new
lives outside of the Sefarad that had been their home for more than
1,500 years. Sloan is a vibrant and insightful speaker, who believes
that history is best understood through the experiences of those who
lived it. Sloan offers a compelling portrait of the Sephardic Jews,
who created a Golden Age on the Iberian Peninsula under Moslem rule
for almost 700 years, then continued to advance science, medicine,
political economy, government and the arts under the Christian hegemony
that followed. Go to:
for more information on her works.

Magnificent Maps! Tantalizing Travel! Fabulous Films!

This year we will have Brian Lenius talking about cadastral maps and
landowner records, researched at the Lviv, Ukraine archives, as well
as Alexander Dunai, >from Lviv, discussing maps located in the archives
in Ternopil, Ukraine as well. These lectures will be of interest to
both Galician and Ukrainian researchers, as these records are an
important adjunct to vital record research and can fill in the gaps of
historical and genealogical information when metrical records don't
exist for your towns or if there are gaps in the years of coverage.
We will also have Alexander Denysenko, another Lviv-based researcher
and guide, talking about travel to one's ancestral shtetl and Dunai
and Sol Sylvan (of the Seattle shtetl) will be teaming up to detail
how you can embark on a "trip of a lifetime." Experts will also be
available to discuss Jewish-focused journeys to parts of Hungary,
Slovakia, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Cuba.

A special guest will be filmmaker, researcher and travel planner,
Michael Masterovoy, flying in >from Russia to speak at the Belarus SIG
luncheon about his recent trip to several Belarusian towns including
Movsha Shagal's -- aka Marc Chagall's -- Vitebsk. Masterovoy, a proud
Jewish resident of Moscow, has created documentary and campaign videos
for North American Jewish philanthropies and will be
screening several of his films as part of the film festival including,
"Brailov: A Town Without Jews," about this former Ukrainian shtetl.

We'll also be screening several films by Slawomir Grunberg, an Emmy
Award-winning documentary producer, director, and cameraman, born
in Lublin, Poland, including his newest work, "The Peretzniks"
(Perecowicze) which tells the story of a Jewish school in Lodz,
Poland. The school was shut down following the Communist anti-Semitic
campaign, which took place in Poland in 1968. and the
graduates were dispersed between the US, Canada, Israel, Sweden,
Poland, and other countries. The bittersweet memories of their youth
in post-war Poland are what bind the Peretzniks together till this
day. The Peretzniks is the first documentary, which addresses the
complexities of the Polish-Jewish experience. Go here: -- to watch the trailer or
this charming and poignant film.

Workshops and Classes -- Knives Optional!

If you need a break >from the lecture circuit, we are offering several
classes to allow you to express your creativity. On Sunday, Lil Blume
will be offering a two-part workshop on "Writing Family Stories and
Memoirs," with additional writing/book/and newsletter classes taking
place Monday -- Thursday like Lynn Saul's "Creating and Retelling Your
Family's Stories: A Participatory Writing Workshop," Mike Karsen's
"How to Create Your Family History," and Marlis Humphrey's "I Couldn't
Put it Down! New Ways to Publish Family History."

We'll also offer a tallit --making class which will cover the history
of the tallit, the Hebrew prayer for the atarah, the aleph bet
chart including different Hebrew printing types, images to stitch to
decorate the tallit, how to tie the tzitzit, and sha'a'tnez.

Another class will cover "How to Create a Genealogical Quilt" using
your ancestral photographs as the artwork. If you're good with a pair
of scissors, come to the "Pomegranate Jewish Paper-cut" session to
learn the art of Jewish paper cutting. Jewish paper cuts are a
unique and beautiful form of Jewish folk piety. References to Jewish
paper cutting date >from 14th century and this became an important folk
art among both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews during the 17th and 18th
centuries. There are two popular methods; sharp knife and special
scissors. Scissors for our crowd! Upon completion of the class project
each student will have a lovely paper art that they can proudly
display in their home.

Be Our Guest!

Many of you have asked if you can invite guests (or spouses not into
genealogy!) to our evening events, dinners and the IAJGS
awards and entertainment banquet. The answer is yes, and we've made
this option very easy this year. Just log onto the "Guest
Registration" page on the "Registration" drop down menu. There you'll
find a simplified form for purchasing tickets to these special events,
or you can
direct your guests to this page so they can purchase these items
themselves. Evening event passes are for conference entry starting at
6:30PM. These passes will be available at the registration desk or
can be purchased on site the day of the event.

Computer Classes, breakfasts, luncheons, and Midnight with the Mavens
should all be uploaded to the registration site by Thursday and
available for purchase. Check our website links for more details: Use the "Program" and "Registration" tabs
to find out more information, and subscribe to our "Announcements
Newsletter" for all the up-to-the-minute news. Subscribe to our
JewishGen discussion group (JGSLA2010) to ask conference questions, or
email us at: info@....

See you in July! (And set your clocks for April 30th to take
advantage of the early bird discount.)

Pamela Weisberger
Program Chair

Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Bobroff family-Minsk engineers? #Belarus

Anne Bobroff-Hajal

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 5:05 PM, Anne Bobroff-Hajal
<abobroffhajal@...> wrote:

I'm seeking information about my Russian Jewish grandfather, Boris L.
Bobroff. I have a photo of him taken in Minsk I know that for some
period of time, he worked in an agricultural implements factory in Ryazan.
So I don't know whether he grew up in Minsk and just went to Ryazan for
a job, or whether he grew up in Ryazan and had his photo taken in Minsk on
a visit there.

I heard via Jewish Gen that the Bobroffs were "an engineering family," so
I'm wondering whether Bobroff family members had engineering business in
Minsk. My grandfather was an inventor and engineer in the US, and was, I
think, doing engineering work in the agricultural implements factory.
but he apparently had no engineering training.

Anyway, if anyone has any information about this, I would love to hear it,
and to contribute in my turn to weaving a tapestry portraying life in Minsk
I have interesting historical information about my grandfather's relationship
with Russia after he came to the US (through his Bobroff Foreign
Trading and Engineering Company in Milwaukee, WI). But I would really
like to learn more about the world he came >from in Russia and/or Belarus.

Anne Bobroff-Hajal

Belarus SIG #Belarus FW: Hebrew Translation #Belarus



From: Sam [mailto:sam.macilroy@...]
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 9:15 PM
To: belarus@...
Subject: Hebrew Translation


I'm looking for anyone who could help me translate some tombstones from
Hebrew. They are on viewmate # 15233 and 15234. I was looking for an Adler
who was the younger brother of my great-grandfather. I have been told that
these stones are both female. He also had a younger sister who was known as
Fannie who passed away as a child. I was also told she was buried in a mass
grave after the custom of that time. These are the only two childrens'
stones in the cemetery. If someone could translate them, I would appreciate
it. If they aren't for my family, I'll pass them on to the caretaker of the
Beth Abraham Cemetery in Bangor, ME so he can update his records for other
family members.

Thank you,

Sam MacIlroy
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Belarus SIG #Belarus Searching: ABRAMIS, Vitebsk/Minsk, Synagogue Closing Gorodok 1938 #Belarus


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gary Kass <gman425@...>
Date: Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 5:59 AM
Subject: Belarus genealogy
To: belarus@...

I recently came across a list of Jewish residents of Gorodok who
signed the protocols on closing the local synagogues in 1938. Two of
the residents were Masha Movshevna Abramis and Hana Dovydovna Abramis.
My maternal great-grandmother's maiden name was Muska Abramis. As far
as I know,my maternal grandmother was >from the Vitebsk/Minsk
region,which is not far >from Gorodok. I have two questions.
1)What does signing the protocols mean? Did these people support
closing the synagogues?
2)Does anybody know if Muska was related to Masha and/or Hana?
Any information that can be provided,whether it helps in my
genealogical research or not,is greatly appreciated.

Gary Kass
New York
MODERATOR NOTE: Please send family information privately.
General information may be posted to the list.

Belarus SIG #Belarus The Belarus SIG at the Conference #Belarus


As you may have read in the most recent update >from the conference team, the
Belarus SIG lunch has a guest speaker arranged by the conference committee
Here's the lunch description >from the program organizers "In 1793,the central
part of Belarus, including Minsk, became a part of the Russian empire.
In addition to being the capital of Belarus it was also a center of Jewish
life and home of many Torah sages and Yeshivas that attracted students from
all over Europe. Before World War II, Jews made up 40% of the total
population in the city. Join Moscow born, Jewish filmmaker, researcher and
travel professional, Michael Masterovoy, as he takes you on a tour of a
present-day Belarus, which resonates with the past. View a short video of
several Belarusian shtetls, walk the streets of Movsha Shagal's (Marc Chagall's)
Vitebsk with Michael (and view the museum) and learn about the positive aspects
of travel to a socialist state with a human face, the land of vodka and honey
that echoes with the footsteps of our ancestors."
The lunch is on Tuesday, July 13.On the same day, we will hold the Belarus
SIG meeting in the afternoon. I will be attending the lunch and co-chairing
the business meeting. David Feldman, co-coordinator, and Ruth Silver,
research coordinator, are helping to put together the slides that show
all the projects in progress and our achievements for the year.The conference
committee has organized a "market fair" experience on Sunday, July 11.
JewishGen SIGs can have a booth. I am unable to attend on Sunday
If anyone >from the SIG would like to organize materials about the
SIG and Belarus and set up a booth, let me know and I will put you in touch
with the conference contact. Here's more info about the market faire:
Sunday, July 11, 2010 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM Come one, come all to our very
special Market Square with a Jewish genealogical and family history theme
Experts and mavens will be there staffing every "pushcart" to provide
assistance and guidance. Represented will be (almost) every region where
Jews once dwelled, plus examples of old maps, vital and landowner records,
antique photographs and postcards, translation assistance, shtetl crafts,
Jewish cooking...and more. Come to browse, to ask for assistance in getting
started on your research, identifying your shtetl, solving family mysteries
or simply to sample all the wares. Food and kosher selections available
for purchase. A klezmer concert by Yale Strom and Hot Pstromi follows
later in the afternoon and again in the early evening I look forward
to meeting members at the conference.

Sharon Fingold,
co-coordinator of the Belarus
Note: On vacation May 5-20, 2010

Belarus SIG #Belarus Abramis Family Information & Gorodok website #Belarus


You should look at where I have listed
the names of many people >from Gorodok who were shot at two sites in
1941. The name Abramis appears at both sites.
Their names were David, Anna Davidovna , Maria and an unknown Abramis.

Mike Glazer

-----Original Message-----

"Subject: Searching: ABRAMIS, Vitebsk/Minsk, Synagogue Closing Gorodok 1938
From: gman425@...
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 05:18:33 -0400
X-Message-Number: 1

I recently came across a list of Jewish residents of Gorodok who
signed the protocols on closing the local synagogues in 1938. Two of
the residents were Masha Movshevna Abramis and Hana Dovydovna Abramis.
My maternal great-grandmother's maiden name was Muska Abramis. As far
as I know,my maternal grandmother was >from the Vitebsk/Minsk
region,which is not far >from Gorodok. I have two questions.
1)What does signing the protocols mean? Did these people support
closing the synagogues?
2)Does anybody know if Muska was related to Masha and/or Hana?
Any information that can be provided,whether it helps in my
genealogical research or not,is greatly appreciated.
Gary Kass
New York
MODERATOR NOTE: Please send family information privately.
General information may be posted to the list."

Belarus SIG #Belarus Yizkor Book Project, April 2010 #Belarus



I continue to be amazed and encouraged by the many of you who contact me
offering all types of assistance in the Yizkor Book Project - and believe
me, this is so very much appreciated! In addition, over the last month I was
contacted by a number of people interested in setting up a project for
particular Yizkor Books and I'm happy to note some have made great leaps in
placing the projects online, even over a the last few weeks.

Together with these, there have been four new Translation Fund Projects
recently initiated: Debica, Poland, Leova, Romania, Olkeniki, Lithuania and
Grajewo, Poland. These were begun in order to engage professional
translators who will help facilitate dreams of seeing the whole translation
of these books online.

If any of these projects are close to your heart and you are able to assist
financially to them, we invite you to visit our Translations Fund page at
to read about these and the other many project funds that were are currently

During this last month we have added these 5 new projects:

- Disna, Belarus (Disna; memorial book of the community)

- Grojec, Poland (Grizer Scroll)

- Grudki, Poland (Horodok; in memory of the Jewish community)

- Neunkirchen, Austria (The Holy Community of Neunkirchen:
A story of Jews in their native land)

- Serock, Poland (The book of Serock)

Added 15 new entries:

- Backininkeliai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Baligrod, Poland (Memorial book; dedicated to the Jews of Linsk, Istrik
and vicinity)

- Balsiai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Baltiskis, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Baltmiskis, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Baltusova, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Baranas, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Bariunai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Barova, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Barsenai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Barstyciai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Bartininkai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Lutowiska, Poland (Memorial book; dedicated to the Jews of Linsk, Istrik
and vicinity)

- Skhodnitsa, Ukraine (Memorial to the Jews of Drohobycz, Boryslaw, and

- Ustrzyki Dolne, Poland (Memorial book; dedicated to the Jews of Linsk,
Istrik and vicinity)

And finally, we have continued to update 23 of our existing projects:

- Antopol, Belarus (Shards of Memory: Messages >from the Lost Shtetl of
Antopol) - this is now completely online at

- Bedzin, Poland (A Memorial to the Jewish Community of Bendin)

- Bialystok, Poland (The chronicle of Bialystok)

- Brzeziny, Poland (Brzeziny memorial book)

- Chelm, Poland (Commemoration book Chelm)

- Czyzew-Osada, Poland (Czyzewo Memorial Book)

- Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland (Book of the Jewish Community of Dabrowa Gornicza
and its Destruction)

- Debica, Poland (The Book of Dembitz) - additions to the Polish section

- Kaluszyn, Poland (The Memorial Book of Kaluszyn) - necrology

- Katowice, Poland (Katowice: the Rise and Decline of the Jewish community;
Memorial Book)

- Kolomyya, Ukraine (Memorial book of Kolomey and its surroundings)

- Kutno, Poland (Kutno and Surroundings Book)

- Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine (Towns and Mother-cities in Israel: Memorial of
the Jewish Communities which Perished)

- Lesko, Poland (Memorial book; dedicated to the Jews of Linsk, Istrik and

- Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Poland (Mezritsh book, in memory of the martyrs of
our city)

- Opoczno, Poland (The Book of Opoczno: memorial for the community that was

- Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland (A Tale of One City: Piotrkow Trybunalski)

- Ruzhany, Belarus (Rozana; a memorial book to the Jewish community)

- Ryki, Poland (A memorial to the community of Ryki, Poland) - additions to
the Polish section

- Smarhon (Smorgon), Belarus (Smorgonie, District Vilna; memorial book and

- Voronovo, Belarus (Voronovo: Memorial Book to the Martyrs of Voronovo)

- Vystosk, Ukraine (Our town, Visotsk; Memorial Book)

- Zelechow, Poland (Memorial Book of the Community of Zelechow ) - addition
of pictures to Polish section

Please remember that all this month's additions and updates have been
flagged at to make it
easy to find them.

Wishing you all the best,
Lance Ackerfeld
Yizkor Book Project Manager

Belarus SIG #Belarus Searching: Schabsel GORDON from Mogilew #Belarus


I am new to JewishGen and am trying to find out some history about
My parents were both survivors but I know little to nothing about my
father because they were only married for 23 months and all I have are some
documents. My mother didn't have much time to learn about him and
all she told me is that he was an only child, which is hard to believe since
they were in Europe.

What information I do have is:
His Naturalization Certificate dated 9/3/52 in Detroit, MI
Their marriage license and his death certificate
His name was Schabsel GORDON and when he became a citizen he changed it
He was born in Mogilew, Russia
Fathers name was Chaim GORDON, mothers Golda Krutoecowsky
He stated his birthday was Jan 1, 1910 but my mother said he made
himself older when he came to the States. My mother also said he spent the
war in hiding but someone that claimed to have known him said he was in the
I don't have any more information than this and I have searched all
over the sites and don't know where else to look.

Thank you for anything
Harriet Bonnie Gordon Growe
Chandler, Arizona USA
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately with family information. General
information and research techniques may be posted to the list.

Belarus SIG #Belarus Translation Request (Russian) - 1948 Letter from the USSR to the US #Belarus


I have a two-page letter that I'd like to have translated from
Russian to English. The letter was sent >from the USSR
to my paternal grandmother Rose EINBUND in Pittsburgh in 1948.

I don't know the name of the writer or where he/she was located
in the USSR. I've included the portion of the envelope that has the
writer's written address with the scan of the second page.

The two pages are on Viewmate.
Page one is Viewmate # VM 15253
Page two is Viewmate # VM 15254

Once again, thanks so much for all of the great help!!

Los Angeles, California - USA
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Belarus SIG #Belarus Vitebsk Records in Latvia and Belarus Databases #Belarus

Israel P

JewishGen's databases show some Vitebsk records both in the Latvia
database and in the Belarus database.

Can someone address the question of when Vitebsk would have been in which
and what the possibilities are for finding vital records that seem to
appear in neither database?

Thank you.

Israel Pickholtz

Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Looking to share a hotel room at the LA conference #Belarus


Subject: International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in L.A.

Looking to share a hotel room at the LA conference. Please contact me at
Thank you.

Avrohom Krauss
Telz-Stone Israel

Belarus SIG #Belarus U.S. Commission for Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad #Belarus


In addition to IAJGS cemetery site, I found the United States Commission
for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad has several on-line
references on Jewish Cemeteries, Synagogues and Mass Grave sites
at their web site:

It includes among other information
SurveysHistoric Jewish Sites in Romania, 2010,
Picture Appendix
Selected Muslim Historic Monuments and Sites in Bulgaria, 2010
Roma Historical and Cultural Heritage Sites in Poland, 2009, Appendix
Jewish Cemeteries, Synagogues, and Monuments in Slovenia, 2006
Jewish Cemeteries, Synagogues, and Mass Grave Sites in Ukraine, 2005
Jewish Monuments of Slovenia, 2nd revised edition, 1996
Survey of Historic Jewish Monuments in Poland,
2nd revised edition, 1995
Survey of Historic Jewish Monuments in the Czech Republic, 1994

It is a site to be explored.

Allan Dolgow
West Sacramento, CA
MODERATOR NOTE:" The Commission is seeking agreements with five other
countries: Azerbaijan; Belarus; Greece; the Russian Federation; and Turkey."
There is however extensive information on all aspects of Belarus >from history
to current events. Also US State Dept. travel information.

Belarus SIG #Belarus ViewMate changes look, introduces more features #Belarus


[This announcement is posted on behalf of the administrator and the
webmaster of JewishGen's ViewMate service. Please send your comments
to them using the webform at]

The ViewMate team continues to improve the look and usability of
ViewMate. On 1 May 2010, ViewMate added these new enhancements:

* Change to incorporate the new JewishGen colors and page layout
* New, easier to understand navigation menu
* Support for new image file types TIFF, PNG and GIF, in addition to JPEG
* Bookmark and share images and pages using more than 200 Web 2.0
tools -- Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Digg, Email and more
* Filter and sort images on the Gallery page -- new ways to organize
and view the posted images
* Rotate a full-sized image while translating -- easier to read words
in the margins
* Display of time remaining for each image on the Gallery page
* Updated FAQs for managing and editing your submissions

ViewMate ( is the JewishGen service
where participants submit letters, documents and photos for
translation and to identify people, clothing, artifacts, etc.

Sam Eneman
ViewMate Administrator

Gary Sandler
ViewMate Webmaster

Belarus SIG #Belarus Translation Request (Yiddish) - 1913 Postcard from Russia to my Grandmother #Belarus


I have a postcard that was mailed >from Russia to my paternal
grandmother Rose EINBUND in Pittsburgh in August 1913.
She emigrated >from Russia to the US in July 1913. I'd like to
have the card translated >from Yiddish to English.

The writing on the card is extremely cramped, and somewhat
faded in spots so I've divided it into five large (overlapping)
sections for posting on Viewmate. If it will help with the
deciphering of the card I'll be very happy to email larger
resolution photos to anyone who requests them.

Thanks (again)!!
Los Angeles, Ca
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

The five sections of the card are on Viewmate as follows:
Section 1 is VM 15347
Section 2 is VM 15348
Section 3 is VM 15349
Section 4 is VM 15350
Section 5 is VM 15351

Belarus SIG #Belarus Have you recently used the Belarus State Archives? #Belarus


Has anyone had recent (past six months) experience -- onsite or by mail --
dealing with the Belarus State Archives? Please respond privately.

Gary Mokotoff

Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Searching: GARMISE/KLINGON/ELGART/LEVENE from Minsk area. #Belarus


Searching for GARMISE/Garmiza, KLINGON/Kleingon, ELGART, LEVENE from
Minsk and Minsk area. Many Garmises and Garmizas are documented in Yad
Vashem and in Yizkor books >from Rubezhvichi, Stolbce, Koidanov. (We
are linked to Minsk and Koidanov, at least)

These families were intermarried in several ways and I'm trying to
link up the various family trees I've gotten >from supposed relatives
with the same surnames in their trees. In one of these trees >from a
person I've contacted:
1. Garmise and Klingon/Kleingon also appear
2 there is a naming practice also found in my family, changing Anshel
to Archibald, something I've not run across before,
3. connections to Colchester, Connecticut Jewish farming community
sponsored by Baron de Hirsch as had my grandfather and his Garmise
uncles. (but in this fellow's tree, it's his Klingons that lived

Peter Myers
Brooklyn, NY
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Myers/Malzman/Maltman/Molthman and Kestleman >from Labun'
Waxenberg, Echt, >from Medzhibezh
Edelstein and Alper >from Iasi
Garmise, Klingon,Levene, Elgart, >from Minsk gubernia and Colchester, Conn.

Belarus SIG #Belarus Six more short films that may be of interest to you.... #Belarus


There are now a total of ten short films of Tomek Wisniewski being shown at
the Museum of Family History. I have announced four so far, and six new ones
are ready for you to view. Most of them have interesting instrumental music
to go along with the film's scenes.

These new films include:

1. Of Bialystok, Poland:
--"The Kaufman Brothers", one of whom was Boris Kaufman, the
cinematographer for "Twelve Angry Men" and others. The brothers were all
natives of Bialystok.
--"A Yiddish Song in Bialystok." A large group gathers in Bialystok in
1940 to hear a couple sing what seems to be a Yiddish song. Can anyone
identify the song by name? If so, please contact me privately. More films of
Bialystok are to come, including a film about the Warner Brothers (also >from

2. Of Zabludow, Poland:
--Two films of the Zabludow Synagogue, scans of photos of the interior
and exterior of the synagogue, cir 1927.

3. Of Kossovo, Belarus (pre-1939, Kosow Poleski, Poland):
--"Berteza Kartuzka: The Street That is No More, 1916"

4. Of Minsk, Belarus:
--"Jewish Minsk." While watching this film, you can imagine you are
walking or in a horse and buggy down the streets of Minsk as Tomek scans
across a few of his very old photographs of Minsk. Also photographs of the
synagogue complex and the Choral Synagogue.

You can access these films, as well as the previous films announced, on the
webpage I've created listing Tomek Wisniewski's films at .

Steven Lasky

Belarus SIG #Belarus Attn: FARBMAN Researchers #Belarus


FARBMAN was my GM's maiden name. I recently discovered a branch in
Michigan. If this means anything to any other FARBMAN researcher,
please contact me directly.

Thank you
Michael Jaron

Belarus SIG #Belarus Searching address for Malydetzna (Molodetchno) Archives #Belarus


I watch "Who Do You Think You Are" on NBC on 4 consecutive Fridays, and found
it interesting if not helpful, except for the Lisa Kudrow segment,.
My grandfather was born in Molodetchno Russia, now Belarus, and she
was shown visiting an archive in that city. I have thought I could
find information >from Vilna (until I was told that Molodetchno is not
in the Vilna "fold"....and thought to try a Belarus archive....but now...
this is perfect if...someone could advise what address (or how to
find the address of the Mlodetchno Archive. Please????? thank you
so very very much.

Maxine Braslow
New York


SALTSBERG/ZALTSBERG Josvainaini Lithuania
KLEIN HEISLER Maramosa Sighet Romania
POCHINKA LERNER Berdechiv Ukraine

Belarus SIG #Belarus Belarus State Archives #Belarus

Susan Goldsmith

Dear Belarus SIG,

Even though Gary asked for private responses (see his query below),
would you please share your experiences/suggestions with Belarus SIG?
The information would be helpful to many of us.

<Subject: Have you recently used the Belarus State Archives?
From: "Gary Mokotoff" <mokotoff@...
Has anyone had recent (past six months) experience -- on site or by mail --
dealing with the Belarus State Archives? Please respond privately.>

Best Regards,
Susan Goldsmith

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