Belarus SIG #Belarus The Israel Genealogy Research Association announces a new version of its Beta Search Engine #Belarus

Carol Hoffman

The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) announces a new version of its Beta
Search Engine for the All Israel Database (AID) allowing you to search names in
Hebrew or Latin letters. All databases include the transliteration of
the names. Double names are split into separate fields. The search
engine checks all fields that are names. First and last names and the
name of the Database appear in both Hebrew and English. The rest of
the information is in the language of the database. The accompanying
scans of the documents are not attached yet to the records.
While we are in this time of transition (our new search engine is
currently being developed) we have added five new databases and have
had to temporarily remove access to three others.
The new databases:
Rehavia Address Book June 1935 - This address book was found in the
collection of the Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Center. It was published by
the Rehavia Mutual Benefit Society Committee and was sold for 25
Eretz Israel mil. It includes peoples names, addresses and
Members in Agricultural Organizations in Petah Tikvah 1931-1936 - A
list of 1,802 members in agricultural organizations during the years
1931-6. The collection of documents is >from the Oded Yarkoni Petah
Tikva History Archive .
List of Candidates for the First Knesset (Constituent Assembly) 1949 -
A list of 1,282 candidates for the 1st Knesset published in Yalkut
HaPirsumim (the official publication of the government of Israel) on
January 19, 1949.
Practical Nurses 1951-52 - A list of 169 pratical nurses, where they
studied and when they passed their exam. The list is a composite of a
number of lists published in Yalkut HaPirsumim.
List of Persons Authorized to Act as Lawyers in Civil Courts in 1956 -
A list of 1,544 authorized lawyers for the civil courts published in
Yalkut HaPirsumim on various dates in 1956.
You can now search through 41,000 entries. Many more databases will
be added in the coming weeks. Still others are being prepared.
IGRA welcomes people who can help with them.

Carol Hoffman
Tel Aviv

Belarus SIG #Belarus Jews Who Died Fighting Nazis: Online Memorial #Belarus

Marilyn Robinson

At a Russian language site at: ("Union Veterans of
the Second World War: Fighters against Nazism. Israel", by Alexander
Zaslavsky) there are Jewish people >from throughout the USSR who died
fighting Nazis that have been listed. These are the search headings:
Search by alphabet, Search by name, yad Vashem, Penalized, Convicted,
Submariners, Biographies, Burials Sevastopol, Searching for information,
Searching for relatives, Articles, Remember us young, Record-card.

Some of the names are:
Convicted by Military Tribunals: Bloshteyn, Ilya Zelikovich (Minsk),
Becker, Boris G. (Stalino), Berezovsky, Mikhail G. (Kharkov), Grigory
Elkin Meerovich (Kostroma)

Sentenced: Averbukh Rusinov (Moscow), Axelrod, Zalmanovich Reuben
(Vitebsk), Bezman, Mooney (Monia) L. ( Zhitomir district), Katsnelson,
Boris Z (Khoiniki District, Bel.)

Fate Unknown: Hershkowitz, David Bentsianovich (Stalino--deserter?)

Died Fighting for Sevastopol: Averbukh Benzion (Benny) Davidovich, Bac,
Leonid E. Weiner, Gedalia Y. Weinstein, Rachel Solomonova, Wolfson,
arkady Isaakovich, Gen Henry I., Gerstein, Vladimir Y., Yuxtmah Shulim

Submariners (people killed 1941-44): Agranonik, Jacob Samuilovich,
Golberg, Nahum Ilkovich, Shklyar, Isai Moiseevich, Yudovich, Joseph
Heroes of the Soviet Union: Weinstein, Boris Y., Garfunkin, Gregory
Solomonovich, Liebman, Michael A., Margulyan, Leo Markovich, Orlikov,
Anshel Moiseevich, Tsindelis, Boris Izrailevich, etc.

Burials: Belgorod region: Gofshtein Abram (A) Moiseevich (>from New
York?), Gabrer, Estra Moiseevich, Granberg Boris Zelmanovich, etc.
Arkhangelsk region: Heyman, Mikhail B.
Krasnodar region: ayzber, Tonya L., Bac, Jacob shlemovich,
Priskin, Abram, etc.
Leningrad region: Averbuk, Aaron Abramovich, Berlin, Aaron
Naumovich, halperin, Grishik Isakovich, etc.

Please go to the site for further information.

Download any of the following, to convert the website into the language
of your choice, if necessary:

1. Google Chrome - For PC, Mac, and Linux



Marilyn Robinson

Belarus SIG #Belarus Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) correction to search engine URL #Belarus

Carol Hoffman

The correct address for the new search engine for the Israel Genealogy
Research Association (IGRA)'s All Israel Database (AID) is . Apologies to anyone who had
difficulty due to the incorrect URL in my original post.

Carol Hoffman

Belarus SIG #Belarus Any chance there are Jewish records mixed with Catholic files? #Belarus

Philip Trauring

I'm trying to figure out where my gg-grandfather came from, and it is
looking like it might be Vasilishki, Belarus. There are no Jewish
records before 1897 there, but LDS lists Catholic records for the town
from 1797-1890. Is there any chance there are Jewish records mixed in
with the Catholic records, or are there no Jewish records at all before
1897 to be found?


Philip Trauring

Belarus SIG #Belarus Korma and Gomel #Belarus


My grandmother said she was >from Gomel. I understand that it is both a
city and a county or other governmental division, although I always
thought she meant the city. Recently I found a listing of Gomel
marriages in 1902 in which she is listed as >from Korma but marrying in

When I Googled Korma it was identified as a city in Belarus about 40
miles north of Gomel. It seemed distant >from Gomel but I assumed that
was the town. However, yesterday I was looking at a 1855 map of Belarus
on JewishGen and it shows a town called Korma east of Gomel midway
between Gomel and Novezipcov. My grandfather was >from the latter city
so it seemed likely that this might be the Korma I was looking for.

My problem is that I cannot find any contemporary reference to this
town. Jewishgen's shtetl links has the one north of Gomel as does
Google maps. Has anyone else ancestors >from Korma and if so, have you
any ideas which one is more likely.

Myrna Livingston Hewitt
Columbus, OH
Searching: Vertkin (in US Weber) , Solatarov (in US Goldman), Pozniakov
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Belarus SIG #Belarus Pogunbernsky List: "Total List of Socialists & Anarchists--Participants in the Resistance to the Bolshevik Regime (Oct. 25 1917-end of the 30's)" #Belarus

Marilyn Robinson

This information is found at a Russian language site at: or
It was edited/compiled by:Ed.: K.N.Morozova (Answer. Editor),
A.B.Roginskogo, I.A.Flige, Compiled I.S.Zaikina, V.V.Iofe, K.N.Morozov,
I.I.Osipova, L.A.Dolzhanskaya, A.V.Dubovik, Ya.V.Leontev, S.S.Pechuro,
T.A.Semenova, S.A.Charny.

The information compiled is based on the KGB handbook for internal use
only; published by the Cheka in Moscow in late 1921 & marked "Top
Secret". The complete title is, " Pogubernsky List of Members of the
anti-Soviet parties Have Been Considered Authorities on the Cheka
October 18, 1921".

The information, about individuals >from throughout Russia, is contained
in 121 pages & is about 11,000 names (Jews & Non-Jews) It is searchable
by region, party affiliation, and alphabetically. It contains
information related to names, age, social status, party position, time
of entry into the party, active/inactive, etc.

Some examples of names:
Abramov Gershon, Averbukh Peel, Agranoff Ilya Shevelevich, Eisenstadt,
Samuel L., Boris Alperovich Zelikovich, Annie Alpert, Amoraim, Jacob,
Amusin, Iosif Davidovich, Arshavsky, Solomon, Atlas, Frida, Babushkina,
Fira, Barzman, Eugene M. Baruhin, Baskin, Sheftel Itskovich, Beygman:
Israel J. & Isaac D., Berdichev: Avraham Y., Aron Y., Israel
Izrailovich, & Sergey G., Blyumenkrants: Alexander & Zygmunt J.,
Halperin, Chaim Berdichevsky, Gekelman, Isaac, Gektin, Gelibterman,
Lieb, Gnedler, Samuel, Gol'tsberg (Goltsenberg), Samuel G. (Gershevich),
Gurevich: Gershon (Gersh) Shmulevich, Gregory L. (Hirsh-Aaron
Levikovich), Isaac (Shai) Y., (Shtarkman, Gurevich-Shtarkman)
Mary-Rebekah Isaakovna, Mikhail Abramovich, & Sarah Gurevich Zalmanovna,
Zarhin, Solomon Y., Zaslovsky, Aaron, Zilberman, Sivka, Israel Idelson:
Israel Borukhovich & Miriam Y., Itskovich: Abram Gershovich & David N.,
Kantor: Bronislaw M., Israel I., & Blum, Katz: Anna lazarevna, Genya,
Joseph, Leo Meerovich, Mendel, Moses Haimovich, Mordukhai Meerovich, SE,
Sofia, Haim Leizerovich, (Bolshakov Bolshakov-Katz), Khan, Emma
Lazarevna, Maccabi, et al.

Grinberg, Israel Savelievich; Hare, Abram; Hvolosov, Michael Moiseevich

Abramson, Jacob Aronovich, Feinberg, Edelson Tyre, L.

Altshul (Altshuler) Hai Abramovna, Askar [Oscars] (real name--Jacobson)
Hermann Karlovich (P.) (part. pseudonym--"Herman Kleiner, "German", lit.
pseudonym--O. Burnit), Ashkenazi, Elena Samoilovna, Bleichman, Joseph
(Ilia) Solomonovich (S) (real name--Joseph Honon Sholomov Bleichman,
lit. pseudonym--H. Sun), Wolf, Fania (Fanny) A., Geilikman, Bela
Movshevich, Golberg Israel Solomonovich, Goylikman, Tevya B., Yermansky
(real name--Kogan) Osip Abramovich (pseudonym--M. Borisov, AO. Gushka,
Meerovitch, P. Rudenko, etc), Moscow (Kogan, Belinsky, Rostov-Kogan,
Kogan Rostov-Belinsky) Nahum Moiseevich, Shapiro, Alexander P. (real
name--Israel (Ilya) Isaevich) P., Shtulman, Reuben Ruvimovich, & Yudin
(pseudonym--Yudin, Eisenstadt, Aizenshtein, Yudin, Aizenshtein) Isaiah
L., Shtulman Reuben Ruvimovich & wife, Rachel Rifkin Samarevna, et al.

Please see the site for further names/information.

Download any of the following, to convert the website into the language
of your choice, if necessary:

1. Google Chrome - For PC, Mac, and Linux



Marilyn Robinson=20

Belarus SIG #Belarus Any chance there are Jewish records mixed with Catholic files? #Belarus


Back in the time of Czarist Russia, most Jewish records were kept by
the Church. The community (shtetl) rabbis were required to report
certain infomation.

Jeffrey S. Entin

Belarus SIG #Belarus 1921-1925: Arrested/Killed in USSR #Belarus

Marilyn Robinson

On a Russian language site you can find names of Jews and non-Jews who
were arrested/killed, 1921-1925 >from throughout the USSR
at: It gives information on
DOB, arrest date, residence, DOD, occupation, and other personal

A few of the names are:
1926: Nahum Markovic ALTSHULER [aka Dravchenko, Anton Antonovich, also
aka Anton Y. Boiko ] (1882 Golovschiny, Mogilev province), Milyutinovich
LAUTERBACH (A. Milutin) (1884, Rostov), Leon Leon Lazarevic WOLIN (1887,
Minsk or Molodechno), Lev Naumovich RABINOVICH (1890, Riga), Abram
Moiseevich CHEPELEVSKY (1883, Slonim, Bel.), Leonid Semenovich
VARSHAVSKY (1896, Odessa)

1925: Osip E. BYKHOVSKII (1891,Kiev), Alexander Abramovich STRUNIN
(BELOPOL'SKII) [1887, Vitebsk]

1924: David I. LEBSKY (1900, Mogilev)

Please see the site for more information.

Marilyn Robinson

Belarus SIG #Belarus Maps of counties of Vitebsk, 1903 #Belarus

Marilyn Robinson

These maps can be found on a Russian language site at:

Marilyn Robinson

Belarus SIG #Belarus Lyubcha revision lists #Belarus


On the Roots to Roots Foundation website, it says that there are a number of
revision lists for Lyubcha, Belarus. What is the best process for searching for
my relatives in these lists? Is it necessary to hire a genealogist to do this work?
If anyone else has done this previously, or is interested in doing a search through
these lists, please let me know.

Dena Whitman
Lakewood, NJ
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Belarus SIG #Belarus Searching: Bertha nee WOICHANSKY and her daughter Marusia from Montreal Canada #Belarus


Searching for my great aunt Bertha nee WOICHANSKY and her daughter Marusia
from Montreal Canada. Can anyone help me with this?
I am trying to trace my grandfather's sister, Bertha nee WOICHANSKY,and her
daughter Marusia/Maria who emigrated >from Vitebsk to Montreal Canada.
About 4 siblings of my grandfather's (2 brothers and 2 sisters) immigrated
to Canada in 1905-1907 and 2 more siblings came later, possibly after the
October Russian Revolution. It seemed that they were Communist
Revolutionists and fled during that time >from Russia because of

One brother was (Moshe) Morris WOICHANKY (Voichansky), who settled in
Waterloo - Berlin/Kitchener, Ontario, Canada in -1905. He settled there
with his wife, Rebecca WOICHANSKY, nee Hefez, and they had 6 children who
were born there: Joseph, Evelyn, Vera, Edward, Willard and Leonard. Morris
died in 1934 in Waterloo and was buried there. The slogan of the Russian
Communist's Revolution was written on his tombstone. All of his children
moved later to the USA and changed their family name >from WOICHANSKY to

One brother of my grandfather -Josef WOICHANSKY came to Canada around
1906-1907. First he lived with his brother Morris in Berlin-Waterloo,
Ontario and later moved to Detroit Michigan USA and worked there in the Ford
automobile industry. It seemed that he didn't have any children.

Another sister (Hanna/Anna?) lived in Toronto and another sister Sarah left
Canada and moved to Boston Massachusetts. Bertha came later to Canada and
lived with her daughter Marusia-Maria in Montreal.

My grandfather's name was Chaiim Ber WOICHANSKY - he was a Rabbi in Gorodok
near Vitebsk, Russia and had about 16 children. He and his family moved
later to Vitebsk.

Any information about this family will be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Dror Voichansky
Mishmar Haemek, Israel
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Belarus SIG #Belarus "Virtual Shtetl Discovers Belarus" #Belarus

Marilyn Robinson

A short film on the above topic is available at the site,Virtual Shtetl,
/ or
It is available in Polish, English (sub-titles), & Belarussian.

Marilyn Robinson

Belarus SIG #Belarus Any chance there are Jewish records mixed with Catholic files? #Belarus

Howard Margol

<<From: entin@...
Back in the time of Czarist Russia, most Jewish records were kept by
the Church. The community (shtetl) rabbis were required to report
certain infomation.>>

I think a little more explanation is needed here in order to clarify the
question. During the time of Czarist Russia records such as revision lists,
family lists, tax lists, conscription lists, etc. were recorded by
government officials and not by the Church.

During the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries, the Russian Empire
had a network of official state rabbis (Kazenyi Ravin).The 1804 statute
concerning the organization of the Jews confirmed their traditional right to
elect rabbis.These rabbis were entrusted "to oversee the rites of faith and
to judge all disputes relating to the religion." In 1812, it was stipulated
that a state rabbi had to be literate in Russian, Polish, or German.

I am not sure if the State Rabbi was required, during the 1804 - 1834
period, to record Jewish vital records. That is difficult to determine since
very few Jewish vital records still exist for those years. An exception is
those parts of the Russian Empire that were actually under Polish control
and part of Poland and not Russia. Some of those Jewish vital records may
possibly be included in with Catholic church records.

According to the Regulations of 1835, <the rabbi is the keeper and
interpreter of Jewish laws. In this post, a learned and respected Jew is
appointed, elected by his co-religionists in the rural communities and cities.
Among other duties, the State Rabbi had to carry out, solely by his offices, all
the rites of circumcision and naming of infants, weddings, dissolution of
marriages, and burials [in populous cities, a rabbi's assistants could
carry out these rites]; and to keep metrical books in all its sections and to
submit copies of them annually to gubernia authorities, in Hebrew and
Russian language.>

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

Belarus SIG #Belarus Documents Regarding the Extermination of the Jews from Slutsk, 1941-1942, etc. #Belarus

Marilyn Robinson

On a Russian language website (author, Zalman Shklyar), there is a
"Selection of Official Documents to Exterminate the Jews of Slutsk..."
It can be found at: = or

In addition, on the same site there are memoirs available, based on an
"...Article provided by an employee of the State Institution 'Slutsk
Museum of Regional Studies'" (Natalia Vidlogoy. Slutsk, Belarus,
9/9/2008) or

Marilyn Robinson

Belarus SIG #Belarus Jewish Cemeteries:Russia/USSR/Ukraine, etc. #Belarus

Marilyn Robinson

On a Russian language site,, there are links to about 40
Jewish cemeteries (on the right side of page) listed by city.The
databases include photos of the headstones, names, DOB/DOD, names of
those buried together, etc. Some of the tombstones have pictures of the
interned. A search box is also provided; I'm not sure if you must enter
the information in Russian.
90%D1%80%D0%B7%D0%B0%D0%BC%D0%B0%D1%81&cemetery=3D2 or

Some of the cemeteries included: Arzamas, Vladimir, Ekaterinburg, Kazan,
Kaluga, Kiev, Mariupol, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Noginsk, Omsk, Perm,
Samara, Solar, Tver, Tobolsk, Tyumen, Ulyanovsk, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, etc.

Marilyn Robinson



Dear fellow researchers,

If anyone will be visiting BRIXTON cemetery, Johannesburg, or LODZ cemetery

I would be very grateful if you could kindly photograph a gravestone for me.
The deceased is a possible relative, ggmother and ggfather

To avoid duplication of effort, would you please email me off-list for
details of the exact location of the graves.

Many thanks,

Harold Berman [researcher 157703]
Sydney, Australia

Researching: BERMAN in Ribeni, South Africa, Zeimys,
FREED in Linkuva, Joniskelis,Pakruojis, South Africa, Vabalninkas,
Daugavpils[Dvinsk], Kamajal, Leeds, Mazeikial, Panevezys, Siaulial, Smorgon,
South Africa, Vilna, Vidzy



To all my fellow researchers who so kindly came forward with offers of
advice and help
if I unfortunately have missed you out in my personal e-mails of thanks
please accept
my gratitude and thanks here.

I have received photo's of both my ggparents gravesites

Many thanks,

Harold Berman [researcher 157703]
Sydney, Australia

Researching: BERMAN in Ribeni, South Africa, Zeimys,
FREED-FRID in Linkuva, Joniskelis,Pakruojis, South Africa, Vabalninkas,
Kamajal, Leeds, Mazeikial, Panevezys, Siaulial, Smorgon, South Africa,
Vilna, Vidzy

Belarus SIG #Belarus U.S.Cemetery Photos & Questions #Belarus

Marilyn Robinson

People often state that they would appreciate cemetery photos (in the
US) >from particular cemeteries. I have found that if you call the
particular cemetery and make the request, giving them the information
needed, the cemetery will often accommodate your photo request.
Sometimes they already have photos of given headstones in their files,
and sometimes they will photograph specific headstones for you.
Occasionally, it is without charge but usually there is a small fee.

Also, a lot of information can be obtained by phoning a cemetery of your
choice, and asking questions regarding a particular individual. Have a
list of specific questions that are important to you, because the
cemetery personnel I have dealt with have not been particularly
forthcoming with information, unless I have asked. For example: burial
location, including grave#, section, etc; who is buried next to the
individual, is it a family plot, was the section previously owned by an
organization or association, who made the burial arrangements, who has
provided the care, are there any other individuals in the cemetery with
the same/similar names (buried nearby or elsewhere in the cemetery),
does the cemetery have information >from the death certificate (ie. death
certificate #, place of death, home/hospital address,name of person who
made the arrangements, who transported the body, is there a contact
number/person for care of the grave or for the organization or
association, etc.)
I have acquired a lot of information about my great grandparents and
other relatives by this means. Perhaps, it would work equally well with
foreign cemeteries--give it a try!

Marilyn Robinson

Belarus SIG #Belarus 1865-1916: Mogilev Province #Belarus

Marilyn Robinson

On a Russian language site,, there is a downloadable
(w/o charge) book, "Memorial Address Book and Calendar, Mogilev province
(1865-1916)". This type of book usually lists,
businesses,advertisements, industries, etc.--with associated individuals
and addresses. If your ancestor was a pharmacist or doctor, for example,
he/she may possibly found in this publication. The website is in
Russian, as is the book. In order to download the book you need to be a
registered user.

To register go to: or

To find the book go to:

If you are able to read and translate Russian, it would be wonderful if
you would volunteer to help in the translation of this book. If so,
please contact the Belarus SIG Database Manager, Paul Zoglin, at:

Marilyn Robinson

Belarus SIG #Belarus 8 ul. Proletarska - Lunna photo requestor #Belarus


A month or two ago, someone requested that I take a photo of 8 ul.
Proletarska, in Lunna, Byelarus. If you are that person, please reply to
this email. Thanks.

Best regards,
Lisa Dashman
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately