Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Vienna cemetery in the Rossau = Seegasse Friedhof, Vienna IX. #Austria-Czech

David & Diana Laufer <dlaufer@...>

Again thanks to Celia Male for her tremendous research abilities which she
shares with us.

In regards to the Rossau cemetery in the Seegasse she wrote:
" I am ashamed to say that I have never visited the
cemetery but have a book describing it.....

Das steinerne Archiv - Der alte Judenfriedhof in der
Rossau by Traude Veran, Mandelbaum 2002 ISBN

We, on the Austria-Czech SIG, have hardly ever touched
on this vast genealogical source on the very early
families/graves in Vienna."

What are the chances that the information in this book could be entered
into the Vienna Jewish Cemetery database
or does copyright preclude such an option ?

David Laufer
Sydney, NSW

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Update on the IAJGS Conference in NYC #Austria-Czech

Sharla Levine <austriaczech@...>

from the IAJGS Conference Registration Chair:
We are very excited about the wonderful response we have gotten
in such a short period of time since registration has been
opened. The 26th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish
Genealogy will be held in New York August 13-18. Visit our
website at You can now register for
the conference and reserve a room at the Marriott! Read about
the conference and see the newly posted Frequently Asked
Questions(FAQs)page on the site. Subscribe to the Conference
Mailing List on JewishGen. This is the only place on-line
where discussion about the conference is happening.

Hope you can join us,
Roni Seibel Liebowitz
Registration Chair

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech trying to locate SCHALLOM #Austria-Czech

Pam <pam@...>

I have been searching for several years my gggrandparents John and Maria
(Weiss) SCHALLOM - the info I have is that they are originall >from the
Austria region - both born in the early 1800's - other info says that they
were >from the Czech/Bohemia area......I can only assume that the name
Schallom would be Jewish - but I can find on collabertation of that within
my living family relatives - since none of the 'older' ones will talk about
'past history' ... sigh..... I was hoping that someone could point me in a

Other names that are associated (married into) with the Schallom's would
have been: SCHROEDER, HUNING, FRIERDICH, HAGEMAN - all seemed to settle into
the St. Louis, MO area and then my direct relatives ended up in the
Columiba/Red Bud, Waterloo area of Illinois.

thank you for any help!

Pam Frierdich-Staley
Warrenton, MO
Looking for surnames of Michalek (Michael/eal), Schallom, Steppig, Mees,
Reis, Frierdich, Bangert, Diesel, Hatter, Hoerter, Kiefer, Rapp, Mentel,
Shellhorn, Staley, Weber, Thoele, Mitchell, Probst

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech re: IGI and posthumous baptisms #Austria-Czech

Carol W. Skydell <cwskydell@...>

In relating the story of finding her husband's great grandmother's name
found in the IGI, Georgia Haken concludes with "I believe that there is
no way of knowing whether there was a proxy baptism or not with what is
available on line presently"

This is only partially correct. For many years now and once the IGI went
online it has been impossible to see the type of ordinance (baptism,
sealings to parents or spouses, endowments and elevation to the
priesthood), the date and temple in which the ritual was conducted and the
name of the Mormon relative who submitted the deceased for ordination.
This is available only to Mormons via passworded access into the
Ordinance Index. Names of submitters are no longer included in the
Ordinance Index.

What Georgia was looking at 10 years ago was the older
version of the IGI, now outdated but may be still available at Mormon
centers on computers still supporting the DOS version of the IGI. (This
is the one where you need to insert a CD containing the information.)

But rest assured, the IGI is a baptismal index and every name in it has
been subjected to ordination....or is marked as "Cleared". Cleared means
the paper work has been done, and the deceased is scheduled for processing
in the baptismal pool.

This discussion is getting dangerously close to being offtopic for a
JewishGen list and we are putting needless pressure on our moderator <g>. I
suggest that anyone interested in pursuing it further do so privately. I
stand ready to answer any questions and share any information I have
regarding what is a highly contentious issue, but off list only and as
a private individual having taken off my JewishGen Vice President's hat.

Carol Skydell
Laguna Woods, CA

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech SPIRA #Austria-Czech

K. & L. Bertelsen <layakbtl@...>

Further to the recent correspondence re SPIRA and Trebic, in my research
relating to my step-Father's maternal WEISS family (Kralowice, Ledec,
Bohemia -- Vienna) and paternal ZIPPER family (Korycany, near Brno, now
Slovakia and/or Zbaraz, Galicia -- Vienna), I was told that there were a
group of graves in Zentralfriedhof adjacent to Dad's maternal WEISS
grandparents' graves which might be of interest, although I have no idea
if, or how, these people might have been related.

The names of people buried in this group at Zentralfriedhof Tor/Gate 1
included Dad's maternal GPs, and a young child, who could have been the
daughter of one of Dad's WEISS uncles and possibly another WEISS relative,
who died two days after Dad's maternal WEISS GF :

Name Age Funeral Date Group/Row/Grave
Weiss Katharina 76 Years 08/09/1917 50 36 29
Weiss Samuel 60 Years 12/25/1896 50 36 29
Weiss Blanca 03/01/1902 50 36 29
Weiss Jetti 40 Yrs 12/27/1896 50 36 30

One of my email contacts in Vienna suggested that I should check out the
adjoining STRAKOSCH burials. >from the IKG online DB I have the following
information :

Name Age Funeral Date Group/Row/Grave

Speer Mendel 84 Yrs 12/04/1914 50 36 28A
Speer Jetti 74 Yrs 04/18/1915 50 36 28A
Speer ?? 50 36 28A

Strakosch Alexander 57 Yrs 12/25/1896 50 36 28
Strakosch Therese 80 Yrs 06/15/1900 50 36 28
Strakosch Pauline 82 Yrs 06/20/1932 50 36 28

Steiner Karl 54 Yrs 12/30/1896 50 36 34
Steiner Marie 90 Yrs 08/18/1932 50 36 34
Steiner Ignaz 65 Yrs d.06/29/1941 7/03/1941 50 36 34

I have no idea if or how the SPEER, STRAKOSCH or STEINER families might
have been related to Dad's maternal WEISS family, although his PATERNAL GM,
Sali/Rosa nee SCHILLER ZIPPER's (1857-1918) Mother's maiden name was STEINER.

I do not know if these people named SPEER were somehow related to the SPIRA
research, but, just in case.....

Regards >from Downunder
Lorraine Bertelsen

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Yizkor Book Project November 2005 update #Austria-Czech

Joyce Field

We are again approaching the end of a year, which has been busy and
successful for the Yizkor Book Project, but we are not sitting idly
by. We continually add new translations, thanks to our dedicated
donors and project coordinators and our remarkable volunteer staff.

In November we put online 8 updates and 5 new entries, which are all
accessible >from
New translations are flagged for a month to make it easy for you to
identify them. If you are looking for a translation, the place to
check is the alphabetical listing at

We received an encouraging response >from last month's appeal for more
translations >from the Pinkas HaKehillot series, and we repeat that
request this month. Each volume covers a specific geographical area:
Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia & Estonia, Libya, Lithuania,
Netherlands, Poland (7 volumes), Romania (2 volumes), Slovakia,
Yugoslavia. There is a separate "chapter" for each town. We are
desirous of getting the translated tables of contents for the
following Pinkasim online: Netherlands, Libya, and Germany. Contact
me privately if you have any questions or if you can translate >from
these Hebrew volumes, which are very important as they contain
information on many communities too small to have an entire yizkor
book devoted to them.

New entries:

-Alytus, Lithuania: Lite, volume 1
-Kedainiai, Lithuania: Lite, volume 1
-Krekanava, Lithuania: Yahadut Lita
-Obeliai ("Abel"), Lithuania: Pinkas HaKehillot Lita
-Saukotas, Lithuania: Pinkas HaKehillot Lita


-Bedzin, Poland
-Brest, Poland
-Chelm, Poland
-Czestochowa, Poland
-Dabrowa, Poland
-Holocaust in Belarus
-Krynki, Poland
-Novogrudok, Belarus

Please consider making a donation to the yizkor book translation
projects listed at
and include a generous contribution to JewishGen, which provides the
infrastructure to make this project possible. Your contribution will
help pay for the translation of these books, making their information
available to all researchers.

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Abraham STERN of Trebon b. 1747 #Austria-Czech


Because of the kindness of many, I received a document in the mail today that
documented my family back to Trebon circa 1745--one generation further back
then I had previously been. I learned that my great great grandmother's name
was Johanna STERN and her father was an Abraham STERN of Trebon b. 1747. This
document was sent to me >from a Tom in Sweden. I also learned that even without
my tree computerized by me--the FTJP has me there and in great detail. For
this another Tom needs to be thanked. Tonight I am very grateful to both of the
Tom's on my family tree and Jewishgen!
Susan Fisher Boyer
Sherman Oaks, Ca
with all 4 grandparents born in Bohemia

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Trebic Cemetery Write-up #Austria-Czech

samorai <samorai@...>

For those connected or caught-up in the recent Trebic (Moravia) exchange, I
draw your attention to an article on the Trebic cemetery in Judaica Bohemiae
27/1, pp. 82-91. Don't know in which language it is written.

Paul King

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech WG: Re: Isserlein #Austria-Czech

Traude Triebel

After the discussion on ISSERLEIN, I found out that the old Jewish
Wiener Neustadt cemetery was destroyed and could be under a parking area.

A few original gravestones >from this old cemetery can be seen in the old
Wiener Neustadt-Stadtmauer [town wall].

I have contacted three Wiener Neustadt historians, and they will try to
find out which stones have been preserved.

With luck, ISSERLEIN's headstone is amongst them.

The new Jewish cemetery was built in 1890


Traude Triebel
Wiener Neustadt
Email: traude.triebel@...

POLLAK Hungary
SEIDL Austria

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Abraham STERN of Trebon b. 1747 #Austria-Czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Susie Boyer writes: I received a document in the mail
today that documented my family back to Trebon circa
1745 - one generation further back than I had
previously been. I learned that my gtgtgrandmother's
name was Johanna STERN and her father was an Abraham
STERN of Trebon b. 1747. This document was sent to me
from a Tom in Sweden. I also learned that even without
my tree computerized by me - the FTJP has me there and
in great detail.

Susie is justifiably very proud of her
newly-discovered Bohemian gtgtgt-grandfather Abraham
STERN of Trebon [Wittingau in the Budweiser Kreis]
born in 1747.

I believe, I can add many more members to the family
but this has to be definitively proved with
documentary evidence: As I was not sure of the exact
location of Trebon, I first opened the wrong volume
[Tabor Kreis] of 1793 census of Bohemia and turned to
the one reference to Trebon in the index ... and on p.
333 this is what I found: Herrschaft Neuhaus:
Jindrichuv Hradec

Francisca STERN {Schutz Prag and Schwyhau] She owns
her own house in Schwyhau [Klattauer Kreis] and also
in Neuhaus. She holds the licence to the distillery
and potash house in Neuhaus.
She is the second wife of the deceased Elias STERN:

Elias Stern's children >from his first marriage:
1. First-born son Abraham: was married in Wittingau
{Trebon] - as distiller and died in 1792.
2. Second-born Aloysius single - converted to
Christianity - serves in the K und K Lascisischen
Infanterie regiment.
3. Third-born Joseph married in Neu Bistritz -
Licensed Distiller
{and yes I found him and he has eight children!]
4. Fourth-born son Phillip - married in Lundenburg
[Breclav] Moravia, Tobacco concession
5. Fifth-born son Jonas married in Pressburg as a
fabric dealer.

Daughters of Elias and Francisca: Anna and Ester [both

Then there are three male and three female servants.
Conclusion - a very wealthy family.

Now belatedly, I turned to Trebon [Budweiser Kreis]
itself and on p. 260 I find only one Jewish family in
Schloss Wittingau, namely the deceased Jew Abraham
STERN, distiller, potash and other trade.

Sons: Wolf and Jachim
Daughters: Elisabeth, Rosalia, Franziska [nb
grandmother's name],
Sara, Ann [probably Johanna] and Katharina.

They have an instructor, cook, maid, man servant and a
helper in the distillery. There is no mother listed.

And there is no cross-reference to Neuhaus in the
Tabor Kreis - so it just shows how carefully one has
to look at the census to find links. It is obviously
the right Abraham STERN and Susie - and I presume the
two Toms, submitters to the FTJP - are now the proud
owners of wealthy gtgtgtgt grandfather in Bohemia
called Elias STERN. We do not have the name of Elias'
first wife, ie the gtgtgtgtgrandmother of Susie, but
she does have a step- gtgtgtgtgrandmother called
Francisca and dozens of others to add to her family

Celia Male [U.K.]

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech looking for famous CZ-Americans #Austria-Czech


In a recent NASE RODINA-Journal of the CZ Genealogical Society International,
a Robert Wahal asks for names of "famous" CZ Americans (born in USA) for
inclusion in a book which he is publishing. He needs dates of birth and death if
deceased, occupation, and basis for fame.
e-mail robert-wachal@...
Susan Boyer

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Trebon and the Abraham Stern family - some perplexities #Austria-Czech

samorai <samorai@...>

Regarding Susan Boyer's posting [5 Dec 2005] and Celia Male's reply [6
december 2005] about Abraham Stern family of Trebon. I still can't be sure
whether this is a definitive finding, although I have confidence in Celia's
extensive data bases and her impressive rapid access to them.

1. Celia's findings indicate that there are at least two locations in
Bohemia called Trebon: one is in the Tabor kreis and one is in the Budweiser
kreis. In trying to help Susan, I provided her with what Celia found for the
Trebon in Tabor kreis. I do not have the Budweiser kreis census for 1793 so
I could not know that there was another Trebon. However, I had used Mapquest
which showed me only one Trebon, and seemed to match what was listed in the
Tabor 1793 census. Interestingly, while the index gives page 333 for Trebon,
the name nowhere appears on page 333. A "substitue" name, Wittingau (or
Wittignau) is given Thus, there would seem to be a Trebon in Budweiser kreis
which no longer exists today, but I would like to see this verified
(contemporary or old maps, as the case may be).

2. In a private response, I deemed the Abraham Stern at Trebon (Tabor kreis)
as an "unlikely" candidate for Susan Boyer's ancestor since he would be
middle aged in 1793. However, he and 3 additional married brothers are
listed as living with their step-mother, Franciska. No children are given
for the married Stern brothers. So I couldn't absolutely rule him out.

3. Franciska Stern may or may not be rich, but she sure has a plethora of
human resources. But more importantly, her situation reveals how ineffective
the Familiant law was. There are 5 sons, presumably >from a first marriage of
Elias Stern (Franciska was his second wife, who survived him and was a widow
in 1793), four of whom are married and living in Bohemia. While no children
are given, is this a bureaucratic sleight of hand? Abraham is not given
schutz status in the data, yet he is the first born and should have
inherited the schutz status of his deceased father. I don't think that
Franciska can trump his schutz status.

4. It is a curiosity, but is the lord of the manor so weak or so powerful
that the number of Jewish families under the aegis of one widow - or even
under Elias Stern - could be admitted and maintained? Perhaps they generated
such a large income, that tax-wise they were a boon for everybody. Like Ales
Valenta's Jewish leaseholder and power agent, Joachim Kantor [Judaica
Bohemiae XXXIX, 2003], Elias Stern of Trebon (Tabor kreis) seems to beg for
further research.

Paul King

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re Abraham STERN of Trebon b. 1747 #Austria-Czech

Thomas_Fuerth <08.330516@...>

Susie and Celia have already told you a lot about one my ancestors Abraham
STERN of Trebon or Wittingau in German.( I am "Tom >from Sweden") Yes
Abraham STERN was a wealthy man. How wealthy he was you can find out in his
inventory published in extensio in Judaica Bohemiae vol XXX-XXXI, Praha
1996. On page 47-72 you will find:

Lenka Mautsikova: Bestandaufnahme der Hinterlassenschaf von Abraham stern
Kaufmanns und Prächters einer Schnapsbrennerei in Trebon (Wittingau).

Here you will find almost everything >from a pistol to a horse, >from lots of
funiture to soup plates. It gives you a flavour of how a well to do Jewish
family could live in the late 1800 century. Abraham STERN and his wife
Rosina had eleven children, who were between 26 and 4 years old when there
father died. Rosina STERN died a year later.

Through the printed version of the 1793 census of Boehemian Jews I found
the father of Abraham STERN and probably also a brother and his family.
Celia has most of that information in her e-mail. The five volumes of the
1793 census have helped me a lot.

By the way does anyone know if the last volume - no VI with all the Jewish
families in Prague - is already published. At the Narodni Archiv in Prague
they told me half a year ago that it will be published late this year.

Thomas Fuerth
Stockholm, Sweden

FUERTH, Susice and Kolesovice, HELLER, Orakov, ENGEL, Libomysl and Prague,
STERN, Trebon, STERN, Miskovice, LEINER, Blsany, GROSSMAN, Police and
Vienna, JANOWSKY, Janovice nad Uhlavou, POPPER and DUSCHENES, Breznice and
GROSZMANN, Mor Hungary, MANDL, Mor, Hungary.

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech RE: looking for famous CZ-Americans #Austria-Czech

Gabriela Svatos

There is a multi-volume set of books coffee-table sized books which was
published in the late 1980's of notable Czechoslovak expats. The set is
called "Posledni Pocta" by Jozka Pejskar. I know for sure that the MMI
(Masaryk Memorial Institute) in Toronto has a set....and probably many
university libraries in the USA also have it. Hopefully they included not
only those born in the "old Country", but the "new world" generations also.
Good luck with your search.


Gabriela Svatos
Richmond Hill, Ontario

In a recent NASE RODINA-Journal of the CZ Genealogical Society
a Robert Wahal asks for names of "famous" CZ Americans

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Trebon and the Abraham Stern family - some perplexities #Austria-Czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Paul King >from Israel writes: "Celia's findings indicate that there
are at least two locations in Bohemia called Trebon: one is in the
Tabor Kreis and one is in the Budweiser Kreis."

The discussion below refers to the published volumes of the 1793
census of Bohemia:

Just to clarify: I *did not* say that there were two Trebon in Bohemia.
What I *did say* was that I only knew >from a general map of Bohemia
appproximately where Trebon: I was not sure of the Kreis; so at first
I looked into Vol III - the census of Tabor Kreis - and in the index
I found one reference to Trebon. When I turned to page 333, I found
*Schloss Neuhaus* and a whole listing for the the STERN family of Schloss
Neuhaus, including the adult children who were not living there at the
census date. This is rather unusual. Amongst this listing was Abraham
STERN married and deceased in Wittingau [Trebon]. There is no extensive
listing of his family. He is just named as one of the children of Elias
STERN of Schloss Neuhaus, Tabor Kreis.

Then I looked at the nearby Budweiser Kreis and found *Trebon*, for that
is *where* it is located. Abraham and family are listed in full, there in
Vol 1, p 260. I noted that there is no wife mentioned* - just eight children
and a retinue of servants.

However if you had picked Trebon in the Budweiser Kreis to start with - as
you should have done, if your geographic kreis knowledge was perfect - and
not looked further, you would *never have found* the STERN family in Neuhaus
as there is no cross reference to this family in Volume 1. The cross-reference
exists in Volume III only!

Hence one has to look through all the volumes of the census - and that means
16 indices so far, which is very tedious. Oh, for a cumulative index/searchable
index database for the 1793 census.

Re Neuhaus - Jindrichuv Hradec, Tabor Kreis - the STERN family were the only
Jewish family in Schloss Neuhaus - they were distillers and presumably the
distillery was situated in the castle grounds of Count Czernin; this castle
is listed as the third largest in the Czech Republic.

There were however 10 families in Stadt Neuhaus listed in the 1793 census.
These families were also rather wealthy and I will write about them at a
later stage and their migration to Vienna.

Wool and tobacco appeared to be a primary trade for the Jews of that area.
My thanks, as always, to SIG member, Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein NYC who
pointed me to this interesting website:

The project on the Jewish sites of Neuhaus has sadly ceased.

Celia Male [U.K.]


*Thomas Fuerth today tells us that Rosina, the widow of Abraham [died
1792] herself died in 1793 - so she may have just died when the census
was taken early in that year. Thomas also tells us that there were 11
children between the ages of 26 and 4, so perhaps the three oldest girls
had already left home and married at the date of the census as the first
and second-born sons were living at the parental home - unmarried.

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech KAFKA from Strakonice #Austria-Czech

Amira Kohn-Trattner <amira.kt@...>

Any KAFKA's in the Strakonice area would, most likely, in my view be related
to Franz KAFKA whose ancestors (and mine) came >from a small village in the
Strakonice-Pisek area called Wossek (or Osek). Wossek was the birthplace of
Franz's father, Herrmann Kafka. Franz's grandfather Jakob Kafka is buried
in Wossek (a beautiful small cemetery in the middle of the woods in the
Wossek area). Jakob was the brother of my Leopold Kafka
who also lived in the area but according to the National (Czech) Archives
was >from Bukowina where he was a manager of a farm. He moved to Prague in
the 1870's and was the proprietor of many cafes including the "original"
Kafka Cafe. His daughter, Maria (Miriam) Kafka was my great grandmother and
first cousin of Herrmann. I know "my" Kafka's lived on the "Jewish street"
in Wossek and were Kosher butchers. Since Strakonice was so close I would
think that some of the Kafka's >from Wossek were related to the Strakonice
Kafkas. Unfortunately, at this stage my research has not gone beyond this

Amira Kohn-Trattner

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech More on Trebitsch #Austria-Czech

Henry Wellisch <henry.kelwel@...>

I was at the Library at the U of Toronto to have a look at the article
in Judaica Bohemiae on the history of the Jewish cemetery in
Trebitsch. It is in English and the authors are Vlastimila Hamackova
and Jirina Sedinova. The oldest stone is >from the year 1641 and at
that time and until the beginning of the 19th century inscription were
all in Hebrew. Then they changed to German and there are also some in
Judendeutsch, meaning that they are in German but with Hebrew
characters. The article mentions many names among them Otto SPIRA who
died in 1911.. >from the 1930s on more inscriptions are in Czech.
I also wanted to have another look at the famous book on Moravia by
Hugo Gold, but it was out. However a later book by Gold on Moravia
published after the war, entitled Gedenkbuch der untergegangenen
Judengeminden Maehrens (Memorial book on the destroyed Jewish
communities of Moravia) was on the shelf. This book is not as detailed
as the other one, but it does mention that Leopold SPIRA was
Buergermeister >from 1901 to 1904.
Henry Wellisch

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Abraham Stern {Krummau} - Cross-references in the 1793 census of Bohemia Pt 1 #Austria-Czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Again I should clarify: We have to thank the census-takers in 1793
for these cross-references, not the modern transcribers. The modern
transcribers just picked upon and indexed place names when they were
mentioned by the 1793 transcribers.

Hence Abraham STERN was mentioned as living in Trebon by the pernickety
1793 transcriber >from Stadt Neuhaus, Tabor Kreis, but the transcriber
in Trebon, Budweiser Kreis omitted to mention that his family lived
in the Tabor Kreis.

The modern transcribers, did not undertake genealogical cross-referencing.
That would be too speculative and they have left it to us. Now here
is a good example where census-takers in two separate locations noted
the present and previous abode of their enummerated person and he can
therefore be tracked on relatively easily by cross-references in the index.

Joachim FRANKENSTEIN - single and the auditor at the tobacco concession
in Stadt Prachatitz/Prachatice - Prachiner Kreis. It mentions here that
he is resident at Furst Lobkowitz in the *Tabor Kreis*. No place is
indicated see: Vol III Prachiner Kreis p 105. Joachim is therefore
indexed here under name only.

Now go to Vol III *Tabor* Kreis and look for Joachim FRANKENSTEIN. You
will *not* find him listed by name. This is because only the family heads
are indexed, *not* other family members. Luckily for us, others including
teacher, doctors, maids, apprentices etc are listed separately. I find
this system rather bizarre. Perhaps it was to stop the index being too

There are four FRANKENSTEIN family heads in the Tabor Kreis: Simon,
Moises, Abraham and Markus.

You can look through them - and you will find Joachim on p 403. He is
listed as the first-born son of Simon who lives in Zeltsch {Plan/Plana
nad Luznici}: Joachim "single in Prachatitz" - and if you look in the
Tabor Kreis index for *Prachatitz* - you will find him - as the place
name *Prachatitz* is listed but *not* his name!

So now more by luck than anything else we know that Plan belongs to
the estates of Count Lobkowitz. This was only discovered by chance
on p 105 as Count Lobkowitz is not indexed either.

And here is a strange coincidence: go back to p. 105 and look up Joachim,
the tobacco auditor at his place of work. You will find that he works
for Abraham STERN of Prachatitz. Yes, he is another Abraham STERN who
is also a tobacco concessioner and another fascinating link develops -
see part II. This Abraham STERN is listed as coming >from Herrschaft
Krummau, Bechiner Kreis - a Kreis which no longer existed as a separate
entity in the 1793 period - see: for Bohemian Kreis maps through the

More about our doppelganger Abraham STERN >from Krummau in part II.

Using the indices and the annotated notes in the 1793 census is an art
in itself.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Abraham STERN, 1793 census etc #Austria-Czech

Thomas Fuerth <08.330516@...>

I have found the rigth Abraham STERN first through Julius Mueller who found
his son Wolf in the Familianten book. Wolf STERN was father of my
grandfather´s grandmother. Then I got information >from a third cousin in
Prague Jiri Dubsky, who´s father made a family tree where Abraham and his
wife Rosina were amog all other names. I got their birth and death dates
this way. Then I got information >from Alex Calzareth - who also is related
to this Abraham Stern - about the inventory in Judaica Bohemiae, where all
the children are listed. Then I went to the 1793 census vol I and III. In
the inventory it says that Abraham owned a house in Kardasch Retschitz and
in vol III page 348 I found two of his sons there: my Wolf and a brother
Joachim. In vol I page 260 Trebon you will find all the children. And in vol
III page 333 you will find Abraham STERN´s sepmother Francisca widow after
Elias STERN, who was Abraham´s father.

Three of the eleven children of Abraham were married and their husbans´names
were in the inventory and I found all three of them in the 1793 census. One
of the marreid daughters were Anna. She was married to Lazar FUERTH and
their daughter is the link to Susie´s family tree. How Lazar FUERTH is
related to my FUERTH I do not know yet, but he as well as my FUERTH people
are >from Susice.

This long answer only to show that I think that the printed version of the
1793 census is very good source to trace relatives. But you must read
through all the books because people moved and lived at different places and
you must combine with information >from vital records and Familianten books.

On internet I also found a map
of the Jewish houses in Kardasch Retschitz with all the names of the house
owners. When I first found this site I did not know that this Abraham STERN
was my Abraham, but now I know that he was. Something happened with this
web site and there is only the text left no pictures and no map. But I have
a copy of the map.

Thomas Fuerth
Stockholm, Sweden

FUERTH, Susice and Kolesovice, HELLER, Orakov, ENGEL, Libomysl and Prague,
STERN, Trebon, STERN, Miskovice, LEINER, Blsany, GROSSMAN, Police and
Vienna, JANOWSKY, Janovice nad Uhlavou, POPPER and DUSCHENES, Breznice and
GROSZMANN, Mor Hungary, MANDL, Mor, Hungary.

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Amira Kohn-Trattner <amira.kt@...>

Thank you Celia for the detailed research steps which are so interesting to
follow. I also appreciated your comment about the search in the indexes and
the census as an art in itself. Several months ago, I went to the New York
Public Library to see whether I can have a look at the 1793 census. The NY
Public Library does not have the Census but I was informed that they could
request it on loan >from several universities. The four volumes arrived in
NY after several weeks >from Stamford University. I spent a day researching
and found it so fascinating but also very difficult to figure it out. May I
suggest the possibility of a conference/workshop for those of us who would
like to learn some of the research methods? It could be a nice get together

Amira Kohn-Trattner
New York, N.Y.