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Sam Eneman

I would hope even with the ability to attach images to the new Discussion group messages that ViewMate will not become obsolete. It is still a valuable place to submit documents for translations.

ViewMate has an archive of more than 75,000 documents and images that you can search for family surnames, towns, etc. Search on this page: 

Sam Eneman
Charlotte NC

Re: Cherkassy-Smela #Ukraine


I don't have the list for Smela, but I'm curious about your website. 
I have ancestors in Kaniv and the area (Rashba and Dogilevski/Dovgolevsky).

Re: Cherkassy-Smela #Ukraine


I don't have the list for Smela, but I'm curious about your website. 
I have ancestors in Kaniv and the area (Rashba and Dogilevski/Dovgolevsky).

Re: Cherkassy-Smela #Ukraine


Did you contribute to the latest Smela translation project?   I did, because we also had family from Cherkassy.
Linda Winkleman

Re: Hapsburg Empire immigration/Hungary #Hungary

Vivian Kahn


Would be able to provide more assistance if you included more information such as his exact year of birth and death. Have you checked naturalization, military or other records that might provide info about place of birth? Death and marriage records may indicate names of his parents. Any other siblings in the US? Census records can help to narrow arrival and naturalization dates. Headstone may provide Hebrew name of his father. KLEIN was a very common Hungarian Jewish surname but still worth contacting Hungarian subscription list once you can offer some additional information.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, California

Re: Hapsburg Empire immigration/Hungary #Hungary

Vivian Kahn


I did a quick check and may have found your Ignatz.  Census records list KLINE Ignatz born about 1873, married to Louisa, who came to the US 1883-85. Passport application identifies his father as Nathan Joseph and his birthplace as "Bakasur". That may be a misspelling of Bekescsaba. Hope this helps!

Vivian Kahn

Re: Jewish internees in Italy 1940-43 in Ferramonti di Tarsia, Calabria and in Notaresco,Abruzzo #Austria-Czech #Help


Hello Yolanda,
One of my relatives was kept as well in this camp 

Ferramonti di Tarsia

 and died during his arrest. I would apriciate if you will send me your father memories from that camp.
Thank you
Iseec Opler
8 Hativat Harel st.
Netanya 4246337

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Re: Seeking help finding birth records or other records in Czernovitz #Ukraine

Juan Fernández Delgado

Address: Nebesnoi Sotni, 20-А (Bldg 1), Chernivtsi, 58029;
Tel: +380(372) 57-36-77, 57-37-46, 57-86-55, 53-13-58, 52-30-29
Phone/Fax: +380 (372) 57-86-54.
How to get: trolleybus № 5 (stop "Мicroraion"), bus № 5, 29 (stop "Nebesnoi Sotni str.").
1 Tekstyl`nykiv Str., Chernivtsi, 58029 (Building 2)
Tel: +380 (372) 54-50-01, 54-74-90, 54-49-99, 54-49-98.
How to get: Trolleybus № 1 (stop "Kovalchuka str."), bus № 9, 20, 26, 30, 31, 42 (stop "Myrhorodska str.").
E-mail: archive_cv@...

Phoenix (Arizona) Jewish Genealogy Group, October 20, 2019 meeting

Emily Garber

The Phoenix Jewish Genealogy Group will welcome Risa Daitzman Heywood of Denver, Colorado, as its guest speaker on Sunday, October 20, 2019 from 1:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. at the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center, home of the Arizona Jewish Historical Society, at 122 E. Culver Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004. The meeting will be held in the bungalow. Heywood will speak on “The Power of Catalog – Unindexed Records and How to Find Them.”


Did you know that over 75% of the records available on cannot be accessed by a simple records search? Did you know that Ancestry has record collections that are available to browse but that cannot be searched because they are not yet indexed? While digitizing records is relatively fast and inexpensive, indexing those records is much more costly. Many online repositories have made these records available for browsing but working with them can be a challenge. This presentation will show you how to find and use these unindexed records to greatly enhance your research.


Risa Daitzman Heywood, a professional genealogist, began researching her family more than 25 years ago. She has earned a Certificate of Genealogical Research from Boston University and is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. She, has served as the co-chair of JewishGen’s Belarus Special Interest Group (SIG) and is past-president of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado. Her company, Research by Risa, specializes in Ashkenazi Jewish research and heritage travel. Risa loves breaking down brick walls and helping clients get to know their immigrant ancestors.


The Phoenix Genealogy Group is a committee of the Arizona Jewish Historical Society. Meetings are held once each month from October through May and are free and open to all. Donations are accepted. For further information see or contact emilyhgarber@....

Emily Garber
Phoenix Jewish Genealogy Group

Re: Seeking help finding birth records or other records in Czernovitz #Ukraine

Daniel Horowitz

Hello Miranda,

I would like to point you to the Czernowitz BMD database available at
It is based on the microfilms from FamilySearch but has also some
extra documents.

There is also The Czernowitz-L Website and mailing list

Best regards
Daniel Horowitz

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #YizkorBooks

Bruce Drake

As a young girl, Esther Brand was “Saved by Righteous Gentiles” — the
title of her account from the Yizkor book of Turka, a town that sat by
the Stryj River in western Ukraine. At times, she walked the streets
not wearing the yellow Star of David patch as ordered by the Germans
on pain of death, but one day she was overtaken by fear and put it on
her arm. She approached a farmer to ask if he would like to purchase
kitchen utensils from her house in exchange for food, but once there,
he said to her: “I saw announcements that you must be prepared to go
to the Sambor Ghetto. We have no children at home, and we want to
perform a good deed in this world and save a young soul from

And for two years, he did just that, hiding her in a crate, and then a
haystack and then his attic. She witnessed the fate she had avoided
befalling other Jews of Turka, watching from a window for hours as the
Jews were being marched to the Sambor ghetto, “walking with suitcases,
packages and sacks. Some wept, and others were just sad. From time to
time, they peered backward, as if to cast a final glance at their
houses in which they and their ancestors had lived - and who knew if
they would see them again.”

Esther did get to see Turka again after the Soviets drove out the
Germans. But all that was left “was a heap of ruins, without any
Jewish remnant.”


Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

Photographic Stick Pins #Galicia


I've come across a photo stick pin that was found in my grandfather's knotted sock. I suspect the photo might be my grandmother's mother, Pesia Seife Zuckerkandel, of Kozlow, Galicia. Has anyone come across stick pin photos of family members? If so, from what region and timeframe?
Barbara Krasner
Somerset, NJ

SS5 Question for Immigrants #USA #Help #BrickWall #Poland

Marjorie Geiser

Hi all,

I've been trying to find ANY living ancestor on my grandfather's side, Levine, hitting brick walls at each turn, and just hit another.

My g-grandfather was Isaac Levine (in the US - Lewin in Poland, born in Grodno), and my g-grandmother was Sarah Silver (Silbernagel/ Zylbernagel - born in Warsaw). Isaac came to the US in 1903. Sarah came in 1906 with my grandfather, Jacob, and his two older sisters, Elizabeth and Helen.

They were in Philadelphia for the 1910 census and I found them in the 1915 NY census. By the 1920 census, Isaac had died. I still haven't found exactly when and why he died.

I was able to find all of my grandfather's siblings, his youngest three all born in Philadelphia. And I could find who they all married, and even found some children from a couple of them. I think I found ONE living ancestor, whose grandmother was Helen. But I can't get any response from her, and when I look at the family tree she has, I suspect she knows less about her grandmother than I know about my grandfather. There HAS to be someone, though, and I'd love to find photos.

That gives a bit of a background. I still can't find any birth info for ANY of the family born in Poland/Belarus. On all my grandfather's  records, he said he was born in Warsaw, and the birth locations of my great-grandparents came from their marriage record that Stanley from JRI-Poland kindly found for me. I was even in Poland in May, and met with one of the genealogists at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw. She was able to track my grandfather's family back to the late 1700s, thanks to revisionist lists, but no birth certificates for anyone.

I have a 1952 ship manifest when Helen and her husband, Murray, went to Burmuda, which listed where she was born (which I believe is incorrect - it's the exact same location as her husband which is MILES from even where her father was born), as well as when and where she was naturalized, along with a number. None of that has helped and I still can't find her naturalization papers. So, I still don't know where she was born.

Since my grandfather's SS5 had been so helpful when I didn't even know the names of my great-grandparents, I decided that I'd request one for my g-aunt, Helen, whose married name was Denison.

However, when I received it last week, it had that she was born in Philadelphia. So this is where my question of genealogists comes in: Everything else on the form matches the info I have; parents' names, where she lived, her married name. the same date of birth that I have, which is 1900. She requested her SS# in 1977 (she was 77 years old). She had to have been naturalized in order to get a SS#. But my question is, if she wasn't born in the US, how could she get a SS# without a birth certificate or naturalization papers? She was NOT born in Philadelphia.


Margie Geiser
Arizona, USA


Known locations: Plawno, Warsaw, Grodno, Lodz, Rodomsko, Mozydlow

Panevezys - Lithuania #Lithuania

I am endeavouring to try to ascertain what happened to my family who lived in Panevezys, Lithuania at the start of World War ll.
My grandfather’s name was Itsyk Leyb Birger and my grandmother’s maiden name was Gold Elka Gofman.
They had 4 children Muscia (married name Kliackiene),Nathan Birger, Sara Birger and Israel Birger (my father) who emigrated to
South Africa in the 1920’s.
Despite making extensive enquiries through Yad Vashem and the International Red Cross, I have been unable to find any information.
If anyone can assist me with any information. It would be greatly appreciated.

Gordon Berger

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Re: Cherkassy-Smela #Ukraine

Bella Tseytlin

Hi, and apologies for bothering you. 

What do you mean by list for Smela?  asking as I, myself, am interested in Uman, Cherkassy Region (and surrounds).

Thank you.

Bella Tseytlin.

Messages. How to delete them? #Help


How do I delete messages after read but have no need.

Re: Panevezys - Lithuania #Lithuania

Eli Rabinowitz

Please email me and I will try to help.

Also check out the KehilaLink at



Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help

Jon Seligman



The hashtag has the potential to be useful but needs to be visually presented better. The white in small letters on a light green background (#Sephardic #Galicia) makes it almost invisible to the eye. Larger letters and a black background would work (#Sephardic #Galicia).


חג שמח

)it was always outrageous that the JewishGen forum would not accept Hebrew characters – so תודה רבה)


Jon Seligman

Zur Hadassa, Israel

Re: Photographic Stick Pins #Galicia

Frank Schulaner

After years of moving about, I lost them, but at one time I had photo stick pins both of my mother (born 1907) and her mother, my grandmother (born c.1870). Both photos were taken when they were one or two years old, in apparently the same photo studio in Rymanow, Galicia. I say apparently, because the style of both photos--the shading, the black-white balance, etc.--seems the same despite the years between them.

Re: Photographic Stick Pins #Galicia

Frank Schulaner

I once had two such photo pins (black and white), of my mother (born 1907) and grandmother (born c. 1870), taken when both were one or two years old, in what must have been the same studio in Rymanow, Galicia.