Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Yizkor Book Project report for May 2008 #Austria-Czech

Joyce Field

During May 2008, the Yizkor Book Project added three new books, one
new entry, and ten updates to books online. All the monthly
additions have been flagged at
<> to make it easy
for researchers to find them.

New books:
-Gheorgheni, Romania ( formerly Gyergyoszentmiklos, Hungary)
-Nowy Zmigrod, Poland
-Skalat, Ukraine

New entry:
-Jaslo, Poland: Pinkas HaKehillot, Polin, Vol. III


-Brzeziny, Poland
-Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland
-Dusetos, Lithuania
-Gabin, Poland: Meir Holcman Memoirs
-Goniadz, Poland
-Molchadz, Belarus
-Radekhov, Ukraine
-Sarid Sobibor, The Last of the Freibergs (check Miscellaneous)
-Sochaczew, Poland
-Vas Megye, Hungary (check Regions)

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Contributions are used to pay for professional translation of these
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If you are interested in starting a translation project, please
contact me at jfield@....

Joyce Field
JewishGen VP, Data Acquisition

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re:Falkenau Family of Prague #Austria-Czech

Guy Falkenau <gf002d7224@...>

My sincere thanks to David Laufer and Peter Lowe for their responses to my
enquiry concerning Walter and Vera FALKENAU.They have provided me with
essential information and vital links which may yet lead to the tracing of
surviving relatives.

Guy Falkenau,Newcastle upon Tyne,UK.

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Austrian Cemetaries #Austria-Czech

Ron Bower <ruebin7@...>

Hi Listers,
Can anyone please help, or point me in the right direction. I see quite a
bit of work is being done on other towns, is there any info on Innsbruck?
I am trying to get my G Grand parents death records. They did live in
Vienna, and latterly in Innsbruck. I have never been able to find the
records of their death, let alone their graves.
I am told by a cousin in Israel, that he recalls his mother taking him to
the Cemetery in Innsbruck to visit the graves. I have had researchers
there, who were very helpful, but have literally told me to "go away". IGK
have no records in either Innsbruck or Vienna.
I was in Innsbruck 2 years ago, an visited the cemetery.There are many many
family graves there, but I could not find their one. I was also looking for
my Grandfather's grave. I was told that part of the cemetery was taken for
Road moving, and that graves were moved, and headstones removed, and
replaced with a Plaque listing those grave that had been moved. His name was
on there, but not my G Grandparents, so that's not the answer....Where can I
turn to, sure the must be some record of the 2 deaths...I am looking for
JOSEF BAUER d 17th march 1889, and REGINA BAUER, nee Mueller d 1 st Dec
Please if anyone can point me in the right direction. I am going to Vienna
later this year, IGk have not answered request for an appointment, are they
the only orginzation that would have records?
Kind regards
Ron Bower

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Charlie Roberts #Austria-Czech

Ronny Roberts <ronny@...>

Dear Friends

It is with great sadness I write to advise that following a courageous
18-month battle, my brother Charles "Charlie" Roberts died peacefully in his
sleep yesterday morning.

Despite the sudden onset of his terminal condition, Charlie determined to do
things his way and to maximise his remaining time, continuing to make plans
for the future. While he may not have survived long enough to fulfil these
plans, the loving thoughts of all who knew him will continue to live on.

Ronny Roberts, London
WODAK (Moravia)

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Procurator from Prague #Austria-Czech

Barbara Lovenheim <bilovenheim@...>

I'm researching my family in Prague; my great great grandfather was
the director of the Jewish Burial Societty. His name was Aaron
PROCURATOR. Does anyone have any information about other Procurators
in Prague or what his ancestors did in Spain?

thank you,

Barbara Lovenheim

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Schiffmann Brothers Dept. Store #Austria-Czech

Sandi Goldsmith

I am trying to help a friend find information about Max SCHIFFMANN who owned
Shiffmann Brothers Dept. Store in Vienna >from about 1910 to 1940. She
believes he was her great uncle. Does anyone remember this family? Can anyone
suggest where we might find more information about the family while they were
living in Vienna? The family was originally >from Uscie Biskupie and Mielnica,
Galicia. Max somehow was able to get out of a concentration camp and emigrated
to the US in 1940.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sandi Goldsmith
Alpharetta, GA, USA

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Remembering Charlie Roberts #Austria-Czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I would like to send my condolences to Ronnie and his family and also to all
our SIG "family". Charlie's interest in his AUFRICHTIG genealogy was
His legacy lives on in the AUFRICHTIG website where you will see a delightful
picture of Charlie:

When I organised a dinner in Vienna in the Autumn of 2006, Charlie was thrilled
and joined-in with enthusiasm. Shortly afterwards, he fell ill and I am happy
many of us got to know him on that occasion. Had he not been ill, he would
probably have come to Vienna again and been the life and soul of our 2008
Austria-Czech Dinner last month.

For those of you [about 1,000 SIG members, who could not join our SIG dinner in
Vienna in 2006 and 2008], here are some of our pictures to remember Charlie by.

I think you will all agree, Charlie had a great time and we loved having him
amongst us. I know many of us will miss Charlie:

Austria-Czech Dinner, 21 Oct 2006, Vienna

Celia Male [U.K.]

PS: The 2008 dinner on 14 May 2008 attend by 28 of us, was so successful that
before the evening ended, there were clamours for an early repeat. I will try
and get some photos together, for those unlucky enough not to be there. If you
took any pictures, please send them to me.

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Schiffmann Brothers Dept. Store #Austria-Czech

Lisa THALER <lisathaler@...>

Dear Sandi,

Perhaps SHIFFMANN is discussed in:
Roberta S. KREMER, Ed., Broken Threads: The destruction of the
fashion industry in Germany and Austria (Oxford, Eng.: Berg, 2007).


Lisa THALER (Chicago, IL, US) lisathaler@...
Forthcoming >from Midmarch Arts Press in June 2008,
By Lisa Thaler
ISBN 978-1-877675-68-3

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Translation of Yiddish #Austria-Czech

Alex Woodle <awoodle@...>

Dear Colleagues,

I have posted a document in Yiddish on Viewmate at

I would appreciate help in translating.

Thank you,

Alex Woodle
Groton, MA

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Honoring Susan King at Chicago conference #Austria-Czech

ANNE LEE <information@...>

We are extremely pleased to share the following information with you. The
opening reception at the Chicago conference will be in Susan King's honor
and is being jointly sponsored by the IAJGS and JewishGen, an affiliate
of the Museum of Jewish Heritage -- A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.

This will be the perfect time for all of you to give thanks to Susan in
person. As you know, Susan recently retired >from JewishGen, a website she
founded and that we all have come to rely on. We will also be having a
special guest-book that everyone present can sign and that we will give to
Susan after the conference.

If you haven't registered yet, do so now to make sure you can be with all of
us who will be honoring Susan and her most remarkable contribution to Jewish

The opening reception will take place on Sunday evening, August 17, after
our Opening Ceremony during which E. Randol Schoenberg will be our keynote
speaker on Recovering Nazi-Looted Art - A Genealogist's Tale.

Registration and much other information about the conference can be found at

See you there!

On behalf of the IAJGS and our co-hosts, JGS of Illinois and Illiana JGS,
Anne Feder Lee
Mike Posnick
Joel Spector
Conference Co-Chairs

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Bohemia map 1722 #Austria-Czech

Peter Barber <peter_barber@...>

The best printed map of Bohemia, and certainly the most beautiful,
from its appearance in 1722 until well into the nineteenth century
was the enormous wall map published in Nuremberg and containing the
detailed survey by the military engineer Johann Miller. This is the
map on which you are likely to find the hamlets >from which your
ancestors originated - hamlets that may since have disappeared
entirely or been swallowed up by larger towns. It also contains
some very stylish engraving.

One rarely has an opportunity to see the original in its full
beauty. Anyone living in London or its vicinity will have the
opportunity this weekend when a well-known American map dealer will
be displaying their copy at the International Map Fair being held in
the Royal Geographical Society which is to be found a couple of
blocks east of the Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington (and
opposite Hyde Park). Admission is free and if you have the time on
Saturday or Sunday, do take the opportunity to look at it.

Best wishes

Peter Barber

MODERATOR NOTE: Details of the Fair may be found at:

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech "Stones of Kolin" to be performed in North London - June 14 and 15th - 2008 #Austria-Czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

NPLS [Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue}:
will present: "Stones of Kolin" - A Bohemian Jewish Rhapsody, by Judi Herman -
A Rabbinical Command Performance to mark the retirement of Rabbi Dr Andrew

600 years of Jewish life in the Bohemian town of Kolin is distilled into 90
minutes of music, drama and humour.
Location: NPLS Oaklands Gate Northwood, Middlesex HA6 3AA
Dates: Saturday June 14th - 7:30pm
Sunday June 15th - 3:30 pm and 7:30 PM
Admission: £10, £7.50 Concessions - £5 for children under 16 & 6th formers
Proceeds will go to charity.
For tickets please contact neil.drapkin@...
I have a telephone number too, if you need it.

The connection between the stage director and lecturer Judi Herman and Kolin
started through one of the nearly 1,500 unclaimed torah scrolls in Prague.
These were rescued and brought to London in 1964 and distributed to Jewish
communities the world over. One scroll, >from Kolin, was given to the Northwood
and Pinner Liberal Synagogue. Under the impression of a visit to the old Jewish
cemetery in Kolin, Judi Herman wrote “Stones of Kolin - a Bohemian Jewish
Rhapsody”, dealing with over 600 years of Jewish life in the town. In the
period of nearly two hours, many characters appear on the stage, among them
Kaiser Franz Josef, Kafka’s sister, rabbis of Kolin >from different epochs and,
most important, the last rabbi Richard FEDER. The premiere was in September
1998 at “Sadler’s Wells” in London.

Unfortunately, we do not have many Austria-Czech members with Kolin connections
living in the UK, but I know we will all be there in spirit. I have a plaque
denoting the deportation of Jews >from Kolin on my Holocaust Memorial - Public
and Private Flickr site:

and on the occasion of this performance, I will release some pictures of the
town of Kolin itself which I took in 2003 investigating my ancient POPPER
[POPPER graves are in Vienna] roots in the town - I will organise a proper
KOLIN site soon:

Model of the town:


Kolin Jewish quarter:

The Old Jewish cemetery:

World War I Jewish casualty plaque:

Please note that one of the names on this plaque is Ignac MANDELIK, which
should be of particular interest to our member, Michael Berger in Portugal.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Translation wanted for German letter #Austria-Czech

Vera Finberg <vera.finberg@...>

My great-Uncle and great-Aunt managed to get >from Vienna to Zeist,
Netherlands on their way to the USA before World War II started. My
Uncle deteriorated badly in his health. I would like an exact
translation of what my great aunt said about his illness..
they can be viewed on Viewmate.

the direct address for the three parts are:

I appreciate any help.
Vera Finberg
Fairfax, VA, USA

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Help Reading German handwriting on Prague Conscriptions: VM12042,12043,12044 #Austria-Czech

Peter Lowe <Peter.Lowe@...>

As was recently reported on the SIG, a large number of additions have
been made to the Prague Conscriptions (Police Household registrations)
images available for download >from the Czech Republic National Archives
( There are now 859031
entries according to the index.

At first, I was disappointed that the JERUSALEM entries were not there,
though many surnames >from J-S were present. However, it is pointed out
that entries are not being uploaded in alphabetical order.The next
update will be on July 1.

Now my long wait is fantastically rewarded with a bumper crop of
JERUSALEM family records.

I would advise that it is useful even for even those that do not know of
direct Prague connections. The reason being that there might be a record
for someone who was just a temporary visitor, e.g. >from Vienna. On the
whole the indexing is good, but sadly the place of origin is not indexed
and so it can be time-consuming to look for specific entries for common
names. Also check for dates of birth a few years either side of the
expected. The surname search includes maiden names, but beware as not
all maiden names were entered onto the Forms.

Anyway, now I have the difficulty of reading all the details in the old
German handwriting (though on the whole the main writing is usually
quite clear).

I am very much hoping that a SIG members may be able to help with
reading the words marked out in some images I posted to Viewmate.

As I go through more of the JERUSALEM entries, I am sure I will have
further queries!!

Many thanks


Hertford, England

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech WETZLER - Connection of Karl, Theresia and Alfred #Austria-Czech

Paul King

This a a re-posting >from May 20 seeking Karl (Carl) WETZLER, born past mid-
19th c., and Wetzler family (families) >from Satec (Saaz). The 20th May
posting resulted in an industrious search by one SIG member, confirming
entry of an Albert (Alfred?) Wetzler (1824) to the U.S. in the early 1850s,
wife Maria, and children born in U.S.: Jefferson (1867/68), Washington
(1857), Hannah (1855/56), Lena (1861/62), Louis (1858), Sigmund (1861/62)
and Joseph (1866/67).

I am trying to establish the exact connection of Theresa Esther Kohn (nee
Wetzler) [b. 1824] and Karl (Carl) Wetzler to this Albert Wetzler, all
almost certainly >from Saaz/Liebochany. All arrived in North America -
perhaps Carl was born in North America.

Below are data checks and some relevant data.

I Bohemian data

1. Hugo Gold provides a Jacob Wetzler as member of Lieboschan synagogue in
early 1860s.

2. The Prague Police Conscription records show a Berta Wetzler (b. 1868)
from Saaz m. to a Karl Engelmann with 3 children: Kurt, Otto and Wilhelm
3. 1724 Bohemian census of Jews in Saaz gives a Jacob Siefzel. I am
guessing that this Siefzel family changed its name to Wetzler in 1787. I
suspect that both surnames (Siefzel and Wetzler) have a Slovakian origin.

4. 1724 Bohemian census of Jews in Saaz gives a Jacob Siefzel. I am guessing
that this Siefzel family changed its name to Wetzler in 1787. I suspect that
both surnames (Siefzel and Wetzler) have a Slovakian origin.

5. 1793 census [not yet checked - should confirm occupation as tanners or
cattle trade]

II American Data

1. The 1860, 1880 and other American censi have been checked (relate to
Alfred's family in NYC and Hoboken, NJ).

2. The siblings Lena nee Wetzler Ascher and Washington Wetzler appear in
1900 census in Chicago.

3. The Illinois on-line death records show a Carl Wetzler (???? - 7 April

4. Additional Chicago Wetzlers, but not proven family connection:

In 1855/56 Chicago city directory there is a Wetzler [no first name and no
Chicago residence provided] who is cited as watchmaker in partnership with a

Chicago 1880 wedding: Henry Wetzler with Jennie Haber. A Henry Wetzler dies

Paul King

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech LEIPNIK from Salzburg, Mako, Hungary and a famous 18th century scribe -- ex-Moravia #Austria-Czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I have identified, with the invaluable translation help of Uri Meretz and
Avigdor Ben-Dov, three LEIPNIK graves on my Salzburg cemetery site and I
wondered where this family originated >from [Makawe/Makove?]:
Please see the graves on either side. There are obviously current visitors.

I thought perhaps it was Makov in Bohemia but have come to another conclusion -
because of the many entries and POTS on Yad Vashem for LEIPNIK >from Mako in
Hungary. As well as this, there were Hebrew headstones, which I would not
generally expect >from a Bohemian family in the 1970s-1990s.
Furthermore, you can see the distribution of the name in Hungary here:

There are five LEIPNIK researchers on the JGFF and I hope they manage to read
this. The Hungarian LEIPNIK were very probably descended >from a Moravian family
from Leipnik, but as is usually the case, the early links are lost in the mists
of time. Here however is a fascinating LEIPNIK link to Moravia which is indeed
established: 1738 - the Rosenthallana Leipnik Haggadah

Joseph {son of David} >from Leipnik, Moravia was "was by far the most important
and influential scribe of the Hamburg-Altona school of Hebrew illuminated
manuscripts" and was active between 1730-1740. We read that he worked in
Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Altona/Hamburg.

I note >from the message archives that Hanus Grab is looking for ABELES-LEIPNIK
family members >from Prague and Budapest respectively. LEIPNIK, as a family
name, does not appear in Bohemia at all in 1793. There is one LEIPNIK [a
tailor] in the 1901 England census and he was born in the Netherlands in the
1850s. That is as far as I have got with this family name, my interest
sparked-off entirely by the three Salzburg graves.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech WETZLER and SIEFZEL families from Bohemia? #Austria-Czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Paul King >from Jerusalem is trying to establish the exact connection of Theresa
Esther KOHN (nee WETZLER) [b. 1824] and Karl (Carl) WETZLER to Albert WETZLER,
all almost certainly >from Saaz/Liebochany. All arrived in North America -
perhaps Carl was born in North America.

Paul says the WETZLER family are supposedly >from the Saazer Kreis, Bohemia and
Hugo Gold confirms a Jacob Wetzler as member of Lieboschan synagogue in early
1860s. The Prague Police Conscription records show a Berta WETZLER (b. 1868)
from Saaz m. to a Karl ENGELMANN with 3 children: Kurt, Otto and Wilhelm. The
1724 Bohemian census of Jews in Saaz gives a Jacob SIEFZEL. Paul guesses that
this SIEFZEL family changed its name to WETZLER in 1787 and adds "I suspect
that both surnames SIEFZEL and WETZLER have a Slovakian origin."

I find the logic behind the name change SIEFZEL to WETZLER in 1787 difficult to
comprehend as SIEFZEL sounds quite a respectable name to me. Both names also
sound to me as if they might have been used by non-Jewish families. Similarly
ENGELMANN - there are many non-Jewish ENGELMANN. There are thousands of google
hits for WETZLER. Are they all Jewish? The top hit however definitely is: and he is >from Slovakia.

By 1793, there were no obvious Jewish SIEFZEL in Bohemia and only one Jewish
WETZLER family, so I suppose that is a tiny piece of corroborative evidence.
Nevertheless, this WETZLER family did not live in the Saazer Kreis. Abraham
WETZLER was a distiller and lived in the Elbogen/Loketsky] Kreis - Wallhof 1.
Teil {Lesna, drive Valdov}. In nearby Horschin {Zweifelsreuth Estate - Cizebna,
drive Zweifelsreuth} lived another distiller called LOWEL WETZNER [again the
only one in Bohemia]. Were brothers/cousins who chose similar names?

I doubt very much that Abraham WETZLER listed above is the progenitor of all
the WETZLER in the world. He had one son Salamon and a daughter Katharina. Some
KOHN families lived nearby. One has to follow this single Abraham WETZLER
through with familianten and BMD research to see if there are indeed any links
to Paul's US WETZLERs.

Please note that there are 16 WETZLER burials in the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna.
Instinct tells me that they are not >from Bohemia. Yad Vashem has nearly 200
entries for WETZLER, mostly >from Hungary and Slovakia - there are no SIEFZEL
[sic] victims.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Viewmate German translation #Austria-Czech


I want to thank all who sent me translations of some or all
of the letter regarding my Uncle's illness. I do not need any more.
Once again, our Sigger's have come through.

I hope to see many of you in Chicago.
Vera Finberg

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech WETZLER #Austria-Czech

Susan Buyer <susanbuyer@...>

I have been reading the discussion of WETZLER in Bohemia with
interest. My 2nd great-grandmother Louise STEIN was born in a town
with a name something like Tschestitz, Bohemia, in 1850. My
grandmother's handwriting is difficult to read--this is the best
approximation I have been able to come up with. Louise STEIN was the
daughter of Sampson STEIN (b. 1796) and Elizabeth GRUNBAUM (b. 1823).
On Louise Stein BUYER's 1920 New York death certificate, her mother's
name is listed as Elizabeth WETZEL. My best guess is that Elizabeth
married a WETZEL after the death of Sampson STEIN. There may be other

I do not know where in Bohemia they lived, beyond that difficult to
read town name that might be Tschestitz. One of the more interesting
leads does come >from Zatecky, though, where the familiant name index
on lists all of the relevant family names in one set of
villages: FAMILIANT BOOK of Region Zatec, Family Name Index of
Volume XV/ II
villages : Louny, Lenesice, Libocany, Liborice, Mlynce, Luzec,
Lisnice, Korozluky, Listany, Lezky

Perhaps Tschestitz is actually Weiten Trebetitsche (Siroke Trebcice)
in Zatecky, where there were both GRUNBAUMs and STEINs in the 1793

So perhaps my WETZEL family is the same as Paul King's WETZLER.

Susan Buyer
Potomac, MD

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Sieftzel/Wetzler/Saaz #Austria-Czech

Paul King

Celia Male has replied to my involved search for connections between three
Wetzlers (Theresa, Karl and Albert) and has revealed findings and
non-findings >from the early Bohemian period. Space and over-cluttering did
not permit additional information which had led me in certain directions
elucidated in the previous posting.

1. My reading >from the 1724 census of the surname Siefzel may be incorrect.
It is possible that the 'f' is actually a 't'. It is written below the line
and I think that some modern Gothic-like script may have a 't' below the
line (the writing of the information for the 1724 census was taken down >from
the original document in 1939). This would make the surname 'Sietzel'. It is
the only family of five household heads in Saaz with a surname.

2. I repeat: the 1724 census is of the Jewish population.

3. Sietzel's occupation is 'mit leder'. In 1850, Albert Wetzler is
listed in 1860 as in the 'leather trade'. Occupational continuity
between the old world and the new world is loose to non-existent in
specialized areas, but I would venture a guess that skills in tanning
are an exception to the rule.

Of course, peddling was so widespread in Europe and initially in North
America that similarity in means of income maintenance is not practical for
assuring identity.

4. Theresa Esther Wetzler (1824) married Wolfgang Kohn (1815) of Liebochitz
in 1849. [Source: siddur inscription] I have no place of birth for her so
the Elbogen district Wetzler is a candidate.

At this point, I want to raise a concrete point about census data. In a
certain percentage of cases, brick walls are encountered because there is no
data recorded for living people. There are a number of reasons for this
which need not detain us here. At issue is the approximate percentage of
people (in this case, household heads) omitted >from the 1724 census.
Detailed projections were undertaken and a figure of about 17% was arrived
at. (Polish censi in this period missed some 30% of the Jewish population)
The Familianten lists might help but by the turn of the 19th c they
enumerate only 3 generations. Recourse to the 1783 cadaster and the earlier
Theresian cadaster might be helpful, especially in cases where surnames

5. I concur with Celia that the Bertha Wetzler >from Saaz in the Prague
Conscription records may not be >from a Jewish family, but the presence of a
Jewish Wetzler family at this time (1860s), cited by Gold, must be kept in

Finally, this search was prompted by 3 photographs in my possession: my
gg-grandmother Theresa nee Wetzler Kohn; Karl Wetzler (middle-aged and
brother or nephew to Theresa?); Jefferson Wetzler who is about 4 years old
and is the son of Alfred Wetzler. The photographs can be dated
approximately 1900, unknown, and c. 1871.

Paul King