information abour Nowy Sacz, former Galicia #Galicia

sylvia vanderhoeft

Does anyone know where I can find information ( such as birthrecords) in Nowy sacz before 1820?

Ropschitz in America


My late father David Henryk Ropschitz had relatives in the USA at the end of the 1800s I believe. I have also found the name Ropschitz appearing in an address, like a street name somewhere in the USA. Are there any Ropschitz family members around who might be connected to the Ropschitz family from Lvov? Morris Ropschitz born Lvov 1865 I believe, was my grandfather.  I would be thrilled to be in touch with anyone from that family connection since most of the family was wiped out in Auschwitz. Thank you. Yolanda Ropschitz Bentham, Somerset, England. ,

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Re: SS5 Question for Immigrants #USA #Help #BrickWall #Poland


I'm not convinced she could not have a Social Security Number even if she wasn't a citizen, but maybe others can cite the official rules on that question.  I went to look at the 1952 manifest mentioned.

The numbers associated with Murray and Helen on that 1952 passenger list look to me like Certificate of Naturalization (CN) or Naturalization Certificate (NC) numbers (which are the same thing).


My guess is Murray’s NC 2166347 would date from sometime in the 1920’s.

Helen’s NC 6517534 would date from right after WW II (ca 1944-46 or so, maybe a little later).


If you can find a court record of Helen’s naturalization and confirm she was issued that certificate number (it should be written on the back of her granted petition for naturalization or might appear on an index card), then you might want to request that C-file by number from USCIS (  The C-number is above 6.5 million, so it should be a substantial file with many documents showing place of birth—perhaps even her sworn testimony with that question.


Marian Smith

JewishGen Weekly Update 10/11/19 #JewishGenNews

Nancy Siegel


October 11, 2019

Don’t miss the latest issue of JewishGen’s Weekly Update, which reports on a variety of new and updated JewishGen resources. We hope you will find it to be informative and helpful to your research. 

This issue includes articles about:

  • New JewishGen Discussion Group

  • Online Class - East Prussia and Baltic Nations

  • Six New KehilaLinks Webpages

  • German Collection - 1845 Altona-Hamburg Census

  • New Director of Member Support

  • Bessarabia Cemeteries Update

  • New Records from Dej, Romania (Formerly Des, Hungary)

  • Helpful Hints: Using the Unified Search 

We invite you to access the JewishGen Weekly Update by following this link:

Nancy Siegel (San Francisco, CA, USA)

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Accessibility Issue. #Help

Barbara Mannlein


Thanks to Jon Seligman for raising this issue  White text on a black ground is an accessibility issue.   

  • About 50% of people have some degree of astigmatism.
  • White text on black grounds causes “halation” -  a visual fuzzing effect.
  • Halation  reduces readability of text and is particularly bad for people with astygmatism.

Jon Seligman wrote:
The hashtag has the potential to be useful but needs to be visually presented better. The white in small letters on a light green background (#Sephardic#Galicia) makes it almost invisible to the eye. Larger letters and a black background would work (#Sephardic #Galicia).

Re: SS5 Question for Immigrants #USA #Help #BrickWall #Poland


"She requested her SS# in 1977 (she was 77 years old). She had to have been naturalized in order to get a SS#. But my question is, if she wasn't born in the US, how could she get a SS# without a birth certificate or naturalization papers? "

Actually, anyone who works in the USA must have a Social Security number.  They do not have to be born here nor must they be naturalilzed citizens.   Women of Helen's generation may never have worked outside the home, but might have to get a social security number in order to receive Medicare and/or Medicaid benefits, for example, which would explain her getting one at age 77. 

Through the early 1900s, women were naturalized on their husband's naturalization papers. Therefore, Helen may have been naturalized with her husband.  

I found some of my "missing" relatives and more information on them at the cemetery.  When I went to visit the grave of one, I found several buried adjacently.  This might be another avenue of research. 

Best of luck!

Barbara Sloan

What is her name?


I have been researching my grandmother, Chana (Anna) Slonimsky for some time.  So far, I have not found any documents that clearly show her birth surname, which may be PASSIN or PASEIN, or some other variant.  She was married to Max (Mordche) SLONIMSKY about 1906 (no record found in NYC where they lived) and had three sons, Barnett (later Ben)1907, Philip, 1910 and my father, Louis (later Larry) 1917, whose surname is misspelled on his birth certificate as Slominsky.  She appears to have immigrated from Vilna and  after Max died, she remarried in the early 1920s to Yankel (Jake) MUSHKAT.  She died in 1927. My father said she had no USA relatives other than a cousin or two who immigrated here some time after she did.  Her father was Bernaig and her mother Fanny, nee KATZ.  

She should not be confused with my great aunt Annie (Slonimsky) Feinstein.

I have tried birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, naturalization papers (she is on her second husband's papers), all to no avail.  Any suggestions would be grateful received. 

She should not be confused with my great aunt Annie (Slonimsky) Feinstein.

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Re: Panevezys - Lithuania #Lithuania


Have you tried reaching out to the Panevezys Jewish Community?
In 2011 I traveled to Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and Moscow and we went to the school that now houses the Panevezys Jewish archives. You could try there.
Linda D. Epstein
searching: Tikotzinski--> Epstein; Safian; Grossman; Weinstein

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Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help

Deborah Scheimer

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Re: photograph stick pins

Frank Schulaner

I must apologize for the repetitive replies. I'm still new at this.

Re: information abour Nowy Sacz, former Galicia #Galicia



Re: This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #YizkorBooks

Dave Lichtenstein

Hello Bruce

A very touching story.  Seeing that you have some association with Yizkor books might be a subscriber to the sub-group 


That being the case you may have seen my recent post titled  

A Book of Memory of the Jewish Community of Pinczow, Poland

I am looking for an English translation of the account on pages 210-212 in relation to
The Beitar and the Revisionist movements in Pinczow by Yechiel Kavshenyevski

Do you think that you may be able to assist me with that.

Dave Lichtenstein
Sydney, Australia

Researching: HERING
Town: Pinczow

Re: SS5 Question for Immigrants #USA #Help #BrickWall #Poland

Marion Werle

I don't know how late they go (probably depends on the court), but Family Search has US naturalization records from various courts as part of their unindexed collections. I believe you need the certificate number (you can double check the naturalization index records) and the court name/district. I found one from 1951 issued in the Eastern District of New York. 

Also, according to the Social Security website, noncitizens can have Social Security numbers. 

Marion Werle
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Correction: Article on Dedication of the Memorial to the Yurburg, Lithuania Jewish Community #YizkorBooks

Joel Alpert

The dedication of the Synagogue Square Memorial was held on July 19,
2019. This memorial is to honor the former Jewish community of
Yurburg. It was initiated by the the town’s Christian mayor,
Skirmantas Mockevicius. He found David Zundelovitch, a renowned
Lithuanian-Israeli sculptor with family roots in the town, who along
with his daughter Anna and son Greg, executed the memorial on a site
near where the famous old wooden Yurburg Synagogue, built in the
1790s, once stood. The partners of this project include the Jurbarkas
regional municipality, CAN New Artists Collegium, the Litvak community
of Lithuania, the Friends of the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery and also many
private people.

This is a unique memorial in that it was initiated by a Lithuanian!
It is the first of its kind.

A more complete article appears at:

Also see a video of the ceremony at

Joel Alpert, Chair of the Friends of the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery

Re: Tracing family in Poland #Poland


Дорогая Айрис,

Спасибо за интересное сообщение. А по-русски нельзя писать?



Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help

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It would also be helpful if responses included the original email.

I find that reading what are clearly responses very confusing since the email being responded to is not included.

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Converso children #CryptoJewry

Arnold Chamove

(1) If a woman is forced to convert from being Jewish [e.g., "converso" ] either (a) before or (b) after she has had children), can her children claim to be Jewish according to rabbinic interpretation?

(2) if a woman chooses to convert to Judaism either (a) before or (b) after she has children, can her children claim to be Jewish?

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help

Hilary Henkin

I would amend that to suggest that if the writer is replying to a digest post, they change the subject of the email appropriately to reference the specific post, not the digest in general.

(I have left the subject of this email unchanged as an example.)

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It would also be helpful if responses included the original email.

I find that reading what are clearly responses very confusing since the email being responded to is not included.

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Question #Help

Terese B. Deboo

Please let me know why I am no longer receiving emails from the SIGs.

Many thanks -

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question. The Support Desk can route each question to the person in
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The most likely answer is that there have been no posts to the SIG
lists you're subscribed to, but there are many other possibilities.

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