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I am looking for Alice Kussi Haas (b. Jan 25, 1900 in Prague) and her son,
Alfred (b. May 25, 1925 in Magdeburg). Alice was the widow of Rudolf Haas
(d. May 2, 1933 in Prague) and the daughter of Julius Kussi. I know that
Alice and Alfred were in Prague in 1938, but I can find no further record
of them, either during the war or afterward.

I am also looking for Alice's brother, Bedrich or Fritz Kussi and his wife,
Erika Seifert Kussi. They did survive the war and were in Prague in 1948.

Susan L. Lubow

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Emma and Paul Neumann of Vienna #Austria-Czech


Dear All,

This is my first letter/request to you.

I am looking for information about my ancestors, Emma and Paul NEUMANN
and their family. They lived in Vienna.

Here are the details I have:

Emma NEUMANN was the daughter of Yaakob/Jakob and Johanna POLLAK. She
was probably born in Budapest around 1880-1890 (she had a sister,
Regine, who was born in Budapest in 1878, and a brother, Lajos ). Emma
grew up in Vienna with her father's sister and husband, Johanna and
Karl KOPPEL. She married a Paul NEUMANN, who was a fur merchant. They
had a daughter, Grete, and a son(?).

They still lived in Vienna in the beginning of 9/1940. By that time
the daughter was married. I don't know what happened to any of them

I checked Yad Va'shem and the Austrian list - Dukumentationarchiv des
oesterreichischen Widerstandes, and found some people by that name
(Paul and Emma Neumann). However, these are popular first and last
names, and as I don't have their dates of birth or addresses in
Vienna, it is difficult to match the name/s with the people I am
looking for. For that reason I haven't contacted yet the International
Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen, Germany.

I'd appreciate any ideas that will help me find more information about
Emma and Paul Neumann and their offsprings.

Thanks for your help. Please reply in private (hnshani@...).

Hannah Shani

Ottawa, Canada

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Just recently found a letter written by SALO ROSENTHAL. The letter ,
written in German, was dated Nov. 1, 1936 and sent >from GERMANY to his
TOBE-FEIGE ROSENTHAL , so it's safe to assume SALO is ELEAZER'S relative.
The letterhead may
be that of SALO' S place of employment. The letter may not have
been mailed in BERLIN or anywhere in GERMANY for that matter. I have
posted it on Viewmate 12803.

TOBE {as she was called} was born in SINEA around 1840. She married MAX
KATKISKY {born about 1836 in SUVALKI} . MAX and TOBE, immigrated to the
UNITED STATES in the early 1870s , and with their children , JENNIE,

As for the letter, I can make out a few words here and there, but I
think the gist of the letter refers to something sent to to the family in
Europe, as the words American Express are in the letter, as well as the word
Juden, which was a worrisome time for all in GERMANY.

If any one can translate the letter or has any knowledge about the
ROSENTHAL family , we would appreciate the information.

Sara Rubin
New Kensington, Pa

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Jacob STECKERL from Misslitz,Moravia #Austria-Czech


Hello fellow Siggers,

I am hoping someone can help me in my dilema...

A few years back, I wrote via email to the Czech Archives ( I believe, but cannot
be sure) and wrote to Dr. Lenka Matusikova,requesting information pertaining to
the STECKERL family >from Misslitz. I gave what names,dates etc., that I had, and
after paying a certain fee, got a page that contained a register of births and
deaths in the Jewish community of Misslitz >from 1846-1873. She basically said
that no more information is available, because of the destruction of WWII.
Now, my dilemma...

My great grandfather Ignaz (Isak) STECKERL was born in 1847 in Misslitz, parents
of Jacob STECKERL and Julie nee FISCHER >from Nikolsburg. Ignaz and Franziska lived
in Vienna and all of their 13+ children were born there. Julie must have also moved
to Vienna, since she is buried with Ignaz, not her husband Jacob. My assumption is
that Jacob died back in Misslitz,but I do not know when or how.

Is there a way of finding out ??? I was thinking if Ignaz and Franziska married in
Vienna, there would be something in the marriage register??? Also ,what about the
familien laws? I am not very knowledgeable in regards to them, but what happens
when the head of their household dies?? does their number get transferred to
another? I know there are 2 different numbers, one is the individual and one is
for the family. Is there a way of tracing numbers???

Can anyone help??? Its really frustrating that it seems that this information is
lost forever!!!!

Andrea Steckerl
Researching : Steckerl (Miroslav,Brno,Dolenice),Fischer(Mikulov),

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech re Steckerl Misslitz #Austria-Czech

Traude Triebel

Dear Andrea
A few days ago, I was with Frank Feiner, also a AustriaCzech member in
Misslitz and we made about 400 photos >from the cemetery, all graves. We
found: STECKERL Bernhard, Ferdinand, and Rosa, but NO Steckerl Ignaz.

Traude Triebel
A-2700 Wr. Neustadt

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Jacob STECKERL from Misslitz,Moravia #Austria-Czech

Bob Lenk

Hello Andrea,

It appears that Dr. Matusikova was correct about the limited surviving
records >from Misslitz/Miroslav. But the cemetery apparently still
exists, see

Note in particular:

500-1000 gravestones, in original location with 50%-75% toppled or
broken, date >from 1691-20th century.

Working >from Vienna records:

- You can find the death records and children's birth records in the
LDS films

- death records sometimes give the decedent's marriage date
- birth records sometimes give the parents' marriage date
- Julie's death record should confirm that she was a widow

- You could search for a marriage record for Ignaz and Franziska based
on the date if you find it, or using the index registers

- You could probably obtain Julie STECKERL's probate documents from
City of Vienna (you will need the date of death, and the district
where she lived - >from her death record). You could be lucky and
find info on Jacob's date or place of death - but the chances aren't
so good. You could also find info on siblings of hers.

If you want to pursue Julie's line >from Nikolsburg/Mikulov, the records
in the National Archives won't go back far enough to have her birth or
marriage. But the Prague Jewish Museum has two books that would be of use:

"Familien-Register" - an index of births, marriages and deaths,
compiled >from registers that mostly no longer exist.

"Seznam narozenych" - records of births >from 1763 to 1847

The Nikolsburg cemetery could provide further information. There is a
very useful database of graves at the shtetlink.

Best of luck.

Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado, USA

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech translation from Czech to English #Austria-Czech


I received this information about our family member. I hope someone can
translate it to English for me.

Thank you
Sara Rubin
New Kensington, Pa.

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Rosenthal family #Austria-Czech


Looking for any members of the ROSENTHAL family who lived in Germany
{perhaps Berlin} in the 1920s-- 1930s and 1940s. One member we know of
was Salo ROSENTHAL Another family member was Tobie-Feiga ROSENTHAL
possibly an aunt or sister of Salo. Tobe was born in Sinea {Lithuania}
about 1840. We don't know if Tobe ever spent time in Germany, also
there may have been other relatives of Tobe and Salo elsewhere in
Europe, so far we haven't found them.

We do know Salo's journey ended in Auschwitz.

Tobe married Max KATISKY born about 1836 in Katiskov,Estate in Lithuania,
Suvalki Gubernia , possibly they married in Poland.
Tobe and Max immigrated to the United States in the mid 1870s. Their
daughters Sarah KATKISKY and Jennie KATKISKY were born in Russia. The
sons Eleazer KATKISKY and Louis KATKISKY were born in the United States.

The family settled in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Sara Rubin
New Kensington, Pa
Unites States

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech RE: Jacob STECKERL from Misslitz,Moravia #Austria-Czech


Dear Andrea,

there is one Ignatz STECKERL, who was born around 1846, Eisenhaendler, Wien
X., Gudrunstrasse 140 who was buried in Vienna, Zentralfriedhof 1. Tor
53b/3/16. In the same grave is Julia STECKERL, born around 1811 and died in
the age of 97 on 9.1.1908, buried 12.1.1908 in 53b/3/16. Must be yours, Mag.
Eckstein in the IKG may know more details.
As far as I know there is no obituary in the NFP.

All the best

Georg Gaugusch

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech document translation help request #Austria-Czech



I would like to ask for your help in interpreting/translating a very small
segment of a birth record ledger. The image is on Viewmate at

Thank you.

Philip Moravcik, Honolulu

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Yizkor Book Update: May 2009 #Austria-Czech

Groll, Avraham

The JewishGen Yizkor Book database has been updated.

Below is a quick list Yizkor Books that have been updated during
May 2009:


* Sandzer Memorial Journal


*Dusetos, Lithuania
*Svintzian, Lithuania
*Nowy Sacz, Poland
*Chelm, Poland
*Czestochowa, Poland
*Lanovtsy, Ukraine
*Kaluszyn, Poland
*Goniadz, Poland
*Danzig, Poland

Please visit to view a complete list
(with links) of the latest updates.

Thank you,

Avraham Groll
Administrator of JewishGen
Project Manager of JewishGen Yizkor Books
Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust
36 Battery Place
New York, NY 10280
T 646.437.4326
F 646.437.4328

Read our blog:

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Moritz Nowak. of Ottakring #Austria-Czech


Hi SIGers -

As advised by several SIGer's, including Celia Male, in my search
for information about my great-grandfather Moritz NOWAK and his
connections to the Vienna suburb of Ottakring, I emailed the
Ottakringer Bezirksmuseum
the Austrian Architectural Centre (
and also the Wirtschaftkammer Wien
( - Vienna
Chamber of Commerce.

The Architectural centre has not yet responded, but the other two
were extremely helpful and quick to respond (maybe because they
appreciated that I wrote to them in German rather than English)
and provided me with a wonderful collection of information
concerning Moritz (also spelled Moriz) NOWAK.

I won't weary the list with what I found, but briefly, it seems
that Moritz was resident and active in Ottakring as early as 1868
(only four years after being married in Loschitz/Lostice); long
before it became the new 16th district of Vienna in 1892. He
served on several public bodies including local councils and
committees and also chaired the water consumption commission -
hence the probable connection with the 'Austria-Brunnen' fountain
I mentioned in my previous posting, which was inaugurated in

With my shaky German, my much-valued Langenscheidt's dictionary,
assistance >from SIGers and an on-line automatic translator (not
too bad, but to be taken with a pinch of salt), I managed to make
sense of the information I received. But I would like guidance
with a few points of translation, as follows:

The words in brackets are the translations I seek:

1868 Lehmann's directory, MN is listed as Branntwein-,
(Rosoglio)- u. Liqueur-Erzeuger

Lehmann's 1970 - MN listed as (Sämmtliche Einwohner von Wien
nebst Umgebung)

Lehmann's 1895, MN listed as (Schätzungs-Cmsr., E)., XVI.,
Eisnerstr. 18 (Neulerchenfelderstr.), Filiale XVI.
Wilhelmninenstraße 58, Clrg.

A footnote states: Cmsr.=Commissär, E.=(Hauseigenthümer),
Clrg.=Clearing: Clearing-Mitglied des k. k. Post-Sparkassen-Amtes

By the way, the latter information was extracted >from 'Lehmann’s
Allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzeiger nebst Handels- und
Gewerbeadressbuch für die k.k. Reichs-Haupt- und Residenzstadt
Wien und Umgebung'. Do I translate this correctly as 'Lehmann's
General Dwelling-announcer/notification including business and
trade address book for the Imperial and Royal state capital and
residency-city of Vienna and (? suburbs)

How long was Lehmann's directory published?

Any assistance very gratefully received.

Robert Fraser
Perth,Western Australia
NOWAK - Moravia/Austria; EISINGER - Moravia and the World
FINKELSTEIN - Galicia; NAGEL - Moravia/Austria
KRAUTERBLUTH - ? Galicia; WORTMAN(N) - Skalica SK

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Austria Czech events at IAJGS conference #Austria-Czech


The Austria Czech SIG has a wonderful lineup of programs at the IAJGS
conference in Philadelphia. All of our events are scheduled for
Tuesday, August 4. The day starts with the SIG meeting at 8:15 AM.
At 9:45, our first invited speaker, Mag. Wolf-Erich Eckstein, will
talk about the Vienna Jewish Records at the IKG - their volume,
structure and limitations. For many of us, these vital records for
residents of Vienna are the source of much of our genealogical
information and here we have the chance to learn more about them.

At 11:15 AM, Georg Gaugusch, our other invited speaker, will guide us
in "Putting Flesh on Genealogical Bones" , informing us of other
sources in Vienna that can help us in our quests.

The SIG Lunch, a chance to meet informally is next >from 12:30 to 2
PM. both Mag Eckstein and Mr. Gaugusch will attend as guest of the
SIG. This event is a separate paid event and you must preregister on
the conference registration web page. Please sign up now for this
opportunity to visit with your fellow SIG members. These encounters
and exchanges of information have often been of help to me, as well
as the chance to make friends >from around the world. I urge you to attend.

After lunch, Georg Gaugusch will speak again; this time on "Jewish
Families in Vienna and their Connections to the World".

The SIG official program ends at this point, but our SIG member Fritz
Neubauer speaks at 5 PM, giving us a "Guided Tour Through Central
European Online Resources"

Come and join us for this truly outstanding day and I urge you to
sign up now for the luncheon.

Vera Finberg
Austria Czech 2009 co-ordinator

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech ROSENTHAL #Austria-Czech


I am looking for information about Salo ROSENTHAL, who lived in Berlin in
the 1920s and 1930s. He may have been born in Bitschin, later called
Bycina, but these towns have evidently been absorbed into the
province of Opole. We know he was a salesman and probably traveled in
Germany and Poland. He is a cousin to my Uncle Eleazer KATZ. Tobe
Feiga ROSENTHAL, Eleazer's mother, was probably Salo's father's sister .
Salo ROSENTHAL ended his life's journey at Auschwitz.

Tobe ROSENTHAL married Max KATKISKY , and immigrated to the USA in the
early 1870's. As far as we know after they settled here , there was
very little communication with the family in Europe, although Eleazer
and Salo did keep in touch with each other.

If Salo had any children , we would like to welcome them to our family tree.

Sara Rubin
New Kensington, Pa.
United States

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Translation please on Viewmate #Austria-Czech


I have posted a document on viewmate-VM12879 -in German >from
Baranow(?). I would like the translation. I am also interested in
knowing about who signed it and the relevance of the stamp affixed at
the bottom.
Thank you.
Please respond privately
Milton Koch

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech "Vienna's Lost Daughters" at the IAJGS Conference #Austria-Czech


As part of the film program at this year's IAJGS Conference in Philadelphia, we
will be screening Mirjam Ungar's film "Vienna's Lost Daughters" on Monday, August
3rd >from 12:30PM - 2:00PM.

This poignant and captivating documentary focuses on the lives of eight Jewish
women who had fled Nazi persecution in Vienna, Germany during the late 1930s. Five
of the women -- Eva Franzi Yachnes, Anita Nagel Weisbord, Alice 'Lizzy' Winkler,
Susanne Perl and Hennie Edelmann -- had parents who sent them away via train
(Kindertransport) to Europe through the Kindertransport rescue mission. Rosalie
Berezow and Dorit Bader Whiteman fled to other parts of Europe, while Susy Orne
fled to New York City. Each of them eventually ended up in New York City where
they moved on with their lives and settled down, some with their husbands,
children and grandchildren. Alice Winkler wisely says, the pain of their horrific
experiences in Vienna has gone away and the wound has healed, but the scars are
still there. They discuss their memories about Vienna, what it was like to go back
to visit, and how they adapted to life in New York City. They each have found
their own ways of achieving contentment in life while spreading to younger
generations the valuable lessons and wisdom that they attained throughout their

If you can't make this screening--or attend the conference--but want to learn more
about the film, visit their website:

The entire film program -- running >from Sunday afternoon through Friday at 12:30PM
-- is now available on the conference website at:

Click on programs and scroll down to see films in the context of programming, or
click on "film festival" to see the entire film schedule at a glance.

Pamela Weisberger
IAJGS Film Festival Coordinator 2009

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech IAJGS conference #Austria-Czech


I am unable to attend the IAJGS conference due to distance and other
commitments, but would love to learn what the listed speakers have to say
about their specialties.
Is it possible for the speakers to be recorded and/or their material made
available by some other means?
Eva Browne

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech cemetery Misslitz #Austria-Czech

Traude Triebel

We have finished the cemetery Misslitz with 436 graves;

Names: Winkler, Weiniger, Steckerl, Spitzer, Strauss, Wertheim,
Schnurmacher, Schmidl, Seidl, Neumann, Lustig, Low,(with umlaut),
Kramer, Jokl, Kann, Horner, Herzog, Hauser, Gruenwald, Eisner, Diamant,...

Traude Triebel
A-2700 Wr. Neustadt

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech JewishGen seeking genealogy instructor and perl technician #Austria-Czech

phylliskramer1 <phylliskramer1@...>

Greetings all...

Attendance at the Basic JewishGen Genealogy Course is fully subscribed
within a few days of announcement. JewishGen would like to hold these
workshops more frequently but we need a volunteer to be responsible for
additional sessions (the course is fully written, you would respond to
student questions on diverse topics). Your background should include
(1) a solid knowledge of U.S. Jewish genealogy and sources;
(2) ability to research student questions quickly, and
(3) about 2 hours per day for 2 weeks, then 1 hour per day for 2 weeks.
We have a training program.

JewishGen's mailing lists use the Lyris ListManager program,
which is written in the perl programming language. We have
various technical issues, and we need someone to help
resolve them and interface with Lyris technical support.
There are issues with text-parsing, email deliverability and
networking; knowledge of MS-SQL is a plus.

If you would like to volunteer to help grow JewishGen,
please contact me directly.
Phyllis Kramer
VP, Education, JewishGen, Inc.

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Dattel--Apple families #Austria-Czech


Mayer DATTEL , who lived in Waurez , now Nouvorainko, came to the
United States in 1911. His wife Feiga did not come with him but
stayed home in Waurez. There was an APPLE family living in Waurez, so
that was probably Mayer's connection to Sam APPLE, his friend, who
Mayer was to stay with when he arrived in New York. There were other
APPLE persons >from Waurez , Joseph and Meyer, that also came through Ellis
Island at that time, but we don't know if or how they were related.
One of the APPLE names was mis-spelled as Rotle.

Mayer's stay in New York wasn't very long , as he had two sisters ,
Minnie {Malka ALTMAN} and Chava COHEN living in the Greensburg area in
Western Pennsylvania. Mayer was to spend most of his time with them
and their families.

Mayer returned to Waurez about 1921 and as far as we know , he , his wife
Feiga and daughter Eva stayed in the Waurez area., however they could have
moved around looking for a safe place to settle. In the middle 1930s he
wrote to his sister Chava how bad things were getting in Europe, no work
and food was scarce.
The may have tried to avoid the Germans by somehow getting to Eretz
Israel. We don't know for sure what happened to them. There was no
further communication >from Meyer.
We can't find him or his wife on any holocaust lists, or anywhere for that
matter. His daughter Eva did send her wedding picture to her Aunt Chava
COHEN, so we know she made it to safety.

If anyone has any knowledge of Mayer and Feiga DATTEL or the APPLE
family , or any of their descendants living anywhere , we would
appreciate hearing >from you.

Sara Rubin
New Kensington, Pa.-usa