Re: ניסיון לכתוב בעברית (Attempt to write in Hebrew)

Odeda Zlotnick

This is interesting: On Windows 10, Edge does not give the correct right to left direction for this Hebrew text.
Google chrome does (for me - I haven't checked settings).

Odeda Zlotnick

Re: Cherkassy-Smela #Ukraine


Shalom, I would like to receive more information about this :

"latest Smela translation project".

Thank you




Re: Cherkassy-Smela #Ukraine


My Cherkassy website-




Re: Genealogy software for Mac

Michael Shade

Jo Ann,

I use MacFamilyTree, it does everything I've ever wanted it to do (and a lot more besides). It is designed for the Mac, and very easy to use, and has excellent reports, charts and Tree visualisations. It syncs to its own cloud storage, and there's a mobile version for iPhone/iPad, and you can keep all devices in sync.

There's a new version out recently, still on half-price offer.

Best wishes,

Michael Shade
Brighton, UK
Researching: Schreibman (Pinsk), Zaturensky (Pinsk); Ilyutovich (Lida), Levin (Gomel), Belagratsky (Lida); Frankensztajn (Gąbin), Zegelman (Gąbin), Szczawinski (Gąbin), Chern (Słubice), Kohn (Nadarzyn), Igla (Nadarzyn); Waksman (Gniewoszow), Szechtman (Irena/Dęblin), Glasman (Gniewoszow), Landenbaum (Bobrowniki), Ejsensztat (Granica), Szteinberg (Granica), Elbsztejn (Bobrowniki)

New Format


This new format is not user friendly.
Please return old format.  Thx.

Re: Genealogy software for Mac

David Syner

i love and have used Reunion for 20 + years
it was made just for the mac

Stop the daily digests #Help


After about 20 years in Jewish gen I all of a sudden started getting a digest in my inbox with tons of information that is irrelevant to me. How do I stop this?  I never signed up for it. 

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help


I have to agree.  Updating and improving outdated systems is a good thing, but you've instead ended up with a non-user friendly platform.  If one needs "guidance" in navigating the site,  the program is too complicated.  My suggestion is to return to the well-functioning, easy to navigate system, then consult with a team of users as each "improvement" is considered, constructed, tested and (only then) implemented.  As it stands, I'm inclined to unsubscribe because it's now a bother instead of a pleasure to read the postings.  

Leslie Gut

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Re: Genealogy software for Mac

Jeff Marx

I have been using Reunion for years and currently store 45,000 names on it without any difficulty. It slices! It dices! It produces all sorts of charts (I tend to use the indented descendent). It allows you to enter every conceivable field that you would like or keep the fields down to a minimum. Also the support desk is phenomenal! I love the program.

NY City Area Cemeteries - Offering Assistance

A. E. Jordan

I am going to complete my NY City area cemetery visits before the snow flies for the winter.

If anyone needs assistance with photos of graves please feel free to contact me, understanding that I ask you to have the information on the location of the grave, ie cemetery, etc.  The larger cemeteries all have online databases (which are better sources than the third party sites).  Please don't send me a request cousin Moshie died in New York can you photograph his grave .....

The cemeteries that I will be prioritizing include

Mount Zion (Maspeth Queens)
Mount Carmel
Mount Judah
Mount Lebannon
Mount Hebron
Montefiore (Old in Springfield Gardens, Queens)

I might try a few others sort of depending on requests.  I have been to and might go back to New Montifore on Long Island.  People are asking about Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn and I am hesitant because they are not online and less organized with their records to find the graves but I might try.

I ask you to be as specific as possible with the name and the date and if it was a child please warn me because those graves are usually separated in the plot and those stones may not have survived the decades as well.

I appreciate but do not require a few dollars in return to help with the expenses of doing this for everyone.

It is an interesting and sort of peaceful effort walking these cemeteries.  Last weekend I got flagged down by a family to become the extra man so they could say their prayers. Of course I obliged even though I did not know anyone included the deceased. 

Also happy to assist with information or tips as I can about the cemeteries and searches and NYC records.  Feel free to ask email questions.

Allan Jordan

PS Hope I did this correctly -- its my first try on the new discussion group system

Re: Genealogy software for Mac

Enzo Falco

Hi Jo Ann.

I have been very happy with Reunion for about 25 years.


Enzo Falco
Belmont, MA

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help

Paula Eisenstein Baker

Hear, hear! I agree.

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help
From: Vicki Adelson
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019 22:37:17 EDT
I would amend all of the above to say: “What have you done? You have changed something that was really good and informative to something that is totally a mess. I subscribed to this for years and found it very helpful; it is totally useless now. Go back to the original format. Change is not always good.”

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help

Sally Bruckheimer

I am happy with the new format. I don't know why people are having so many problems. I read my mail in Yahoo Mail, and the digest appears just like the old JewishGen digest.

Hebrew is Hebrew, and Russian is Russian. I can't read either, but Google Translate can. It would be nice to have automatic translation, but I don't think it exists in the platform. If you use Google Chrome, it will translate.

I don't get everything on top of everything else. The various messages appear in order, just like they used to.

Think about where you read the digest, as perhaps your mail app is the problem. The digest isn't.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help

JoAnne Goldberg

Anyone having trouble with the new format may prefer to receive individual emails vs the digest. For me, it's easier to hit the delete button a few more times than to deal with a digest that contains unrelated emails.

Re: ניסיון לכתוב בעברית (Attempt to write in Hebrew)


On my Win 10 computer in Edge right CTRL + SHIFT moves the cursor to the right

New JewishGen platform

Joan A. Baronberg

I’d like to reply to Vicki Adelson’s comment and request. I am copying and pasting her message into the below as original messages do not (yet?) appear on my digests.

First, I would like to sincerely thank Abraham Groll and others who have worked so conscientiously to give us a new-looking and new-acting platform. Your intentions and efforts are very appreciated. 

Second, aside from the technical glitches and complexities, I too dislike the new presentation and was perfectly happy with how the old digests looked. They appeared reader-friendly and were easy to use.

Third, I wonder if there is a compromise that could be made? While I think I understand the need and wish for all the potential that this modernized format can offer, we readers and users are wondering if the time and effort getting used to it (and your time fixing the glitches) is worth the results. The previous platform served the needs of digest users, especially since Jewishgen offers many other ways to do our actual research. However, if we have no choice about this new program and JG is already too far deep into its obligations to it, can we not return to, at the very least, the way the digest pages looked in the past?

Thank you,
Joan Baronberg

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help 
From: Vicki Adelson
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019 22:37:17 EDT 
I would amend all of the above to say: “What have you done? You have changed something that was really good and informative to something that is totally a mess. I subscribed to this for years and found it very helpful; it is totally useless now. Go back to the original format. Change is not always good.”

Re: IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project site migrated to new address

Hilary Henkin

This is wonderful news.

Thanks to all who worked on keeping this site available.  I had carefully bookmarked its URL for several years because it seemed to be "forgotten."  (Even now, it is difficult to find at JewishGen.)

It serves a very different purpose than the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry.  While the JOWBR documents individual burials, and contains information about people, the Cemetery Project documents the cemeteries themselves.  If you want to know which possible locations in a given city might contain Jewish burials, this site does that.  If you want to know who is managing a cemetery,  or contact information, or history of a cemetery, use the IAJGS Jewish Cemetery Project.

Some of the information may be older, but it is still very useful.  One suggestion:  While there is a link from the Cemetery Project home page to the JOWBR home page, there is no reciprocal link from the JOWBR to the Cemetery Project.)

Thanks Ellen, Mary,  Kitty, and everyone else who have kept this project!

Hilary Henkin
Los Angeles area

On 10/13/2019 3:11 AM, Phrases1 via Groups.Jewishgen.Org wrote: is the new URL for the IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project. Our heartfelt thanks go to Kitty Cooper for decades as webmaster and to her friend Mary Nevius, who just "rescued" the old site. 
Please let us know if you have any issues with the updated site.
Ellen Sadove Renck 
Coordinator, IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project 

Re: Finding relatives #Hungary

Vivian Kahn

JewishGen has a very large database of records from pre-Trianon Hungary. To start researching your relatives, add your names with the places where they lived to the JewishGen Family Finder. If your relatives lived in Hungary before the end of WWI, very likely that the places are now in Slovakia, Romania, or Ukraine, and not within borders of presentday Hungary. (Hungary lost 2/3 of its former territory at the end of WWI). Send your inquiry to the Hungarian discussion list with additional information given names, dates, and places.  Identify sources you have already consulted.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, California
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director


Joan Krotenberg

This is confusing.
It was better before.
I prefer the separate sig groups.
What have you done??
If it’s not broken don’t fix it.
Joan Krotenberg

Re: Genealogy software for Mac

Sue Frank

Personally, I’m a big fan of Reunion which I’ve been using for several years and is regularly updated. It also has an app version called ReunionTouch which can be installed on iPhones and iPads which means I always have my family tree with me. I can update it on the spot and it syncs with all my devices.

Susan Frank