Re: New JewishGen platform


I would encourage those who are having difficulties to explore why before requesting that the entire system be scrapped.  The new digest works perfectly for me.  I get a list of all the messages, and the content is below. The format is much easier to read than the old plain text.  If the messages are not opening for you, it may be, as someone else suggested, a setting in your e-mail client that is causing the problem.

If you are reporting problems with the system, include the name of your e-mail client and the name of your operating system in your message.  For instance, write that you're using Outlook on Windows 10 or Roundcube on Mac OS and whether you are using a PC or a mobile device.  That provides useful information to the administrators. It is probably much more productive to send that information to support@... than to post it here.


Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help

Sam Eneman

Another option for receiving messages is the Full Featured Digest: 12 messages are grouped into one email which is easy to follow and reply to.

The email options are available under Subscription on the group's web version.

Sam Eneman
Charlotte NC

Re: Cherkassy-Smela #Ukraine


The you for the link and for your hard work on it. We could use one for the town of Smiela as well. 

Also what is the status of the Cherkassy Records Translation Project? 

With Best Regards.

Steven Rosenberg.

Re: Change


Not all live links open on my updated iPad!

And where did you get my iCloud address? I use only cabsha1@... only for more than 20 years. I had to change the “ From” to aol. Above. The first time I sent a reply the reply I got from you was undeliverable because you do not recognize my iCloud address. Of course, I never gave it to you. Why is my REPLY link connected to iCloud.

Please give a free class on how to navigate your improved site. I live in nyc and will be the first to sign up.
I hope this goes through!
Louise Hajdenberg

Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails #Help

Hilary Henkin

Hi Diane,
At the bottom  of each digest should be a link to "Your Subscription."  Click on that, and you'll get to a page with four choices how to receive postings:

Email Delivery

Individual Messages You will receive each message in an individual email.
Full Featured Digest Group up to 12 messages together as one email instead of being sent individually (rich formatting).
Daily Summary A daily summary, delivered in the morning, of the group's messages from the previous day.
Special Notices Only You will only receive special notices from the moderators.

You'll probably see the 2nd option is selected - change that to the first one.  (The image above is from my settings, ,and I already changed them.)

Hilary Henkin
Los Angeles area

On 10/13/2019 12:00 PM, geniediane wrote:
How do I change from digest to individual
E mails ??
Diane Jacobs

Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Fw: Why?


-----Forwarded Message-----
From: EarthLink
Sent: Oct 13, 2019 9:56 AM
To: main@...
Subject: Why?

Why is this being developed? it is a repeat of the list sever and has no  discernible difference. why not fold the whole thing into the list? don't understand.  

Re: Digest


I am getting several digests a day.  This new format is unbelievably visually overwhelming

Ich möchte keine main@groups erhalten. Aus Altersgründen forsche ich nicht mehr aktiv. Thomas Bloch


Von meinem iPhone gesendet

Family Genealogy #Lithuania #Poland


Hi ,
I have spent the best part of 15 years looking for my ancestral relatives as well as those murdered in the holocaust.,and indeed have been successful. I have located 3 out of 4 families dating back to appox 1830 of the Nochomovich family of Lithuania and the Weinmann Family of Rzeszow Poland. I have created 3 books one each family as well as 3 family trees. I would like to help anyone who might be seriously looking for their ancestors. All the information I compiled is now at Beit Hatfusot in the Tel Aviv University as well ad Yad Vashem and also the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum. 
If you would like to correspond please email me marvin.charles@.... I reside in Melbourne Australia.
Marvin Bude
61 0413998735

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help


I like the new format - it is easy to read and very clear. Not sure why so many people are having problems. 


Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails #Help

Joan A. Baronberg

1. So I’m trying to reply to Hilary Henkin, and I don’t see her email address. How can I reply directly to her/him?
Then, when I press “reply to group,” all I get is an email address of “main@groups” and No copy of the message to which I am “replying” is enclosed. That makes no sense! How will anyone know to what I am “replying”?

2. For years and years, I could read my Digest delivery once a day and it was clearcut and effective. Now, WHY, am I receiving 8-10 emails a day from JewishGen? Why doesn’t my all-in one true digest form stay as is? BTW, I definitely do Not want to receive individual emails.

3. I also tried to change the style of my subscription in which I receive these emails. I wasn’t successful in finding a way to do that. I simply do not understand why every person needs to formally change their subscription style. A stupid hassle.

Conclusion, One more day of this, and I will cut my cord with Jewishgen. That is a sad story as I am a long-time member (and even started a discussion group —SRRG).

Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails #Help


Hi All,

Big thanks to Hilary Henkin for her helpful message "At the bottom  of each digest should be a link to "Your Subscription."  Click on that, and you'll get to a page with four choices how to receive postings ....   Individual Messages / Full Featured Digest / Daily Summary / Special Notices Only".

For me, using MS Outlook, "Your subscription" appears at the top rather than bottom of each digest, but it's certainly there.

Unfortunately, the original welcome post (title" Welcome to the Discussion Group!) from the JG Discussion group was misleading.  It read "Subscription Settings: Your default setting is to receive a daily digest of messages. ...."  This suggested a daily summary, but was not the case for me, nor I suspect for many of us.  Instead I was defaulted to packs of 12 messages, arriving several times daily.  As Hilary writes, go to your subscription - and you may be asked to create a password, but this is a pretty quick and painless process - and change your setting to the one you prefer.   (A daily summary is what I want and now have).

To those questioning the lack pf messages from regional SIGs, this always happens over Jewish holidays.  The SIGs are working fine.

I wish the organisers & moderators all the best with instigating this new system that I am sure we will get more used to over time.  A bit like the mobile phone.  Or the car.  

Warmly, Joyaa, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Re: Genealogy software for Mac


Jo Ann Goldwater - If you were using a licensed version of Reunion 11 you can upgrade to the current version for half price (, then click on the Buy Reunion, Now! button. The upgrade works fine converting your older file.
Elias Savada
Bethesda MD

Re: Genealogy software for Mac

David Brostoff

On Oct 13, 2019, at 1:32 PM, Jo Ann Goldwater <jogold@...> wrote:

I was using Reunion 11, I think, on my iPad and iMac but it is so out of date, it can’t even be upgraded. So I guess I’ll just go with the Reunion and buy a new version of it.
As far as I know, Reunion 11 owners are eligible for an upgrade to Reunion 12: <>


Kristallnacht Commemoration

Eli Rabinowitz

Kristallnacht Commemoration in Perth Australia at 5pm on Sunday 10 November at Perth Modern School.

Keynote speaker is Malcolm McCusker AC CVO QC, former WA Governor.

Topic: Evil Creeps Back If Good People Stand Aside.

Multiple digests #Help


Today I received Digests for the main mail group numbered 30 thru 36 at different times during the day. Up until now I only got one digest from the group each day. Each of these digests looked normal and had several topics in each. They were not duplicates. 

I thought the purpose of the digest was to limit the emails to one per day. If there are many topics on a given day will we get several digests?
Mary-Jane Roth
Alexandria VA

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help

Joan Edelstein

First, I’m very pleased with the digest format, thank you!

However, I’m also getting numerous digests each day. Having read the posts, I understand the digest should have up to 12 messages, though I’m not sure why it’s limited to 12 (I get digests in other groups that have over 20 messages). I would be fine with 12, knowing that’s the max. Unfortunately, so far today I’ve received four digests; one with 7 messages, two with 9 messages, and one with 10 messages. I think that’s probably on the sender end. It would be very helpful to have the maximum number of messages in each digest, which I expect will be shorter once the glitches are ironed out. It would also be helpful to increase the number of messages in the digest, as the reason we subscribe to digest is not to get so many emails.


Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help

Sophia Shore

I was not able to post on the old forum because i did not know how to use the text program it required. If i can remember what i was trying to post, i will repost. Looking forward o using this site

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help

Maurine McLellan

The new functions are great, but there are glitches that need to be resolved. Mitch said he sees the original message above replies, but I am not getting those. (The original message to which I am replying also did not show when I clicked on “Reply to group”)
Also, instead of one digest/day, I am getting multiple digests (numbered in sequence). So far today, I have received four digests only minutes apart. Some of the messages are repeats of what was in previous digests.
Hopefully, these issues can be worked out and we can get back to focusing on genealogy.

Maurine McLellan

Re: Digest

Fran Cohen

So far today I have received 5 digests from groups.jewush.gen. I also have not receive any postings from the other SIG groups I belong to. Once a day is a good pace. What happened to our other SIG posts?