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Robert Fraser

Hi guys -

I have just ordered a list of records of property declared
by Viennese Jewish families in 1938 >from the
Oesterreichisches Staatsarchiv.

It's noteworthy that many people, who would logically have
been required to make declaration, do not appear on the
List. Such as my late Mother and grandmother. But I've
included them in my request anyway, and it'll be interesting
to see what appears.

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia
NOWAK; Moravia, Austria, USA and the world: EISINGER;
Moravia, Vienna, USA and the world NAGEL; Moravia, Vienna,
New York: FINKELSTEIN; Galicia, Vienna WORTMANN; Slovakia:

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech New Edition of Sucess Stories #Austria-Czech

Phyllis Kramer

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of JewishGen's
SUCCESS! STORIES webzine. You can access these stories >from the "About Us"
button on our homepage or by following this link: .

Our new issue has two articles that complement each other in interesting ways.
Unlike many of our past stories, in which connections were made using the
JewishGen Family Finder or through queries and letters posted on the discussion
lists, these two tales, by Bill Schechter and Jerry Touger, feature family
reunions that came about through more varied research, but in each case also
using resources found on JewishGen.

We're sure you'll be inspired by these stories and we encourage you to send our
volunteer editors, Meredith Hoffman and Nancy Siegel, your own success stories
for possible future publication. Their email address is:

Phyllis Kramer, VP, Education, JewishGen, Inc

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Vienna Civil records #Austria-Czech


I have an old German dictionary >from just around that period. I looked at
Belegen, it has many meanings. One may be relevant, the expression "einen
Platz belegen" means to book a seat or place, to reserve. Thus Belegung may
mean that a plot has been reserved.

Jan Bousse, Oostende, Belgium

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Austria Czech Events at DC2011 #Austria-Czech


We hope you will join us for this year's events at DC2011. We had lots of fun in LA and it should be great in DC.

Sunday 2-5 PM. SIG/BOG Fair Look for the Austria Czech Table.

Resource Room - Sun -Fri Bohemian Jewish Census of 1783, 1793 available

Tuesday 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM T-506 "Freud's Moravia" This talk will examine the constellation of middle-sized
Jewish communities in Moravia, which were home for centuries to a rich religious, cultural and economic life,
even though they suffered >from many occupational, residential and marital restrictions that remained in
place until the Revolution of 1848. During the revolution, the Jews were granted new rights, including
freedom of movement. Many Moravian Jews chose to leave their ancestral communities, moving like the
Freud family to Vienna and other bustling cities of the Habsburg Empire. This talk will examine the
transformation of the Moravian Jewish community in the course of the nineteenth century, taking note of the
large exodus that made Vienna the "argest "Moravian Jewish" city by the 1860s. Speaker:Michael Miller.
Broad audience.

Wednesday 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM W-L3 $$ "Austria-Czech SIG Luncheon: Brandeis Family Comes to America"
The Brandeis Family originated in Bradys and Labem, just outside Prague. The unsuccessful Revolutions of
1848 produced a series of political upheavals, and the family decided to leave Europe. Based, in part, on the
book by his great-aunt ("Pilgrims of '48") and the memoirs of his great-grandmother, the talk will cover the
last years in Prague, the decision to emigrate to the United States, the exploration of opportunities by his
great-grandfather and the settling in Louisville, Kentucky. The talk will include personal memories of his
grandfather, the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis. Speaker: Frank Brandeis Gilbert.

Wednesday 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM W-407 Austria-Czech SIG Meeting

Wednesday 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM W-503 "Understanding the Familiants Laws" The Familiants Laws of 1726-27
placed severe restrictions on Jewish marriage in Bohemia, Moravia and Austrian Silesia until they were
repealed in 1848. This talk will present an overview of these restrictive laws, explaining how they were
enforced . . and how the Familiants registries can be used for genealogical research. Speaker: Michael Miller.
Broad audience.

Vera Finberg
Fairfax, VA

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Vidoe and audio of Irene Weinberg #Austria-Czech


I have posted three recordings of Irene Weinberg which you are free to
download. Irene WEINBERG, my mother, was a native of Lwow, Poland( Lviv,
Ukraine) and survived in the open during the Holocaust in Lwow and
Warsaw. After the war, she married Rabbi Wilhelm Weinberg, who served as
first Landesrabbiner of Hesse after World War II:
Tape to her son, c 1976:

Taped interview with Reporter:

Video recording:

The Oral Testimony of Holocaust Survivor Irene Weinberg
I have posted this video recording made by my mother, Irene Weinberg, to
add to the testimony of survivors of the Holocaust.
About this video:
"Irene Weinberg, a Jewish native of Lwow,Poland(Lviv, Ukraine), survived
Nazi persecution in Lwow and Warsaw by living in the open as an Aryan
Pole. This is here personal account, as told to Roseanne Herman and Rae
Weisberger in 1994"

Sincerely yours,
Rabbi Dr. Norbert Weinberg
c/o WNO Scholastic Enrichment,Inc
Encino, CA 91316
email: norofra@...

Karmi Sheli-My Vineyard
The Courage of the Spirit:The story of Europe's Jewry in the 20 th =
Century >from family accounts and documents

Reasearching Family Records of WEINBERG (Dolyna/Ukraine,
Vienna/Austria,Frankfurt AM, Germany), ZARWANITZER
(Dolyna/Ukraine), IGER( Lviv, Podwolochisk/Ukraine) GOTTDENKER ( Lviv,

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Juedische Korrespondenz newspaper in Vienna #Austria-Czech

David Shapiro

Back in February, I posted a query for information on Rabbi Joseph
ENGEL, who had been chief rabbi of Krakow, and had lived in Vienna >from
1914 until 1919 and died there on Friday 24 October 1919. At the time
several list members referred me to the Neue Freie Presse, where in fact
nothing could be found.

Yesterday I searched the various Austrian newspapers available at and discovered an orthodox Jewish publication,
which came out every Friday, the Juedische Korrespondenz. There I found
on the first and second pages of the issue of the following Friday a
eulogy together with a detailed description of the funeral.

This may be old news, but since no one pointed me in this direction at
the time of my inquiry I thought I would point out that news about the
orthodox community which may not appear in the secular press in Vienna
may be found in the Juedische Korrespondenz. (There are several other
Jewish publications available at that site, but not for the years that
were of interest to me).

Incidentally, I am still looking for leads for more information on Rabbi
Engel, including group pictures of rabbis in Vienna at the time where he
may be included.

David Shapiro

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech National Archives (UK) Digital images of complete WW2 Internees Index #Austria-Czech


Some of you will already be familiar with the records on the Moving Here
website (, on which you can download images >from
the UK World War 2 Internees Index. However, this only included a small
proportion of these records, being a subset of people who were not
interned - mainly women and older men.

The National archives have now digitized all the microfilms >from the
series HO396. It is described as:
"Home Office: Aliens Department: Internees Index
This series contains records of mostly Germans, Austrians, Italians and
their spouses who were interned or considered for internment during the
Second World War."
Hitherto these records were only available at the National Archives in
Kew. Now they are downloadable, as PDF files, free of charge.

Go to
Click on "HO396" for a fuller description of the records.
Although onecan access the records >from that page, it is much easier to
do this:
instead of clicking on "HO396" , click on the hyperlink "Home Office:
Aliens Department: Internees Index". >from that page you can browse
through the 308 documents that are available for download.

This is a very valuable resource for German and Austrian immigrants,
giving birth dates and places, and other interesting details. In
principle it should be almost complete for all adult "Enemy Alien"
refugees. Czechs were classified as "Non-enemy alien", and so are not
generally listed. Though you might still find some mentioned, e.g in
"HO 396/302 British and non-enemy women married to enemy aliens". It
can also help in locating UK Naturalization files preserved at the
National Archives (though not digitized), as it gives the Home Office
file reference number.

Peter Lowe
Hertford, England

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech JewishGen Course: Breaking Brick Walls in the United States. #Austria-Czech

Phyllis Kramer

If, despite basic online research, you have not yet found the Hebrew
names, birth year or former European residence for some of your U.S.
immigrant ancestors consider this course... as it covers more complex
U.S. topics such as Naturalization, Military and Governmental records
(Passports, Visas), Death Records (obituaries, probate), Mormon
microfilms and local archival research.

The lessons can be read online and/or downloaded; read at your own
pace (we do not meet at a specific time because our students are
international). The class assumes you're comfortable with topics
covered in the Basic U.S. Course (genealogy formats, organizing and
tracking information, U.S. vital records, U.S. census, Ellis Island
manifests),browsing the internet and have 8-10 hours available each

All of JewishGen's courses feature our personal mentoring program;
students use our online FORUM to post an ancestral branch, set goals
for research, and work one on one with the instructor. PLEASE read the
course descriptions and requirements and enroll via our Learning
Center at: The course is open for
enrollment and will begin Sept. 1. Any questions, email

I look forward to interfacing with every student.
Phyllis Kramer, VP, Education

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Report from Washington #Austria-Czech

E. Randol Schoenberg

We had a wonderful week in Washington DC at the 31st Annual IAJGS
conference. Prof. Michael Miler gave two terrific lectures on Freud's
Moravia and the Familianten Laws. Our guest speaker at the luncheon,
Frank Brandeis Gilbert, spoke movingly about his grandfather Louis
Brandeis and how his Bohemian-Jewish background influenced the great US
Supreme Court Justice. Everyone in attendance seemed to really enjoy

At our annual meeting, we discussed some of the projects on the horizon.
In particular, the Czech State Archives are in need of funds next year
to complete projects of great importance to our SIG. They need about
100,000 CZK to finish the Prague conscription database, 70,000 CZK to
publish the recently completed 250,000 pages of scans of Jewish vital
records (birth, death and marriage records >from Boehmia and Moravia),
and 250,000 CZK to scan and publish the Familianten records held in
Prague. The total comes to $25,000. At our meeting , we unanimously
decided to use the funds held in our AustriaCzech general account
(currently about $10,000) to support the Czech State Archives in their
efforts to make all of these materials available to us on the Internet.

Further donations to this effort can be made online to the Austria-Czech
SIG General Fund via

Please let me know if there are any serious objections to this use of
our funds. All of these projects are essential for the progress of our
genealogical work. With the records available, we can then set up
projects to index the documents, much as the other SIGs have done with
their records.

Next year's conference is in Paris, France The 32nd International
Conference on Jewish Genealogy will be held at the Marriott Rive Gauche
Hotel and Conference Center in Paris >from July 15-18. Please let me
know if you might be attending.

Randy Schoenberg
AustriaCzech SIG Coordinator/Moderator
Los Angeles, CA

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Viewmate translation request - German #Austria-Czech


I've posted an obituary announcement for my great-great uncle, HERMANN BEINHACKER in German which I
need a direct translation. It's on ViewMate at the following address.
Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.
Thank you very much.
Caryn Levinson

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech RE: Report from Washington #Austria-Czech

Robert Fraser

Two rather obvious questions come to mind:

1 - who are the 'we', who decided to thus utilise
AustriaCzech funds?

2 - would it not be more democratic to poll all A/C members
(many of whom have contributed the money, including my
humble self) to seek their approval on this use of the
funds? $US10,000 is a lot of money in anyone's terms. We're
not talking about small purchases >from the petty cashbox.

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia

At our meeting , we unanimously decided to use the funds
held in our AustriaCzech general account (currently about
$10,000) to support the Czech State Archives in their
efforts to make all of these materials available to us on
the Internet.

Further donations to this effort can be made online to the
Austria-Czech SIG General Fund via

Please let me know if there are any serious objections to
this use of our funds. All of these projects are essential
for the progress of our genealogical work. With the records
available, we can then set up projects to index the
documents, much as the other SIGs have done with their

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Report from Washington #Austria-Czech

E. Randol Schoenberg


We did not take attendance in Washington, but I'd say there were about
25 or more SIG members at the annual meeting. We had quite a bit of
discussion and at the end I called for a vote on a motion to approve
spending the money and it was approved unanimously. I told the
attendees that I would also ask for comments >from the SIG on the mailing
list, which is what I have done. If there are serious objections, this
is the time to discuss them.

As most of us have antecedents or relatives in Bohemia and Moravia, my
feeling was that we could all profit >from making these records
available. The Austrian records are largely available already. Most of
the other SIGs also have projects like this.

Again, please let me know if there are any serious objections.
Considering the value to all of us of making the materials available, my
feeling was that the cost was relatively low, and we have yet to spend
any of our accumulated donations on any other projects.

Randy Schoenberg
Austria-Czech SIG Coordinator & Moderator
Los Angeles, CA

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Meir (Max) Weissberg #Austria-Czech


This is a repeat request.

Meir (Max) WEISSBERG was my great great Uncle on my father's mother's
side. He was one of five siblings, born to Marcus and Freude
WEISSBERG in Bukaczowce, eastern Galicia. Of not, Max was a Judaic
scholar, prominent in the Haskala movement. After education in
Vienna, L'viv, Kheyder, Belekhov, and Tshemovits (Cernuati, Ukraine),
Stryj, he settled in Stanislawow >from 1926, where he was an educator
and principal of a local school. He died in Stanislawow in 1930. Of
note, one of his children, Jozef Karol Weissberg (later wrote under
the name of Jozef Bialogorski (Weissberg and Bialogorski translate
White Mountain) renounced Judaism, while living in L'viv, c1921. He
wrote and published several books (in Polish) with erotic themes and

As they say, I've hit the wall. I would appreciate any and all
suggestions as to where I can search for any details or photos of Meir
Weissberg or Jozef Weissberg.

My renewed interest in finding more details about this man comes from
the fact, that I am discovering more details about Max's nephew (son
of Max's brother, Selig), Samuel Morris Weissberg who was born in
Stanislawow and immigrated to the US, ending up in Cleveland.

Please respond privately, palekaiko@...

Thank you,

Michael Diamant

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech KehilaLinks #Austria-Czech

E. Randol Schoenberg

One other development last week was the name change >from ShtetlLinks to
KehilaLinks. See . Many of us had
objected to using the Yiddish term for small towns to designate our
communities. It will take some time before all the websites and
references have been modified. But with this change, it now seems to be
a good time to migrate our GemeindeView pages at over to KehilaLinks.
If you want help migrating your page, or would like to help by creating
a new page commemorating a community in Austria or Czech Republic,
please contact shtetl-help@... or go to

Randy Schoenberg
Los Angeles, CA

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Report from Washington #Austria-Czech


I agree. That's a very good idea.

Hanus Grab

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Jewish Forced Labour #Austria-Czech

Robert Fraser

Dear Friends -

I've always known that my great-grandfather Adolf
FINKELSTEIN was sent to a forced labour camp in Wendefurt,
Germany. I even have a photo of him in what I assume to be a
work gang at the camp.

Searching via Google brought up a well-researched and
informative book on the subject of Jewish forced labour:
'Jewish Forced Labor under the nazis' written by Wolf
GRUNER. It's partially readable on Google books.

I don't know when he was ordered to report for the camp;
probably sometime between 26 March 1939 and 12 April 1939.

I'm wondering if any documentation might exist concerning
his 'call-up', and also when he might have been released. He
must have been returned to Vienna at some point, as he was
transported on 3 December 1941 >from Vienna's Aspangbahnhof
to Riga, >from where he never returned.

Any suggestions?

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia
NOWAK; Moravia, Austria, USA and the world: EISINGER;
Moravia, Vienna, USA and the world
NAGEL; Moravia, Vienna, New York: FINKELSTEIN; Galicia,

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Report from Washington #Austria-Czech


So do I,

J. Lowenstamm
Paris, France

Selon Hans Peter Grab <hpgrab@...>:

I agree. That's a very good idea.

Hanus Grab

Austria-Czech SIG now has 1177 members.

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech JewishGen 2011 Update #Austria-Czech

Groll, Avraham

JewishGen today published its 2011 update, which highlights the efforts
of thousands of dedicated JewishGen volunteers throughout the world.
Topics include Fundraising, Communications, and general JewishGen
features, along with a special section dedicated to the accomplishments
of JewishGen's Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

The update can be viewed by visiting

If you have comments or experience any difficulty viewing the update,
please email info@....

Avraham Groll
Director of Business Operations

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech RE: Report from Washington #Austria-Czech

Roberta Sheps

Is this translation project the same one that Daniela Torsh has been
supporting? If so then I would be happy to support it. I wanted to
contribute to Daniela's project, but the red tape (one might also say
Kafkaesque procedure) connected with donation is absurd and discouraging. So
I would welcome any means to contribute in a sensible way.

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Report from Washington #Austria-Czech

Alyson Breuer

Dear Randy:

As you and the other SIG members in Washington recognized, this
special opportunity to support those who are presently toiling to
bring digital access to Czech and Austrian records to anyone in the
world should be welcomed and activated. In a sense it is like "The
March of Dimes" money >from many different (hundreds of?) sources,
contributed over the years, awaiting deployment to a truly worthy
cause. There can surely be no better use of the $10,000 than to
direct it towards advancing completion of a painstaking chore that
ultimately will be of the most benefit to the most people -- including
the donors! So let's walk the walk! Thanks for letting us know about
this; if anyone disagrees let him or her speak now!


Alyson Breuer