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Nancy Holden

Register Now for JewishGen Class January 3 to January 24, 2020

Research Your Roots using JewishGen is designed for researchers who
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If you want to learn to use all the JewishGen databases and JewishGen
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This three-week, mentored course is designed to match JewishGen
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instructor on the JewishGen private Forum. You start by posting an
introduction to your family story and objectives you would like to
work on. The Instructor will personally respond to your posts, your
questions, and your project goals with suggestions and assistance.
The forum is open 24/7. You post at your convenience and the
instructor checks into the forum frequently to respond.

Requirements: Students must be comfortable browsing the Internet and
downloading files and have 8-10 hours per week to organize their
papers, read the lessons, search online and interact with the FORUM.
Tuition for this Course is $150. Registration is open now, maximum 15
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*Please* review the detailed description, requirements and tuition at
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Nancy Holden
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Jewish Exponent (Philadelphia) Article about Miriam Weiner

Mark Halpern

The Jewish Genealogical and Archival Society of Greater Philadelphia held its sixth annual Steve Schecter Memorial Lecture last Sunday. Miriam Weiner was the keynote speaker.

Miriam's career as a breakthrough Jewish Genealogist was captured in an article in the Jewish Exponent. The article is a good read and mentions a few other Philadelphia Society members.

It was also announced that Fred Blum would step down after 12 years as President and Felicia Mode Alexander would become the Society's first female President.

Mark Halpern
VP, Jewish Genealogical and Archival Society of Greater Philadelphia

Projects for Novograd-Volynsk City and Nearby Towns Baranivka; Horodnytsia; Lyubar; Nova Chortoryia; Ostropil; Polonne; Rohachiv; Romaniv; etc. #records #volhynia #YizkorBooks #Ukraine

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

There are so many genealogy projects going on for the city and administrative district of Novograd Volynsk! 

#1) Significant progress has been made on translating the Novograd Volynsk Yizkor Book since June of this year. Table of Contents at More $ is needed to continue, so please donate generously at

#2) The Lyubar town group purchased a full set of revision and supplement lists (1816-1874) for the administrative district of Novograd-Volynsk this year (which includes the city of N-V along with 12 other nearby towns Baranivka; Berezdiv; Horodnytsia; Korets; Krasnostav; Lyubar; Myropil; Nova Chortoryia; Novohrad-Volynskyi City; Ostropil; Polonne; Rohachiv; and Romaniv). All of these digital files were made available on Alex Krakovsky's website and are free to browse. 

#3) A TOWN FINDING AID for each of the 13 towns in these Revision Lists was created and publicized. See Lara Diamond's Blog where I posted the PAGE INDEX for each town at THIS TELLS YOU EXACTLY WHERE YOU CAN FIND YOUR TOWN WITHIN THESE MASSIVE BOOK IMAGES TOTALLING 10,000+ PAGES. The 1872-1874 book has been added since publication.

#4) There is a SURNAME INDEX IN ENGLISH completely finished for all of the revision lists for the towns of Lyubar (1000+ pages) and Ostropol online. Visit my Lyubar KehilaLinks website to read an explanation of the project and to search for your surname at 

#5) MORE surname indices to these revision lists are coming in the near future for Baranivka, Horodnystia, Nova Chartoryia, Polonne (including Poninka), Rohachiv and Romaniv!

All of this extraordinary translation and indexing of the revision lists was done by a volunteer named Deborah Glassman! Check out her website with the completed master surname list from the revision lists for Ostropol at Deb has also revolutionized how we should be reading the revision lists with a new analysis looking at households over time and not just within one revision year. Hopefully, she will lecture at the San Diego IAJGS Conference on this unique report she has composed.

*Note that if Korets and Krasnostav are of interest, then you might want to check in with Michael Levin and Dr. Rachel Goodman who are adding free revision list indices in English on the Tsal Kaplan Foundation website at  

Very happy, and agree that it's been a long time coming for those of us interested in records and indices for the towns on the eastern side of Volhynia. 

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
Erie, Colorado USA

Finishers Sick Benevolent Association

Steve Stein

Does anyone know anything about the Finishers Sick Benevolent Association, who had a single burial plot in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY? Is it associated somehow with a trade union? The JGSNY database does not have a geographic location it is associated with.

Please do not refer me to the JGSNY Burial Societies database.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ

Re: JewishGen Education offers - - Research Your Roots Using JewishGen -- January 3 to January 24

Nancy Holden

On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 08:00 PM, Nancy Holden wrote:
JewishGen Education has many courses to choose from
Some are Free (VAS - value added for having contributed $100. to the JG General Fund in the past 12  months)
Some are self-paced and sent to you via email as attachments
Some are mentored online classes with one on one instruction to help with your research
To register for a class through JewishGen education
If you have questions

Nancy Holden
Director of Education


Susi Godfrey

On Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at 08:22 PM, Stefani Elkort Twyford wrote:

Thank you  for the nudge and your email as a template.  I have sent one to Alex.

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page

Bruce Drake

One of the most well-known eyewitness accounts of Nazi brutality is one written by German-born Hermann Friedrich Graebe about the mass-killing that took place in Dubno in 1942. Graebe joined the Nazi party in 1931, but soon became disenchanted with it and was openly critical about the Nazis’ campaign against Jewish businesses. He witnessed the Dubno events during his time as a manager of a German construction firm in the Ukraine — one that employed a Jewish workforce to build and renovate structures needed for railroad communications.

His account — “Testimony about the slaughter in Dubno” —is included in the Yizkor book of Dubno (Ukraine). Graebe was recognizied by Yad Vashem in 1965 as “Righteous Among the Nations.”


Bruce Drake

Silver Spring MD


Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel 

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Name-Change Committee - an omission #Austria-Czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

You will all by now have heard of the imminent
name-change to Austria-Czech SIG.
As Sharla Levine, Bohemia-Moravia/Austria-Czech SIG
Coordinator mentioned, the decision was very difficult
and sadly there appeared to be no simple way to
incorporate the historic, well-loved place names into
a modern 21st century name for the SIG.
I would like to correct the list of committee members.
Uri Meretz, a valued member of our committee, was
conspicous by his absence on the original posting!
The full list of members in alphabetical order was:
Vera Finberg [US]  
Celia Male [UK]
Uri Meretz [Israel]
Randy Schoenberg [US]  
Tom Weiss [US] 
Henry Wellisch [Canada]
Sharla Levine was the Coordinator/Chairperson of the
Celia Male [UK]

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Ossowa Arbeitslager, Sobibor #Austria-Czech

Peter Lowe <Peter.Lowe@...>

Does anyone have any information, or know >from where I might obtain it,
on the Ossowa Arbeitslager at or near Sobibor ?

My grandfather, Gustav ADLER (born 1877 in Amschelberg), was deported
from Prague on 12 Feb 1942 on Transport X to Terezin and then on 9 May
1942 on Transport Ax to Sobibor. According to , the
destination was "Ossowa?, Sobibor?" and there were no survivors >from the
1000 transported.

I have only found one clear reference to the nature of Ossowa (apart
from references relating to the Sobibor uprising). This was: , which is a list
of German Companies that used forced labor. It includes: Ossowa
(Komarowska Podlaska) and Ossowa (Sobibor). This implied to me that
Ossowa was the name of a German Company.

from letters >from my grandfather, we know that he was at "Ossova
Arbeitslager, Post Sobibor, Kreis Cholm", and at least in May 1942 was
living in Siedlicze upon the Wiepr., Leczynska str. 17, near Sztern
Pinkwas, Kreis Cholm. Our last information was that he had bronchitis
and presumably died shortly thereafter as he had already retired
following a heart-attack.

We are particularly keen to obtain information on Ossowa Arbeitslager in
pursuit for claims relating to compensation for Slave Labour.

Thank you for any help you can give.

Peter Lowe
Hertford, England
Email: Peter.Lowe@...

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Released from Kaufering #Austria-Czech

Doug Mason

It has always been known in the family that my uncle Heinrich MALZ died in
KZ. So you can imagine my surprise and thoughts when I read in the Dachau
database that he was released at Kaufering.

I know this is he since it gives his birth date, and his address matches
that given in the Lettertothestars database, where it says he was
transported with his wife Katherina on 1 October 1942 to Theresienstadt.
Two years later, on 29 September 1944 he was transferred to Auschwitz.

The Dachau database says he arrived there >from Auschwitz shortly
afterwards on 10 October 1944, where later he was released.

I want to find out what happened to him after he was released. I presume
the Allies made some record of him when he was released. Is this record
available? What did the Allies do with these people when they were
released? How can I track his movements >from that time?

Doug Mason

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Yad Vashem Database goes online #Austria-Czech


As of November 22, 2004, The Yad Vashem Central Database of 3 million Shoa
Victims' Names will be accessible on line. The address will be . For many of us, who have been waiting for years
for this major source to be made easily accessible, it is important news.
See full details at

Uriel Meretz, Ramat-Hasharon, Israel

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech * Terezin's poignant legacy #Austria-Czech

Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

A very comprehensive story about concentration camp Terezin (Theresienstadt)
was published by the Miami Herald. See:

Tom Venetianer <mailto:tom.vene@...>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

MODERATOR NOTE: Registration (free) is required to read
these papges.

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Sobibor - Osawa #Austria-Czech

Harry Stadler <stadler@...>

You will find detailed information on Sobibor and the other death camps
including the labour camps on . Click on 'Sobobor'
and 'overviews' which even includes some photos, although not of Osawa.

Harry Stadler
Cranleigh GB.

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Doug Mason's inquiry #Austria-Czech

Joyce Field

Doug Mason wants to find out what happened to his uncle, whom he
presumed had died but who is listed in the Dachau database,, as having been
transferred there >from Auschwitz and later released >from Dachau.

I suggest that Doug contact USHMM with his uncle's name and prisoner
number and perhaps they may be able to trace what happened to him
after his release.

Joyce Field

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Researching: ZERKOWITZ, REBENWURZEL, SOUDEK, GRUNWALD #Austria-Czech

Robert Hanscom <rodihan@...>

I am seeking more information on several branches of my ZERKOWITZ
family of Vienna. Has anyone come across the following surnames
in their genealogical research?

Simon REBENWURZEL, b. Strassnitz, Moravia, c.1800; d. Wien, 7 October
1866. He m. Hendel / "Fanny" ZERKOWITZ, b. Leipnik, Moravia, 15 January
1806, d/o Juda Lobl [Leopold] ZERKOWITZ and Sara (HERLITSCHEK).
Fanny d. in Wien, 5 December 1893, age 86 years.

Their children:
1. Anna [Nanette] REBENWURZEL, b. c.1835, d. in Wien, 27 February 1888,
age 52 years. She m. Ignatz REISS, b. c.1823, d. in Wien, 20 November
1902, age 79 yrs.

2. Leopold REBENWURZEL, b. c.1838, d. in Wien, 30 May 1900, age 62 yrs.
He m. Therese HERZFELD, b. c.1840, d. in Wien, 9 December 1887, age 47

3. Rosa REBENWURZEL, b. Strassnitz, Moravia, 1842, d. in Wien, 9 October
1870, age 28 yrs. She m. Sigmund SPITZER, who later m. her younger
sister Minna.

4. Minna REBENWURZEL, b. c.1844, d. in Wien, 11 June 1937, age 93 yrs.
She m. after 1870, her widowed brother-in-law, Sigmund SPITZER, b.
c.1838, buried in Wien, 3 February 1922, age 83 yrs.

5. Dr. jur. Julius REBENWURZEL, later Dr. jur. Julius RELLY, b. 15
December 1846, d. in Wien, 14 October 1908, a lawyer. He m. Mathilde
BLOCH, b. 21 April 1860, d/o Herman and Hermine (EISENSTADTER de BUZIAS)
BLOCH. Mathilde d. in Wien, 3 June 1931.

Fanny's obituary lists all of her living children and children-in-law,
but makes no mention of any grandchildren. Does anyone have knowledge of
any descendants of this family?

Also, this family:

Minna [Mirel] ZERKOWITZ, b. Leipnik, 25 January 1815, d/o Juda Lobl
[Leopold] ZERKOWITZ and Sara (HERLITSCHEK), was married to [name unknown]
SOUDEK. Minna died in Wien, 17 April 1891, age 76 yrs. I have no
information on her husband.

Minna's children:
1. Annette SOUDEK, m. Isidor ZIFFER. Both were living in April 1891.

2. Sidonie SOUDEK, d. in Wien, 5 November 1920 [no age given]. She m.

3. Ludwig SOUDEK, b. c.1855, buried in Wien, 21 September 1902, age 47
yrs. He had wife Melanie in 1891.

Again, I would be interested to learn if there are any descendants of
this family. I would also like to discover the first name of Minna's

Finally, this family:

Sidonie ZERKOWITZ, b. Tobitschau, Moravia, 17 February 1852, d/o Dr.
Gerson ZERKOWITZ and wife, Jeanette (KNOPFELMACHER), granddaughter of
Juda Lobl ZERKOWITZ and Sara (HERLITSCHEK). Sidonie was a noted writer,
author, and early feminist. She m. 1st, Prince KOLOKOTRONIS of Greece,
whom she soon divorced. She m. 2nd, in Wien, 26 June 1877, Leopold
GRUNWALD, b. 13 February 1831, a banker, s/o Benjamin and Rebeka
GRUNWALD. Leopold died in Wien, 27 July 1890, age 59 years. Sidonie
died in Carlsbad [Karlovy Vary] on 12 June 1907, age 55 yrs., and is
buried in Wien.

At first, I thought Sidonie was childless. But now, a Zerkowitz cousin
has sent me the following information, passed down to him >from his

"Sidonie married a Greek prince COLOPODRINES [sic] and had a son. She
then married again, a banker, GREENWALD, and had two daughters and one

Does anyone have any knowledge of Sidonie's children? I do find buried
with her (in Vienna) one Edith GRUNWALD who d. on 7 August 1930, age 18
years. This was likely a granddaughter, but I have not been able to
establish the name of Edith's father.

I would welcome any help with these Vienna families. Please reply
privately. Thanks--

Robert Hanscom
Andover, Mass. USA

Researching in Moravia and Vienna: TAUBER, KNOPFELMACHER, ZWILLINGER,

MODERATOR NOTE: Robert, your first step, if you haven't already
done this, is to register all the names and places you are researching
with the Jewishgen Family Finder, where over 300,000 entries are listed:

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech GRAETZ and LOEW #Austria-Czech

E. Randol Schoenberg

I am searching for members of the GRAETZ and LOEW family who owned stock in
the Oesterreichische Zuckerindustriegesellschaft AG (Brucker Zuckerfabrik)
that was run by Ferdinand BLOCH-BAUER. Please contact me privately if you
have any knowledge of their whereabouts.

Randol Schoenberg
Los Angeles, CA

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Austrian TODFALLSAUFNAHME- Report of Death FORM #Austria-Czech

Ed Zwieback <ezwieback@...>

I have received a number of these German-language documents >from MA8-Vienna
in the past and needed a English translation for the Form. A very good
English translation for all the sections of the Form is available as a
"Rich-Text-Format" document download from

Please be aware that the URL will not work if it's "wrapped-around" on your
screen; i.e., not all on one line. Also, this is a "download link" (not a
web screen); the link will download the form (as a Word doc) to be saved on
your hard disk.

Ed Zwieback
Long Beach, CA

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech STEINDLER from Sadek #Austria-Czech

Linda Berkowitz <e-berkowitz@...>

I just received a passport application for my gg uncle Albert STEINDLER.
It states that he was born in Sadek Bohemia IN 1868 and that his father's
name was Carl.

I would be delighted to hear >from anyone with information on either
this village or this family.

Linda Berkowitz
Northbrook, IL

MODERATOR NOTE: Linda, your first move should be to register the names and
places being researched with the JewishGen Family Finder. Also, run a search
for "sadek" on a good search engine, and several references will be
found. In all probability, the town currently has a different name.

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Austria-Czech SIG Website #Austria-Czech

Austria Czech Sig <austriaczechsig@...>

The former BohMor SIG website has been updated to reflect the recent SIG name

The URL for the Austria-Czech SIG web site is now:

There has also been a change to my e-mail address for comments about the website
and submission of new material. The new address is austriaczechsig@...

Alex Calzareth
Austria-Czech SIG Webmaster

Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Seeking Adele GRAF (nee NEUMANN) #Austria-Czech

Anne Webber <annewebber@...>

We are attempting to discover the fate of Adele GRAF.

Adele GRAF (nee NEUMANN) was born 4 December 1875, Vienna.

We believe she may have married Leopold Graf. Leopold was resident in Gablonz
in 1920; and would have been aged 75/76 in 1943. They may have travelled to
New York together in 1920 (possibly to visit relatives?)

In February 1942 the Gestapo recorded her as registered in Gablonz. By June 1943
she was registered by the Reichsprotektorat in Prague.

Alternative Gestapo sources record that she fled to Switzerland in 1938.

We would be very grateful for any information you could give us regarding Adele
or Leopold, and their relatives.

Best wishes
Anne Webber

MODERATOR NOTE: Please remember to type surnames of interest in all capitals and
do not use diacritical marks such as accents and umlauts.