Re: Date of Birth input into databases #advice

Angie Elfassi


I manage several kits and some of the men have J-M172 y-DNA.

Which company have you used for testing?

Angie Elfassi

Re: New records online: the New York City *Geographic* Birth Index, late 19th and early 20th century, from Reclaim The Records

e l

Hello Brooke,

As a retired attorney who spent much of his career working with tax exempt organizations, I would like to point out the the correct citation is §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.  That designation was put in place in or a bit after 1918 and remains the same to this day except that the date of the Code has been revised whenever there has been a major revision.  That designation was certainly used in the Internal Revenue Code of 1939.

Edward David Luft

Kristallnacht Commemoration - Sunday 10 November 2019

Eli Rabinowitz

Each year on 9/10 November, we commemorate Kristallnacht, also called Night of Broken Glass or November Pogroms, when German Nazis attacked Jewish persons and property in Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland on that date in 1938. The name Kristallnacht refers ironically to the litter of broken glass left in the streets after these pogroms.

This year the Perth ceremony will be held at Perth Modern School. The keynote address will be delivered by Malcolm McCusker, the former Governor of WA, who will speak on: 
"Evil Creeps Back, If Good People Stand Aside”.

The final item on the program is the Partisans’ Song, to be sung in four languages, Yiddish, Hebrew, Noongar and English, by the joint choirs of Ellenbrook Secondary College and Carmel High School, under the direction of Stuart Rhine-Davis. The song was originally written as a poem by Hirsh Glik in 1943. Jesse John Fleay, a lecturer at ECU translated it into Noongar, and Suzanne Kosowitz re-arranged the music by Dmitri Pokrass to fit the Noongar. Michele Galanti coordinates the Carmel School Choir.

The joint Ellenbrook - Carmel choir first performed this inspiring anthem on 5 August at Ellenbrook Secondary College in front of 2000 people, and then repeated it at Carmel School on 7 August. The original recordings are here:

The Kristallnacht ceremony this year will be attended by Lance Turner, son of Uncle Boydie Turner and great grandson of William Cooper, the indigenous Australian, whose protest against the pogroms, at the Nazi consulate office in Melbourne, was finally recognised by the German government in 2017, 79 years later!

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity! You are in for a treat!

Eli Rabinowitz
Perth, Australia




WE ARE HERE!  Perth Team   Lisa Marino - US Consulate Perth, Eli Rabinowitz - founder, Jill Rabinowitz, Suzanne Kosowitz - composer, Stuart Rhine-Davis - Music Director Ellenbrook Secondary College, Richard Cohen, Professor Lynne Cohen - retired Vice Chancellor and Head of the School of Education at Edith Cowan University, Anne Rhine-Davis, Michele Galanti - Jewish Studies Carmel High School, Shirley Atlas - Educator at the Holocaust Institute WA & Bob Marino

Carmel High School visitors to Ellenbrook Secondary College on 5 August for the World Premiere of the four language Partisans song. William Cooper’s great grandson, Lance Turner, is also in this group of visitors. 

The joint Ellenbrook Secondary College - Carmel High School Choir at Carmel School on 7 August.

Eli Rabinowitz with Uncle Boydie Turner, grandson of William Cooper, in Mooroopna near Shepparton VIC, Australia

Statue of William Cooper in Shepparton, VIC

Mural of William Cooper in Shepparton VIC

Plaque at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem

Re: who are or where is Bialostoker #Poland

Isabel Cymerman

A Bialystoker is someone who comes from the town of Bialystok, Poland.



Nancy Siegel


November 1, 2019

In case you missed it, the latest Weekly Update includes the following interesting and informative articles:

  • Thousands of new records added to JewishGen’s Belarus and Bessarabia collections

  • A request for Russian translators

  • A new column by Ann Rabinowitz discussing The Concise Dictionary of American Jewish Biography

  • A new column by Joel Davidi Weisberger focusing on Sephardic-Ashkenazic Encounters in Transylvania

  • Helpful Hints for finding answers to your questions about JewishGen resources

  • Andrew Lenard’s moving success story, Romance in F Major, about his search after the Holocaust for his former music partner

  • Gesher Galicia’s launch of a long-term project to identify 573 Jewish record books housed in the Przemysl State Archive in Poland

We invite you to access the JewishGen Weekly Update by following this link:

Nancy Siegel (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Communications Coordinator

RUBIN Family

Marilyn Robinson

My maternal great great grandmother was Gussie RUBIN [m. Morris/Moses
REICHMAN (mother of Rebecca Reichman Levine(Leurie/Luria)]. The
Reichmans were possibly from Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland.

I received a photo from my cousin's file labeled, "Harry & Fannie
Rubin",including two others unnamed (possibly two adult children or
adult child & spouse). My cousin does not know the connection that
Harry & Fannie have to the family.

I found naturalization info. for a Harry & Fannie Rubin, but I don't
know if they are the ones photographed or related to me. (Harry
labeled as born in Satanov or Podolia, Fannie from Spikow, no info.
from Jewishgen/Satanov or JRIPoland).

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to do in order to
connect Harry & Fannie Rubin to the RUBIN/REICHMAN family?
Marilyn Robinson

Re: Family Names at end of e-mails?

Hilary Henkin

You certainly can manually add your surnames as a 'signature" when you post.  i have done it a few times in the new platform, and it works fine, it's just text.

Even better for some users may be that the new platform has the option to store signatures, and automatically add then when sending a post. To use this, at the bottom of any JGen email you've received, click on "Your Subscription."  When that page opens,  scroll past the email preferences, and you'll see the section where you can add a signature, and adjust its settings.

Hilary Henkin

Lublin, Poland:  KATZ;  JARMUSZ

(signature added manually)

grave on Mt. Of Olives

Roberta Lipitz

Looking for grave of Great Grandfather Hersche Shore buried on Mount Of Olives.  Unfortunately do not know dating.  Only know that he definitely left Jaffa (out of ship from Le Havre, France) July 1903 and went back to be buried years later in Jerusalem.

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

Roberta Lipitz

Searching for David Lewin

Rochelle Gershenow

I am trying to get in touch with David Lewin who, three years ago, sent me some information on the Chaikin family.  I just tried sending an email to him, which bounced back as undeliverable.


Rochelle Gershenow

Connecticut, USA

Moderator note: Please respond privately to rpgersh@... 

Re: New records online: the New York City *Geographic* Birth Index, late 19th and early 20th century,

A. E. Jordan

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Sent: Mon, Nov 4, 2019 9:18 pm
So if you already know the address of a New York City family from
another source, such as a census record (US Federal Census, New York
State Census, or the 1890 New York City "Police Census") or a city
directory or a vital record, go check that same address through the
years to see if any other kids with a similar surname were born at
that address, too. You might find some previously-unknown births where
the names might have been misspelled or mistranscribed in the
"regular" New York City birth index

Congratulations to Reclaim for pulling this record out of the file cabinets at he Archives and making it more available to people.

One important thing to under about this record is it was built from the same set of birth certificates as the other indices.  If someone does not have a birth certificate elsewhere it not going to be here as well.  What this solves, as Brooke says, is if the spelling is so completely different or the transcription so poor (or missed) into the other indices.

The NYC Municipal Archives staff has told me that they estimate a quarter of all births went unrecorded in NYC circa 1900.  Remember births were at home usually with a midwife and it was up to the midwife to report it.

Also I do not believe that they went back to add in the D or S birth certificates to this index.  It was and still is possible to report a birth after the fact and with the right documentation have a D or S issued with the original date.  You find them being created when the children were going to school and I guess the school asked for some ID about the child and so the parents went to the trouble of reporting the birth or I have seen cases were an adult needed their birth and could not find it so they filed for the D which is a Delayed Report or the S which is a Special Report.  Both of these show up in some of the online indices but if is very important to note the D or S with the number because they are stored separately.  Some of them are on the mircofilm at the Archives and others they have the original paper copies and the rest are still at the Health Department locked away like all the births after 1909.

Another thing to remember about the geographic index is that especially on the Lower East Side people moved around a lot.  If the address you have is months or even years old it is very likely the people have moved.  It is well worth trying but don't be surprised not to find them in the same address.  The nice thing is that since not a lot of children were reported born at any one address in one year once you find the listing it is fairly short versus page after page of names.

Happy hunting and again thanks to Reclaim for making these records available to more people.

Allan Jordan

Re: Family Names at end of e-mails?


Ken makes a good point- at one point, all submissions to the listservs had sig lines comprising of no more than 5 lines of surnames one is searching. Is that no longer a requirement?

Linda D. Epstein

looking for relatives of Judel Eppel (Riga, Latvia)

luciana gandelman

Hi Genners,
I am trying to locate living relatives of Judel Eppel in Riga (Latvia). He was born in 1923 and died in Riga in 1984.
Thank you in advance

KRELL and RECHDINER ancestors from Warsaw

Daniel Hanoch Wagner

Anyone out there searching for the KRELL and/or RECHDINER families of Warsaw? There are quite a few of these in JRI-Poland but, specifically, my greatgrandparents were Hanoch KRELL and Sura Ruchla RECHDINER (both born about 1870), who do not appear there (there is one Sura Ruchla Rechdiner but born 20 years earlier). I am missing either a Birth record for both, or their marriage record (about 1890). 

Thank you for any help.

Why waste your money looking up your family tree? Just go into politics and your opponents will do it for you (Mark Twain)


Re: Date of Birth input into databases #advice

Marion Werle

Russ, I had no clue. Thanks for the tip, although it still presumes you have an exact date, which seems elusive for most of my Litvak ancestors. 
Marion Werle

definion explanation

Trudy Barch

I recently found an obituary that says “citation only”.  I emailed the newspaper and they could not find the individual’s name in their archive!!!!   How strange.

Anyone know what it means?   Or refers to?

Thank you,   Trudy Barch,   Florida


Re: Family Names at end of e-mails?


Thank you for this! I just went in and made a signature line. Greatly appreciate it!

Linda D. Epstein

Searching: TIKOTZINSKI---> EPSTEIN, Grodno and Sokolka

Re: Family Names at end of e-mails?


I don't think it was ever a "requirement" to include family surnames in posts, but it's certainly helpful.  In that vein, I'd suggest also including specific names in the title of the post, such as "researching Slonimsky cousins" rather than "looking for cousins."  That makes it easier for others to know whether they may be able to help without reading the entire email. 

Barbara Sloan


Re: who are or where is Bialostoker #Poland

David Syner

Thanks to everyone for all the leads


David Syner
Los Angeles, CA
cell 310-801-2279


Family website

SINER / ZINNER / ZINER New YorkBialystok

SCHMALTZ / SCHMALZ/SZMALZ New York, Luna, Grodno, Stoll, Rudman, Carbella ;Russia ( Grodno is now Hrodna, Belarus ) SCHULTZ TENN, AVES, Russia  POUSNER / POSNER, New York,Russia BERLIN Detroit BELENKY / BIELINKA / BELLINSKY Libau, Latvia , Mohilew  NEWMAN Detroit NEIMAN / NUONAW/ PENICA / PENITZ Krasosielc, Poland, Warshaw  MELTZERDetroit, Katrinslove or Poltavia or Gatrinslove (sp), Russia, or Yekahnislaw or Ekaterinoslau (Ekaterinoslav is now Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) DEITCH, Russia   RACHATAN/RACHIDSON /RUSICHAU / RUSICHAN / KrasechanDwinsk,Russia( Dwinsk is Daugavpils, Latvia) BELIAK/ BIELAK / BELAK Toronta, CanadaBreslaw, Slobotka,  Riga, Dwinsk

Re: Date of Birth input into databases #advice

Louis Zetler

Note that Lithuania had a different calendar and only started following the Gregorian in the early 1900 (subject to correction. So when taking Lithuanian records which are also in Hebrew/Yiddish, convert the Hebrew date to the Gregorian date.

Phoenix (Arizona) Jewish Genealogy Group meeting - 10 Nov. 2019

Emily Garber

The Phoenix Jewish Genealogy Group will hold its next meeting on 10 November 2019 from 1-3 PM at:
The New Shul
7825 E. Paradise Lane
Scottsdale, Arizona

Emily Garber will present, “Planning for Success: A Strategy for Effective Family History Research.”

Approaching genealogy research in an organized fashion can not only save time and effort, but also improve research results. This talk will outline strategies and suggested formats for successful family history research including: formulating research questions, evaluating what we already know, brainstorming one’s approach, conducting research, and getting it all down on paper.

Emily Garber, chair of the Phoenix Jewish Genealogy group, is a genealogy author, speaker and researcher. She has been researching her Jewish heritage since 2007 and holds a certificate from Boston University’s Genealogical research program. She is author of several articles published in Avotaynu and most recently completed The Baum Family of Kansas City, a two-volume family history of a Bavarian Jewish family.

After Emily’s presentation there will be ample time for mentoring. Have research questions ready!

Emily Garber
Phoenix Jewish Genealogy Group
Arizona Jewish Historical Society