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Israel Krongold <ijkr@...>

Many thanks to Dave Fox and the Fox family for all of their support for
the SIG
It is unfortunate that Dave is leaving due to uncooperative members, and
not on a high note, but please remember that the rest of us do appreciate
the yeoman job you have done
Judith krongold

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Leonid Zeliger <leonidze@...>

There's no mystery in your family name. It's rather common Russian
(not typically Jewish) surname, which has no direct meaning. It could
be derived >from a sort of given or geographic name .

Leonid Zeliger

Belarus SIG #Belarus Identification of GGM's Birthplace #Belarus

Paul A. Auerbach


I'm having trouble identifying the birthplace of my great grandmother, and
was hoping one of you might be able to help me. The only thing I'm fairly
certain of is that my GGM was born somewhere in Belarus between 1894 and
1897. According to her Ellis Island passenger record, she was born in
Kownati, Witebsk Gubernia, Russia. I've searched JewishGen's Shtetl Seeker
and other sources extensively, but couldn't find any towns that sound like
"Kownati" in the Witebsk (Vitebsk) Gubernia. I did, however, find several
towns named "Kownaty" in Poland, at least two of which were near Belarus
(but nowhere near the Vitebsk Gubernia). The Ellis Island passenger lists
for my GGM's parents and siblings refer to towns named "Kovnat," "Kownat" or
"Kawnot," also in the Witebsk Gubernia. The 1930 U.S. federal census shows
the birthplace of my GGM and her parents, but I'm unable to make it out
(it's clearly something other than "Kownati"). I've posted an extract from
that census record on ViewMate in the hope that someone might be able to
recognize the town name:

My GGM's application for a U.S. Social Security number says she was born in
Latvia. Finally, my father thinks my GGM was born in Pinsk, Belarus. Any
thoughts or suggestions?

Please reply directly to me at PAuerbach@....

Thanks very much for your help.

Paul Auerbach
Boston, Massachusetts


ARONSON (Podolia (Gubernia), Ukraine),AUERBACH / AVERBUKH (Chisinau, Moldova)
BENJAMIN (Ostroleka, Poland),CHAKUM (Maisiagala / Vilnius, Lithuania)
KAPLAN (Minsk, Belarus),LEVINE (Vilnius, Lithuania)
MINKIN (Vitebsk (Gubernia) / Pinsk, Belarus),NEEDLE / NUDELL (Odessa, Ukraine)
PELICAN / PELIKAN (London, England / Krakow, Poland),ROSENLICHT (Krakow, Poland)
TAFFET / (Krakow, Poland)

Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: PRONIN and INDUCH/YENDICK #Belarus

Schelly Dardashti <dardasht@...>

Arthur PRONIN of Houston TX asks about PRONIN.

This is a Mogilev name, also found in nearby Chaussy.
A few years ago, I did a story on the Oleg and Svetlana PRONIN family,
immigrants >from Mogilev (about a decade ago), who live in Beersheva. They
are related to the YENDICK/INDUCH family in suburban Detroit.
The story about the YENDICK (in America)/INDUCH (original name in Belarus)
name is that the family name refers to the blue dye (indigo), and that "a
long time ago," the family was in this business in Amsterdam and other
places in Europe. This story was directly >from Oleg, who was told by his
father and grandfather.
For information on the PRONIN name, see information below >from another
PRONIN researcher.
There is also a GINSBURG (my own cousins, also >from Mogilev) connection in
Sioux City, Iowa.

Arthur, do you know your great-grandfather's name or any of his siblings?

There are at least two other PRONIN researchers.
I have their emails if they are not listed in the JewishGen Family Finder.
Helaine Baldwin in New York is a PRONIN researcher, through Isadore (Itchke)
Oleg's family in Beersheva descends through Ita, daughter of Shmuel David
Moisevich INDUCH/YENDICK/INDYK, who married Yona Shmuelevich PRONIN, Oleg's
Davida Gersten Loewenstein of Lincoln, MA, is another PRONIN descendant. Her
grandmother, >from Mogilev, was Rachel bat Avrum PRONIN GERSTEN, she had 11
Davida wrote to me that she had been told that the name PRONIN came >from a
nearby river of the same name.
The name Yona is common in her family, and was also the name of Oleg's
father, his grandfather was Shmuel.

In case others on our Belarus list are searching these families, this is how

1--David ? INDUCH
2--Moshe Davidovich INDUCH
+Rasha (Rachel) GINSBURG (Mogilev family, related to TALALAY)
3--Zlate Peshe INDUCH (--> Detroit)
4-- three daughters
+Morris SELBY
3--Shmuel David Moisevich INDUCH
+ Gruneh (maiden name unknown)
4-- Ita Shmuelovna INDUCH
+ Yona Shmuelovich PRONIN
5-- Oleg PRONIN (>from Mogilev --> Beersheva)
+ Svetlana
6--Irina/Ira PRONIN
4--Eli Moshe INDUCH - died WWII
4--Aleksander/Sasha INDUCH - died WWII
4--Nina INDUCH
4--Chava INDUCH
4--Lyuba Dvosha INDUCH
3-- Joseph YENDICK (--> Detroit)

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Tel Aviv
President, JFRA Israel

Subject: PRONIN name means what?

Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: PRONIN and INDUCH/YENDICK #Belarus

Leonid Zeliger <leonidze@...>

Just one remark about the name Indik/Yendik/Induch. If the name is
from east European area its meaning should be rather "turkey" which is
"indiuk" in Russian, "indek or indik" in Yiddish.

Leonid Zeliger

Belarus SIG #Belarus KRACAUER in Israel #Belarus


My Mother's aunt, (or great-aunt) Michleh, emigrated >from Belarus
(probably near Bobruisk) to Israel in the first half of the 20th
century and married a person whose last name
was Kracauer (or Kracawer). She then lived in Pardess Hanna.

Does anyone have any information about this family?

Richard Glazer, P.O. Box #1113, Alpine, NJ 07620
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Belarus SIG #Belarus Re; Vitebsk family, CHAMARMER/POLIKOFF #Belarus


looking for Israel CHAMARMER who came >from Vitebsk before 1904 and changed
name to HarryPOLIKOFF. lived on Cherry St in N,Y.
Sheila Rosenfeld Pianin
New York, N.Y.
reply to: asp116@...

Belarus SIG #Belarus family of Sorke CHAMARMER of Vitebsk #Belarus


looking for Sara?Sorke CHAMARMER , came in 1912 to Brooklyn, married Leon
BLOCK , had 4 children.
Sheila Rosenfeld Pianin
New York, N.Y.
reply to : asp116@...

Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: PRONIN name means what? #Belarus

Elina Smirnova <smirnova-elina@...>


The surname PRONIN comes >from first name Pronia. Pronia is one of the short
names >from full names Prokopii - Prokofii - Prokop. The name supposingly
comes >from greek word. The name was very popular among russians.

Elina Smirnova
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Belarus SIG #Belarus Dave Fox #Belarus

Eileen Price <eileen.price@...>

I want to thank you for all you have done. Many people do not realize the
hard work that goes on behind the scenes.
I can't offer any expert help, but the least I can do is continue with
financial support.
With every small, or large success story, an extra donation will be sent to
the Belarus SIG.
Good luck.

Eileen Price
Denver, CO
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someone. Please go to and follow the

Belarus SIG #Belarus Kadee Association #Belarus

Jerome Seligsohn <jselig1315@...>

In order to organize the papers of a landsmanshaft
with the name of the Kadee Association, I would
appreciate hearing >from any descendants of this
organization. Using shtetl seeker I have located sound
alikes in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and the Ukraine.
I have eliminated countries which are not usually found
amongst landsmanshaften [Estonia, Albania, Bulgaria}.
I thank you for your cooperation.

Jerry Seligsohn
Yivo Archives Volunteer

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Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: INDUCH/YENDICK #Belarus

Schelly Dardashti <dardasht@...>

Names, of course, can be translated. It is very easy to rely on a direct
translation, and possibly a direct translation is correct in a majority of
Sometimes, however, a family name origin handed down through the generations
tells a much different story, as in this particular family.

When I interviewed Oleg, I asked him about the name and whether it came >from
"turkey" as we had assumed. He laughed, pointed to his denim jacket, and
recounted the story handed down "forever" in his mother's family through the
generations that the family had been in the indigo dye business and had
businesses in Amsterdam (he was definite about this city) and elsewhere in
Europe (he did not recall which other cities).
How and why they had wound up in Mogilev and Chaussy, he did not know.
I asked if anyone had mentioned if perhaps the family were perhaps Sephardic
in origin, but he said not that he remembered. He insisted that the
generations were adamant about the indigo dye business, and thus the name
Induch for Indigo, which became Yendick only on arrival in America.
He insisted they were not turkeys!

By the way, Beider, in Jewish Names of the Russian Empire, lists INDEKH
(indigo), found in Cherikov and Berdichev, with variations Indikh, Indokh,
Indykh, Gindykh and Gindukh. INDIK he lists as turkey, while INDYK he lists
as turkey or as coming >from the village of Indyki (Starokonst d.).

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Tel Aviv
President, JFRA Israel
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From: "Leonid Zeliger" <leonidze@...>

Just one remark about the name Indik/Yendik/Induch. If the name is
from east European area its meaning should be rather "turkey" which is
"indiuk" in Russian, "indek or indik" in Yiddish.



I am relatively new to this research. My family >from Lubsch (Lubcz, Lybucha, etc.)
was SHIMSHELEVICH (and that is also spelled different ways). When some of the
family emigrated to Israel and the U.S. around 1930, they changed their name to
SHAPIRO (actually that is how they spelled it in the U.S.). I realize that many
did this to avoid conscription, but was that a common name then? Does anyone
know the origin of SHIMSHELEVICH? I know about Ben Zvi.
Alan Levitt
Chevy Chase, Maryland

Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Identification of GGM's Birthplace---Kownati query #Belarus

Martin Fischer

Paul Auerbach <PAuerbach@...> wrote, in part:
I'm having trouble identifying the birthplace of my great grandmother,
and was hoping one of you might be able to help me. The only thing I'm
fairly certain of is that my GGM was born somewhere in Belarus between 1894
1897. According to her Ellis Island passenger record, she was born in
Kownati, Witebsk Gubernia, Russia. I've searched JewishGen's Shtetl
Seeker and other sources extensively, but couldn't find any towns that
like "Kownati" in the Witebsk (Vitebsk) Gubernia.
He also wrote:
Finally, my father thinks my GGM was born in Pinsk, Belarus.
I don't know if this helps much, but a search for Kownati on the Expedia map
Web site at
brings up:

Konyatin, Chernihiv, Ukraine


Kovnyatin, Brest, Belarus

The latter may be of much greater interest because of your father's
reference to Pinsk, which is located only about 10 or 15 miles directly
south of Kovnyatin!

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, Illinois

The Fischer and Levin family history Web site is at:

Belarus SIG #Belarus Dave's invaluable support #Belarus

IRO <iro@...>

Dear all,

I want to join those messages in which members of SIG Belarus expressed =
appreciation and gratitude to David for his invaluable support which he
rendered to people searching the roots in Belarus. I am sure that due to
Dave many of us, members of SIG Belarus, could open a lot of interesting =
helpful information about the ancestors. I would especially like to
emphasize that huge role which Dave has played in business of studying =
preservation of the Jewish heritage in Belarus. All these years the =
community of Belarus was in close contact to this person. His merits =
the Jewish community are very great and are not appreciated yet up to =
end. I am sure that this friendship and mutual cooperation on many =
connected to studying and preservation of the Jewish heritage of =
will proceed in the future.
With best regards,
Yuri Dorn

Head of the Board=20
of the Union of Religious Jewish Congregations of the Republic of =

Member of the Board=20
of Jewish Religious Revival Charitable Mission=20
of the Union of Religious Jewish Congregations in the Republic of =

of the Jewish Heritage Research Group in the Republic of Belarus

P.S.I also want to join Dave's opinion concerning researches in =
archive of the city of Minsk. Unfortunately, the created situation and
conditions for researches in it do not inspire me optimism.=20

Belarus SIG #Belarus Belarus Newsletter #Belarus

Fran Bock

Dear Fellow Genners,

Please click on:

for a new article by Bill Farran and Logan Lockabey, who discovered their
family connections via photos posted on JewishGen's Viewmate.

Fran Bock, Editor
Belarus SIG Online Newsletter

Belarus SIG #Belarus The Lithuanian State Historical Archives #Belarus

Irene K. <impromptus2002@...>

Dear Genners,

I have been working in the Lithuanian Archives for
three weeks. As we know many our ancestors migrated
from place to place on the territory of Russian
Impire. For those of you who might be interested in
some areas such as Druya (former Minsk Guberniya),
Vilno, Vilenskaya and Kovno gubenriyas I have some
information that is not published yet on Miriam
Weiner's RTR site.

If someone is searching for the surname OSHRI, please,
contact me at impromptus2002@...

I'll be delighted to answer any question related to
research in Minsk, Vilnuis or Riga.

Irene Kudish
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Searching for Libkind/Lipkind - Mogilev/Minsk Gub.,
Lithuania, Israel
Glikin - Mogilev gub. Israel

Belarus SIG #Belarus "Holocaust in Belarus" translation project #Belarus

Irene Newhouse <einew@...>

About 40% of the book "Holocaust in Belarus" is already available in English
for reading at . Some
very interesting chapters remain to be translated. About half of the money
needed to complete the translation has already been donated by generous
members of Jewishgen and Belarus SIG. Please consider donating to this
important project. You can use the Jewigen-erosity page, . This project
is the third one on the list.

Irene Newhouse

Belarus SIG #Belarus Recognition of Dave #Belarus


While I don't know him, his work just allowed me - in less than a
couple of weeks - to locate information and photographs about my
ancestors in a little shetl in Belarus. In just that amount of time,
since I joined the SIG - when I put out a call for information about
that town - I have received emails >from people in Israel, New York, New
Jersey, Palm Desert, Australia, and other locations. Much was of
tremendous value to me and my many relatives. How much is that worth?
How much is it worth finding information about your great
grandparents? How much is it worth to be able to tell our children and
grandchildren just a little bit more about our/their history? That's
why I just made a donation to the operation of this website. And
although I have no idea about any issues that caused his departure,
wow, am I grateful for his work. Alan Levitt, Chevy Chase, Maryland

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Belarus SIG #Belarus Searching for FELDMAN from Brest. #Belarus

Boris Krantz <boris@...>

My cousins in Israel recently located correspondence between their father,
Dov Krantz, and an Aleksander Feldman, located in Siberia, Russia. (I do
have his exact mailing address, as of 5 years ago).

Aleksander is married, has two children who are now about 16 and 20. I
believe his father, Izrael Feldman, was either a son or a grandson of Meer
Feldman and Lisa Krantz, who were married in 1909.

Lisa was my father's sister, the daughter of Boris (Berko) Krantz and Sophie
Perlis. Lisa was probably born in Zamosc, Poland but moved with the family
to Brest.

Does any of this seem even vaguely familiar? I look forward to your

Boris M. Krantz
Bedminster, NJ USA
Searching: KRANTZ, PERLIS, WELLER, FELDMAN (Brest, Zamosc, Medzericz Podl.,