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Help with translation 2 messages By Ernst-Peter Winter ·
Request Translation of German Vital Record 1 messages By Shana Millstein ·
Request Translation of German Vital Record 1 messages By Shana Millstein ·
Hessen Jews prior 1700 2 messages By Reuven Stern ·
Gideon Gerhart and Hanna LASER, Berlin to Palestine 1940 1 messages By George Fogelson ·
Translation of 1884 German Death Record 1 messages By Jeff Marx ·
German Citizenship under Article 116 14 messages By mhstevens144@... ·
Does anyone have (or have link to) Burgpreppach records (looking for KAHN) - matrikeln, B/M/D, etc? 2 messages By itencorinne@... ·
Does anyone have (or have link to) Reckendorf records (looking for Baum) - matrikeln, B/M/D, etc? 1 messages By ledererrob@... ·
New Holocaust Database Set - Polish Victims of the Gardalegen Massacre 2 messages By jposadass@... ·
Gardalegen 1 messages By Lande ·
Reichsanzeiger 1 messages By Lande ·
Online copy or access to the Reichsanzeiger list 3 messages By David Lewin ·
ROBERG family from Berlichingen, Germany 4 messages By Roger Lustig ·
Migration from Galicia to Vienna and Germany 3 messages By Lewis, Megan ·
Brief translation from German? 3 messages By Helen Krag ·
Brian Stern, the names WURM and WIENER 2 messages By gujlaki@... ·
Berlichingen 1 messages By ירוחם צבי קינסטליך ·
Herbert (Naphtali) BACHARACH of Mansbach (Hessen) and Kiryat Bialik (Israel) 1 messages By Ralph Baer ·
death record for German emigrant interned at Camps de Gurs, France, in 1941: cause of death: troubles cerebraux 1 messages By Bernard Flam ·
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