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Does anyone know that Shtetl or town in Latvia where Israel and Sora Michla (Margolis) Katz lived? 2 messages By Sherri Bobish ·
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Does anyone know the shtetl in Lithuania where Rafuel and (Blume) Gertie Nillis Gilinsky lived? 3 messages By Barbara Levy ·
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Looking for Yaakov Rotem — Yad Vashem testimonies reporter 4 messages By Daniella Alyagon ·
New records on the all GALICIA database, Progress on PRZEMYSL ID project 2 messages By ahcbfc@... ·
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JewishGen's Family Tree of the Jewish People 4 messages By Michael Herzlich ·
Do old hotel registers exist? 4 messages By hirschj154@... ·
Missing information in mazeva in Warsaw's cemetery 2 messages By Nomi Waksberg ·
Using DNA matches to find Jewish ancestors 28 messages By sjgwed@... ·
Seeking Advice for Hiring the Best Latvian Researcher 2 messages By Arlene Beare ·
Arolsen Archives - Conference on Deportations in the Nazi Era 3 messages By Yvonne Stern ·
ISERSTEIN 1 messages By peter isert ·
Searching for KRAVIZTSKY and REZNIK 2 messages By betherez@... ·
Palestine Censuses of 1922 and 1931 for Ness Ziona, Israel 5 messages By Yariv Timna ·
History can help understand DNA ethnicity profiles: an example 2 messages By Linda Z ·
The September Issue of the Galitzianer 1 messages By Gesher Galicia SIG ·
Vinnitsa 1811 & 1834 Census 12 messages By geolup4 ·
Dalat in Toronto? 1 messages By boris ·
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