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Hate laws chronology 2 messages By tzipporah batami ·
Researcher for Kamienka Stara Lubovn ia-Slovakia By Marilyn Feingold ·
Rokytov, Slovakia By Vivian Kahn ·
SCHREIBER and BLEYER descendants in Israel By tompa@... ·
Weinstock from Hungary 7 messages By Moishe Miller ·
marriage record from Zilina 2 messages By Margarita Lacko ·
"Rauschenbach" By Hilary Osofsky ·
Slovak Marriage Record - Groom's Occupation By Yaron Wolfsthal ·
civil registration records for Fulek/Filakovo and Aszod 3 messages By joseph just ·
Lichtenstein family from Slovakia, Austria now called LANE living in Chicago area 4 messages By garybinetter@... ·
Hungarian Jewish Women in OBERNHEIDE 1944-5 By shaul berger ·
Jewish "juniors" in Hungary mid-1800's 4 messages By Hilary Osofsky ·
Shlomo Boruch Tennenbaum 3 messages By Moishe Tanenbaum ·
Seeking Volunteer for Hungarian Burial Records By Vivian Kahn ·
Seeking Dr. Orban LASZLONE, Budapest, Re Jozsef NUERENBERGER and Etel FRIEDMAN NUERENBERGER 2 messages By Hilary Osofsky ·
Introducing my new book THE UNDERCOVER WRESTLER by David Baron 2 messages By Dave Baron ·
Jews deported from Medzilaborce By tzipporah batami ·
Translation from Slovakian By Kathy Lorber ·
SCHONBERGERs in Nograd By emmabcole@... ·
ViewMate translation request - Hebrew 4 messages By David Kennedy ·
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